Chapter 559

At the center of Bairan.

More than 9,000 people were tied up in a row. It was due to Duke Lucilliv’s words.

"You didn’t leave here, despite Bairan becoming a den of rebels. It’s clearly a crime. Your taxes and labor have filled the rebels’ stomachs. As a result, you’re also against the royal family.” 

The Bairan residents were no longer people of Eternal.

Duke Lucilliv judged. “They are not qualified to live on Eternal’s lands. Kill them. All generations will be destroyed and the graves of their ancestors torn down.”


The residents of Bairan thought it was unfair. Someone with courage tried to plea for mercy, but they weren’t allowed to open their mouths. The senior magicians used silence magic to forcibly shut the villagers’ mouths.

“Hup...! Oof!”

They couldn’t talk? Desperation filled the eyes of the residents.  At the very least, they wanted Duke Lucilliv to spare their children or parents. But Duke Lucilliv gave the command without caring.

“Kill them.”

“Oof! Oof!”

The residents tried to resist. They couldn’t move because they were bound tightly by rope. The soldiers overpowered them and they became the target of the bows.

“This is impossible...”

More than half the 100,000 troops were conscripted soldiers. They trembled with fear as they watched the unbelievable sight in front of them.

“Are they really going to kill all these people?”

“This is nonsense... Why are they guilty? Wasn’t it the country’s incompetence that the land was taken away by rebels in the first place, rather than the people’s fault? Why are they placing the sin on the people?”

"They’re facing death for just being in the presence of rebels! Even the young children who don’t know anything!”

Their commander was someone who didn’t care about the lives of the people. As soon as they realized this fact, the morale of the common soldiers was sharply reduced. They lost confidence in their commander. It was the moment when their mental state was broken down after their physical strength was pushed to the limits from the hard march.

‘From now on, only fear can be used to control them.’

Ars made an unpleasant expression.

‘I guess there will be more deserters tonight.’

The number of people who deserted on the way from Partu to Bairan came close to 6,000. It would soon go over 10,000. Ars stared at Duke Lucilliv’s back.

‘There will be a chance very soon.’

Duke Lucilliv had a small crack that he wasn’t aware of. The command system of the army would eventually break down and cause confusion. Wouldn’t it be ideal if Duke Lucilliv revealed a gap at that time? Based on the result of his observations, Duke Lucilliv placed his own safety as the top priority. He was always protected by 300 guards and 10 senior magicians, so Ars found it hard to find a chance to assassinate him.

‘If not, I need to rush to the front.’

If the situation reached that point, he didn’t mind sacrificing his life for his master. In the first place, his life was saved by Grid. Therefore, he could offer his life for his lord.

‘I will entrust my revenge on the emperor to Piaro.’

The moment a bittersweet smile appeared on Ars’ face.


A light flashed in the sky and Grid appeared.

“M-My Lord...?”

Private Ars from Partu. His actual identity was Asmophel of Overgeared and now he felt shocked.

‘Why is My Lord here?’

It was a situation where the troops protecting Bairan had already retreated! Then why did his master run to this place alone?

'Don't tell me?' 

His lord came to save the people left here?


A lord who faced 100,000 troops alone in order to defend his people. Asmophel’s chest was hot as he looked up at the sky. 

“I would like to see the kingdom that My Lord will establish.”

A king who thought about the people, rather than his own life. It was certainly stupid. The king was an irreplaceable entity, yet he was risking his life to protect the people? In the days when Asmophel was a noble, he would’ve laughed at the thought of such a king.

But now Asmophel was looking at the world from the viewpoint of a soldier and his heart was different. He thought Grid looked nice. He wondered how Grid’s kingdom would look. Therefore, he would protect his lord.

‘I will protect you. I will be the force that carries out My Lord’s faith and will.’


Asmophel’s hands shook as he held a spear. He started to move among the 100,000 troops as a bombardment was launched at Grid.



Grid doubted his eyes when he arrived in Bairan with Sticks. The familiar faces weren’t there anymore and an army filled the city.

“Why is no one…?”

Grid discovered the flag of Eternal planted on the walls and the soldiers wearing golden armor.

“...You? Shit.”

Grid’s face darkened as he panicked for a moment.

“Are they dead?”

These bastards who took his land! His dead colleagues and soldiers! Grid couldn’t suppress his rage while Sticks, who was tired from continuously using Mass Teleport, hastily tried to calm him.

“Pant... Pant... Grid, calm down. Do you think your soldiers and knights will be so easily beaten?”

Right now, they were in the middle of enemy territory while the number of soldiers were like grains of sand in a desert. If Grid lost his temper and acted emotionally, it was inevitable that he would die. Grid barely regained his coolness at Sticks reminder and asked in the guild chat.

@Grid: What happened to the members protecting Bairan?

@Pon: It wasn’t possible to protect it, so we retreated. Sorry we couldn’t keep it Grid. We’ll be sure to get it back.

@Ibellin: Brother Grid! Why did you come back so soon? Weren’t you planning to stay on the East Continent for a long time?

@Vatnenr: The bow you gave Jishuka is amazing! It is really great!


Grid was relieved when he saw Pon’s answer. He thought it was the worst situation where all the power in Bairan was exterminated.

“Let’s go. It was a strategic retreat.”

The number of enemies was really countless. Grid hadn’t seen such a large number even on TV. It was hard to imagine fighting them alone.


Grid was feeling overwhelmed when he noticed the Bairan people. They were all sentenced to death, regardless of gender or sex. He gazed at the targets that the bows were aiming at.


Grid stopped in place.

Smith, who taught him how to make the jaffa arrows. The young people he repaired the walls with after stopping the invasion of the Yatan Church. The girl who gave him fruits and the elderly people who told him stories. Grid saw the people he had built ties with in his beginner days.

‘They’re going to be hurt?’

Grid’s anger skyrocketed. He was someone who valued his bonds. In other words, it was unacceptable that Eternal tried to ‘steal’ what was his.


The enemy archers and magicians were already starting the attack. Sticks cast a shield spell and made an uneasy expression as he saw the attacks filling the sky. Grid looked very serious.

"Sticks, go to Patrian first.”


“Is it necessary to stand up against such a large army alone? It’s out of the question with how many there are. There were 100,000 enemies. I know your strength, but it’s suicide to deal with 100,000 alone...”

"But isn’t it shameful to step back like this? I, the leader of Overgeared, retreated when meeting the enemies? It would shame the honor of my colleagues who fought for me.”

Grid was conscious of the cameras from the broadcasting stations all over the world. 


His power had grown steadily since the 2nd National Competition. Was he closer to the position of the best now? It was a good opportunity to let the people assess him. In addition, he was curious himself. He wondered if he could play an active role when it was a battle of 1 VS 100,000.

‘There’s 20 minutes until the alarm of Magic Missiles go off.’

He would fight with all his strength until then.

‘My top priority is to secure the escape of the people.’

Braham whispered to Grid.

‘Do you understand? For a legend, the concept of numbers is meaningless. A legend isn’t afraid to move against one million people, let alone 100,000. In other words, if you and I are together, the 100,000 soldiers... Well, it doesn’t have to be together.’

The only thing that could overcome a transcendent existence was someone with similar strength. There were only a handful capable of that. Grid nodded and laughed.

‘I will look at the situation and call you if needed.’

‘Bah. I’ll do it if you insist.’

Grid confirmed Braham’s answer and his eyes became serious again.

‘This is an opportunity to gauge the gap between me and the previous legends.’

The first one who came to mind was Lantier on the Behen Archipelago.

“I will check it and then challenge him again!”


Grid had hundreds of white spheres around his body. The first thing he needed to do was deal with the archers aiming their bows at the people of Bairan.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend.”

[Attack power is doubled. Your basic attacks will be converted to ranged attacks. This effect will last for 30 seconds.]

"Normal attacks will suffice.”

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Grid separated Sword Ghost into two pieces and swung his arms without stopping. 7~8 energy blades per second poured down from the sky towards the Eternal archers.


It became pandemonium in an instant. Hundreds of soldiers instantly died. It was insane firepower!

“Eek! First turn off the flying magic!”

Marquis Bera hurriedly shouted. A magician from his territory immediately cast a spell. It affected the mana circuit of all magicians within range, making it impossible to use Fly. Yet the magic didn’t work on Grid. Grid used Fly through Braham’s Boots rather than his own magic.

“No! The magic didn’t work?”

"It’s due to a magic artifact!”

The magicians panicked at wasting a difficult spell in vain. But there were 100,000 soldiers. Other people were attacking while the magicians struggled in vain.

"Shoot! Continue shooting!”

The elite soldiers gathered from various places. They succeeded in breaking down Sticks’ shield with arrows and magic before focusing their attacks on Grid. Grid was an easy target once fully exposed.

‘It’s deadly to be in the sky when hit.’

After allowing a few magic bombardments, Grid swapped boots and landed on the ground. Then he was surprised. He deliberately landed in a narrow space between buildings. However, all four sides were already full of enemies.


The Eternal soldiers pushed at Grid. Due to their large numbers, they forgot about Grid’s strength and were courageous.


Right in front.

Ten soldiers stabbed with their spears at the same time. The viewers around the world wondered how Grid would respond.

-It’s impossible to counterattack against all 10 people.

-I think he’ll wipe them all out with an attack skill. But using a skill consumes a lot of stamina.

-By the way, how many people will Grid kill?

-The Eternal soldiers have an average level of 160... I think Grid will kill at least 5,000.

It was a really short amount of time. The amount of time it took the viewers to write a sentence.

"Get lost."

Grid pulled out Failure and swung it. Yes, he just swung it. It was a normal attack.



The 10 Eternal spearmen were struck by it and died.



The chat windows of the Internet broadcasting sites stopped like there was a lag.

"This is funny."

As the world fell silent, Grid laughed. He was excited when he recalled that the world was paying attention to him. However, he wasn’t careless. There were a number of elite knights and magicians in the 100,000 troops, so he was always on guard.

However, a group of third advancement troops were under attack by a private.