Chapter 681



No matter how many times he tried, the result was the same. Grid’s attack didn’t make a scratch on the barrier. The system’s privacy was absolute.

‘Sheesh, why am I not invincible when making an item?’

He didn’t have anything like this when using Item Combination. It was discrimination that made people dissatisfied. Item Combination was even from a hidden piece!

‘It’s too much.’

Grid glared at Kruger inside the barrier. Kruger squatted on the ground and was cutting cloth with tools such as scissors, chisels, and knives. A large cloth was divided into specific forms and then sewn together. A skeleton squatting down and sewing...

Was there such a great comedy? Anyone else would look at Death Knight Kruger and laugh. But Grid didn’t laugh. His expression gradually stiffened.

‘He can cut cloth so quickly and precisely with a bony hand...’

Grid’s admiration was huge. It was the aftermath of acquiring the intermediate Tailoring skill. Grid knew something about tailoring, even if he wasn’t a tailor. Thanks to this, he could see Kruger’s great ability.

‘He can sew so many different types of fabrics together without making it seem like it... This is the legendary tailoring technique...’

Grid’s tailoring ability was naturally lacking. He couldn’t use various types of cloth when making one item. He had to concentrate on only two types of fabrics when producing items, as well as retain the characteristics of the fabric in order to produce plausible results.

‘It’s a bit too much to sell.’

Most of Grid’s cloth items didn’t have a good performance. They were a bit better than the items sold at the usual village stores. This was the power of dexterity. Grid still had a long way to go when it came to tailoring itself.

‘In the first place, I don’t want to be a tailor... Well, whatever.’

Now wasn’t the time to be thinking of these things. Grid shook his head and cleared his mind.

‘I need to focus on the fight. I will win this fight.’

Why was Kruger making items during combat? It was easy to deduce. Kruger analyzed Grid’s items using the Legendary Tailor’s Eye skill and was making a new item to counter them. This was certainly an amazing ability. Kruger had the ability to make items in real time to weaken his opponent’s strength and lead the battle in a favorable way.

‘But this time, he met the wrong opponent.’

Grid smiled confidently and put the Enlightenment Blade back in his inventory. The weapon he pulled out was Alex’s Magic Engineering Bayonet.

‘While you are making an item...’

Clink! Clink clink!

The magic bayonet started to change. It became a one meter long sniper rifle with a rough scope. The smooth ivory beauty of the gun barrel seemed to capture the hearts of others.  Grid grasped it with both hands. The item making Kruger was 80 meters away.

That’s right. Grid was going to utilized the ‘fixed instant death’ function attached to the sniper mode of the magic engineering bayonet. At a distance of 80 meters, Grid had to spend two minutes aiming. But time wasn’t a penalty for him right now. Kruger was involved in making an item so he had enough time.

‘Kruger, it is over the moment you finish.’

Grid leaned forward and targeted Kruger. His act of breathing was skillful. There was no shaking as the South Korean army man aimed at Kruger’s head.

‘I will end it in one blow.’


Grid’s long, thick finger was fixed on the trigger. Kruger squatted in the transparent barrier and was still making an item. He never imagined that Grid would snipe him in a few minutes. At the same time, the 62nd island.

"He misjudged...!" 

Sticks was alarmed as he watched Grid in the crystal ball. It was because Grid misunderstood the concept of instant death when it came to the undead.

"A death knight doesn’t experience instant death...!”

Instantaneous death techniques act by counterattacking an enemy’s life.’ In other words, it was a power that acted absolutely on a living being. And the undead were dead. There was no life force to wipe out so the instant death was nullified.  Grid shouldn’t have forgotten this fact. He was someone who was protected from death because he had the ‘immortal’ skill. It was silly for him to forget the concept of the undead.

‘No, isn’t it unavoidable?’

Sticks was regretting Grid’s stupidity, only to realize Grid’s position. In the era that Grid was living in, peace had been maintained for hundreds of years thanks to the performance and sacrifice of the former legends. Humans developed and monsters didn’t thrive. In particular, undead were monsters that couldn’t exist if there were no corpses. Thus, their appearance was thoroughly prevented.

In other words, it was a lack of experience. Grid didn’t know about the undead. He had also never used an instant death skill, one of the greatest techniques in history.

'Then he’ll have to drink a bitter cup...!’


In the crystal ball. Grid fired the moment the barrier was lifted from Kruger. Sticks thought that Grid would be in a great crisis. Death Knight Kruger would resist the instant death and hit Grid with a deadly counterattack. It turned out like he expected.


Kruger charged through the bullet from the sniper rifle, threw a needle at Grid and Grid allowed it. He was facing a crisis. Sticks cheered Grid on.

“Overcome it...! This is a costly price for learning, but if you keep your concentration...!”


[Shooting the target!]


The sniper rifle roared and shot a bullet.


Grid gritted his teeth. It was due to the large recoil, despite the fact that he was on the ground and his body position was firm. Yura’s strength was much lower than Grid and she was likely to get dislocated from using this sniper rifle.


Immediately after completing the item. The Kruger running to Grid was pierced by a mana bullet. Grid had consumed a huge 2,000 mana for that bullet. Grid naturally thought that Kruger would die.



Kruger was fine. Despite there being a holel in the center of the skull, not one point of the health gauge had been consumed and Kruger kept rushing to Grid.


The confused Grid hurriedly swapped his weapon. He recalled the sniper rifle to his inventory and pulled out the Enlightenment Blade. Kruger reached Grid and fired dozens of needles.



Grid used Quick Movements to evade the needles.

Puk! Puuoooook!

However, Kruger acted promptly in this gap. He approached and stabbed Grid’s chest directly with a needle.

[You have suffered 1,570 damage.]

[You have been stabbed in a blood vessel. Your blood flow isn’t smooth. Health recovery is blocked for 20 seconds.]

[You can’t resist.]

[You have suffered 1,390 damage.] 

[An abnormality has occurred in your joints. Your left arm is paralyzed for the next 13 seconds.]

[You can’t resist.]

[You have suffered 1,642 damage.]

[There is a reflux of mana. Use skills with caution.]

[You can’t resist.]


It was the moment when Grid witnessed the proper use of dexterity. Kruger used his thousands of dexterity to precisely aim for the gaps between Triple Layers, causing critical damage to Grid. Not only did he suffer more damage than when his armor was stabbed, he also suffered from various conditions. But Grid was calm.

“Magic Missile!”

[You have failed to activate Magic Missile.]

[Your health will suffer three times the mana that was consumed by the failure.]

Grid made a very smart judgment. Kruger’s needle prevented the one-time use of a skill, so Grid minimized the damage by using a skill that consumed the least mana. While Quick Movements was maintained, he focused on avoiding Kruger’s needles and started the sword dance of Pagma’s Swordsmanship. It was Link.



Kruger couldn’t respond. It was because at least 20 energy blades were fired at him.

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The speed of the energy blades gave the illusion that the flow of time had stopped. As Sticks watched in the crystal ball, the power of Link was combined with the Enlightenment Blade. Black flames erupted a total of nine times with Kruger in the centre.


Grid didn’t doubt his victory. He prepared to put an end to Kruger by continuing this offensive. But that resolution lasted for only a moment. Grid was shocked when he saw the successive notification windows in front of him.

[The option effect of the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has dealt 30% additional fire damage to the target!]

[The target has neutralized the flames.]

[The option effect of the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has added 5,000 fire damage!]

[The target has neutralized the flames.]

[The option effect of the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has dealt 30% additional dark damage to the target!]

[The target has maximized the darkness. The target’s dark attribute damage will increase by 10%.]

[Darkness is the power of the undead.]

[The target has recovered 98,500 health.]

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires!]

[The target has failed to neutralize the black flames.]

[You have dealt 667,940 damage to the target!] 

“This bastard!”

Link dealt much less damage to Kruger than Grid expected. It was due to the power of the cloth item that Kruger made for 10 minutes. Kruger had weakened the power of the Enlightenment Blade by wearing cloth that maximized the dark attribute and blocked the fire attribute.

It was admirable that he could maximize the dark attribute that was an advantage to him while blocking the flames. He might be a death knight, but named NPCs had very high intelligence. Fortunately, the black flames were an independent attribute that didn’t belong to either the darkness or fire attribute. Kruger couldn’t block the black flames and suffered great damage.



The joints of Kruger’s right leg were broken by the explosion. Kruger fired a few needles at Grid and retreated. Then a barrier was once again unfolded. He wanted to create a new item!


Grid trembled.

He needed to keep up his flow of concentration in battle so it was annoying that it kept being interrupted. He was once again convinced of the wicked personality of the Satisfy creators.

[For the next 20 minutes, the legendary tailor Kruger will make an item!]

"An additional 10 minutes?”

Grid was shocked by Kruger’s ability to make items and disable the instant death. His mental shock was doubled at the thought of having to wait here for another 20 minutes. On the other hand, Sticks watched the crystal ball and prayed earnestly.

"Grid, you have to defeat Kruger in order to cleanse the 63rd island. If this keeps repeating, Kruger will become stronger than you and your odds will disappear.”

Please, please. He hoped that Grid would discover this fact. Sticks desperately wanted his heart to reach Grid, but it didn’t. Grid wasn’t even thinking about this. Just.

"Yes, I will do the same.” 


Sticks’ eyes widened. It was because in the crystal ball, Grid was taking out a portable furnace and blacksmithing hammer.

"T-This method...!”

An eye for an eye! This was it! Confront item making by making an item! Sticks admired Grid’s idea and determination.