Chapter 679


Grid converted Alex’s Magic Engineering Bayonet to sniper mode and checked the maximum distance. The sniping distance wasn’t mentioned in the item description. Grid used a target to identify the distance.

‘87 meters...’

OF course, every noble Korean male who joined the army would know. The fact that you could hit a 200 meter, 300 meter target with a rifle. But it was obvious that the target was small. When Grid used the sniper mode, it was up to a distance of 87 meters that the ‘must hit’ option was applied. If the distance was more than that, the target couldn’t be seen easily and accuracy would fall, causing a warning window to pop up.

‘The performance of the scope is garbage...’

The scope of the sniper model showed little zoom capability. Grid questioned whether this could be called a sniper rifle. But there was a fact that couldn’t be overlooked. Satisfy’s scientific power remained mostly in the Middle Ages. In Satisfy, guns weren’t a produce of science of technology. They were a produce of engineering magic that the dwarves developed. Pagma didn’t know how to produce a magic bayonet until he learned it from the dwarves.

‘In addition, the sniper mode was an area that even the dwarves couldn’t make.’

In the first place, Satisfy had the ‘Hawk Eye’ skill. It helped to broaden the field of view and to clearly identity distant targets. All the snipers in Satisfy had this skill. Strictly speaking, it was a time when the concept of a scope didn’t even exist. The fact that Pagma created a scope in this day and age could be regarded as an amazing event. It was understandable that it would have a poor performance.

"Well, whatever."

Yura was a gunman and should have a vision skill, allowed her to maximize the abilities of the sniper rifle. She could snipe targets that were a few hundred meters away. This was the real reason why Grid wasn’t greedy for Alex’s Magic Engineering Bayonet. It was the same for the Red Phoenix Bow. It was impossible for Grid to use the power of Alex’s Magic Engineering Bayonet to 100% when he didn’t have the Hawk Eye skill.

‘There’s no need to be misled. The aiming time is too long and the target has to be within 100 meters for instant death.’

He didn’t need to be greedy. This was originally a weapon for a Demon Slayer. Giving it to Yura would benefit all of the Overgeared Kingdom. Grid didn’t doubt it. He smiled cheerfully as he imagined a beautiful woman aiming at the enemy with a sniper rifle. The imaginary Yura looked strangely cute and charming.


Grid shook off his imagination. He felt he was pathetic for touching a tree that couldn’t be climbed.

‘I will just receive damage if I like someone.'

The incident with Ahyoung was the biggest trauma in Grid’s life. Grid has no confidence in real world relationships. What about the women screaming his name when he went to Chinese restaurants? That’s right. Grid thought the reason these women cheered was because they were pure fans. It was the only rational reason for women being nice to him. Who could imagine that a man who was a celebrity and had the potential to be one of the richest in the world would have such low confidence?

But it was the truth. Grid had received a big psychological blow. Of course, it was only in reality.

'It’s okay, I have Irene.’

How lonely would he be without her? He was always thankful for the one who gave him love.


Grid thought of Irene’s warm and kind eyes. His hands were moving non-stop while he was thinking. He cut the cloth with scissors and used thread and needle to turn it into the shape of underwear. Sticks was very embarrassed. A legendary blacksmith and king of a nation was sitting down and making underwear with a sincere expression. Sticks felt that something was wrong. However, Grid wasn’t self-conscious when doing his work.

‘I have to raise the skill level and make underwear for all the soldiers.’

After acquiring the intermediate Underwear Production Method, Grid’s underwear was given a defensive ability, even if it was normal rated. The defense was in the single digits and very minimal, but it was better than nothing. A single digit defense could save 10,000 or 20,000 lives!

‘I don’t need to make a lot of money... Okay. Let’s keep making it. I’ll be the manager of an underwear factory.’

The current Grid was focused on raising the skill level of his underwear production. The skill was only at intermediate level and the experience was steadily increasing, despite him not producing high rated items. Thus, he didn’t use any special materials for the underwear. He used the cheapest materials. The cost of making the underwear was less than two silver. Of course, even a small amount would accumulate sooner or later. Even if it was two silver per piece, a lot of gold would be required in order to make it for 10,000 soldiers. Sage Sticks was concerned about this part.

"Your concern for the soldiers is great and deserves to be praised. But won’t this be a considerable loss for the kingdom?”

Sticks was currently working for the Overgeared Kingdom. Lauel and Rabbit asked him to teach at the academy as well as financial management. That’s why he was talking about spending with Grid. Grid felt gratitude to the concerned Sticks and smiled.

"It's okay. I am using my own pockets.”


The king was financing the soldiers? Sticks was surprised by Grid’s decision. Humans in high positions were often greedy. It was rare for a person like Grid, who didn’t feel any greed, to appear. Grid explained.

"If I make underwear, the soldiers will like me more. Then they won’t protest when I raise the taxes later. Right?”

“...I see.”

Indeed, humans weren’t easy to judge. Sage Sticks felt enlightenment.

[The principal of the Overgeared Academy, Sage Sticks intelligence stat has increased by 10.]

[The principal of the Overgeared Academy, Sage Sticks has learnt the skills ‘Human Vigilance’ and ‘Caution.’]


What happened? Sticks bowed to Grid, who didn’t know what was going on.

“Thank you.”


Somehow, Grid felt a bit upset.


"I feel it every time, but the comfort of the Comet Group’s diamond class capsule is really great.”

Even playing PC games on a small monitor stimulated the human peripheral nerves. Anyone who played PC games would experience the hand holding the mouse becoming covered in sweat. The excitement of virtual reality games, which was a much more immersive experience than PC games, was much greater.

Sweat flowed all over Shin Youngwoo as he got up from the capsule.  If it wasn’t for the diamond class capsule’s ability to control the condition of the occupant, he would be sweating like a drowned rat. Youngwoo was excited from going against Death Knight Alex. Youngwoo was feeling expectant for the confrontation with the death knight on the 63rd island and the rewards he would get.

There was no fear. He was burning with motivation to win without the immortal skill. 

"Let’s wash up.”


Youngwoo hummed as he headed to the bathroom, turning on the TV attached to the marbled wall of the bathroom. It was naturally fixed to a channel specializing in news about Satisfy.

『 Do you remember the news a week ago where there was a rebellion within the Saharan Empire? Surprisingly, unlike the predictions of experts, the empire still hasn’t subdued the rebels. 』

The point of rebellion on the news screen was ‘Lubana.’  It coincided with the place that Lauel had mentioned.

‘Right there...’

Grid was rubbing soap over his body when his hand suddenly stopped. The anchor’s voice was continuing.

『 It is interpreted that the person who is supposed to be Undefeated King Madra’s opponent is playing a big role. 』


Undefeated King Madra. The hero who defended Lubana from the empire during its heyday and boasted overwhelming defense. He had never been defeated and was called the Undefeated King. It was easy to deduce that he was a legend. Thus, Youngwoo was wary.

『 We should pay attention to the identity of the Undefeated King’s descendant. A player or an NPC? What new wind will they bring to Satisfy? 』

The artificial intelligence of named NPCs was excellent. Better than most humans. Whether the Undefeated King’s descendant was a NPC or player, it was clear they would have a big influence on the West Continent in the future. Just like right now. Their emergence allowed the Overgeared Kingdom and Valhalla to take a breath from the empire’s pressure and made the empire’s influence decrease.

‘The descendant of the Undefeated King is likely to be a player like me.’

Of course, there was a chance it could be an NPC. It was still impossible to speculate about their identity.

‘Anyway, it’s great.’

According to Ares, there was a tremendous gap between the empire’s solo number knights. The fifth knight was at the level of the current best players. Thus, the fifth knight was a bit better than Kraugel and Grid. The fourth knight was many times stronger and the third knight several times stronger than the fourth knight. Among them, the one considered to be the strongest...

‘The first knight.’

Mercedes. He had already met the young woman, whose name reminded Youngwoo of a luxury foreign car. He had felt it intuitively. She was a wall that couldn’t be overcome yet. The army she led had destroyed the Ares Army, yet they were now being defeated by the Undefeated King’s descendant.

'Is it really an NPC?’

If the Undefeated King’s descendant was a player, they couldn’t afford to go against the empire yet.

‘In the first place, a player would have a very low level. If he just became a legend... No, wait.’

Just becoming a legend? There was no reason to think so. Youngwoo got goosebumps. The fact that Youngwoo and Kraugel became legends was only reported several months later. It was also due to unavoidable circumstances. Youngwoo revealed his identity while raiding the Yatan Servants and Kraugel revealed he was a legend while raiding the great demon.

‘Can a low level player stop the imperial army? If the Undefeated King’s descendant is a player, they might’ve obtained the legendary title a long time ago.’


Youngwoo stood in the shower. He smiled as he saw the water flowing down his body.

‘An NPC or player is welcome.’

Really, there was no room to relax. Satisfy gave people constant irritation and vitalization. Youngwoo felt anxious, but delighted. His complicated emotions burned brightly. He would soon enter the 63rd island.