Chapter 674

Corpse storage: an inventory exclusive to necromancers that could permanently store a total of 5 NPCs or monsters. AS such, necromancers had a habit of storing the body of a named NPC or raid boss monster that they had previously acquired in a quest or event.

They did this in order to gather excellent corpses and to use the best corpse among them as the material of a death knight. In other words, the corpse storage was for concepts such as a death knight ‘candidate’ collection. Agnus had one body in the corpse storage.

[Lantier’s Remains]

Rating: Legendary

The remains of the 15th Lantier, who was revered as a legendary assassin.

"...I’d like to try this guy out, but it’s just too hard to raise the dominance stat.”

Agnus sought out the Behen Archipelago in order to find Pagma’s legacy, which belonged to Baal’s former contractor.

He had fought two days and nights against Lantier on the 61st island. Both his death knights and liches lost experience several times, and he even had to invoke the passives of the liches. In short, it was a tough battle, in which he struggled with stamina control. Agnus got a thrill just from remembering it. He was solely focused on the battle!

‘A level 400 death knight using a legendary body...’

Moreover, Lantier was an assassin. His agility seemed made him seem like a living being, as compared to Agnus’ death knights. Agnus was convinced that Lantier would be comparable to Lich Mumud.

‘Once I raise my level and gain the required amount of dominance, I can use Lantier as if he were my very own arms and legs.’

He would rechallenge the 62nd island, which he had failed.

“...I will obtain all of the legendary death knights remaining on the islands.”

Agnus realized it now. The fact that the legendary death knights on the Behen Archipelago were Pagma’s legacy and that they were armed with his items.


More and more strength.

‘I will crush and break everything.’

There was no entertainment as good as slaughter and destruction. Now he could understand the feelings of the trash who used to plague him to death...


Agnus stumbled while lost in thought and shook his head. He felt a terrible headache when he realized his own mind had become distorted enough to understand the trash that destroyed his life and killed his beloved. It was a type of self-defense mechanism.

“Hah... Hah... Kik, kikik.”

Agnus licked his sweat with his tongue and barely managed to laugh. He tried to ignore the past and the meaningless reality before shouting,

“Veradin! Veradin!”

"Did you call?"

The palace where Empress Marie and the Rose Knights resided. Agnus didn’t care about Marie as he shouted, and Veradin was quickly summoned. Veradin hastily rushed over and Agnus declared,

"I am going to the Behen Archipelago right now.”


Veradin was upset. The death knight of the Demon Slayer Alex defended the 62nd island and Agnus couldn’t beat him right now. Veradin couldn’t help but feeling puzzled at the prospect of Agnus going to the Behen Archipelago without any preparations.

"You will fail if you challenge it again right now. Why are you doing such a pointless...”

Veradin fell silent in the middle of his question after seeing the tears in Agnus’ bloodshot eyes.


“I have to fight...! I must forget!”


That’s right. Agnus wanted to forget the memories of the past and reality by concentrating on fighting against those who were strong. It was a very desperate wish. Veradin understood his heart, but was forced to stop it.

"I would rather you go to Empress Marie and receive a quest. It isn’t the time to head to the Behen Archipelago yet. Right now, it’s pointless to weaken yourself with repeated, meaningless defeats. Not only will this not help you, it will also eventually lead you away from your wish. Now, take a deep breath and regain your composure.”


Veradin was a young man with a beautiful appearance, but his voice was as deep as a cave. There was a charisma in the low voice that gave the listeners intense confidence. Thanks to this, Agnus’ mind gradually calmed down. Veradin noticed it and continued speaking.

“Don’t be anxious. The Behen Archipelago will stay standing forever until you gain enough strength.”

The difficulty level of the Behen Archipelago was terrible. Even Kraugel couldn’t clear the Behen Archipelago. Veradin was convinced of this based on his superior brain and Agnus agreed after regaining his composure.

“Kuk... Kukuk, yes. I will challenge the Behen Archipelago later. I will go to Marie. I hope she has prepared a fun quest this time too.”


"Why don’t you tell Grid about Agnus’ past?”

Faker asked. Faker thought that Grid deserved to know about Agnus, who would continue to be an enemy in the future. But Lauel gave a different opinion. He shared Agnus’ past with all the leaders of Overgeared except Grid. The reason was simple.

“Grid isn’t heartless.”

At first glance, he was selfish. But Grid drew a line at inflicting damage to others forever. Basically, it meant he was full of compassion.

What if he learned about Agnus’ past?

"Rather than using that past as a weakness, it is more likely that Grid will sympathize. He will feel disturbed when dealing with the psychopath.”


Faker didn’t agree. He knew that Grid’s compassion was limited to ‘his people.’ He had never seen Grid show mercy to an enemy.

Lauel smiled bitterly.

"Agnus’ past overlaps with Grid’s past. It means Grid will feel a sense of homogeneity and this might lead to sympathy.”

Of course, the weight was different. The harassment that Agnus experienced was much greater than the harassment that Grid was subjected to. But it was equally painful. A person’s pain couldn’t be discussed.

“I just hope they don’t become entangled.”

Lauel spoke his wish while looking out the window. He was certain that Agnus was a poison to Grid. It was terrible that Agnus had such a past, but Lauel had no intention of defending how twisted he became. Faker watched him quietly in the darkness before asking.

"Why does Veradin serve Agnus?”

Veradin had been famous since his rookie days. It was enough to form double pillars with Lauel and people’s evaluation of him was still the best. Faker couldn’t understand why such a person would serve Agnus.  Lauel came up with a shocking interpretation.

“Veradin isn’t serving Agnus. He’s observing Agnus as an interesting experiment.”


"Veradin is a psychologist."


In the end, Agnus was still alone in the world. Lauel thought he was a poor person.


[You have entered the 60th island.]

The Behen Archipelago. Grid appeared at the last save point before the 61st island. By his side was the beautiful elf Sticks, although he was a male.

"I suddenly thought of something. Will Muller’s death knight be the guardian of the 66th island?”

The legend that even Braham recognized as the strongest. Grid thought it would be impossible to conquer the Behen Archipelago if he had to face Muller. Sticks reassured him.

“Pagma can’t make Muller a death knight, even if contracted with Baal. Muller was a noble soul.”

"...He truly is the best, with no rivals.”

Did this mean he survived after dying? Then Grid heard a familiar voice.

“Sticks! Sticks! Sticks!!”

It was the voice of the little fairy Bini, who guided the challengers of the Behen Archipelago in Sticks’ absence. What was so urgent? This little fellow was making a fuss as he flew around Grid and Sticks.

“Pant pant.”

Bini seemed to have something to say but he consumed a lot of his stamina from flying in a hurry. He couldn’t speak for a long time before he was gasping for breath.

‘This is why exercise is important.’

Tonight, he would do 200 push ups and 100 squats and pull-ups before sleeping! Grid started reconsidering the workout plan he had been following for a few years.

“The 61st island...! The 61st island was cleared!”


Both Grid and Sticks were surprised. Death Knight Lantier. The monster whose swiftness and stealth reached the extremes was defeated?


Grid had secured the first legendary class and had been growing continuously since then. At this moment, he fell behind again. The impact on Grid was beyond imagination. He resented his lowly talent that made him fall behind, despite having a legendary class. As Grid was feeling frustrated, the small fairy spoke the name of a completely unexpected person.

“Agnus...! He said he was called Agnus! He was a completely crazy person!”


The person who made Grid almost taste defeat in front of the whole world was standing before him again? Grid’s blood became heated. His eyes were burning like when he faced Kraugel at the National Competition.


The usual Grid lost his calmness every time he became heated up, just like any other person. But.

"What about the 62nd island? Did he also clear the 62nd island?”

Grid was different from ordinary people. When he thought about someone he recognized as a ‘competitor,’ all the passion gave him a cool head.

“He didn’t capture the 62nd island. He died from a few gunshots.”

“Gun? The 62nd island is guarded by the former Demon Slayer?”

It meant Grid had to fight with Blackening sealed. But he had to take that penalty.

‘I have to attack the 66th island. I must break through the 62nd island without Blackening.’

Agnus had cleared the 61st island despite not yet evolving to a legendary class. Grid had started to peek at the myths beyond the legends so he couldn’t be worse than Agnus.

“I will go to the 62nd island.”

Grid said while attaching the Enlightenment Blade onto Sword Ghost.

“Good luck.”

Sticks smiled gently and cheered him on. On the other hand, Bini was turning blue.

"H-H-How can you challenge the 62nd island that the crazy human failed to do? You also didn’t break through the 61st island!”

"That was a long time ago.”


Grid stepped towards the gate that was created in front of him. Bini didn’t know what to do as Grid’s appearance disappeared.

“S-Sticks. Shouldn’t you say something? That person is going to die again!”



"He will purify the Behen Archipelago and win the title of Hero King.”

Sticks said significantly while pulling out a crystal ball. Bini’s eyes widened the moment he found Grid’s appearance.


Black flames blew towards Death Knight Alex!