Chapter 673

 “Umm... The Behen Archipelago.”

Grid made a reluctant expression and judged that it was too premature. Lauel gave a different opinion, however.

"Didn’t you say that the guardian of the 61st island is the legendary assassin Lantier?”

“To be precise, it is Lantier who has become a death knight that has also been armed with Pagma’s items!”

"He must be strong. But Your Majesty, haven’t you already set up a plan to deal with Lantier? You created an armor that can nullify Lantier’s attack power.”

Grid had many pieces of armor: ‘Triple Layers,’ the piece of armor that specialized in physical resistance, ‘Lantier’s Cloak’, the ‘Horned Helmet,’ and the ‘Large Gloves.’ Grid nodded.

"I don’t think you would speak empty flattery... Certainly, I won’t die as quickly as I did before. But what about my weapon?”

Grid was concerned about his weapon.

“This time, I made the Enlightenment Sword, a demonic sword—the best tool to use against divine beings, but not the most powerful one against the undead.” 

Death Knight Lantier was strictly classified as a monster with dark properties. The additional 30% dark damage from the Enlightenment Sword would work as a heal for him. Lantier’s evasion rate was also exceptional, so Grid wondered if he could actually dispose of the named boss monster. 

“Hrmm... Are you saying you need to make a holy sword first?”

"That would be good.”

“It makes sense. It is great to prepare without needing to worry about the death penalty... Then do you have enough material to use for a holy sword?”

"Mithril is easily available on the market.”

“Mithril!” shouted Lauel as he suddenly rose from his seat. Grid was surprised by the unexpectedly severe response.

“W-What? Why are you so excited?”

"I’m not excited right now! This is a holy sword, a holy sword! Yet you are planning to make it out of mithril?!”


Mithril was powerful against the undead and was classified as an advanced mineral. That was just a perception common to ordinary players, however.

"Isn’t the demonic sword made of Belial’s Horn? If you’re planning to make a holy sword, shouldn’t its material be on the same level as that of the demonic sword?”

“...Come to think of it...”

The Blade Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires was a myth rated weapon. Assuming he was dealing with the undead, the Enlightenment Blade would be more powerful than a legendary mithril weapon.

“Right. It doesn’t make sense to use ordinary materials for my weapon.”

“I’m glad you understood my words properly.”

In the future, all of Grid’s dedicated weapons should aspire to be ‘at least’ the level of the Enlightenment Sword. It was significant.

Grid realized it.

‘...Then where can I find the materials for a holy sword?’

Even adamantium couldn’t compare to Belial’s Horn. In order to obtain sacred materials on the same grade as Belial’s Horn...

'Should I kill an angel?’

For what reason?

'No, can I even meet an angel?’

Grid’s head started to become cluttered.


Sage Sticks came to visit. He was called by Lauel.

"Are you going to the Behen Archipelago?”

Sticks’ desire was for the Behen Archipelago to be purified. He hoped that the Behen Archipelago would re-establish itself as the Hall of Fame, and was very glad that Grid would challenge the Behen Archipelago again. Grid saw his bright expression and scratched his cheek.

"No, I think it should be postponed.”

Grid thought Sticks would understand, as he knew exactly how powerful the guardians for the islands in the 60s were. Sticks reaction wasn’t as expected, however,

“Why do you want to postpone it?”

“Why? I’m still weak.”



A strange response! Grid was confused.

"What's with this reaction? Sticks, didn’t you see Lantier’s strength? I wasn’t able to touch him before.”

“That is an old story. A death knight who loses its owner doesn’t grow. Then what about you? You have all types of new armor and weapons, making you incomparably stronger than before. You can defeat Lantier now.”


Lauel and Sticks. Once the smart people repeatedly spoke about Lantier like he was easy, Grid felt like a fool.

‘Maybe I am underestimating myself?’

That’s right. Grid had grown by leaps and bounds since he had first challenged the Behen Archipelago. His items had been strengthened a few times, and both his character level and skill level had steadily increased. He had even earned legendary titles such as ‘Savior of the World’ and ‘First King.’ However, Grid wasn’t able to think objectively because the shock of Lantier in the past was too great.

"Even if I can defeat Lantier, the Behen Archipelago doesn’t end at the 61st island. Doesn’t it have 66 islands? I have to fight many legendary death knights in a row. Wouldn’t it be safer to have a holy sword ready?”

"I see. You think that a holy sword is indispensable because a death knight is evil. But a death knight is an undead before it is evil, making it vulnerable to explosive attacks and the light attribute.”

An undead’s endurance was weak. Of course, in the case of high-level undead, their defense was also high. But defense and endurance were different concepts, however. While their defense might be high, a strong explosion would be able to separate and weaken the bones.

"I heard rumors that the sword you made has a strong explosion effect. You can easily defeat the undead with it.”


There was no reason to delay any longer. Grid’s scared mind was freed by Sticks’ words.

“The conclusion is that the Behen Archipelago is easy?”

“...No, not that far...”

“Okay! Okay, let's go! Go! Right away!”

It was sad when thinking about it. He was the king, but he was forced to go on a business trip.

‘I feel like a salaryman, not a king!’

Grid felt a complete sense of isolation for some reason and asked Lauel before he left,

“Is it okay if I leave at this time? Won’t it be dangerous if the empire strikes?”

Grid knew that the empire was in a situation that made it difficult to move troops. However, the empire had the Red Knights. If Lauel carried out his plan to not offer a tribute to the empire this month, the empire was likely to threaten the Overgeared Kingdom with the Red Knights.  Lauel reassured Grid.

“I received news that a person who pretended to the descendent of the Undefeated King has appeared in Lubana. Thus, the Red Knights have been dispatched on a large scale. It is one of the reasons why Ares was able to beat the imperial envoy. The empire can’t do anything to us right now.”

“The Undefeated King...?”

Grid was dimly aware of Undefeated King Madara. During the time of the 2nd National Competition, the commentators mentioned it while talking about Bubat’s Undefeated King’s Battle Gear Set.

"The king of Lubana, who never defeated the empire...”


“Is Bubat the descendant of the Undefeated King?”

Bubat was someone whose status conditions ‘always’ applied. He couldn’t be ignored if he had the power of the Undefeated King. Lauel shook his head at the wary Grid.

“His identity is unknown. In addition, we aren't in a place to worry about them."

The appearance of the Undefeated King was helping both Overgeared and Valhalla. Their identity was unknown, and while they might be an enemy in the future, they were welcome right now. It was too early to be wary.

“We just need to do what we have to do.”


The Behen Archipelago was the Hall of Fame that honoured the achievements of past legends and handed down legacies to the current legends. It could be considered an important base in the human world (middle world). Thus, it became the target of great demons.

The great demons, wary of the legends who could threaten them despite their status as trivial humans, invaded the Behen Archipelago to conquer it. Out of all this, Pagma came out, gaining a transcendent power through a contract with the 1st great demon, Baal. He transformed the Behen Archipelago and intercepted the great demons, consequently defeating them.

But the Behen Archipelago wasn’t able to function properly in the aftermath. The Behen Archipelago was no longer the Hall of Fame, nor was it a place of succession after it was converted by Pagma. It became an impregnable fortress that existed only to hurt intruders. Sticks saw this as ‘contaminated.’

"I can’t deny Pagma’s feat. If it weren’t for Pagma, the middle world would’ve be a playground for demons right now, and neither of us would’ve existed. I respect Pagma and am grateful to him.


“Pagma’s choice resulted in the weakening of the middle world. The Behen Archipelago lost its function, and the memories of the feats and visions of the past legends were forgotten. The legends weren’t able to exert their full strength, except for those who pioneered a new legend on their own like Piaro. They are another matter.”

“‘People’? There is someone else who became a new legend besides Piaro?”

"I can’t rule out the possibility. Somewhere else, a new human or elf might’ve become a legend in their field. Of course, it is very unlikely, but it’s still possible.”


Satisfy was wide. Sticks only spoke about humans and elves, but there might be legends among other species such as dwarves or orcs.

‘No, a new legend is bound to emerge.’

It wouldn’t just be the existing legends. The damn S.A Group would raise the difficulty level of the game and it was unknown what type of work they were doing. Sticks placed a hand on Grid’s shoulder.

“Let’s depart.”

Sticks had very big hopes for Grid. Grid was Pagma's Descendant so it seemed like his destiny was to cleanse the Behen Archipelago.

"Restore the Hall of Fame and become a legendary hero.”

‘Legendary hero...’

It was like saying to be a hero of heroes.

‘It is similar to being a celebrity of celebrities?’

The moment Grid shook.


His field of view blinked black. It was the Mass Teleport of Sticks after the coordinates of the Behen Archipelago were inputted.