Chapter 661

"Why doesn’t he use his knight summoning skill?”

The Overgeared members watching the TV all over the world were irritated. They wanted Grid to summon his knights right away to show the true majesty of the Overgeared King. Yes, Grid was a king. There was no need for him to fight one on one. Even if he didn’t move himself, his soldiers and knights would defeat his enemies.

But Grid didn’t take advantage of his king’s status.

“Just summoning Piaro is sufficient...”

"If Grid is defeated, the dignity of the Overgeared King...”

The Overgeared members were irritated and nervous. Many of those keeping an eye on the TV belonged to the Overgeared Two Guild. That’s right. Those who joined Overgeared after Grid became a duke weren’t familiar with Grid’s depths.

Duke Grid and King Grid were great men who worried and acted for the comfort of his forces, but his personality was barely repressed. Grid was a selfish person. In addition, there was a lot of greed. His past trauma was too strong. He always wanted to prove himself. 

It wasn’t possible for him to summon the knights in a one on one match watched by the whole world.


‘Shit, it’s going to be a confrontation.’

Prior to aiming Transcended Link at Agnus, Grid had swapped the Holy Light set to physical resistance armor such as Triple Armor. Transcended Link released 20 energy blades and the power of each one was very good. It had already been shown several times, so Grid judged that people would think it was one of his special moves, including Agnus.

Grid thought that Agnus would be very wary of Transcended Link. He would avoid it and try to defend with the lich’s mana shield, while counterattacking with the death knight at the same time. But he was wrong. Agnus’ lich was far better than he thought. He counterattacked at the same time as offsetting Grid’s Transcended Link with double casting.

"Cough! Cough!”

Grid was hit with an ice blast that made its way through the Transcended Link storm. He resisted the frozen state and hurriedly pulled out a potion. Agnus snorted at the blood-stained armor.

"If you don’t have skills then you should be honest. Aren’t you digging your own grave by making random predictions?"

Agnus was once again disappointed with Grid. Grid’s behavior of guessing the lich’s attack and suffering damage by himself was a joke.

“You don’t have Kraugel’s analytical power and senses... Hah! Now that I’ve seen you, Kraugel is just a pup! He was actually hit by you!”

Agnus stopped the lich’s double casting. It wasn’t suitable for a long battle because Agnus had quick casting speed but low total mana.

"Finish it, Cao.”

Agnus turned his back on Grid. Once he commanded the big death knight called Cao, Cao flashed with a purple light. Cao was a death knight made from one of the top 10 orc warriors. His senses were somewhat dull but he boasted remarkable strength and attack power. Agnus judged that Cao could defeat the already tired Grid. It was enough to tear at Grid’s pride.

“From the beginning... You spoke a lot of dirty words.”

Grid’s health had fallen to 10,000. Yet there were no signs of frustration on his face. It was natural. Grid hadn’t used everything yet. Frustration was for a person who lost everything.  He might’ve lost his immortality, but Grid still had a lot left over.



This was a skill that belonged to the legendary rated accessory, ‘Dark Bus’ Earrings.’ The cooldown was 12 hours, while the duration of the skill was only five minutes. It meant there were restrictions on the use.  Any skills with large restraints were strong.


Explosive demonic power! Grid’s skin turned pale and the whites of his eyes became black. Grid’s appearance was like a demon as demonic power wrapped around him like a haze. It was the emergence of the blackened version of Grid that provided fear and despair to constant enemies.

『 It finally came! 』

The commentators and viewers were excited.

"You have become a bit stronger. So what?”

Agnus scoffed. Grid intercepted the death knight Cao with his increased agility and the use of Blackening.


Cao’s greatsword scattered a purple light as it hit Grid’s chest.

[Death Knight Cao has inflicted 1,940 damage to the target.]


Agnus’ eyes widened. Agnus himself didn’t know it. It was the first time he was surprised in Satisfy. He hadn’t been so surprised even when he first met Kraugel.

‘There isn’t even 2,000 damage?’

Grid shook off Cao’s attack while advancing and narrowing the distance to Agnus. Grid’s physical defense was extremely shocking after wearing Triple Layers, Lantier’s Cloak, etc.


Agnus smiled again. He stared at Grid with a provocative gaze and focused energy on his fingertips. But he couldn’t release that energy. He couldn’t swing his arms.



There was a powerful deterrent. Agnus couldn’t move and subconsciously flinched away from Grid. The death knight Cao hurriedly chased after Grid and swung his sword.

[Death Knight Cao has inflicted 1,670 damage to the target.]

[Death Knight Cao has inflicted 1,910 damage to the target.]

[Death Knight Cao has inflicted...]



As an orc, Cao had better basic abilities and fewer skills. The basic attacks without any clear attack skills couldn’t stop Grid.


Agnus burst out into laughter that was similar to a groan.

Peok! Peok! Peok!

He felt evil from Grid’s eyes as he ignored the death knight.



The +9 Failure cut Agnus’ body diagonally. Pinnacle.

[You have suffered 35,400 damage.]

[The Mana Shield is working. You have dealt with the loss of life with the loss of mana.]

[You have taken a high grade mana potion.]

“Kuock! Heeok?”

He seemed shaky and barely upright, but Agnus managed to catch his breath. He confirmed that Grid was linking the next attack and burst into laughter again.

“Kuk...! Kuhahahahahat! I didn’t expect you to be disappointing, because you defeated Kraugel!”

Yes, this was why fighting was fun. It was the breathtaking feeling of walking on a tightrope. The slightest mistake would mean death! The excitement that made him forget reality rose!

“Veradin! I’ll leave Ares to you!”

Agnus shouted as got rid of the death knight ‘Doom’ and lich ‘Amy’ putting Ares in check. It was to have spare ‘Domination’ stats. The reason? He needed to summon a super worker who required a large amount of magic power.

“Lich summon, Mumud!”


The gap between Grid and Agnus was split apart.


There was the roar of a monster and magic power rose from the cracked space.

-Avoid it!

Braham’s urgent cry entered Grid’s ear as he was attacking Agnus with Pinnacle Kill. It was the same was when the yangban Garam appeared so Grid’s alertness rose to the extreme. But.

‘How do I avoid this?’

It was during the development of the swordsmanship. It wasn’t possible to avoid the magic that sprang out from a space created in front of him. Grid had only one choice. Just before the magic hit him, use Pinnacle Kill to hurt Agnus. He only aimed for this. He didn’t know if they would die together or if only one of them would die.

“Pinnacle Kill!”

Immediately before the magic power reached Grid’s chin. Shortly before Grid hit Agnus with the finished Pinnacle Kill.

[★ Hidden Quest ★ ‘Braham and Mumud’ has been created!]



Grid and Agnus’ eyes widened at the same time. It was because both of them acquired the same quest and were seeing different notification windows.

[Braham has perceived Mumud’s soul and is filled with a burning desire. He had consumed a soul fragment and forcibly invoked Assimilation.]

[You have become one with Braham’s soul. Control of your body has been given to Braham... It has failed.] 

[Consuming the soul fragment has dealt a very powerful blow to Braham. Braham’s soul has fallen asleep. You have to control Assimilation manually.]

[Braham’s basic stats have weakened.]

[Your class has been changed to Great Magician and your stats will be readjusted.]

[Braham has something to say to Mumud. Lich Mumud’s magic power is cut and neutralized by up to 30%.]

Energy escaped from his body. The black hair turned as white as snow while the eyes became red like rubies.

“Ugh!  B-Braham!”

The energy disappeared like it was a lie and Grid struggled to readjust.

[You can feel Mumud’s hatred, who has sensed Braham’s soul. The stat that you have suppressed with your resisting heart is temporarily freed.]

[Lich Mumud’s level is increase to 400.] 

[Control Mumud and fight against the Legendary Great Magician Braham. Give Mumud the title of a new legend.]

[If you defeat Braham and resolve Mumud’s grudge, the future Mumud will become your faithful servant.]

“Hat...! Kihahahahahat!”

Agnus was having too much fun.