Chapter 670

“The Overgeared King!”

The training grounds. Asmophel was training the soldiers when he found Grid and ran over. He was interested in the blade hanging from Grid’s waist.

"Isn’t that a peculiar shaped weapon?”

It was a blade without a handle. He wondered if it could even be called a weapon?

“Is the production process unfinished? Ah!”

Asmophel’s eyes widened in the middle of his question. It was because the blade hanging at Grid’s waist suddenly heated up like lava and threw out flames. It blossomed like a flower and disappeared, looking beautiful and mysterious. Grid smiled warmly.

“Isn’t it cool? Asmophel, this is a blade made of Belial’s Horn, just like your weapon. This is the also the finished product.”

A long explanation wasn’t necessary.


Grid pulled out the Sword Ghost and pressed a button on the Pulling Device.



The blade was drawn by the silver thread towards the Sword Ghost and became attached.

“Huh... That’s why there is a deep groove in the blade.”

"Yes, it can attach to the blade of the small piece like a sheath.”

“Great. You can use it during battle and deal an unexpected blow to the enemy.”

“Um, well... I can use it for that purpose.”

Grid crossed the training ground while talking to Asmophel. His dignity grabbed the attention of the soldiers. Thousands of soldiers forgot about training as they watched Grid. There were also players present.  

There was Soldier, who was active on Cork Island with Peak Sword, as well as players who had the ‘soldier’ class. Why did they enlist in the Overgeared Kingdom’s army instead of the Saharan Empire? It wasn’t because of Grid or the expectations that the future of the Overgeared Kingdom would be brighter than the empire. They only wanted the mass produced Grid set.

That’s right. They aimed to carry out quests they could receive from the Overgeared army and built up items based on it. It was an incomplete force that had the ability to leave the Overgeared Kingdom at any time after achieving their goals.

‘If it wasn’t for the mass produced Grid set...’

'I would’ve enlisted with the empire or Ares.’

'From the standpoint of a soldier, the empire and Ares are much more advantageous than Grid.’

They would gain the mass produced Grid set and then leave. In order to obtain the set, they had to contribute to the development of the Overgeared Kingdom.

“Huh? What’s he trying to do?”

The players looked at the Overgeared Kingdom as a stage to ‘step through.’ Unlike the NPC soldiers, they looked at Grid without any inspiration. Grid was standing in front of a scarecrow on one side of the training ground.

Someone laughed. "Is he going to show off his sword dance in front of the soldiers in order to increase the morale of the army?”


Grid’s strength was known by all. It was the same with the player soldiers. But the player soldiers remembered the battle in the Belto Kingdom not long ago. Grid was defeated by Kraugel in the National Competition and pushed back by Agnus in the Belto Kingdom, so they recognized him as the ‘number two.’ They thought it was funny that Grid was posturing in front of his soldiers.

‘Well, the NPC soldiers are frogs in a well who don’t know the identities of Kraugel and Agnus. They will praise him if Grid shows off his sword dance.’

‘Grid will enjoy the soldiers making a big fuss over him.’

The player soldiers weren’t disregarding Grid right now. They were jealous of Grid who was beyond them. However, these people didn’t want to admit that they were jealous of Grid. They tried to find a small flaw in Grid in order to criticize him.


On the other hand, Grid didn’t even see the player soldiers. He knew exactly why they joined the Overgeared Kingdom’s army. He thought they were just passing by and treated then as a folding screen. In addition, the reason why Grid came to the training ground was to test the power of his weapon, not for the soldiers.

“I will start the test.”


Sparks flew from the sword in Grid’s hand. He struck a training scarecrow that had a fixed defense and resistance of 0. However, the power and effect was beyond the category of a basic attack.



After making the myth rated item, all stats had risen by 10 and Grid’s total strength was 3,120. At the third awakening, the strength stat gave an extra 0.4 attack power per one point. Thus, 3,120 strength guaranteed 1,248 damage. There was the 20% increased physical attack power, 30% additional fire damage and the 30% additional dark damage. Once the sum of the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires was added together, his attack power was 6,300. It was a total of 7,548 attack power for those who had no fire resistance and dark resistance, plus the effects of Pagma’s Swordsmanship Lv. 4 and Weapons Mastery Lv. 5. The deactivated Pagma’s Swordsmanship Lv. 4 increased attack power by 34% and Intermediate Weapons Mastery Lv. 5 increased attack power by 17%.

[You have dealt 11,397 damage to the target.]

Grid’s basic attack dealt more than 10,000 damage to the scarecrow.



The scarecrow fell down, proof that it suffered more than 10,000 damage, before jumping up again. The soldiers’ mouths dropped open as Grid attacked the scarecrow a second, third and fourth time.

Jjang! Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

[You have dealt 12,537 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 13,791 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 15,170 damage to the target.]

The effect of Sword Ghost increased attack power once it attacked the same target. Thus, the scarecrow started to suffer more damage.


The players doubted their eyes. Grid didn’t seem to be using a skill. This made it hard to understand why the scarecrow fell every time it was hit.

‘Surely he isn’t doing more than 10,000 damage with a basic attack?’

‘This is impossible...’

The soldiers kept refusing to believe it.



[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!]

A critical was applied to Grid’s basic attack. The important point here was that like the Death in One Shot! title, Pagma’s Swordsmanship also increased critical damage. Pagma’s Swordsmanship Lv. 4 increased critical damage by 20%. While a player’s base critical damage was 200%, Grid’s critical damage was more than 250%. It was a number that would shame assassins.

[You have dealt 41,718 damage to the target!]


"...This isn’t a basic attack?”

The scarecrows had the option of ‘stabilizing when under 50,000 damage.’ The players started turning pale. Grid hit the scarecrow again.

[The +8 Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be generated!]

[You have dealt 91,780 damage to the target!]

Every time he hit the same target, the option of Sword Ghost increased the default damage. At the same time, 5 Joint Attacks was activated, turning the scarecrow into ashes.


[The option effect of the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has added 5,000 fire damage!]

The fire option was activated, causing the flames to burn the ash scattering in the air without any traces left behind.

"...He is continuously using a skill. Right?”

“Of course it’s a skill. How can he smash a scarecrow with basic attacks?”

The player soldiers never imagined that Grid was hitting the scarecrow with basic attacks. The misunderstanding that Grid could use ‘skills without any delay’ arose and they felt admiration. At that moment. 

[You have dealt 11,397 damage to the target...]

[You have dealt 12,537...]

[You have dealt 13,791...]




[You have dealt 22,794 damage to the target!]

A notification window popped up in Grid’s vision once he hit the new scarecrow 10 consecutive times and instantly raised his power by 100%.

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires!]


One side of the training grounds. A total of 5,000 scarecrows used for the soldiers’ training were destroyed. In the center of the burning scarecrows, Grid held a sword that was emitting black flames!

[Splash damage equal to 300% of your attack power will hit every target within 10 meters.]


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been...]

[The +8 Holy Light Gloves’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘5 Joint Attacks’ to be...]

[You have dealt 854,775 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 854,775 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 854,775 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 854,775...]




Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

An explosion that occurred 360 degrees around Grid. Hundreds of scarecrows were erased from the world without a trace.


"...It seems that Lauel will be angry.”

The overwhelming destructive power that swept away the training ground. Asmophel wiped off the sweat that occurred due to the explosion and muttered. The soldiers and players were unable to bear the destructive power and fell down. Now they were struck dumb.


Grid shed tears of joy. He didn’t even use the buff skills such as Blackening or Blacksmith's Rage, yet he destroyed an area of 10 meters.

On this day.

Title: To those who say that the Overgeared King is no better than Agnus.

Contents: Hello. I am Soldier J of the Overgeared Kingdom’s army. Today, I want to tell you the truth. You might not imagine it, but Lord Grid was going easy when he faced Agnus. In fact, King Grid has a burning sword... This sword can burn Agnus, the death knights, liches, and everything else... But King Grid didn’t use it because it’s too much ㅡㅡ;;;;

For reference, I will be in the Overgeared Kingdom’s army forever.

A ridiculous rumor started to spread around the Satisfy communities. Absolutely zero credence was placed in the contents. People thought that the Overgeared Kingdom was manipulating public opinion to protect Grid’s reputation. Well, the truth would be revealed someday.



“Hooray King Grid!”


The eyes of the player soldiers were as motivated as the NPC soldiers. The enthusiastic Overgeared army was quickly becoming stronger.