Chapter 597

Grid destroyed the Eternal Kingdom and seized this chance to build a new kingdom. Emperor Juander of the Saharan Empire had already seen reports of this, but didn’t respond. It was an attitude of not being interested in such a trivial matter.

Grid inherited the power of a legend and was steadily expanding his reputation throughout the continent. But so what? There were countless talents in the empire that were comparable or better than Grid. He didn’t have time to care about a person who would soon self-destruct.

“That’s what His Majesty said.” 

1st Prince Roland smiled. 2nd Prince Dulandal confirmed that his teacup was empty, signalled to the maid and asked.

“Brother, what do you think? Can we leave Grid unattended?”

Roland lifted the cup that the maid had replenished and nodded.

"I also know that the force of a legend transcends the human category. But in the end, that’s the power of an individual. He can’t afford to go against Saharan, our great empire which dominates the continent.”

“There are many people in the empire that transcend the category of a human.”

“That isn’t all. In the first place, Grid is a traitor. The royal families of other nations can’t tolerate his existence, since he won the throne through resisting the royal family.”

"Acknowledging Grid will have an adverse effect on the people. Other kingdoms will hope for Grid’s destruction.”

"That's right. They will constantly oppress him and keep him in check. Grid and the kingdom he builds will self-destruct.”

1st Prince Roland and 2nd Prince Dulandal. They were the children of Empress Aria, who left the world six years ago. They were highly likely to be crowned as the heir due to their abilities and adaptability However, their positions had greatly reduced in recent years.

It was because the emperor’s favorite, Empress Marie, politically isolated them. The trend in recent years was 4th Prince Edan. There was much talk that Empress Marie’s son would be become the crown prince.


After Eternal’s royal family had been destroyed. Apart from the Saharan Empire, the royal families of the 15 nations gathered together. The place of the meeting was in the Gauss Kingdom, located close to the Eternal Kingdom. The king of the Gauss Kingdom, Cactus, opened his mouth.

"I’m thankful that the princes of the prestigious nations are gathered here.”

"It’s an honour to meet King Cactus.”

"My father asked me to apologize for not being able to attend personally.”

The atmosphere of the meeting place was cheerful because they were in accord. The reason for gathering was to discuss the Overgeared Kingdom which would soon be established.

"There must not be peace for a kingdom that a rebel has established.”

“That’s right. There’s no glory for rebellion. We need to ensure that our people know this.”

"The Overgeared Kingdom must be destroyed quickly.”

"Thus, we should put pressure on it.”

"Of course. We won’t be establishing diplomacy with Overgeared.”

"That's right, that's right. We have to isolate the Overgeared Kingdom and make them self-destruct.”

The princes of the kingdoms spoke. There was a smile on the face of King Cactus, who looked at them as if they were cute. It was a smile that fit well with the appearance of a toad. 

"It’s essential to isolate them. How about all 15 of us send a representative to Overgeared’s founding ceremony?” 


The princes frowned at King Cactus’ sudden proposal.

“Why do you want to send representatives to the founding ceremony of a kingdom that can’t be accepted?”

"Do you want to celebrate?”

There was a backlash from the princes.

King Cactus shook his head.  "We will send a delegation that if he doesn’t pay tribute to our 15 kingdoms, we will condemn him. How about it?”

“Hoh... That’s a great idea.”

"Making the Overgeared Kingdom send tribute to us...”

“It will accelerate the destruction of the Overgeared Kingdom! Hahahahat!”

Loud laughter filled the meeting place. It was 10 days before the establishment of the Overgeared Kingdom.



It was a small town near Reinhardt. The peaceful village surrounded by mountains on every side was as quiet as a dead rat. From the outskirts, it looked like a ghost town where no one lived.

“Hik... Hiik... S-Spare me Sir. Please...”

Levanfield’s food warehouses. More than 2,000 residents were sobbing in a corner.

Earl Logan screamed at them. “Shut up! The king has died and the kingdom is in turmoil, yet you’re still obsessed with your little lives?”

Earl Logan was really angry. The flag hanging in the centre of Levanfield was a hammer and anvil, not a silver dragon.

"These commoners...! This town is supporting the the rebels who have occupied the kingdom! You guys are turncoats and need to die!”


Earl Logan eventually pulled out a blade. He planned to kill all the residents of Levanfield. Then Marquis Vedaman spoke up.

"Are you going to make your blade dull before tomorrow’s holy war? Don’t worry about the pigs who are too busy eating on their hands and knees when they’re given bread.”

“Marquis Vedaman is right. The reason why we’re here isn’t to dispose of livestock, but to regain the kingdom from the traitor.”


Earl Logan stopped his sword at the nobles’ words. The residents of Levenfield sighed with relief. Marquis Vedaman asked them, “The hammer and anvil is the symbol of the traitor Grid?”

“Yes, yes! That’s right! A few days ago, soldiers arrived from Reinhardt and changed the flag!”

At that moment.


Earl Logan, who had wanted to pull back, brandished his sword as hard as he could. The head of the resident talking to Marquis Vedaman was cut off and rolled across the ground. Earl Logan gritted his teeth.

“Flag! Acknowledging the rebels’ kingdom!!”


The faces of the Levanfield residents changed. The situation recently had been too confusing. The king, who had never done anything for them, died and the kingdom imposed hard taxes, depleting their food warehouses. Why should they be sad? Why should they hate the rebels? Was it their fault that the flag was raised by the rebels? They were taught to always follow the royal family and nobles. They just did what they were taught.

“In the first place...! It isn’t our fault that the kingdom was lost! Weren’t you the one who lost the country because of your own helplessness?”

A young man screamed as he held his dead father that was murdered by Earl Logan.

"First, this is our kingdom! Eternal is our kingdom and we are not livestock!”


Earl Logan’s eyes bugged out. His face distorted like a demon and he tried to swing his sword again.


The tightly closed door of the food warehouse opened, revealing a middle-aged man. It was a man who looked like a bear. The moment he appeared, he radiated a large presence to the nobles and residents of Levenfield.

“Marquis Steim...!”

He used his natural bravery and superb mercenaries to clear up the monsters in the north, becoming its lord. The sudden appearance of one of the greatest powers in Eternal made the nobles, including Earl Logan, feel confused. Marquis Steim looked over the silent crowd and sighed.

"Do you have to involve the people in politics? I’m ashamed of my fellow Eternal nobles.”

“Ik...! Eek!”

Earl Logan was silent for a moment before shouting in an enraged manner.

“Marquis Steim! Why did you come here?”

The rebel Grid was Marquis Steim’s son-in-law. In addition, Marquis Steim had remained silent during the war. He just watched as the kingdom perished. Earl Logan was convinced that Marquis Steim was allied with Grid. The other nobles thought differently.

“Earl Logan! Politely greet Marquis Steim!”

"Marquis Steim wouldn’t betray this kingdom!”

Marquis Steim had always been a loyal figure to the royal family of Eternal. The fact that he didn’t act during the war didn’t mean that he supported Grid. Marquis Vedaman felt confident. Marquis Steim would surely help with the Eternal nobles’ independence movement. That’s why he sent a letter telling Marquis Steim of this place.

"I have known for a long time that Marquis Steim isn’t stuck on petty things like marriage relations. I sincerely thank you for accepting my invitation. Together, we will punish Grid and set up the Eternal Kingdom again.”


Marquis Vedaman held out a hand to shake. Marquis Steim stared at it and asked, “Do you still not know the reason behind how Aslan rose to the throne?”

“...Of course I know. King Aslan killed Prince Ren. However, that’s already in the past. There’s no reason for us to fall apart because of King Aslan. We must quickly wipe out the rebels and set up a proper king.”

Marquis Steim shook his head.

"No, there is no proper king. The moment Prince Ren and King Aslan died, the direct line of Wiesbaden was erased from the world.”


It might be minor, but there were many places in the kingdom where the bloodline of the royal family still existed. This couldn’t be denied. It proved that Marquis Steim had a dangerous mindset.

“Marquis Steim! In the end, you are siding with your son-in-law?”

Marquis Vedaman noticed it at last, causing the nobles, knights, and soldiers to pull out their weapons. The soldiers hiding outside the food warehouse gathered together, isolating Marquis Steim and his men within thousands of people. But Marquis Steim didn’t even blink.

"My son-in-law might not be the right king, but he’s qualified enough to become a new king. Is there any person in the world more suited to be king than my son with his power, strategy, and resourcefulness? I am sure that even the emperor of the empire won’t be better than my son.”


Earl Logan couldn’t listen anymore. He was determined to cut off Marqui Steim’s head with his sword. But he coughed up blood and died before he could move even a few steps. It was due to a sword that came flying from behind. It was a man who the nobles firmly believed belonged to the Nobles Against Grid Alliance. It was the sudden betrayal of Viscount Chris.

“Who are you?”

Chris ignored the screaming Marquis Vedaman and bowed his head to Marquis Steim, staring at him from afar.

“A friend of Grid.”

Marquis Steim laughed.

“A colleague of my son-in-law is also my colleague. Laden, kill the enemies.”


The Northern Nova, Laden. The young man, a genius who represented the kingdom, moved as soon as Marquis Steim gave the order. He was like a black lightning bolt. Every time he moved, half a dozen enemy soldiers died. But the alliance also had talent. The good knights pressed Laden.

Then Chris and the Giant Guild moved.


Grid’s Greatsword. The sword roared like a beast as it swept through the allies.

[The ‘Against Grid Alliance’ quest was abandoned. The quest rewards have been permanently destroyed.]

The quest reward? How could they be more valuable than the future with Grid? Chris and the Giant Guild members couldn’t guarantee it.

“Kill them all! Don’t allow even one of them to reach Reinhardt!”

“Kuaack! Chrissss!”

The remaining nobles of Eternal started dying. It was a week away from the establishment of the Overgeared Kingdom.