Chapter 687


Looking at the previous Noe and Randy, the apple effect seemed to mean that he was ‘locked on’ by Povia. It was the moment when Grid’s plan to defeat Povia with Freely Move was ruined.

“An archer has the ability to target from such a long distance...? Che! It completely destroys the balance! Magic Detection!”


Grid desperately felt the need to find Povia’s position quickly and used Magic Detection (Enhanced) He had used Magic Detection steadily every day and it was now level three. Then Braham’s voice was heard.

-An archer’s sniping point isn’t comparable to an assassin. In particular, a legendary archer...

Grid also knew this because he had watched Jishuka from the side. It was as he expected. Magic Detection failed to find Povia! 

"Ah, your magic is useless whenever I actually need it.”

-It’s because you are incompetent.

Braham was convinced that if Magic Detection had two more levels then Death Knight Povia would be quickly found.

-That is why I always tell you to train your magic. Don’t create unnecessary underwear.

It had been a while since Grid devoted himself to the tailoring technique rather than magic training. As Braham was sighing at him, arrows poured down from the sky. There were 11 arrows in total. Grid’s response was surprisingly calm.

“God Hands!”

First of all, he tried to block all the arrows falling to the right side using the God Hands and then evade the rest. It was a pretty good move. If Povia used non-targeted attacks, Grid would be able to escape from a large number of arrows with this behaviour. However, Povia’s attacks were targeted and avoiding targeted attacks weren’t possible with the Satisfy system.


Puk! Puuok!

A few arrows were reflected off the shield and the rest hit Grid.


A total of six arrows hit him and he lost more than 40,000 health.

‘Based on the damage, it ignored defense?’



As five more arrows flew, Grid blocked it with the God Hands and shield and examined the arrows. It was a jaffa arrow.

"Tsk, no wonder why it hurts...”

Grid drank a health potion. The best potion made by Reidan’s alchemy facility filled up his health gauge instantly. 

-Aren’t you surprisingly calm?

A huge forest with no sunlight. The lush greenery interfered with vision while the noisy chirping of birds interfered with hearing. Grid was currently in a pretty bad shape. He was confused by the one-sided attack of an invisible enemy and it wasn’t strange to fall into a crisis. Yet Grid was reacting really calmly.

-Do you have a good idea?

Braham’s tone was trying not to sound curious. Grid was confident.

"Even if Povia is a legendary archer, it is impossible to always shoot arrows. Isn't that right?"

Think about it realistically. An archer who could shoot a massive number of arrows over a large distance, and they were targeted attacks as well? It was obviously overpowered. It was a power that shouldn’t exist.

‘There will definitely be a cooldown on Povia’s ‘lock on’ skill.’

It might be different when still alive, but it was likely that the death knight had a long cooldown.

‘There was one each for Noe and Randy, then five out of 11 arrows for me. The next attack will be non-targeted.’

Non-targeted attacks were often more powerful than targeted attacks. The more powerful the attack, the harder it was to use.

‘I can maximize the power of Revolve here. Then...’

Grid recalled the characteristics of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Revolve. It had the characteristic of ‘hitting back any form of attack.’ In other words, it returned the attack to the target. Grid guessed that he could take advantage of this part.

‘If I go after the attack that is reflected by Revolve... I will find Povia.’

The ability to return an attack could also be used as a means of locating the enemy’s position. Now Grid was showing real-time thinking. This was a sense that had been raised naturally. Grid felt proud, but wasn’t arrogant.

‘Kraugel would’ve thought of this use for Revolve the moment he got it.’

Every time he grew one step, he felt Kraugel’s greatness more strongly. It was ironic. The closer he got, the further away he felt he was.

‘...Discovering your greatness means I am becoming great as well?’


Kraugel was also enjoying a risky adventure somewhere. Grid smiled as he imagined the sight and swung the Enlightenment Sword.


This time, an arrow with a fearsome momentum fell from the sky like a meteorite. It was only one but the impact was enormous. If he allowed this attack... It was likely to be an attack containing fatal power. But Grid wasn’t nervous. He already completed the strongest counterattack and only needed the right timing.



The forest tilted. The meteor arrow was swept away by Grid’s sword and caused Grid’s skin to be distorted. Grid waited for a moment.


He borrowed the power of Braham’s Boots and flew behind the meteor arrow that was returning to where it had been fired.

‘Alarm. Attach to Magic Missile. Three seconds later, deploy in front.’


Spheres of light started appearing around Grid’s side as he flew through the trees.


Once Grid descended to the ground, he saw Death Knight Povia hiding between cliffs.


First, the meteor arrow hit Povia, followed by the Magic Missiles fired at the same time. This wasn’t the end.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”

Povia moved sideways to precisely avoid the meteor arrow and Magic Missiles, but Grid fired Link in the direction she was moving.



Dozens of energy blades emerged. There was also the summoning of a red lightning bolt and the explosion of black flames.


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


It felt like he was in the midst of a natural disaster. Povia struggled amidst the cliffs that crumbled due to the constant explosions. She fired arrows based on the high agility of a legendary archer.

“Quick Movements! Blacksmith's Rage! Freely Move!”

Grid’s concentration reached its peak in order to reach the end of the Behen Archipelago. No, his concentration wasn’t at the peak. That power only exploded when he was pressed, like in the fight against Kruger and Gis.



Grid broke through the rain of arrows, reached Povia and unleashed a series of basic attacks. The Enlightenment Lightning Sword roared in response.

[You have dealt 18,900 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 20,730 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 22,500...]

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires...]


Overwhelming...! He unleashed a series of Pagma’s Swordsmanship and then God's Command activated as well. It would break even the iron wall of the Undefeated King.

-Is this enough?

Braham asked from where he dwelled in Grid’s body.


Sticks watched Grid’s battle in the crystal ball and repeatedly expressed his admiration.



Povia’s resistance was strong. She struggled against Grid’s onslaught and fought repeatedly. It was very threatening to shoot at a close range and the high attack power caused Grid to fall into a crisis many times.



Grid succeeded in passing the first crisis using Doran’s Ring and overcame the second crisis with a health potion and Tiramet's Belt effect. Immediately before the First King effect kicked in, he grabbed a blood sword and summoned it. An old demonkin appeared beside Povia.

“Sublime Sword.”



Strong. Braham and Sticks watched Grid with appreciation. Braham could no longer treat Grid as a young person easily handled.

-As expected! This force will be able to threaten a great demon!

"After becoming a hero, reach the seven malicious...!”

[You have defeated Death Knight Povia, guardian of the 65th island!]

[The 65th island has been cleansed!]

[As a reward for cleansing the island, you have gained one level!]

[The Elf Bow Thimble (Made by Pagma) has been acquired.]

[World Tree’s Necklace has been acquired.]


A light shone in the dark forest. The light shone on Gird’s sweaty and bloody face.

“Pant... Pant... Now there is only one left.”

The Behen Archipelago, which had been challenged by the Overgeared members, Kraugel, Agnus, Damian, and Zibal. It was about to be captured by the Overgeared King Grid.


[Elf’s Bow Thimble (Made by Pagma)]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 100/111

* Bow attack speed +20% when worn (elves receive double the effect).

* Allows normal attacks or skill attacks to switch to ‘target mode’ (Three minute cooldown. The cooldown is halved when used by an elf).

A thimble made for Death Knight Povia by Pagma, a legendary blacksmith and Baal’s Contractor.

It was designed to fit the body structure of Povia, born between a human and a elf. 

Weight: 15

[World Tree’s Necklace]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 20/22

* 20% increase in strength and agility in elven territory.

* 150% increase in mana regeneration in elven territory.

* 1.2 times increase in movement speed in elven territory.

Before she became a legend, Povia was a loner who wasn’t recognized by humans or elves. This necklace was given to her by the world tree, her only friend.

Weight: 50

‘I can’t say anything.’

All the items that Grid gained in the course of attacking the islands in the 60’s were amazing. The value of all the items was enormous. The Behen Archipelago was a treasure house in itself.  Grid was glad to be the first one here before anyone else.

A huge smile. Then the excited Grid heard Stick’s voice.

"It is possible that the Undefeated King Madra still has his intelligence. You should be cautious.”

"Still has his intelligence?”

The cleansed 65th island. Prior to entering the 66th island, Grid received a warning from Sticks.

"Death knights can have intelligence?”

"Yes, a body with a strong mind will have some memories of its life, whether it is a death knight or a lich. And these memories are the driving force.”

“A strong mind... What would the Undefeated King hold to his heart even after dying? It sounds like he died happily.

-He died unhappily. He was murdered by his own son.


-Kukuk, I was betrayed by a friend, but it’s nothing compared to Madra.


Grid thought the story was more suitable for a morning drama than a Korean game.