Chapter 690

Chapter 690



100,000 Army Massacre Sword. Like the name, it was a skill with ridiculous power. The scope of the sword wielded by Madra affected not just Grid, but a radius of 100 meters around Grid. Thousands of energy blades filled the vast plains. It was a wide area skill.

[You have suffered 10,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 11,310 damage.]

[You have suffered 10,870 damage.]

[The experience of Tiramet's Belt has increased by 0.12%!] 

[You have suffered 11,100 damage...]




[The First King title effect is activated.]

[A great king puts his safety first. You have lost 70% of your maximum health, so a shield containing the health you lost within the last minute will be created. All terrain adaptability has increased by 100% while movement speed and defense has increased by 10%.]

[You have obtained a shield containing 61,722 health.]

[You have suffered 9,870 damage.]

[You have suffered 10,200 damage.]

[You have suffered 9,930...]



[The experience of Tiramet's Belt has increased by 0.12%!]

[The shield is destroyed!]

“Freely Move!”

It happened in less than a second. It was impossible to Grid to have rational thoughts. Once his health gauge fell tremendously and the effect of the First King title was activated, he just demonstrated his survival instinct. But it was an instinct that came from a lot of experience and it worked properly. 


Pa pa pa pat!


Madra was surprised when his attacks that hit Grid suddenly started to miss. Then Grid’s sword fell towards his neck. Four strikes per second!




[You have dealt 7,600 damage to the target!]

[You have recovered 912 health thanks to Elfin Stone’s Ring!]

[The experience of Elfin Stone’s Ring has increased by 0.2%!]


[You have dealt 7,540 damage to the target!]


[You have dealt 7,660 damage to the target!]


[You have dealt 7,590 damage to the target!]

“I can’t avoid it... I have really weakened...”


Grid gulped. He belatedly realized. At the time of the 2nd National Competition, the Undefeated King’s armor worn by Bubat posted high defense and physical resistance.

‘My criticals deal less than 8,000 damage. Madra is a monster who combines tanking ability with attack power.'

A superior version of Grid. This was Madra. As the enlightened Grid was filled with a greater tension, Madra’s hands tightened their grip on the sword several times.

“It isn’t easy to use the sword with a body that is only bones. I can only used 100,000 Army Massacre Sword in this shape.”


Bosses who disturbed the story must be attacked by players. There must be room to defeat them. Unless they were a dragon that was made impossible to attack in the first place. Therefore, the S.A. Group would put in an appropriate arrangement. Based on the actions of the boss, the players could get a hint on the strategy.

Of course, it was up to the players to find the hint. The experienced Grid noticed that Madra’s right hand seemed somewhat uncomfortable. 

‘Madra’s hand bone is cracked!’

In retrospect, Madra was giving several hints. He emphasized several times that he was weakened, acted as if the hand holding the sword was uncomfortable and said it was hard to use the sword with an undead body. Grid’s brain was activated.

‘Madra is the type of boss that gets weaker as we fight.’

There were occasionally bosses like this. The bosses were ridiculously strong, but weak when it came to endurance.

‘Every time he uses the sword, his body will collapse and he will eventually self-destruct.’ 

It meant Grid only needed to endure the first and middle parts. But Grid had already lost the First King title and Freely Move. 

Would it be that easy to hold on?

“I will soon see! God Hands!”



The God Hands moving around Grid started their assault, aiming Mjolnir at Madra from different orbits. But Madra was the incarnation of war. He always fought against many enemies. He could attack while blocking the four God Hands.

"One Million Army Breakthrough.”


Madra’s movements were alert. He spun his body and avoided all the attacks of the God Hands, managing to reach Grid.


"200,000 Army Crushing Sword.”


Sword cutting through the plains! Shock waves of aura in a half moon shape were emitted from the top of Madra’s sword.


The physical earthquake caused Grid’s body to stagger as an aura blade aimed at his upper body. The power was enough to separate Grid’s upper and lower body. However, Grid had already been thinking ahead. After he ordered the God Hands to attack, he used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Revolve.



Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Grid’s circular sword swallowed Madra’s explosive attack and returned it. The purple aura that should’ve turned Grid into a corpse struck Madra instead.

[You have dealt 2,118,000 damage to the target.]

Grid grinned as he confirmed the notification windows.

‘...Isn’t this crazy?’

Was it called 200,000 Army Crushing Sword? Madra, whose defense was so powerful and Grid only did 7,000 damage to, ended up receiving 2 million damage. Grid clearly understood that allowed Madra’s attack to hit once meant losing his immortality.

“Pagma’s Descendant.”

Madra finally realized Grid’s identity. After the usage of 200,000 Army Crushing Sword, Madra switched his sword to his left hand.

“Very interesting. It’s Pagma who made the current place, and now his descendant is going to purify it.”


Grid was surprised. It was because Madra’s attitude was too light.

"As you have discovered, I am Pagma’s Descendant. The Pagma who turned you into a death knight is like my teacher. Don’t you have anything special to say to me?”

"What should I say to you?”

"...Pagma has been holding you here for over 100 years.”

“Hrmm...? Kukuk, I see. Do you think I would have a grudge against Pagma and then shift that grudge onto you?”


That’s right. Grid recognized the legends that guarded the Behen Archipelago as ‘victims.’ They couldn’t rest comfortable after they died, but were instead forced to resurrect and fight in solitude for over 100 years. Strictly speaking, he felt sorry for them. Madra shrugged as he read Grid’s heart through his eyes.

"In fact, the only poor person is the hybrid vampire inside you. He is the sad fellow who was betrayed by Pagma and now has to sponge off Pagma’s Descendant. In later years, he started to feel human emotions and is craving for affection.”

-This bastard...!

Since entering the 66th island. Braham had been in a state of discomfort since Madra called him a hybrid vampire. Now he could no longer resist feeling anger after being mocked. Grid barely suppressed Braham who was attempting to run wild.

‘Please stop being a troll.’

During the battle with Agnus, Grid was forced into the assimilated state and was unable to exert its original strength. He didn’t want another similar situation to occur again. Relying on Braham during important fights always had unintended results, so he was reluctant to pass the responsibility onto others.

‘I will teach him a lesson. So believe in me and watch.’


Braham was moved. Nobody had ever told the strongest magician in history to depend on them. Grid’s words were unfamiliar to Braham and caused Braham’s soul to shake. But he didn’t express it.

-Bah...! Don’t let it get to you! You should keep this in mind! The current Madra is weak! You can’t lose!

‘Uh, yes...’

Madra was weak. This was when compared to his previous life. Grid didn’t know the Madra of the past, but it was correct to say that the current Madra was his strongest enemy. There was no room for cockiness.

“Quick Movements. Blacksmith's Rage.”

Grid pulled out the Ideal Dagger and aimed at Madra’s right side after using the buff skills. It was a weakness because Madra was less likely to fully use his cracked right hand. Grid wore the Slaughterer's Mask and Slaughterer’s Eye Patch, activated Vital Spot Detection and aimed at only that point.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship! Link!”



It might look shabby compared to 100,000 Massacre Sword, but Grid’s Link also boasted speed. 20 energy blades per second poured towards Madra’s right side. But Madra responded easily. He moved to Grid’s left side and tried a flowing counterattack.

At that moment.



Madra’s back was hit by a God Hand wielding Mjolnir. Madra was hit because Grid anticipated he would avoid to the left. Braham cheered.

-Yes! That's it! Now he is just a skeleton! He doesn’t have a brain and is hit by your shallow trick!

‘...What is the point of saying it is shallow?’


Grid started a new sword dance the moment Madra stiffened. It was Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.



Madra was stunned when he saw the sword dance. It was surprising for Madra, who knew Pagma and Pagma’s swordsmanship. Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle had a power reminiscent of Pagma’s ultimate technique during his peak period.

"Reaching this level without borrowing the power of the Duke of Flames...!”




Slash, stab, slash, stab, a downward blow and then slash again. Flames, red lightning bolts, and black flames emerged from the Enlightenment Lightning Blade and continuously bombarded Madra.

[You have dealt 113,500 damage to the target!]


[You have dealt 256,200 damage to the target!]

[God Hand (1) has dealt 1,010 damage to the target.]

[The Ultimate Enhanced Mjolnir has caused the target to stiffen for 0.3 seconds.]

[The option effect of the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has dealt 15% additional lightning damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 129,700 damage to the target!]

[God Hand (2) has dealt 650 damage to the target.]

[The +7 Mjolnir (2) has caused the target to stiffen for 0.1 seconds.]

[The option effect of the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has summoned a red lightning bolt!]

[You have dealt 278,030 damage to the target!]

[The target is caught in an electric shock for 1.2 seconds!]

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires!]


[You have dealt 950,490 damage to the target!]

It was an infinite stiffness method completed by connected the continuous stiffness of the four Mjolnirs and the electric shock effect of the red lightning bolt. The Undefeated King felt helpless for the first time since he was living or dead.

"I will take away the title of undefeated...!”

Attack, continuously attack. Grid’s excited voice rang through the 66th island. He summoned Noe and Randy to his side.