Chapter 678


Grid thought he had stepped on poop. The durability and defense of the Quick Gloves were so below level that it was hard to believe they were legendary items. In addition, there was only one option attached so it seemed like a garbage item.

‘Did Pagma really make this?’

Looking back on it now, the works of Pagma that Grid had witnessed weren’t that great. The items that the current Grid produced now were often better. But. Grid had never questioned Pagma’s ability. Pagma’s words that Grid had seen so far were from before he reached his prime. They were items Pagma made in the process of growing up. Grid believed that the items Pagma made in his prime would be amazing. And Pagma’s time on the Behen Archipelago was during his last years. It was when he was at his peak.

Yet look at Alex's Quick Gloves! It was absolutely unbelievable that Pagma in his prime made it!

‘Did his blacksmithing abilities weaken after making the contract with Baal?’

Misgivings arose. But those misgivings collapsed quickly.

“...Eh? Three times?”

Grid identified the one option attached to the Quick Gloves and his eyes widened. It was the expression of a person who saw something that shouldn’t exist in this world.


It wasn’t double the attack speed, but triple? 

‘It isn’t even a probability item.'

That’s right. The Quick Gloves were an overpowered item that increased attack speed by three times. It probably had a much higher expected damage value than the 5 Joint Attacks of the Holy Light Gloves.

“No, it isn’t.”

The Quick Gloves clearly stated that this applied to ‘normal attacks.’ It was the so-called basic attacks. The triple increase in attack speed only applied to this. It was completely different from the Holy Light Gloves where the 5 Joint Attacks could apply to anything.

"I wouldn’t have felt so good about this before making the Enlightenment Blade.”

Most players depended on skills rather than basic attacks. It was natural that skill damage was several times higher than normal damage. It was the same for Grid. No, Grid was more than that. Grid had the legendary Pagma’s Swordsmanship with the highest attack power, and his main weapon was Failure, which increased skill damage.  The important thing for him was always skill damage. He wasn’t concerned with basic attacks.

However, that story changed once he made the Enlightenment Blade. The black flames attached to the Enlightenment Blade show power above normal active skills and even activated with basic attacks.  Grid wanted the black flames to frequently activate. He wanted to trigger the black flames by attacking more often. Acquiring the Quick Gloves that increased attack speed by three times at this point was pure luck.


Grid burst out laughing. His legs were slightly relaxed. He was so happy that he couldn’t suppress his emotions. He was glad that he acquired the Quick Gloves so soon after making the Enlightenment Blade that had the strongest ‘basic damage.’ Grid felt like he was the protagonist of the world.

"How can I be so lucky...? Heok.”

Grid was murmuring when he suddenly stopped. He had little experience saying these type of lines so it felt strange.

“Surely this isn’t the end of the world?”

The joy and doubts that Grid felt were proportional. He pinched his cheeks several times because he thought it might be a dream. Fortunately, it was reality.

"...Let’s buy a lottery ticket.”

Grid was seriously worried! He caressed the ‘orange’ Quick Gloves with satisfied eyes.

‘Even the color is beautiful.’

What were orange gloves? If Grid was a person with normal senses, he would dislike it. Fortunately, Grid wasn’t ordinary and he liked the orange gloves a lot.

‘I need to constantly disassemble and reassemble it to raise my understanding to 100% and challenge a mass production version.’

He had already decided to mass produce Lantier’s Cloak and give them to the evil eyes kingdom. The number of items he needed to mass produce was increasing, making Grid feel proud. He packed the gloves in his inventory and pulled out the magic engineering weapon next.


Would it be a top rated item like the gloves? Grid shook his head. The problem was that the Quick Gloves were too good.

‘I can’t expect a big profit to come from two items in a row.’

Yes, it was generally like this. Most boss monsters were likely to drop only one core item. For example, if a legendary item dropped, then the rest of the items were likely to be unique and below. It was the same with Belial. She only dropped one myth rated item. Of course, it wasn’t certain that one core item would drop. There was a 99% chance of it dropping, but Grid was likely to hit the 1% chance.

The Quick Gloves had a legendary rating so the remaining magic weapon should be unique or below. It was like Grid expected. Well, only half. Yes, it was half what he expected.

[Observing the target item with the legendary blacksmith’s eyes.]

[If the item has a hidden feature, it will be found.] 


[Alex’s Magic Engineering Bayonet (Produced by Pagma)]

Rating: Unique (Growth)

Durability: 599/1,260 

* Pistol Mode

Attack Power: 870

Mana Purification Rate: +60%

- If you hit the same target five times, there is a 20% chance of causing an abnormal state.

* Rifle Mode

Attack Power: 1,416

Mana Purification Rate: -15%

Firing Speed: -20%

* Bayonet Mode

Attack Power: 1,067

Stabbing Attack Power +50%

-  Additional damage every time a combo is achieved.

- The Sword Mastery skill is applicable.

★ Sniper Mode

Attack power: Instantaneous death..

Aiming time: 10 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on the distance)

Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

* Mode conversion is only possible once every four seconds.

A magical engineering bayonet made by the legendary blacksmith and Baal’s Contractor, Pagma.

Pagma was inspired by Milepeu and made a bayonet capable of transforming into a sniper rifle, something no dwarven craftsman has managed to do. This is a work that will fascinate the dwarves.

Conditions of Use: Demon Slayer 

Weight: 3,050

“It is a unique rating...right?”

The rating was as he expected. But it was a growth item.

'...It is a higher version of the magic engineering gun that Yura is using.’

It was also several times better. A smile appeared on Grid’s face as he got two successive benefits.

‘Okay, I will give this to Yura.’

Grid didn’t even contemplate the idea of using it himself. He was already familiar with how troublesome and difficult it was to raise the experience of a growth item.


"Oh, this rotten item experience.”

Vantner, who was raising a pair of growth type axes, complained after raiding a named boss. The Overgeared members comforted him.

“Originally, the experience of an item doesn’t climb easily. It will take a least a fortnight to raise an item to the rare rating, despite grinding. It might take a few months to grow to the unique rating and years to grow to the legendary rating.

Recently, there had been a ‘growth type item’ trend among the top rankers. It was because after level 300, the bosses dropped growth type items and their growth potential was explosive. It seemed like a message to prepare to deal with level 400 monsters.

Of course, expectations were only high at this moment. Boss monsters mainly dropped growth type items that started at the normal rating and they were weak, making it hard to use them as a main weapon.

‘Come to think of it... Hasn’t it been a year since Grid got Elfin Stone’s ring?”

"Isn’t it over? It has been less than a year since he got Tiramet’s Belt.”

“Crazy...! And it still hasn’t risen to the legendary rating? I can’t imagine how difficult it is to raise the item experience.”

Vantner had been doing the ultimate grinding for the last fortnight. It was in order to increase the rating of his twin axes. Thus, for the past fortnight, he had only been searching for durable monsters such as a golem. It meant that he hunted level 300 monsters with a normal item. It was really grinding. Even so, the item experience didn’t go up easily, making Vantner go crazy. He once again thought that Grid was great.

"I’m feeling anxious, so how can Grid be so calm?”

If he was Grid, he would want to quickly grow an item stuck at the unique rating. The unique rating was annoying. He would want to use it to raise it to the legendary rating quickly. Once he had an idea, he couldn’t concentrate on anything else and would devote himself to raising the item experience for months.

But Grid? Grid never showed any impatience about the item rating. Elfin Stone’s Ring, Tiramet's Belt, Iyarugt, and the God Hands. Grid didn’t seem obsessed with raising the item experience despite having such huge growth items.

“...How is that possible?’

In particular, it was clear that Grid would become more explosive the moment the God Hands grew to the legendary rating. If Vantner was in Grid’s position, he would be obsessed with raising the experience of the God Hands.

"But Grid isn’t doing that... Is he a block of stone?”

Come to think of it, Grid was like a block of stone when it came to relationships with girls. This was despite so many of the world’s best beauties appealing themselves to him. It was suspicious. Ibellin spoke his thoughts to the puzzled Vantner.

“Brother Grid... Maybe he isn’t thinking?”


Certainly, there were many times when it was hard to understand Grid from the point of view of the Overgeared members, who fell into the category of ‘genius.’ He had many inefficient priorities and they always wondered what he was thinking. Perhaps that was why? No one denied Ibellin’s words about Grid. The moment everyone was thinking this.

"You punks!” Peak Sword, who was trying to raise the experience of a one-handed sword, cried out angrily. "Don’t think of God Grid like that! This is God Grid you’re talking about! He is too busy to obsess over one item! God Grid isn’t an ordinary person like us! He is a king, a king! The king of South Korea!”


No, wasn’t the king’s work being done by Lauel? Many people wanted to say this, but they stayed silent.

In the first place, whatever the truth was, it wasn’t important to the Overgeared members. Regardless of how Grid behaved or thought, even if he didn’t think, they all respected and admired Grid. They couldn’t help feeling admiration when looking at the continuously developing Grid.