Chapter 693


If Death Knight Madra succeeded in using 300,000 Army Massacre Sword, Grid would’ve been defeated. However, a death knight’s body was weak and Madra failed to use it. In addition, Grid had been lucky that the God's Command passive triggered. It was a dicey battle. Sticks was soaked with sweat as he watched the confrontation through the crystal ball.

“Grid...! I knew you would do it!”

A hero was someone who fell from the heavens. Sage Sticks had some knowledge of astronomy and saw that Grid was protected by Rebecca, goddess of light.  He believed that Grid would exceed his capabilities and Grid actually succeeded. Was it simply luck? No. Grid pioneered the way himself.

He rescued the Rebecca Church by defeating the evil pope, earned the favor of Rebecca’s Daughters, and set up the correct Pope, causing Rebecca to feel attached to him. Grid moved the hearts of a goddess and thus, was selected by the heavens.

“Truly a great man...”

It was extremely rare that High Elf Sticks would praise a human. He smiled and raised his hot body. The Behen Archipelago had been purified after more than 100 years. Sticks wanted to rush to the 66th island right now and share his joy with Grid. But he was forced to stay in place. It was because he saw that Grid was locked in deep thought.


Grid showed respect to the departed Madra, admired the statues of the former legends and was thrilled at his own statue appearing next to them. Sticks didn’t want to interfere in this time. He wanted the new hero to enjoy it. He waited. Then Fog Island popped up and a golden carriage appeared!

‘Right now!’

Sticks saw Grid approaching the golden carriage and finally entered the 66th island. He hoped that Grid would be even more welcoming due to the good atmosphere.




The sacred Hall of Fame. The first word that Sticks heard after entering the completely cleansed 66th island was something that couldn’t be spoken.


Why had the atmosphere darkened in only a few minutes? Sticks panicked. Grid discovered him and screamed with bloodshot eyes.

“Sticks! Surely you aren’t in league with this damn carriage!”


Ah, the timing was wrong. Sticks sighed as he was reminded of Grid’s nature.


"Fog Island and the golden carriage was an arrangement made for the growth of those who challenged the Behen Archipelago. Now that the Behen Archipelago is cleansed, the reason to raise challengers has disappeared. That is probably why items such as the elixirs and books have disappeared.”

“Hah... Then why is the only thing left the continental movement scrolls?”

"...An average person would be delighted with the scrolls.”

Sticks was right. This portal scroll that made movement to the East Continent easy was now very rare. Grid had a chance to secure large quantities of it. But the scrolls were insignificant from Grid’s position. It was because he had Sticks. Sticks could make the intercontinental portal scrolls so Grid didn’t want to waste points buying them.

"I already told you that it takes me a long time to produce the scrolls. You should be happy to buy the scrolls.”

“Um... Is it really okay?"

Grid’s eye was constantly caught by Madra’s diary. At first, he was frustrated and angered by the fact that it was a diary. But when he thought about it, this was Madra’s direct reward. The price was also one million points.  It couldn’t be a normal diary.

Sticks smiled.

“Then buy the diary. Believe in your own choice.”

‘You are the one who has the love of a goddess.’ Sticks swallowed down these words. 

He didn’t want Grid to fall into pride and complacency.

“Umm... Based on Madra’s personality, it is highly unlikely to be a trap."

Grid’s worries didn’t last long. He knew that a bulk volume of East Continent movement scrolls would be a tremendous boost to the national power of the Overgeared Kingdom if used well.

‘But I think the legacy of the Undefeated King is better.’

He acted quickly once he made his decision.

“I will buy Madra’s diary!”

At the same time.

[One million challenger points have been consumed to buy Death Knight Madra’s Diary.]

Madra’s diary entered Grid’s inventory. What was the identity of the diary? Grid wanted to open it right away! At this moment, Sticks bowed deeply to him.

"Grid, I am deeply grateful to you for cleansing the Behen Archipelago and the Hall of Fame, which is the succession link between the legends of the old generation and new generation.”

[Sage Sticks thanks you for fulfilling his desire for the purification of the Behen Archipelago!]

[Sage Sticks has given you a new title!]

"You are the hero of heroes who put to rest the suffering past heroes (legends). I will call you the Hero King in the future.”

[The title ‘Hero King’ has been obtained.]

[Hero King]

A hero of heroes. You are a living myth.

* The Hero King shines among the heroes. Deals 10% additional damage to all unique or higher rated classes.

* The Hero King is in a position to discuss the peace of the world. Deals 15% additional damage to great demons, archangels, dragons, and demigods and reduces damage by 15%.

* The Hero King is proud. He is conscious of always being the best and is always full of fighting energy.

[Fighting Energy]

A special resource only for the Hero King.

It is usually held at 10 and increases to 100 during combat.

The higher the fighting energy, the higher the stats.

However, caution should be exercised since there is a penalty if fighting energy falls below 10.


Once the Hero King title was acquired, the fighting energy resource bar was added to the health and mana bar in Grid’s status window. A translucent purple aura started to rise like a haze from Grid’s whole body. It was the appearance of fighting energy in reality.


Sticks felt admiration. It was because Grid was radiating a fierce but solemn energy. On the other hand, Grid was surprisingly unexcited about receiving a unique effect among two billion users. His expression was uncomfortable. He was reminded of the ‘coolness’ option attached to Iyarugt. He felt uncomfortable when he thought about when the money eating alchemy facility would start being useful. But after a moment.

Twitch twitch.

The ends of Grid’s mouth started curving up. Grid wanted to dance, no matter how ugly it looked. He was the only one among two billion users to be surrounded by purple energy!

‘I will stand out even in a crowd of two billion?’

It was a unique effect. He really felt like a special person. But there was a problem.

‘So what if they look? The face is ugly.’

Grid still had no confidence in his appearance. The heart that was pleased for a moment soon became frustrated. Sticks became uneasy as he watched Grid.

‘Did he go crazy after being cursed by the former legends?’

It wasn’t strange that he would think so when Grid repeatedly switched between smiling happily to looking frustrated. Then another world message emerged.

[Overgeared King Grid, who gave rest to the heroes of past generations, has been recognized as the hero of heroes. It is the birth of Hero King Grid who will go beyond history and lead to myths.]

On the other hand.

-That abominable elf...

Braham felt hostile to Sticks. The two people had always disliked each other due to the bad relationship between demonkin and elves, but now the hostility was incomparably greater. There was a reason. The title of Hero King, it came from Sword Saint Muller.

-Making Grid carry on Muller’s responsibilities... I will stop it even if I am resurrected in hell.


[...It is the birth of Hero King Grid who will go beyond history and lead to myths.]


At the entrance to the Behen Archipelago. The reporters gathered like ants were amazed. A world message appeared once again and the protagonist was also Grid.

“A-A scoop!”

Hero of heroes? Myth was mentioned? The stimulating sentences stirred the blood of the reporters.


“I will also logout!”

The reporters waiting for Grid to emerge from the Behen Archipelago started to disappear one by one. The first thing they did after logging out was to write an article. The titles of the articles were stimulating.

[Hero of heroes! Hero King Grid is born! Does this suggest the emergence of a myth class?]

[Kraugel is no longer unique.] 

[(Column) Hero of heroes, reaching above the sky.]

And so on. Articles relating to grid poured in online and offline around the world. Broadcasting stations held live debates on the topic of Grid.

“Kik... Kikik, I can’t help but acknowledge him.”

The main character of the world message was Grid, not Kraugel? Agnus was initially shocked, but soon accepted reality. The Grid that he encountered was strong. There was no reason to deny it.


What was Kraugel doing?

“He... He isn’t falling down, is he?”

Of course, Agnus himself knew. It was an impossible thought. The sky would never fall.

At the same time, South Korea.

"Oh my, this time your son has become the hero king?”

“First he was a king, then the Overgeared King and now the Hero King? He truly is great.”

“Ah, these people. Absolutely zero sense. Youngwoo is his name so he is King Youngwoo.”


The parents of Shin Youngwoo (Grid) were still operating a vegetable store. The two people left the fields early in the morning were constantly bombarded with congratulations from the people living near the fields. There were constant calls from relatives.

-Uncle! Please tell Youngwoo hyung my words! I will drop out of school so please let me join the Overgeared Guild! I will work hard to level up! Yes?

-Oh my, Youngmo. Do you remember when I repeatedly told you that your son would do well? My daughter who has become a stewardess is a real beauty. Speak to Youngwoo and have him arrange for her to join Overgeared. Yes? What does this have to do with Inyoung? Help her connect with someone higher! My daughter is pretty!


A person should be successful. The attitude of people towards their son had completely changed from the past. They were so proud, then what about Youngwoo’s parents? Youngwoo’s parents were extremely happy and proud.

“Honey! We play games... No, let’s do a lot of volunteer work on behalf of our son who is busy!”

"Yes, the cabbages this time are very good. I want to donate them.”

"Yes, donations should always be in Youngwoo’s name.”

Thanks to their child, Youngwoo’s parents could always be cheerful. They were grateful that their son did his best, despite them not being able to do anything. They wanted all the children of the world to be as good as Youngwoo.