Chapter 671

 "...58 gold each.”

The ‘training scarecrows’ that could be purchased and installed from the ‘Facilities’ menu was quite expensive as it was a military equipment that could be used semi-permanently. But according to the report, 219 scarecrows disappeared without a trace. Why? They were smashed by none other than Grid.

‘Why did he destroy the sinless and expensive scarecrows? ...Wait, didn’t Grid say he would make a sword out of Belial’s Horn?’

Shake shake.

Lauel shook as he started worrying about Grid.

'Surely he didn’t fail to make an item?’

How stressed would Grid have to be to destroy national facilities?

‘He would be upset if the weapon made of Belial’s Horn has an unsatisfying finish.’

It was right after Grid met the powerhouse called Agnus. He would already be on edge so how much pain would Grid have suffered failing to produce a weapon?

‘This... I have to comfort him.’

As a friend and colleague, Lauel was worried about Grid and rose from his seat. He ignored the stacks of paper piled up like a mountain and tried to send a whisper to Grid.

"Hi, hisashiburi.” (Long time no see in Japanese)

At that moment, the door opened without permission and Pope Damian entered. He had the beaming expression that was his ‘I’m dating Isabel’ face.

"Why has Your Holiness come to see me? Aren’t you busy preparing for the Vatican’s festival?"

Lauel liked Damian a lot. It was because there was good communication between them.

“Yare yare... Is Lauel, the brain of Overgeared, busy? I came to see if the Rebecca temples are operating well.”

As the pope, Damian built a total of three Rebecca temples in Reinhardt. There were 50 priests and 100 paladins in each one. But as the saying went, priests were precious. Since it was virtually impossible to deploy a large number of NPC priests, Damian gave quests to the player priests and led them to stay in the Overgeared Kingdom. As a result, a large number of priests were stationed in each temple. But were they working for the kingdom properly? Damian was honestly sorry.

"Not long ago, I saw that Grid was lacking priests when fighting Immortal. Did the Saharan Empire tempt away all the priests?”

Lauel smiled at the worried Damian.

“No. The priests are still staying in the Overgeared Kingdom. The reason Grid didn’t bring priests with him was because he felt he had a lot of room. He hadn’t expected Agnus’ emergence."

"Is that so? I was worried about the recent rumor that the empire is trying to access our priests in the Overgeared Kingdom. Fortunately, it was just a rumor.”


It wasn’t nonsense. The Saharan Empire was trying to intimidate the Overgeared Kingdom and were jockeying to take the Rebecca priests.

‘Thanks to this, Faker is really busy.’

The shadow behind the Overgeared Kingdom. Faker was always watching the Rebecca priests. He blocked the empire’s spies before they could contact the priests. Lauel felt sorry for Faker, who didn’t have time to do his individual work. But Faker had good news recently.

"My level is going up quickly while hunting the enemy spies. It’s better than monster hunting.”

It wasn’t false. Faker’s level was rising faster than the Overgeared members at the hunting grounds. The Saharan Empire was helping Faker.

'Furthermore, Kasim seems interested in Faker.’

Kasim was King of the Shadows and a disciple of Lantier. He was a named NPc on the same rank as Piaro and Asmophel. It was extremely good news that he was interested in Faker. Maybe Faker would receive a hidden quest and learn Lantier’s skills.

‘...Faker might become strong enough to compete with Grid.’

Faker rarely made public appearances, unlike the other Overgeared members. The number of times he participated in various events and battles was smaller than the other Overgeared members. It wasn’t because Faker was weak, but because he acted secretly. Faker had as much talent as Jishuka, as much passion as Regas, and as much reasoning ability as Pon. HIs potential for development was unlimited.

‘Due to the nature of his class, there’s little time for personal activities.’

If he grew while hunting enemy spies and received Lantier’s teachings...

“...Sir? Lauel?”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

Lauel was locked in thought and became startled at Damian’s voice. Damian felt sorry for Lauel.

“Aren’t you doing most work alone these days? Then your hair loss will become worse. Shouldn’t you obtain more manpower?”

"Haha, it’s okay. Since then, I have greatly increased the number of people involved in administrative affairs. I was thinking about something else.”

As with any other country, the Overgeared Kingdom was zealous in seeking manpower. They often held trials to recruit NPcs and players talented in each field. Furthermore, the growth rate of the NPCs taught by Sage Sticks was so high that the workforce of the Overgeared Kingdom was rapidly increasing. Lauel’s workload had declined from what it was a few months ago. However, he still had a murderous schedule.

"Then I'm glad... By the way, where were you planning to go?”

"Ah, I was going to see Grid. His Majesty seems to be in pain after failing to make an item.”

“W-What? Grid failed to make an item?”

Damian had an expression like he lost his country.

“Unbelievable! The legendary blacksmith Grid failed to make an item!”


Grid was the person who saved Isabel with just his blacksmithing techniques. Damian’s experience with Grid’s blacksmithing techniques was thousands, tens of thousands of times greater than anyone else. But Grid had failed to make an item. The impact that Damian received was very large. Vantner, who was passing by in the hallway, heard his scream and rushed in.

"What? Grid failed in making an item?!”

Vantner’s voice was as loud as a train horn. He was like Orator Huroi as he easily attracted people’s attention.

“Is it true that God Grid failed to make an item?”

“Grid made a normal weapon?”

"No, he actually failed in making an item! The materials were destroyed!”

“Crazy...! Has the level of Grid’s blacksmithing skill fallen?”

"Will Grid be deprived of his legendary blacksmith status?”

The rumors became exaggerated! Rumors spread that Grid would be deprived of his qualification as a legendary blacksmith and plunged the Overgeared Guild into chaos.

“Is it a penalty from when he was forced to assimilate in the fight against Agnus?”

“Now Grid is a legendary magician instead of a legendary blacksmith?”

“Unbelievable... The Overgeared King isn’t a blacksmith but a magician... Then is he no longer the Overgeared King?”

"Do we have to change his name to the Magic King...?”

"How big is Grid’s heartache...?!!!”

This misunderstood Overgeared members started searching all over Reinhardt. It was to find Grid who was hiding alone somewhere. Damian was with them. Then.

“I found him!”

An Overgeared member was able to find Grid at the training ground. Grid had just destroyed hundreds of scarecrows and was afraid of Lauel’s nagging.

"Look at that dead expression!”

"The rumors were true...

"G-Grid, are you okay?”


What was with all the fuss? Grid wondered about the violently worried Overgeared members. Then Damian ran up to Grid.

“Grid! Don’t be saddened by the fact that you failed to make an item!”


"There are also times when monkeys fall from trees! No matter how skilled Grid is, you can’t always be good! Isn’t it just today? Even if you failed to make an item, you can make the next item well!”

“...What are you saying?”

Grid didn’t understand why people were saying that he failed to make an item. Damian looked at the frowning Grid and hit his chest.

“Hit me!”


"Didn’t you fight me in the National Competition? I am very sturdy! I won’t die! Hit me until your broken heart is soothed! Relieve your stress!”

The tankers of the Overgeared Guild, Toban and Vantner also stepped forward.

"Hit us! Do it heartily!”

"Release the stress that must’ve accumulated since your fight with Agnus! Now come!”


Grid still wanted to experiment with the damage. He wanted to enjoy the power of the sword that broke all the scarecrows so easily. Then the punching bag... No, Grid happily complied with his friends.

"Okay, apply for a duel. Your experience won’t drop even if you die.”

“What is death?”

"We are tankers.”

“No Grid. Did you forget how strong I was at the National Competition? I am several times more durable than I was at that time. Just freely vent. I can endure it.”

“You won’t regret it?”

Grid smiled and wielded the Enlightenment Sword that was attached to the Sword Ghost. The target was Damian. At that moment.


Black flames exploded from the sword that collided with Damian...

"T-Time! Stop!”

Damian hurriedly shouted after checking the damage. He suggested.

“I-I will apply for a duel...!”

“What if I don’t want to?”

Grid already had a taste. Grid was excited by the ‘additional 50% damage to sacred beings’ that boasted power beyond imagination.

"Owaaaaack! Yamete! Yamete kudasai!” (Stop! Please stop!)

Damian ran away from Grid, whose eyes were shining brightly like lanterns. He didn’t have any confidence despite using his defensive buffs.


"...Did he make that sword just now?”

Vantner and Toban already shrank back. The day that praise for Grid spread around Satisfy’s communities, the Overgeared members admired the power of Grid’s weapon. It was the beginning of the full-scaled overgeared myth.