Chapter 558

“Cough cough! I-I’m really sorry. In this situation... I don’t want to hold your ankles.”

Sticks coughed while looking like someone who was about to die. However, he apologized because he was more worried about Overgeared than himself. It was a good attitude that Grid liked.

'It’s because I made him use Mass Teleport several times...’

It was meaningless to be irritated. He wasn’t in a position to worry about Sticks’ sickness, but he couldn’t help feeling sorry and worried. Grid controlled his mind and smiled benevolently.

“Please don’t worry and just focus on recovery. You have to live a long and healthy life in order to pass on all your knowledge to my son.”


Sticks’ voice trembled. The pointed ears that symbolized a high elf shook! The beautiful face turned red. He was moved by the words ‘long and healthy.’ Grid interpreted it this way but the reason for Sticks’ response was different from what he expected.

“Only wanting me to give knowledge to young Lord... Does that mean you want me to live a short life? Huh? Do you want me to die early? I don’t want to...”


As a high elf, Sticks had a strong commitment to life. He was 983 years old. There was a moment of awkward silence before Sticks suddenly felt afraid.

'This strong magic power! Don’t tell me!’

He needed to recover and escape. Sticks hurried to recover. On the other hand, Braham’s soul was also fluctuating uneasily.

‘If this pathetic elf doesn’t recover, Grid will die.’

In the first place, Grid shouldn’t have been in this place. Braham whispered to Grid.

'That elf will recover quickly. Don’t waste time and gather Magic Missiles with the Alarm magic.’

Grid nodded.

“I will do so.”

Grid was also disturbed by this place. His high insight warned him about something in the depths of the darkness.

‘My pride is hurt.’

He tried so hard, but he was still very weak. Grid realized this and used Magic Missile and Alarm repeatedly. The loss of mana potions was very painful, but right now wasn’t the time to save money.  Then they left for Bairan after an hour.


Kuuong! Kuuong! 

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!



Bairan’s southern gate failed to survive the ongoing attack of the siege weapons and collapsed. The soldiers were excited. In particular, the players shouted with joy. Over the past week. Most of the players had died many times in battle and received severe damage. Not only did they lose a lot of experience, some of them also dropped expensive items.

The strong counterattack of the Overgeared members caused them countless pain and frustration. But that frustration would end today. From now on, it was time to receive their rewards for the sacrifices they made throughout the war!

“Forward! Shoot!”

“Enter Bairan! First smash all of the Overgeared members!”


The purpose of the players’ quest was to occupy Bairan! If they occupied Bairan, the rewards would be comparable to SS grade quests. An ordinary player’s life could be changed with these huge rewards. The surging momentum seemed to pierce the sky. In particular, additional rewards could be obtained if they defeated the Overgeared members or soldiers. As they entered Bairan, they climbed onto the walls and started attacking the Overgeared archers.

"These damn scum! I suffered so much that I lost levels! Get lost!”



The Overgeared soldiers wearing Grid’s set were very strong. The same level players couldn’t beat them in a one-on-one fight. Even at the same level, the Overgeared soldiers were stronger than the Eternal players. However, the Overgeared soldiers were very tired and inadequate in numbers.

The Overgeared soldiers were unable to cope with the players constantly rushing in. They used Grid’s Dagger (Entry Level) to try and protect their bodies, but it was hard to last long. As a result, the soldiers turned to grey one by one. This made the Overgeared members angry. How much time and money did they invest into the soldiers?

"You didn’t even go to your mother’s funeral!”

Huroi cried out and pulled out a long sword. It was Grid’s Longsword that had been constantly improved since the days when the guild stayed in Winston. The players thought it was ridiculous.

“An orator is holding a sword?”

"There’s no way you can wield it!”

An orator was considered one of the weakest classes in close combat. It wasn’t possible for the players to shrink back from Huroi. They regarded the sword that Huroi was holding as a decoration. However, Huroi had a second class. As the Apostle of Justice’s Partner, he could use a sword.







Every time Huroi wielded his sword, one of the players died. The players were astonished.

"How can an orator use a sword?”

“It’s a second class!”

They belatedly noticed, but it was already too late.

“Bah! Descend! Lord of the Skies above the Grasslands!”

The excited Huroi shouted.



A dazzling explosion filled the sky. It was the advent of a huge wyvern. It was also a red wyvern! A wyvern that boasted the strongest fire attribute!


The red wyvern in the sky poured out a breath and 50 Eternal players caught on fire.



The players felt fear as flames burned their bodies. The lower level players were unable to deal with the damage and died.


How was he so strong?

“I thought he was all talk!”

At the south wall.

Huroi was the only Overgeared member protecting this place. The players assumed that they could easily occupy it, but reality was terrible. In fact, Huroi wasn’t on the front lines like Yura and Pon, and he also had the highest stamina.  In particular, he was one of 100 people who owned a wyvern.

Strong. The south wall that Huroi defended became a hell for Eternal.

“I am the descendant of the great blue wolf!”

Seokeok! Puk.


Huroi flew on the wyvern and burned the Eternal players. Dozens of cameras watched as he proclaimed to the whole world.

"I am Grid’s first servant!”



A top ranker was just Grid’s servant! The astonished Eternal soldiers were swept away by flames.


The east wall.

“He’s fighting really well.”

Pon watched Huroi at the south wall with admiration. The reason why he placed the smallest unit on the south wall was because he believed in Huroi’s strength. Now he felt rewarded for his faith.

"Huroi is also top class.”

The people who had been with Grid from the beginning. Euphemina and Huroi. Unlike the other Overgeared members, they rarely revealed themselves in public. However, they had the highest level of combat power and versatility. They were with Grid from the beginning for a reason.

‘Grid has a talent for choosing people.’

The Overgeared members urged Pon while he was thinking.

“The gates are beginning to collapse. We’ll soon be pushed by the enemies.”

“Let’s run away while Huroi buys time.”

It was time to flee through the north gate that Yura had opened. Huroi was able to get away at any time on the wyvern.

"Yes, let's go. Order a full retreat.”

Pon was concerned about the residents of Bairan, but he had to trust Lauel. The residents of Bairan were fundamentally people of Eternal. The Eternal army wouldn’t slaughter them.

“Full retreat!”

“Move through the north gate!”

The Overgeared members moved in an orderly fashion. They quickly commanded the soldier and archers on the walls and moved them to the north gate. The northern wall already contained the elites of Overgeared, including Yura, who opened the path.

However, Eternal didn’t watch in silence. The Eternal knights moved to the north and blocked the path of the Overgeared members. Magic and arrows poured from all sides to tie up the feet of Overgeared and the knights attacked, causing great damage.


It wasn’t easy to take care of knights unless they were Grid. The Overgeared members couldn’t use skills due to their low stamina and were caught by the enemy’s offensive.


The wyvern flew high in the sky and Huroi shouted in a loud voice. His curses spread through the battlefield. It was the moment when the skills of an orator were activated.

"That... Wicked person!”

“How can you insult my dead ancestors!”

“Do you have no parents?”

As the Eternal army converged on Huroi, the broadcasters around the world were busy trying to censor Huroi.


The Overgeared members didn’t miss their chance to press ahead. They succeeded in securing their retreat and moved away from Bairan.


『 The Overgeared Guild has abandoned Bairan. 』

『 There were limits from the beginning. They probably would’ve been wiped out if they persisted longer. 』

『 Bairan is just the beginning. Eternal has secured the route to attack Patrian by occupying Bairan. Now they can launch a full offensive against Patrian and the Overgeared Guild won’t be able to withstand it. They will lose Patrian and Reidan sequentially. 』

『 It’s only a matter of time until all the territories of Overgeared Guild fall. 』

『 It’s the aftermath of expanding their forces too hastily. They couldn’t avoid an economic and diplomatic catastrophe. The Overgeared Guild will have to live quietly like dead rats for at least one year in the future. 』

Bairan had been the stage of an intense war for the past week. Eternal’s flags were stuck all over the ruined walls. Now that Bairan was once again the territory of the Eternal Kingdom, the thousands of players who participated in the Bairan occupation were surrounded with golden pillars symbolizing a level up. The amount of experience was enough to raise their level and skills, and they were also pleased with the epic and unique rated items they received.

The commentators relaying the war predicted the future situations.

『 The players of Eternal have become stronger in an instant. They’re growing as a result of the Overgeared Guild’s rebellion. 』

『 The king of Eternal is still young. Opportunities are overflowing. Based on their growing military power, they will soon invade the Gauss Kingdom and expand. 』

『 The future of the West Continent might... Eh? What’s this? 』

The commentators suddenly became confused.

Duong! Duong!

Kung! Kung! Kung!

The sound of 100,000 soldiers marching and their drums! The procession of a golden army came to Bairan. The commentators had covered many events in Satisfy, but this was the first time they were overwhelmed.

『 Eternal’s army...! 』

『 This is too huge! This large army will soon be advancing to Patrian! 』

The commentators were filled with excitement. They couldn’t help feeling excited since it was the first time they witnessed a 100,000 large army. It was the same with the viewers. They realized that this was a war and how strong one country could be.

Thanks to this, viewership of Bairan’s battle started to rise steeply. However, the broadcasting stations soon reached a point where they stopped with tears in their eyes.

Why? It was because Duke Lucilliv, commander in chief of the 100,000 strong army, was trying to do something ridiculous. After gathering the thousands of Bairan residents into the center of the city, he had them stand in a line with bows aimed at them?

『S-Surely he isn’t going to execute so many people? 』

『 They’re just ordinary people. It’s their lord who rebelled. Why should they be held responsible and put to death? 』

『 It’s really terrible. 』

The commentators and viewers felt uncomfortable. The Bairan residents were going to be executed just because they were Grid’s people. No one could watch as the people, young and old, cried out in fear after becoming targets of the bows. The broadcasters realized it was a scene that young viewers couldn’t watch and tried to stop it.


A light flashed in the sky and a man appeared. He had hundreds of white spheres around him. The breeze blew through black hair, revealing sharp eyes.


Yes, it was the emergence of Grid. The master of this rebellion had shown up in front of 100,000 soldiers! Duke Lucilliv was stunned for a moment before shouting.

“Catch him!"

[The ‘Fight the Rebel Leader’ has been created!]

The Eternal players received a new quest.

"Eh? Why isn’t anyone here...?”

Grid started sweating. The timing of his appearance was too unfortunate.