Chapter 680


A bridge connecting the sky and the land. The waterfall in the center of the 62nd cleansed island reached several thousand meters in height. It was difficult to gauge the scale of it and the power of the waterfall was great. Water splashed in every direction like rain seeping into the earth.

Sticks had a weak body and was uncomfortable with the cold water. However, Grid grew into a man who didn’t fear sharp blades. He wasn’t surprised at all by the deafening noise of the waterfall.

"Do you know in advance what the guardian of the next island is?”

There was a saying that knowledge of the enemy made you unbeatable. It would be difficult for Grid to win without relying on his immortality, so he wanted more information. He wanted to know in advance what the boss of the next island was and prepare for it.

Unfortunately, the next island was uncharted territory for Sticks. It was natural. In the first place, he was only able to reach the 60th island thanks to Grid.

"I can’t jump to conclusions... I’m sorry that I can’t help.”

"Don’t bow your head.”

In the old days, Grid would’ve done more than grumble. A man of great wisdom. No, an elf, should be able to help him. But now Grid understood. He wasn’t foolish enough to offend the other person because the work didn’t go according to his will. He put himself in Sticks position. This action made Sticks put in a bit more effort. Sticks was deep in thought for a moment before opening his mouth.

"Previously, I ruled out Sword Saint Muller. It is also likely that Pagma, the creator of this Behen Archipelago, won’t appear. Of course, Braham won’t be present either.”

It was natural. Braham’s soul was currently with Grid. Still, Grid couldn’t help feeling relieved.

‘I won’t have an answer if Braham appeared as a lich.’

The death knights of the former legends could only use ‘basic skills’ and that was their weakness. But not for Braham. Braham’s enhanced spells were powerful even at the lowest level of magic. It was clear that Lich Braham would have a very high level of difficulty, even if only basic magic was used.

'Braham, do you know that you are really great?’

-Hmph, not all legends are the same. I was the most outstanding among the legends.

Now Braham was in high spirits from a little praise. It was ridiculous when he was a professional troll. Grid stuck his tongue out at Braham without hesitation while Sticks analysis continued.

"Apart from those three, Lantier, and Alex, there are four legends left. The legendary archer Povia, the legendary tailor Kruger, the legendary miner Gis. And...”

It was said that there was a total of nine legends. Then who was the last one? Grid was now certain.


“You already know.”

It was as he expected. The identity of the ninth legend was the Undefeated King Madra, who overwhelmed the empire. He was the only king among the first legends.

"The four of them will appear sequentially on the remaining four islands.”

It couldn’t be predicted who would appear next. Yet Grid’s heart had become relaxed.

"I can easily win against two of them.”

They were the legendary miner Gis and the legendary tailor Kruger. Grid thought they were easy because they were production class legends. This was a mistake.

"...You are a blacksmith.”


Pagma was a blacksmith and a great swordsman. Gis and Kruger would also have powerful abilities.

“It’s reasonable to think...”

Grid was filled with tension. When he looked back at himself and Pagma, he was sure that Gis and Kruger wouldn’t be easy opponents. The biggest problem was that he had no information about their fighting abilities. Sage Sticks’ knowledge helped him.

"Madra is a strategist who mastered martial arts. Gis is a tanker who demonstrated a rock-solid defensive ability based on his strong physical strength. And Kruger was famous for his killer needles.”


Grid tried to think. He first classified Povia and Gis as easier opponents.

'Archer Povia isn’t as threatening. Once I narrow the distance to 200 meters, I can approach using Freely Move and then overpower the archer who has weak physical strength.’

A tanker was also easy to deal with.

‘Tankers aren’t aggressive... On the other hand, both my defense and attack power are high. I will win as long as I keep hitting Gis.’

On the other hand, he was likely to struggle against Madra.

‘If Madra really mastered all martial arts, he would’ve learned a variety of swordsmanship. Most of his active skills from his prime are sealed, but he’s still a threat because he has so many skills. In addition, he was a king. Based on the title of First King, he’s likely to have a special survival passive.’

The most important target to watch out for was Madra. Then Kruger? He didn’t know. He couldn’t grasp anything from ‘killer needles.’ But Grid had Sticks. Grid once again relied on Sticks.

"What are killer needles?”

Sticks kindly explained to the questioning Grid.

"It’s battle-specialized acupuncture that drives people to death. As a legendary tailor, Kruger is a master of sewing. He uses the needle very well. His technique of stabbing a needle precisely to overwhelm the opponent is extraordinary.”


Martial arts came to mind. Acupuncture in martial arts was generally a versatile skill. They could kill or save the target with one thin needle. But Grid didn’t take it as a threat.

‘Doesn’t it sound weak?’

There were clear limits to a needle weapon. It was too short. Grid could easily hit it with a sword. Furthermore.

‘It’s thin and will have less power.’

Grid’s Triple Layers boasted a defensive ability that could prevent a knife. A thin and short needle couldn’t penetrate Triple Layers. Grid grinned.

"In the end, they’re all easy opponents except for Madra.”

Grid wanted to meet Madra last. He thought it would be ideal to meet Madra after encountering easier opponents first, gaining their items and becoming stronger.

[The cooldown time of immortality is over.]

Then a notification window popped up. Grid stepped towards the bridge leading to the next island and waved at Sticks.

"Then I’ll see you on the next island.”

“I will support you.”

Sticks felt something strange as he saw Grid’s confident figure. But he didn’t express it. He trusted Grid’s skills. In the meantime, Grid crossed the bridge and entered the gate.


Grid’s figure disappeared. He entered the 63rd island.


[You have entered the 63rd island.]

‘Who is it?’

Povia, Madra, Gis, and Kruger. Which of the remaining four legends would be guarding the 63rd island? Grid was first on the lookout for sniping. The God Hands spread out and found the sniping locations. It was an act that assumed the opponent was Povia. But no arrows flew after dozens of seconds. The likelihood of the 63rd island’s guardian being Povia was significantly lowered.

‘Unlike Lantier and Alex, they aren’t appearing immediately...’

Grid guessed that the guardian of the 63rd island was likely to be Gis or Kruger. They were relatively weak, so Grid thought they wouldn’t act carelessly. At that moment.

“Legendary Tailor’s Eye.”


A chill went down Grid’s spine. It was because he heard the distinctive voice of a death knight from a rock behind him. The voice sounded like it was speaking in a big cave.

“God Hands!”

Grid drew the God Hands closer in anticipation of an attack. He grabbed the Enlightenment Blade and planned to counterattack, but the death knight just stared down at him. The death knight’s name was Kruger. The legendary tailor who created the invisibility cloak. He looked at Grid and said something again.

“Legendary Tailor’s Eye.”


Grid clearly heard Kruger’s words and became alert. If the Legendary Tailor’s Eye was similar to the Legendary Blacksmith’s Eye, Kruger was now checking his item information. It was a chance to expose a weak point. Grid couldn’t give Kruger a chance to observe him. In the first place, he thought of Kruger as an easy opponent.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcended Link!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The storm of blades aimed directly at Kruger on the rock! Grid thought that Kruger wouldn’t be able to protect himself since he was busy observing Grid’s items. While Kruger was suffering great damage, he planned to climb onto the rock and link the next attack. However.


A sharp needle aimed at Grid’s brow as he was jumping towards the rock. It was a needle that had flown from the explosion generated by Transcended Link. There also wasn’t a message window indicating that Kruger suffered damage.

‘He avoided or blocked Transcended Link?’

Grid couldn’t understand it but he kept his composure. He avoided the needle that was less than five centimeters in length and succeeded in climbing up the rock. Then he was surprised.


Gone! Kruger had disappeared from the rock. Grid was the only one present on the rock.

'What is going on?’

Grid was looking around with confusion when he heard Braham’s voice.

-Use Magic Detection.

It was the same advice as when Lantier was hiding. Grid realized.

‘Invisibility cloak!’

Yes, this was the legendary tailor Kruger. Just like the legendary blacksmith Grid was overgeared, Kruger would also be overgeared.


Grid was urgently trying to use Magic Detection when a shock hit his side. A needle from the hidden Kruger had pierced Grid. But.

[You have suffered 430 damage.]

Indeed, a needle was a needle. It failed to pierce Triple Layers. The impact of the sting was very slight and the actual damage was extremely low.

“Is this a joke?”

Grid snorted and started the sword dance for Wave. It was necessary to use a wide area skill to attack the invisible Kruger and then he would use Magic Detection during that time. But he failed.

[Kruger’s acupuncture needle has reversed your mana flow.]

[You can’t resist.]

[Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave has failed.]

[Your health will suffer three times the mana that was consumed by the failure.]

[You have suffered 2,400 damage.]


The strongest debuffer. That was the reality of Kruger. Grid felt goosebumps on his skin and hurriedly moved. Meanwhile, Kruger had taken off the invisibility cloak and revealed his appearance. The death knight was holding three needles in every finger joint. He looked like a lich in his robe.

“Legendary Tailor’s Eye.”


Kruger used the same skill again. A violet light glowed as he contemplated Grid. He felt naked as detailed information about his items was sent to Kruger.

“This bastard!”

Grid felt uncomfortable and attacked Kruger. Kruger’s needle causing mana reflux was a one time effect so Grid could now use skills without any penalty. He used Link without hesitation. At that moment.


A translucent circle was created in a 10 meter radius around Kraugel and Grid’s Link hit it directly.




It didn’t move? Kruger’s barrier held firmly despite being hit by Link. It didn’t shake at all, no matter how many times the black flames exploded. Grid was confused.

‘What is this ridiculous defense technique?’

It was a misunderstanding. This wasn’t a skill used by Kruger but a system effect. Grid quickly realized this.

[For the next 10 minutes, the legendary tailor Kruger will make an item!]


Inside the ward. The squatting death knight pulled out a cloth and started sewing it with a needle. It was a funny picture.


Question marks appeared over Grid’s head.