Chapter 685

He attacked again and the result was the same.

[Gis is mining. Gis is invincible when mining. You can’t cause any damage.]

"Ah, it’s seriously nasty.”

He wasn’t talking about the 64th island. Grid felt disgusted with the Behen Archipelago itself. Every one of the 66 islands making up the Behen Archipelago required a special strategy, making him very tired and irritated.

"Well, some places were easy...”

The other players who challenged the Behen Archipelago would’ve been appalled if they heard this murmur. From the perspective of ordinary players, almost nothing about the Behen Archipelago was easy. This was the difference between Grid and other players.

Since Grid could create and produce items in real time, he cleared the Behen Archipelago more easily than others. For example, the hell moon stage was easily cleared with his Hooded Zip Up. However, even Grid felt that the average difficulty of the Behen Archipelago was very high. It showed the hell difficulty of the Behen Archipelago.

“What should I do?”

The legendary miner Gis was invincible when mining. Given his slow speed, it would take him more than a month to mine all the minerals. It meant challengers of the 64th island would be stuck here for more than a month. And Grid only had four days worth of food left.


It had been a long time since Grid cursed like this. He was really upset.

“Aren’t I an all-rounder?”

That’s right. Grid was an all-rounder class capable of utilizing all types of weapons thanks to being Pagma's Descendant and the Weapons Mastery. He was a blacksmith and a tailor and knew how to use magic. But he couldn’t cook. Grid lacked the ability to cook food on his own. Therefore, he would starve to death. It couldn’t be helped.

"I'm not a real all-rounder...”

He would starve because he was missing one ability!


Grid had fallen to his knees in frustrated when he suddenly got a flash.

‘Should I try it once?”

Taang - taang-

Grid slowly approached Gis, who was still mining while ignoring Grid’s curses and frustration. An ugly smile appeared on Grid’s face as he looked at Gis’ back.

'It is theoretically possible.’

What was possible?

Wiggle wiggle!

Grid’s ten fingers moved without a break. That’s right. Grid was using his dexterity.

‘Right now, my dexterity exceeds 4,000.’

Women and even men felt an electric current when Grid poked them with a finger There were those who couldn’t cope with the pleasure that came flooding in like a tsunami. Some of this tremendous dexterity was even applied in reality. Grid had deliberately sealed this power apart from when he slept with Irene, but now he unleashed it.

"I’ll make you stop... Your legs will be so relaxed that you can’t mine!”

Grid glared at Gis. Then he worked hard on tickling the bones. The result was amazing.


Ttang! Ttang!

No response!! Gis was assaulted by Grid’s fingers but he devoted himself to mining without a change in attitude. Grid’s over 4,0000 dexterity didn’t have an effect!

“...As expected.”

The opponent was too bad. The undead didn’t feel a sense of pleasure or itching.

‘Then the only way left...’

Grid didn’t give up. He was experienced with overcoming frustration after facing hardships for a long time. His eyes were motivated and passionate as he thought of ways to overcome the current situation.


"This is the time to use your head.”

On the 63rd island that Grid cleansed. Sticks felt anxious as he observed Grid through the crystal ball.

"Invincible during mining...”

The legendary miner, Gis. The number of great demons tied up by him and failed was more than one. Gis’ ability was great. But Grid shouldn’t be so frustrated. Grid’s mission was to cleanse all of the Behen Archipelago.

‘Grid, the concept of invincibility doesn’t exist. Please keep your composure and find Gis’ weakness.”

Of course, it wasn’t easy. Pagma was a smart person. He would’ve tried to hide the weakness of Death Knight Gis. Sticks wasn’t able to find Gis’ weakness until just now.

'Basically, the key is to make him stop mining.’

No matter what Grid did, Gis kept devoting himself to mining. It seemed virtually impossible to make him stop mining.

‘It is tricky...’

The possibility of breaking through the 64th island was very low. Sticks judged and bit his lips.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Grid pulled out the portable furnace and started to make something.

"What are you making?”

Sticks couldn’t understand it at all. It was because Grid couldn’t stop Gis’ mining no matter what he made.


Sage Sticks lost his dignity. He forgot about appearances and expressed his absurd thoughts. It was because the new item Grid made was a pickaxe.

“Don’t tell me...”

He truly was a sage. Sticks corrected grasped Grid’s intentions.

"S-Such an ignorant method....”

Why did Grid make a pickaxe? Just like he responded to the legendary tailor Kruger with making an item, it was clear he intended to respond to legendary miner Gis with mining.

'He will mine all the minerals so that Gis can no longer remain invincible...?’

Ah, how foolish.  What an ignorant idea!

“Mining isn’t something that anyone can do...”

The speed of mining would fall dramatically for anyone who didn’t have the mining skill. Even if Grid used all his power, he would be as fast as Gis, who was deliberately going slow.


Sticks stiffened. Grid had started to make several more pickaxes. After a while. Grid summoned the memphis and the doppelganger and threw them the pickaxes. Of course, the four God Hands were also armed with pickaxes. This wasn’t the end.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead?”

Grid summoned two additional skeletons. The skulls were bigger than the skeletons and the eyes were wild, giving them a cute feel.


Clack clack!

The two skeletons moved their jawbones like they were trying to appeal to Grid. They also held pickaxes in their bony hands.

"...The power of quantity...”

Was Grid going to make a another legend? Sticks belonged to the Overgeared Kingdom, so he knew its dictionary meaning.  


Gis was invincible when mining. What should Grid do to avoid starving to death in four days? After his dexterity failed, Grid worried about it for a long time before coming up with a groundbreaking method.

"Yes, let’s get rid of all the minerals in the cave... Gis will no longer have minerals to mine.”

Truly an ignorant idea! Grid had already determined that Peak Sword would take a fortnight to obtain all the minerals in the cave with his Intermediate Mining Technique.  Yet he had to do it in four days! Was this possible? It was impossible. Grid had been mining occasionally, but he still hadn’t learned the mining skill. It was difficult to acquire skills that were far away from his class. He didn’t know who long it took the swordsman Peak Sword to obtain the mining skill.


“I can do it.”

Grid was very confident in this plan that had a close to 0% chance of working. He naturally had grounds for this confidence.

“I have the Fantastic Pickaxe’s production method!”

The Fantastic Pickaxe. It was the legendary rated pickaxe that Grid made for Peak Sword. It increased the probability of obtaining high grade minerals and gave the Intermediate Mining Technique Lv. 3 skill. Even if five year old would become a master of mining if he had that pickaxe!

"I will mass produce it.”

Time was short. Grid didn’t delay any longer. He immediately pulled out the portable furnace and started smelting the white phosphorus wood. The first mineral a blacksmith learnt to handle was iron ore and Grid quickly refined the iron ore that was the base of the pickaxe. Then.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid immediately started making the pickaxe on the anvil. He made a total of eight pickaxes. The time it took to make them? It was just two hours. This was possible because Grid learned to speed up during his production battle with Kruger. In the first place, a pickaxe was easy for a blacksmith to make. The result?  

[Mass Produced Fantastic Pickaxe]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 125/125 Attack Power: 37

* The chances of acquiring advanced minerals will increase by 3%.

* The skill ‘Beginner Mining Technique’ master level will be generated.

A pickaxe based on the Fantastic Pickaxe made by Blacksmith Grid who is becoming a myth over a legend.

It isn’t to the extent of the Fantastic Pickaxe, but it boasts an excellent performance.

User Restriction: Level 100 or higher.

Weight: 75

[Mass Produced Fantastic Pickaxe]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 150/150  Attack Power: 77

* The chances of acquiring advanced minerals will increase by 3%.

* The chances of acquiring the highest grade minerals will increase by 1%.

* The skill ‘Intermediate Mining Technique’ Lv. 1 will be generated. 



“Not bad.”

Grid succeeded in producing two rare rated pickaxes, four epic rated and two unique rated. The performance was excellent. Of course, it was lacking compared to the legendary rated Fantastic Pickaxe. However, it was a masterpiece compared to ordinary pickaxes.

“Noe! Randy! God Hands! Can you Become the King of the Dead?”


Pa pa pa pat!

Grid summoned so many familiars that it was like he had a summoner class. A black cat, a little girl, four golden hands, and two skeletons appeared around him. The God Hands had always been with Grid, but Noe, Randy, and the Overgeared Skeletons were meeting Grid after a long time. Grid threw pickaxes towards his pets who were very happy.

“Then let’s start.”


Noe felt deja vu. He was reminded of the mining that took place in the mine where the evil eyes stayed. Wasn’t he the best demonic beast of hell? Noe was very sad. But there was nothing he could do. Noe liked Grid, no matter how sad he felt. He had to follow Grid’s orders.


Ttang! Ttang!

Led by the tearful Noe, the pets started mining. In particular, Randy’s ability after transforming into Grid was dazzling. Grid looked satisfied and shouted at Gis.

"Let’s see how long you can stay invincible!”

Grid would take all the minerals in here in four days! Grid was filled with ambition and started mining with a passionate attitude.

Peeok! Peeok!

Ttang! Ttang!

Dirt was thrown every time a pickaxe dug into the wall, quickly turning Grid, Noe, and Randy’s faces black. 

The legendary blacksmith, great magician, swordsman, and king of a nation, Grid. The greatest demonic beast of hell, Memphis Noe. The strongest doppelganger who dominated the Mysterious Forest, Randy. Existences that boasted such wonderful specs were covered in dirt in a mine. It was so unbelievable that people wouldn’t believe it even if they saw it themselves. People just imagined that Grid was living a brilliant life. But what was the reality?

"Cough cough! U-Urgh...! Hey! Slave! Be careful not to blow the dust.”

“Nyaang... Understood, ong.” By the way, was I mistaken when I just heard you call me slave ong?”

“O-Of course. How can I call you a slave? Hahaha.”


Grid’s normal life was far from the glitz and glam. It was mostly miserable and pathetic. Noe and Randy met the wrong master.