Chapter 662


It wasn’t a scream. They were shouts of joy from women watching the confrontation between Grid and Agnus. It was due to the bewitching appearance of the white-haired Grid. As if his whole skeleton had changed, Grid had thinner lines and became beautiful. The sleek appearance and eye-catching appearance of the young Barahm invoked the protective instincts of women.


Name: Braham Eshwald (Grid)

Class: Great Magician

Title: Possessor of Great Knowledge

* The best intellectual of this time. The truth hasn’t been learnt yet, so he is still obstinate. This pursuit of knowledge is very strong, sometimes acting as a poison.

* Intelligence will rise by 35%.

* There is a low probability of running wild.

Title: One who Became a Legend


Level: 400 (Correction)

Health: 100,000/100,000 (Correction)

Mana: 200,000/200,000 (Correction)

Strength: 158   Stamina: 1,400

Agility: 601    Intelligence: 7,000+2,100

* In this human flesh, Braham Eshwald’s full strength can’t be drawn out. Most of his stats are sealed.

* Braham’s soul is shocked and has fallen asleep. You have control over your body. The stats have been sealed to a greater extent.

'At this point, he’s just a troll.’

It was the 2nd big incident that Braham caused. Braham had caused his defeat during his confrontation with Kraugel. Now it happened again. At a crucial moment when a quest was forcibly invoked, he fell asleep?

‘He wants to fuck with people...’

Shake shake.

Grid shook his head. He couldn’t afford to complain. Grid’s head was spinning as he secured a safe distance from Agnus and confirmed his status window.

'Level 400, 9,000 intelligence, 100,000 and 200,000 resources...’

It wasn’t a level that ordinary players could grasp. It was just like when his body was adjusted for the quest during his first Assimilation experience with Braham.

‘Then can’t I beat Agnus in one blow?’

This thought swept through Grid’s mind.

'No, it can’t be solved that easily,’

Grid faced reality.

Agnus had the lich, Mumud. In addition, the subject of this quest was Mumud. Grid expected that Mumud’s stats would be corrected by the quest.

‘My specs right now are highly likely to coincide with Mumud’s.’

Agnus probably had the same quest as Grid. Yes, the conditions of both of them would be comparable. Then there was a serious problem.

‘Agnus has a lot of experience controlling Mumud. On the other hand, myself...’

Grid didn’t have experience controlling the Assimilation state. It was because the control of his body was passed to Braham every time Assimilation was used. Grid was forced to watch the assimilated Braham from the perspective of a third party, so Assimilation was an unfamiliar state for him.

‘And in the first place...’

Blacksmith and swordsman. He wasn’t a magician.

‘Can i handle a magician class well?’

Along with the assassins, a magician was considered to be one of the most difficult classes. It took a lot of wits to be able to use magic with different casting speeds at the right time. It was a bad class for the dumb Grid who was only good at physical things.


Grid shook his head. He tried to suppress the tension and anxiety. The quest suddenly appeared, creating a lull in the battle.  He needed to remain calm. The moment Grid was trying to regain his mind.


There was a sound and the contents of the quest appeared.

[Braham and Mumud]

★ Hidden Quest ★

Braham was jealous of Mumud. He couldn’t tolerate a disciple who had more talent than himself. He started neglecting Mumud and even took away his achievements. In the end, he decided to kill Mumud. It was a foolish judgment that arose from the idea that he should reign as the supreme being on Earth.

But Braham didn’t harm Mumud. No, he couldn’t harm Mumud. Braham had lived as a human for hundreds of years. Braham awakened emotions without knowing it.

One day, Mumud suffered from an incurable disease and left Braham.

After a long time, Braham found him again. 

There was a short explanation. It was followed by a single video.

"Even when you turned away from me... I didn’t blame you when you interfered with my achievements and erased my name from the world.”

The underwater city of Siren.

Two men stood facing each other with the dark and mysterious sea as the background. They were Braham and Mumud. The vampire Braham was still young and beautiful, while the skinny Mumud looked like he had lost his vitality.

Cough cough!

He coughed up blood every time he spoke, but he didn’t stop speaking.

"I’m sorry that you suffer from such a terrible obsession that you would become afraid of your disciple... I pitied you and couldn’t blame you...”


“...But now I resent you. Turning me into a lich...? Do you want me to serve you even after I am dead...? I won’t be able to rest!!”

Tears fell from Mumud’s eyes. His eyes were filled with hatred as he said coldly.

"Isn’t life meant for death anyway? It would be better for me to disappear naturally than to be a lich.”

Grid’s heart stung as he watched the video. He could sense Braham’s feelings.

'Actually, I wanted to save you.’

'I feel sorry for you.’

‘I want the heavens to see your talent, even if you’re dead.’

That’s right. Braham felt guilty about being jealous of Mumud and ruining his life. He missed Mumud, the only person in the world who trusted and followed him. Braham wanted to make up for the sins he committed, but Mumud was about to die at an age that wasn’t even over 30. He wanted to make Mumud a lich and raise Mumud’s reputation in the world. But Braham’s pride was too high to speak his heart. He thought he wasn’t qualified to sympathize with Mumud. In the first place, the idea of making Mumud a lich wasn’t normal. Due to his own desires, he murdered his kin and was banished from the vampire world as a result. He was a crooked existence that couldn’t be understood by vampires or humans.

“You... You’re the worst even to the end. With the handful of magic power I have left, I will kill you... Cough! Cough!"

“...You don’t have much time left. Accept the honor of being a lich. The moment Pagma completes the Vessel of the Soul, I will reclaim my immortality and you will be by my side. You will be praised by all, even if you’re dead.”


"You don’t have veto rights. The day you die, I will remove your body from its grave and resurrect you as an immortal.”

It was the end of the video. There was no need to speak about what happened afterwards. The current Mumud was a lich. This was proof that Braham made his decision. There was a problem.

‘Agnus stole Lich Mumud.’

It was also in front of the watching Overgeared members. It was shortly after Grid fought with Elfin Stone in the vampire city.

‘How rotten.’

Grid only knew about what happened between Agnus and Braham after Euphemina got the quest to liberate Mumud’s soul. He felt a sense of discomfort and asked the sleeping Braham.

‘Braham, what do you want to say to Mumud now?’

Well, Grid didn’t need an answer. Grid already knew Braham’s heart.

'It is obvious... You want to apologize to Mumud after belatedly realizing how wrong you were. Right?’

Of course, it didn’t make sense to apologize now. Mumud already tasted a great deal of pain that was irreversible. Mumud didn’t have to feel forgiveness after Braham’s apology. Even if he did forgive, the pain that Mumud experienced wouldn’t be erased.

‘Braham knows this as well.’

Grid looked back at the dictionary meaning of Assimilation. Different things becoming similar to each other. Yes, Grid and Braham were different. But they read each other’s thoughts and feelings during the assimilation process and changed little by little.  Thanks to Grid, Braham now understood humans.

Whether Mumud accepted his apology or not...

Braham still thought he should apologize to Mumud. It was clearly the responsibility of the one who committed the sin. 

“Yes... That is a man.”

Grid recalled Lee Junho, who used to torment him in his school days. What if Lee Junho came to him and apologized for the mistakes of the past? The pain of the past wouldn’t disappear, but it might resolve a little bit. The darkness in his heart could be lifted.

“...I will try it.”

It wasn’t for Braham. It was for his quest and for the sake of the victim, Mumud.

‘I have to win.’

He firmly made up his mind.  Then he checked the list of spells he could use now.

On the other hand, Agnus.

“Kukukuk... Yes, Mumud, you were also a stupid fool.”

Agnus laughed as he verified the contents of the quest from Mumund’s position. The laugh had a different feeling from usual. Agnus’s laugh was filled with a terrible anger.

"Stupid blockhead.”

He was a fool. The victim was a fool. Agnus hated the weak and victims. He was reminded of himself in the past. Agnus grabbed Mumud’s skull with a thin hand and whispered.

"Victims only have two choices. Go away or get revenge.” 

Forget everything and just live? It wasn’t living. If they ignored the past, they couldn’t move forward. It was being deprived of their body and soul. 

“Kill Mumud. Clear away the past and break away from it. This time, you... We will trample on them.”


Lich Mumud’s magic power exploded. It was the new concept of magic that contained seven attributes. Agnus was determined to win from the start, using the highest-rated magic available to the level 400 Mumud. Then what about Grid?

“Fireball. Wind Cutter.”


Using only the lowest level magic? Agnus was puzzled by Grid’s unusual response.


Before the magic was completed, Mumud was hit by flames and a dark blade. Fireball and Dark Cutter penetrated the lich’s Mana Shield!


Agnus felt panicked. He didn’t understand the situation as Grid looked at Belial’s Staff.

"This is a myth rated item, bastard.”

Intelligence rose by 30%. Magic casting speed rose by 30%. He could cast three types of magic at the same time. However, proficiency was required. When fire and dark magic are cast simultaneously, the magic power of each one was increased by 200%. Magic critical chance was increased by 20%. Magic critical damage was increased by 150%, etc.

This was Belial’s Staff.

Agnus had only hunted the weakened great demons and didn’t know about the power and extent of myth rated items.