Chapter 660

"Bentao’s Mockery.”


Grid suffered through something incredible once Agnus used a mysterious skill.


He saw the illusion of a fat clown.

[You have heard Bentao’s bad laughter. You can’t stay calm after listening to it.]

[You have lost your composure. The deployment of all active skills will be cancelled.]

[You have heard the enticement of the half god, Insane Clown King Bentao. Resistance has failed.]

[It will take over one minute to overcome the ‘frenzy’ state.]

[During the frenzy, your base damage will increase slightly, but your defense will decrease slightly. In addition, the casting speed and resource consumption of all skills are greatly increased .]

[Bentao has stretched out his hand while you are losing your cool. Your health has changed with the owner of Bentao.]

[49,300 health has become 819!]


Their health gauges were changed? It was a type of skill that was difficult for Grid to understand.  Grid was forced to feel confused. Above all, the hardest part about Bentao’s Mockery was that it ‘changed’ instead of ‘reduced’ Grid’s health. Thus, the healing and shield effects of Tiramet’s Belt and First King wasn’t applied.


[You have suffered 1,930 damage.]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]


In this gap, Grid lost his cool. Agnus wielded a sharp blade at Grid’s back and Grid lost the last insurance of the legendary class.


He only had five seconds of invincibility remaining. The irritated and nervous Grid started swinging his sword at random. Of course, he didn’t actually wield his sword without thinking.  Grid had accumulated a lot of combat experience and his body remembered how to fight, despite his mind being in an impatient and uncomfortable state. 

Yes, Grid was attacking Agnus with a normal pattern. He mixed his skills with basic attacks and paid attention to the increased accuracy rate.  The problem was more than the frenzied state. Pagma’s Swordsmanship took one or two seconds to deploy. Now Grid couldn’t use it as quickly as normal and his attacks weren’t threatening. 

“Ha? You became a mess just from losing your cheat?”

Grid panicked when he failed to link up his skills and the motions were cancelled. The smile gradually disappeared from Agnus’ face as the young man sloppily avoided his attacks.  He lost interest in Grid. It was natural. A status condition that made all actions impossible, a silence that completely banned the use of skills, and a confusion that increased the difficulty of controlling the body. There wasn’t one person who hadn’t suffered from Agnus’ abysmal abilities.

Then what about Grid? It might be because he relied on a legendary class’ ‘resistance to all status conditions’ for years and became accustomed to it. Unlike other players, he didn’t acquire skills to cope with the situation. The helplessness exposed in this moment was enough to disappoint Agnus.

"You defeated Kraugel?”


Agnus avoided Grid’s attack, stretched out his hand and caused an explosion using the ‘charging’ features from his fingertips, hitting Grid.


In a situation where time was short, Grid became frustrated when Agnus opened the distance with him. Agnus started to get angry at the sight.

"This is a poor side effect of Bentao’s Mockery.”

That’s right. The reason Bentao’s Mockery was scary was because their health was switched. The frenzied effect wasn’t anything worth bragging about. However, Grid became helpless in the frenzied state. He was garbage that couldn’t be tied together with Kraugel and Ares.

“Fake bastard.”

The first player to become a king? It was a feat purely because he got a legendary class. Grid himself was insignificant. Agnus felt disappointed and once again reached out to Grid approaching him. Then.


One of the numerous titles of Baal, the ‘Destruction King’ was imperfectly reproduced.  Agnus’ normal attack was turned into a ‘shoot with a charging effect.’ Thanks to this, Grid couldn’t reach Agnus and there was only one second left on the immortality. The moment he aimed at Grid.

[Tiramet’s Belt has been equipped.]

As soon as he entered the immortal state, he could quickly replace and swamp items.

[You have suffered 1,400 damage.]

[Your health has dropped below 10%. Tiramet’s Power is activated. 30% of your health has been restored.]

[The duration of immortality is over.]


Grid’s empty health gauge suddenly rose by one-third. This wasn’t the end. Since becoming Pagma's Descendant, he had acquired the ‘composure’ state and steadily grew through the production of items and acquisition of titles. Composure was a stat that increase the recovery rate from status conditions.  Originally this stat wasn’t useful for Grid, who was completely resistance to all conditions, but not at this moment.

[You have regained your composure.]

[You have overcome the frenzied state.]

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship! Transcended Link.”


Grid struck Agnus with a medium to long distance skill containing overwhelming power.


Agnus was surprised when confronted with dozens of energy blades. The top rankers were also quick to overcome status conditions, but Grid’s speed was extremely fast.

'Is this the strength of a production class?’

Grid was able to raise the composure stat that general combat classes found difficult raise due to Item Creation. This was the result.

“But so what?”

Agnus still wasn’t smiling. He was already disappointed with Grid. He couldn’t feel any pleasure from Grid.


The magic wave that came from Agnus’ lich collided with Grid’s energy blades, causing a storm that destroyed the battlefield.



Jishuka turned pale when she saw Grid’s health gauge in the party window fall dramatically. She wanted to go to help Grid right away, but it was impossible. Black was the reason.

"Where are you looking?”


Black created a magician clone and fired a lightning spell at Jishuka. It was poison to the archer Jishuka, whose defensive ability was weak.


Jishuka revealed a gap due to the electric shock that lasted for a while. Another warrior clone flew at her and stabbed with the sword, but the attack came to naught. It was due to Pon’s obstruction.

“Rain Spear!”


Black’s warrior clone swung a spear in order to block the dozens of spears summoned by Pon. He rode on a white horse and faced Black with a cold gaze.

"You trash-like man...! You males only look at pretty girls!!”


After joining Immortal, Black had focused on raising her level with the help of the necromancers. Her ability to protect her body using clones was strengthened, so she didn’t care about Pon’s Rain Spear. Pon clicked his tongue at her shout.

"I don’t judge females based on their appearance. I like everything about women.”

“Lies! Shut up!”

"No, in the first place, we’re enemies, while Jishuka is an ally... Ack?”

Black’s illusions changed the stage of the battle. The bloody palace filled with corpses was turned into a steep canyon. It was a terrain that blocked Pon. Pon’s attack power on a horse would rapidly fall while the water would tie up Jishuka and Pon.

The situation of Euphemina and Regas also wasn’t good.

"All young and beautiful women should die!”


The martial artist who surpassed Asura Regas, White! She could change her body size and weight freely when using martial arts, making her the power of a sun. She showed no signs of being pushed, despite facing Euphemina and Regas at the same time.

‘Why is this crazy woman so angry at me?’

Euphemina barely escaped from White’s attack with Regas’ help and sighed with relief. She couldn’t understand the psychology of White.  Didn’t they meet for the first time today? Why did she feel like a bad person? White aimed for Euphemina until the end.

"I can’t believe your white skin and curly hair!!”


Euphemina was in a hurry to escape. Was it because she judged she couldn’t beat White? No. Victory wouldn’t be easy, but she didn’t think it was impossible. The lich Mumud was what Euphemina cared about right now. She had the quest ‘Mumud's Soul Liberation’ and was waiting for Agnus to summon the lich Mumud.

However, Agnus summoned two different liches and never called Mumud. It was irritating and frustrating from Mumud’s position.

‘This is a golden chance to clear the quest.’

Euphemina continued to look towards Grid and Agnus. White snorted.

"Aren’t all pretty women foxes? You are looking at Grid because you are expecting Grid to help you? You are too incompetent, leaning on a man.”


Euphemina’s round eyes narrowed. She had these eyes when she annihilated Faker’s party in the past.

“L-Lady Euphemina?”

Regas jolted with surprise. It was because he felt the scent of Jishuka from Euphemina. Regas didn’t know. The fundamental reason why Grid feared Euphemina was because Euphemina had a temper.

"Should I kill this white pig-like woman before doing the quest?”

“W-White pig?”

"Stop. I’m annoyed.”



"Protect Grid!”

Grid was already a symbol. If Agnus defeated Grid during his debut appearance, Agnus’ momentum would grow out of control. Ares didn’t want Agnus to grow any more. But.

“It’s impossible!”

No on was able to carry out Ares’ command. It was due to the power of the skeleton army summoned and controlled by the necromancer rankers belonging to Immortal. In particular, Veradin was an eyesore. Veradin’s death knight wasn’t as destructive as Agnus’ death knight, but it was more delicate. Agnus controlled two death knights and liches at the same time, while Veradin only focused on one death knight. This was a strength.


Scott couldn’t ignore the growing loss of troops and tried to change the battlefield. He decided to concentrate on fighting Veradin with all his power. Veradin narrowed his eyes as he blocked the attack.

"It’s unpleasant to see your low-key ID.”

‘I will change it when I get an ID change ticket!”



Veradin’s death knight and Scott’s sword collided in the air several times. Both of them struck each other, ultimately leading to Scott’s disadvantage. The death knight was steadily restored with Veradin’s magic power while Scott was unable to overcome the stamina limitations of a player. 

The Overgeared King and God of War were in a crisis. The strength of Agnus’ force was overwhelming. The viewers were now aware of it.