Chapter 684

“The gloves are really great...”

After the battle was over.

Grid recreated the battle before checking the items that Kruger had dropped. If there was a part to praise about himself, there was also a part to criticize. This would be used as a stepping stone to mature one step further. In the process, the most noteworthy part for Grid was his items. He noticed the Holy Light Gloves and Alex's Quick Gloves more than the Enlightenment Lightning Sword and Mjolnir.

'There is the lottery option of the Holy Light Gloves that I’ve always relied on.’

Now he realized that Alex's Quick Gloves were amazing.

The speed of his basic attacks had doubled so his continuous damage rose sharply. The attack power of each basic attack increased and combined with the power of the Enlightenment Blade, his basic attacks had been maximized beyond expectations. The damage was even better than the Holy Light Gloves.

‘It will be more effective as my agility increases.’

Every 1,000 agility increase general attack speed by 0.1. Grid’s current agility was 2,876. He could achieve a base attack speed of 0.8 and if he wore Alex’s Quick Gloves, it would be 0.4. It was possible to do two basic attacks per second and five per two seconds.

‘If my basic speed is at 0.7...’

The Quick Gloves will make it 0.35 attack speed and almost three attacks per second. Grid’s original goal was to obtain a ratio of 1:1 for strength and agility. Grid decided he didn’t need to hesitate and opened his status window.

“Status Window!”

Name: Grid

Level: 349

Class: Pagma's Descendant (Conditional Great Magician)

Title: One who Became a Legend and 22 others. (If you want to view the list, please click for a detailed view.)

Health: 88,175    Mana: 13,602

Strength: 3,140 (+360)

Stamina: 1,967 (+580)

Agility: 2,546 (+330)

Intelligence: 1,727 (+540)

Dexterity: 3,507 (+880)

Persistence: 1,452 (+330)

Composure: 1,058 (+330)

Indomitable: 1,313 (+440)

Dignity: 1,966 (+330)

Insight: 1,806 (+330)

Courage: 1,002 (+330)

Demonic Power: 13,402

Good Luck: 241

Deity: 3

Remaining Stat Points: 300

Grid acquired 12 stat points per level since becoming one with Braham’s soul. Then the title of First King gave him 14 stat points per level. Since recently, he had accumulated two and then four points more than others. However, half of the points were forcibly invested in intelligence. Therefore, even if Grid had been accumulating his points since level 301, he only had 300 stat points.

‘Nevertheless, I don’t see it as a loss. Intelligence is a stat that I need after all... That’s right... It isn’t a loss...’

Grid tried to comfort himself.

Shake shake.

In the end, he failed and started distributing the stat points.

‘Points in agility.’

[124 points will be invested in agility. Have you decided?]


[It has been applied.]

[Your agility has increased by 124.]

[Your agility stat is now at 2,546 points.]

[Through the combined effects of various titles, 3,000 agility has been achieved.]

[Your base attack speed has increased by 0.1.]

[Movement speed has increased by 30.]


He finally achieved 3,000 agility. Grid tested it immediately.



Six attacks in two seconds! Some people might have questions. In reality, a high quality professional boxer could attack four times per second. Was attacking three times per second in the game really that great? Of course it was. Grid wasn’t using bare hands but wielding a long sword. It was difficult to wield a sword that was one meter in length three times per second.

‘Very good.’

Grid was satisfied as he looked at the energy blades that looked like waves under the moonlight. He now had 176 stat points left.


Grid thought for a while before decided to keep the remaining points.

‘Even if I invest all my points in agility right now, the proportion still won’t match with strength...’

In fact, he was impatient to invest points in intelligence. It was because he could learn Fireball once his intelligence reached 2,500. If he invested the remaining points in intelligence, he would be able to level Fireball in a relatively short period of time if he kept tailoring and leveling up. But Grid suppressed his impatient heart.

‘Intelligence will naturally increase whenever I level up. There is no need to invest points.’

The part that Grid felt lacking in right now was stamina. Grid had a high survival rate due to his items and various title effects, but it was more stable to increase his total health. Thus, there was value in investing points in stamina.

‘But I will watch more.’

Grid decided it would be better to save his points. He thought it was right to use the points after clearly figuring out what he was lacking when dealing with the formidable enemies he would face.

“Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.”

Grid closed his status window and finally started to appraise Kruger’s items. First of all, he started with Kruger’s tailoring tools. It was a set of scissors, a knife, a tape measure, and a needle.

[Kruger’s Scissors and Knife]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 171/220    Attack Power: 311

* Increases the cutting speed of cloth and leather by 10%.

* Can cut all types of cloth and leather.

One handed scissors and a knife used by the legendary tailor Kruger during his life. They are sharp and durable and can even cut through the scales and skin of a dragon.

Weight: 10

[Kruger’s Measuring Tape]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 26/50

* Increases the speed of cloth and leather tailoring by 15%.

A measuring tape used by the legendary tailor Kruger during his life. It has a total length of 50 meters and boasts perfect accuracy.

Weight: 5

[Kruger’s Needle]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: None    Defense: 30

*  Increases the speed of cloth and leather tailoring by 20%.

* Can pierce all types of cloth and leather.

A very thin needle used by the legendary tailor Kruger during his life. A needle made from the molar of an accidentally discovered silver dragon’s remains, it can easily pierce all types of cloth and leather.

Weight: 0


In fact, Grid didn’t have much expectations for the tailoring tools. At best, he expected it to be items that raised the probability of the item rating. However, Grid’s expectations were completely wrong. Kruger’s tailoring tools didn’t have an option to raise the item rankings. Instead, it sped up the speed of tailoring and allowed him to work with all types of cloth and leather. It was a necessary item for Grid.

‘It’s unfortunate that there is no item rating increase option.’

It increased tailoring speed by a total of 45%. It meant that Grid could make two underwear in the time it took to make one. Furthermore!

‘A knife and scissors that can cut all types of cloth and leather and a needle that can pierce...’

The reason why Grid couldn’t cut several types of fabrics at the same time was because the strength was different for each fabric. It was impossible for Grid to cut cloth of different strengths simultaneously with ordinary scissors and needles. But now things had changed. With this, scissors and knife, Grid could cut many types of cloth and leather at the same time like Kruger.

‘If I raise my tailoring skill, I will be able to make not only underwear, but usable cloth armor.’

He was happy. He felt joy and sadness in equal proportions. An increase in tailoring speed meant his workload increased. Of course, there was no need to increase the workload. But it was impossible for Grid’s nature to not do so. The fear of being left behind didn’t allow him to slack off.

“Hah... Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.”

Then Grid appraised the cloth. It was a cloth made of silk.

[Mysterious Cloth]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: None

A four dimensional cloth that neutralizes damage of the ‘explosion’ type.

Once the cloth is opened at the explosion point, all the explosive energy is absorbed into the cloth.

Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

Weight: 1


It was difficult for Grid to understand the item description. Absorb explosion type damage?

‘What... Ah, perhaps?”

A chill went down Grid’s spine. He had a hypothesis and ordered the God Hands to keep the cloth open. Then he swung the Enlightenment Blade at the cloth. The result was amazing.

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires!]


An explosion that caused splash damage over a radius of 10 meters. The flames that burst out!


It was sucked into the cloth that the God Hands spread out. It didn’t do a single bit of damage to the area!


Grid gulped. He was covered in sweat. Kruger was already equipped against fire and darkness.

‘...He was going to absorb the black flames with this cloth?’

What if Grid hadn’t neutralized Kruger with the electric shock and infinite stiffness...

‘Most of my damage would be blocked...’

In particular, the cooldown time of 10 minutes was likely to shorter when Kruger used it directly. NPCs and boss monsters often got a correction effect.

‘We would’ve fought for a few minutes before Kruger opened the barrier again to create a new item.’

If it reached that stage, Grid’s chances would fall exponentially. Grid shivered at the thought. He gathered the cloth together as Sticks entered the 63rd island and approached him.

“Now there are three islands left.”


Legendary miner Gis, legendary archer Povia, and Undefeated King Madra. According to Sticks’ guess, there were three bosses remaining. Grid predicted that they would be relatively easy to overcome except for Madra. An archer with a weak body was nothing after breaking through the arrows, and a tanker’s weakness was that they lacked attack power.

'Of course, I won’t be careless.’

Grid breathed in deeply and stepped on the bridge to the 64th island.

"Go straight away."

Grid achieved his goal of winning without losing his immortality. There was no need to delay the time, so Grid immediately entered the 64th island. Then he met miner Gis.


Clack clack clack!

The 64th island was a cave. It was a huge square where minerals grew everywhere. There was a death knight in the center of the cave, lit up by blue ores on the ceiling. Gis was a very large skeleton. It was comparable to Agnus’ orc warrior that was turned into a death knight. Due to that, the pickaxe in his hand looked small.

"A tanker must be really durable.”


Attacks with overwhelming damage! Grid didn’t delay. Immediately after using Quick Movements and Blacksmith's Rage, he rushed to Gis. At that moment.


Death Knight Gis started mining. Despite the enemy rushing towards him, Gis started swinging his pickaxe!


Grid thought it was ridiculous. It was difficult to understand why Gis was ignoring the enemy.

‘Is his artificial intelligence broken?’

Maybe he could break through the 64th island quicker and easier than he expected. Grid smiled at the thought.


The Enlightenment Sword struck Gis’ skull.

[Gis is mining. Gis is invincible when mining. You can’t cause any damage.]


Grid’s eyes widened.

Ttang! Ttang!

Gis didn’t even look at Grid as he quietly focused on mining. Slowly, very slowly. For reference, the cave was over 200 square meters in size and all walls had minerals growing on them. Even Peak Sword, who specialized in mining, would take at least a fortnight to gain all the minerals from this cave. Grid thought of the worst scenario.

‘The 64th island consumes time...?’

He couldn’t break through until Gis finished mining. Didn’t that mean his feet would be tied up by this trial for days?


Grid couldn’t help cursing and turned his attention to the gate he had used just now. Of course, the gate was gone. Just like the other islands, he couldn’t escape from the 64th island until he failed the challenge or cleared it.


Gis was still mining slowly like a turtle.


Grid was frustrated when he remembered that he only had enough food for four days. It was the first time he had been so frustrated since becoming Pagma's Descendant.