Chapter 686

‘Does this make sense?’

Grid’s chosen strategy for the 64th island was mining!

‘This is a scam!’

First, he felt hope.

The Overgeared Skeletons were armed with the rare rated pickaxes that gave Beginner Mining Technique Lv. 5, the God Hands had the epic rated pickaxes that gave Beginner Mining Technique master level, and Noe and Randy were armed with the unique rated pickaxes that gave Intermediate Mining Technique Lv. 1.

If he concentrated on mining with them, Grid thought he could get all the minerals on the 64th island before his food ran out. In addition, even if he failed to finish on time, he could rechallenge it. He would pack enough food for a few months and finish the mining before he starved.

That’s right. Grid interpreted the 64th island as easily cleared if he had enough food. But reality was unlike Grid’s idea. This was the Behen Archipelago and the islands in the 60s boasted an atrocious difficulty. The minerals on the 64th island... 

They regenerated in real time. As soon as Grid’s group dug out a mineral, new minerals immediately grew on the spot. In other words, mining all of the 64th island’s minerals was impossible.

“Wow, I’m going crazy.”

Before he knew it, three hours had passed. Grid, who had focused on mining without giving up, eventually threw the pickaxe. Noe and Randy had long lost their motivation. They couldn’t be motivated since they worked so hard to obtain the mineral, only for new ones to grow again.

"I can only destroy the cave itself.”

It would be nice if he didn’t have to suffer all this trouble. But just like any other game, Satisfy had terrain that could be destroyed as well as those that were indestructible. And the 64th island was indestructible.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

He struck again and again with the Enlightenment Sword and black flames exploded. However, the cave didn’t move at all. The minerals caught in the explosion stayed in the same place. The cave couldn’t be destroyed and minerals just grew again. There was no solution to this problem.

‘How can I clear this place?’ 

It was difficult to think about how to disable Gis’ invincibility. Common sense suggested that the 64th island wasn’t built to be cleared. It felt like the maker had intended this to harass the player.

“Dammit... Why can’t anything be solved easily?”


The anxious Grid threw the iron ore he had just mined. At that moment.


Death Knight Gis, who hadn’t stopped mining since Grid entered the 64th island, was stiff like a stone statue.


Noe stuck his tongue out like a puppy and his big eyes blinked. He had witnessed Gis stop moving. However, Grid wasn’t looking at Gis. He didn’t want to look at the hateful bastard.

Ttang! Ttang!

Death Knight Gis started mining again.

"Master! Throw it again!”

Noe hurriedly exclaimed.


Grid couldn’t understand Noe’s words. He had unconsciously thrown the iron ore out of pure anger and hadn’t been aware of what he just did.

"I’m telling you to throw the iron ore nyong!”



Questions were raised in Grid’s mind. However, rather than asking a question, Grid moved first according to Noe’s demand. It showed how much Grid trusted Noe.


Grid threw the iron ore!


Gis stopped mining.


Grid witnessed his appearance. Noe folded his arm and laughed at Grid’s surprise.

“Nyahahat! How is this body’s insight? I am the best demonic beast of hell ong! Nyahahat!”

“Good...! Well done! The best!”

Grid learnt the strategy to attack the 64th island! He once again threw an iron ore to stop Gis’ mining and then used Pagma’s Swordsmanship.




The deep cave. Every time Grid wielded the sword, there was the sound of Death Knight Gis screaming.


Gis lost his invincibility and his health! 

Sticks shivered as he gazed at the sight in the crystal ball with admiration.

‘Figuring out the strategy for the 64th island in only a few hours...!’

The basic condition for attacking the 64th island was ‘mining technique.’ Grid met this condition with his ability to make items. Then by getting rid of the minerals, he shook Gis, who had an inherent ‘love of minerals.’ This resulted in the invincibility being lost. Gis was no longer invincible.

‘Of course.’

Gis was a tanker. He was a legend who boasted the highest defense. Gis might’ve lost his invincibility, but he wouldn’t be so easily damaged by Grid...

“Pinnacle Kill!”

"...It seems easy.”


[You have dealt 42,350 damage to the target!]

Grid released Gis’ invincibility with Noe’s help! He immediately used Link but Gis’ defense was amazing. He felt three times more solid than other death knights and wasn’t damaged properly. However, Grid had the skills to penetrate defense. It was Pinnacle and Pinnacle Kill. In particular, Pinnacle Kill completely ignored the defense of the target.


The stab caused Gis to lose a tremendous amount of health! Gis was threatened and immediately counterattacked.

[You have suffered 2,700 damage.]

A tanker’s attack power couldn’t cause serious damage to Grid. Gis’ pickaxe failed to penetrate Grid’s Triple Layers. After losing his invincibility, Gis was just good prey for Grid.

[The hidden passive ‘God's Command’ has reset the cooldown of Pinnacle KIll. If reused within three seconds, no resources will be consumed.]

“Pinnacle Kill!”


Gis, the guardian of the 64th island who caused a lot of frustration for Grid. He was unable to endure Grid’s onslaught and eventually died.

[You have defeated Death Knight Gis, guardian of the 64th island!]

[The 64th island has been cleansed!]

[As a reward for cleansing the island, you have gained one level!]

[Gis’ Pickaxe has been acquired!]


Grid felt that the difficulty of the 64th island was very high. Gis himself was weak, but the island was the most difficult to purify since it was almost impossible to find the strategy. If it hadn’t been for a coincidence, this was a place that would’ve been impossible for Grid to clear.

Therefore, he was feeling expectant. The reward would be enormous in proportion to the difficult!


The pickaxe was the only compensation?


Grid sighed and used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill without any anticipation.


[Gis’ Pickaxe]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 300/366    Attack Power: 190

* The chances of acquiring advanced minerals will increase by 20%.

* The chances of acquiring the highest grade minerals will increase by 8%.

* Increases the user’s mining skill by 3.

* 150% increase in mining speed.

* 40% increase in defense while mining.

* There is a low probability of entering the ‘invincible’ state when mining.

A pickaxe that the legendary miner Gis loved in life.

Gis cared about this pickaxe so much that he asked to be buried with it.

Conditions of Use: Anyone who has the mining skill.

Weight: 111


During the process of digging out Gis’ body from his grave, Pagma took his beloved pickaxe as well?

‘Based on Braham’s words, the more I know about Pagma...’

Well, Pagma’s nature wasn’t important at this moment. Grid just admired Gis’ pickaxe. There was an increase in minerals acquisition rate, it increased the mining skill of the user and greatly increased mining speed. In particular, the increased defense during mining and the invincible buff was great.

‘Can’t it be used to draw aggro?’

Grid was suddenly reminded of Peak Sword.

‘Whenever encountering an enemy, make Peak Sword go and mine minerals...’

It would be convenient to use him as a tanker. Peak Sword’s class was one known for its damage, but Grid had long forgotten this fact. It was because Peak Sword’s activities as a miner since the Hell Gao raid were really great.


[You have entered the 65th island.]

Now there were only two islands left. The 65th and 66th islands. Grid would succeed in cleansing the Behen Archipelago as long as he cleared two more islands. He would be the hero who saved the Behen Archipelago, which lost its function for many years.

‘One of the original functions of the Behen Archipelago is the Hall of Fame.’

It was likely that Grid’s name would be stamped on top of the Hall of Fame. It would have a huge symbolic significance.


Grid’s motivation was overflowing. His reputation was catching up with Kraugel little by little.


Grid started moving. The background of the 65th island was a forest. It was a huge forest with the sound of birds and insects. Grid predicted that the guardian of this dark forest without any sunshine would be the legendary archer Povia. It was because there were many good places to use as sniper points. It was like he expected.



The problem was that the sound of the birds was too loud. Grid picked up on the flying arrows too late and couldn’t cope, the arrows precisely piercing Grid’s chest.

[You have suffered 6,993 damage.]

“Kuk...! Is this a godly archer?’

It was massive damage despite wearing Triple Layers that raised physical resistance. Grid recalled the fact that archers had the highest attack power among physical damage dealers and brought out the Holy Light Shield. It was intended to block the flying arrows and to receive less damage.

'I have to figure out the location first.’

The key was to identity Povia’s hiding place based on the direction of the arrows and then narrow the distance. An archer was weak so he was confident that he could overcome Povia if he narrowed the distance. But Povia was a legendary archer. As long as he had a favorable distance, he wouldn’t make the mistake of exposing himself.



Povia’s arrows fell from the sky like rain, making it difficult for Grid to locate Povia.

“Che... Rain Arrows.”

The skill Rain Arrow fired a large amount of arrows into the sky which would fall towards the target like rain. The strength of this skill was its wide range of attack and that it was difficult to predict. But it also had the advantage of hiding the archer’s position. Grid found it hard to find where Povia was shooting from. The surrounding trees were so high that his line of sight was greatly disturbed.

“Noe! Randy!”

Grid summoned his pets and sent them all over the forest.

"Report to me immediately if you find out where the arrows are being fired from!”

The moment Grid gave the order to Noe and Randy.


Red apple emoticons appeared over Noe and Randy’s hearts.


Puk puk!

Arrows flew and pierced the apple. Noe and Randy’s hearts were pierced.




Grid was upset when he saw Noe and Randy hit the ground. Apple emoticons appeared simultaneously on his face, stomach, heart, lungs, elbow, wrist, etc. It was the precursor of the ‘targeting’ skill.