Chapter 672


“King Grid!”




An attack power of one billion, Meteor that could be instantly activated with no conditions, etc. It wasn’t a dream item, but Grid succeeded in making the best item. He succeeded in this achievement three years after starting Satisfy. The joy that Grid felt was so big that it was difficult to gauge. It was natural that he would rejoice after reuniting with Irene.

“You’ve become even more beautiful since last I saw you!”

Grid smiled widely as he stroked Irene’s soft hair.  Grid’s hand moved and revealed Irene’s pretty little forehead. It was a very lovely forehead so Grid kissed it. He didn’t care about the knights and maids watching. Irene’s milky white skin turned red as she blushed.

“I’m happy. I missed your kind kisses.”

In fact, recently Irene had been very worried. Yura, Jishuka, Euphemina, Laella, etc. Grid always had beauties around him. But recently, the woman called Sua appeared and Irene realized that Grid couldn’t resist his desires and would have several concubines. Grid had the right as the king. But unlike Irene’s concerns, Grid didn’t take any concubines.

Of course, Irene knew. The reason Grid didn’t have concubines wasn’t because he only loved her, but because he was so busy.

'Someday, he will have concubines.’

Irene felt pained. She was sad to think that Grid’s warm touch and breath would be shared with other women. But she didn’t intend to monopolize Grid. She knew she couldn’t monopolize him. A noble should have many children. For the future of the kingdom, Grid needed to have many offspring.


Grid was blessed by the gods. He was a presence who surpassed the flow of time. It had been five years since her marriage to Grid. Irene  was in her mid-twenties, while Grid looked the same. Now they looked like the right age, but it would be different after 10 years.

‘I don’t belong with him.’

The people who matched with Grid were Yura and Jishuka. Irene’s eyes became red as she was reminded of the painful reality.


Grid was surprised when the happily smiling Irene suddenly became tearful. He worried that he had made a mistake. Irene was deeply embarrassed.

“I’m too happy. I’m very glad to spend this time with Your Majesty.”


Grid was a person with no sense of others. He didn’t know that Yura and Jishuka harbored a crush on him. But he wasn’t a fool. Irene was a woman he shared his life and heart with. Grid got a glimpse of what she was thinking right now.

‘Irene... Khan... Lord...’

A finite life was a natural part of life. Satisfy’s time flowed differently from reality. Grid became depressed at the thought of some of his precious people disappearing someday. But Grid didn’t express it. He wanted Irene to be happy without feeling any sadness. He could be happy thanks to her, so he wanted to repay it with her own happiness.


“Your Majesty...”


The knights and maidens guarding by the side of Grid and Irene blushed and turned their gazes to the wall. Grid’s lips covered Irene’s small lips in a deep kiss. The two people shared a hot kiss, as if they were the only ones who existed in the world.

[Overgeared King Grid and Queen Irene’s love has set an example for the people.]

[The marriage and birth rates in the Overgeared Kingdom have increased by 20%.]

[The population growth rate of the Overgeared Kingdom has increased.]

“Huh? Isn’t this a jackpot?”

Lauel was delighted back in his office.


The bald Vantner was in tears.  He felt sorrow at being solo since his mother’s womb and Pon laughed at him.



Piaro felt admiration when he saw the traces of the battle in the training ground. His shock was greater since he personally trained Damian in the fields.

“Temporary farmer two... No, His Majesty has become strong enough to drive back His Holiness?”

Asmophel nodded at Piaro’s question.

"That's right. He will become stronger than I am in the next two to three years.”


Asmophel was a person who didn’t exaggerate. Then his words must be true. Piaro recalled the first time he met Grid. A dull child who couldn’t properly handle his own abilities.

"But now he’s overwhelming a genius.”

This was the power of effort and the flow of time. A dark smile formed on Piaro’s wrinkled face. Grid and Kraugel. He was proud and grateful that opening of the era of the new generation was coming closer. He thought that even the Saharan Empire pressuring the Overgeared Kingdom right now, wouldn’t last forever.

‘There’s a problem.’

That person called Baal’s Contractor. A sinister figure also appeared at the opening of the new era. He would surely interfere with Grid along the way, making Piaro feel uneasy. 

'...My role is to punish him.’

Agnus’ presence was so great that Piaro made an earnest vow.


Valhalla. It was a kingdom founded by God of War Ares and the interest in it was very hot. Numerous players hoped to move to Valhalla and join Ares’ army. Just like the Overgeared Kingdom had the power of items, Valhalla had the chance to grow in a systematic organization called the army.

Players had a larger choice of kingdoms to choose from and the population of the Saharan Empire decreased accordingly. It wasn’t at a catastrophic level, but the empire would receive definite losses in the long run. It was a very unpleasant phenomenon from the perspective of the imperial royal family.

"The Overgeared Kingdom hasn’t self-destructed yet?”

The leaders of the Saharan Empire gathered in Titan, the capital. Most of them insisted that the new kingdoms of Overgeared and Valhalla should be punished and immediately destroyed. But it wasn’t easy. The empire had been pursuing a policy of eradicating immigrants for decades and was in constant conflict.

The soldiers and people were tired. The empire of today had no room to invade both Overgeared and Valhalla. That’s why they wanted the Overgeared Kingdom to destroy itself. They demanded a high tribute from the Overgeared Kingdom, forcing the kingdom to naturally walk down the path of defeat. However, the Overgeared Kingdom was surprisingly resilient.

“It’s really strange. How can they continue to produce battle gear and feed the people when there is no money?”

"Are they cheating us with the taxes and holding back some money?”

"No. We are thoroughly monitoring them and it’s impossible.”

“Then how do you explain the situation now? The situation can’t be explained unless they have infinitely proliferating minerals and food.”

“Infinitely proliferating minerals and food... That’s a funny joke.”

“It’s likely that other kingdoms are helping the Overgeared Kingdom. I think it will be good to block all of the Overgeared Kingdom’s diplomacy avenues.”

"What’s the justification? It would be more comfortable to cause a war.”

“Valhalla is the problem. Valhalla was only established due to the help of the Overgeared King. The Overgeared Kingdom doesn’t have any allies apart from Valhalla. It will be easy if we isolate the Overgeared Kingdom from Valhalla.”

"Isn’t it simple if we invade both Overgeared and Valhalla at the same time?”

"Where can we spare the army? It’s impossible for the empire to make a large-scale military move at this time due to the immigrants.”

“As the war continues, the tribes are experiencing a famine. It’s impossible to receive aid from their tributaries for war money and they will have to squeeze the blood of their own people, causing an internal problem. They can’t cause a war for the next few years.”

"The ambassador coming to the great Saharan Empire to discuss poverty... This is due to the persistence of those scum.”

"First of all, the immigrants need to be eliminated. Then Overgeared and Valhalla are next.”

This confusion was caused by the Overgeared Kingdom still surviving despite being supposed to perish within a few months. Why wasn’t the Overgeared Kingdom suffering from a famine? It was difficult for the empire to understand.


"This quarter also has a good harvest. Congratulations, Your Majesty.”

“This is all thanks to Piaro.”

The agriculture of the Overgeared Kingdom was phenomenal. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, every season had a good harvest. It was thanks to the legendary farmer Piaro’s passive skill. Piaro’s existence itself was fraudulent.

"I am lucky that despite having most of my possessions taken away by the empire, neither my people or my soldiers are going hungry.”

Rabbit shook his head at the relieved Grid.

"It’s only peaceful on the surface. The state of the Overgeared Kingdom is actually very dangerous. There is no money to invest in different fields and development isn’t happening. In the end, we will die out.”

"In the end, we have to get away from paying a tribute to the empire?”

"Of course.”

Rabbit nodded. But he didn’t offer any good solutions. Valhalla’s presence might’ve prevented the empire’s invasion, but the Overgeared Kingdom couldn’t declare their freedom from the empire. There was no room to stop the empire from coming.


The moment Grid was immersed in his thoughts.

-Overgeared King, what are you doing?

A whisper came from Valhalla King Ares.

-What happened?

They might become enemies one day but right now, Ares was the most dependable ally for Grid. Ares explained after hearing Grid’s question.

-The empire sent an envoy. They told me to offer a tribute to the empire as a token of loyalty.

-Indeed, Valhalla as well...

Grid thought that Ares naturally accepted the demands of the empire. However, Ares was a formidable man like Lauel had said.

-I told him to get lost.


-How can I pledge allegiance to them when they sent Agnus to hinder me? Those damn scum, I’ll pop them like popcorn and drink them like Coke. 

-...Aren’t you giving the empire a chance to invade?

-They won’t invade right away. They are afraid of the Overgeared Kingdom. Well, once they handle some of the ethnic tribe immigrants, they will move onto Valhalla.

-What will you do?

-Let’s see... Overgeared King, you should take care of me.

-You want me to send reinforcements?

-No, it’s enough to send me items.


-I would like to arm my soldiers with your items. Of course, I will purchase them at a fair price and I won’t forget this grace for the rest of my life.

Ares believed that if the most powerful army was equipped with the strongest items, there would be no need to fear the empire’s invasion. But Grid still found it difficult to trust Ares. He couldn’t rule out the possibility of the overgeared Ares Army becoming enemies. Ares seemed to read his mind and added.

-As a reference, I really like you. I don’t want to be your enemy. 

-...Come to think of it, you are an uncle.


-No, nothing. I need to discuss this with Lauel.

Why was he only loved by men? Grid was seriously worried as he told Ares he would think about it. Then he had a consultation with Lauel. Lauel spoke honestly.

“If Ares made this proposal yesterday, I would’ve refused. But...”


“It is different from the past. Accept Ares’ demands. Sell items and make money.”


"So what if Ares tries to hit you in the back of the head? Use the spark of darkness sealed in the burning blade. Kuk! Kukukuk!”


Lauel declared that Grid’s power was now at a national level.

“Leave the trade with Valhalla to me and leave now. Please conquer the Behen Archipelago and come back.”