Chapter 596


It was important to do everything steadily. Shin Youngwoo originally had a bad physique, but he’d been working out for the last few years, resulting in a solid muscular body.  The cold water coming from the shower that slipped over his smooth muscles was an attractive sight to look at. The changes in body and spirit were due to his efforts. This was one of the sources of Shin Youngwoo’s confidence. 

‘The pros and cons of the Magic Battle Gear Production Method are clear.’

Shin Youngwoo thought as he cooled his overhead head with cold water.

‘Apart from hammering the metal, I have to train it with magic. It will take four times longer to handle and the durability of the metal is significantly reduced.’

Lifael’s Spear. The original myth rated weapon had a durability of 1,500. But the durability dropped to 990 in the process of training it with Magic Missile. It had fallen by one-third.

‘If I enhance a weapon with a low durability like a dagger, I might not be able to use it...’

Equipment items needed to be durable by default. The repeated use and repairs would inevitably drop the maximum durability. Therefore, people were reluctant to use items with low durability.

‘If I’m planning to make items just for selling, it would be wiser not to use the Magic Battle Gear Production Method.’

Of course, it was true that items made using the Magic Battle Gear Production Method were excellent. In fact, Lifael’s Spear was much more beautiful than before. But that was possible because Lifael’s Spear was a myth rated weapon.

‘The higher the rating of the item, the greater the increase in options.’

Considering that the average rating of the items that Shin Youngwoo produced was usually epic, it wasn’t worth investing so much time with the Magic Battle Gear Production Method.

‘However, I will use the Magic Battle Gear Production Method on the items that the guild members will use as their main force.’

He could afford to spend valuable time on items for his colleagues. The disadvantage of the low durability was overcome by Shin Youngwoo’s repair techniques. It was because the maximum durability didn’t decrease when Shin Youngwoo repaired the item directly.

『 The world’s attention towards the first country built by a player, Overgeared, is getting hotter day by day. It isn’t just South Korea. Everyone around the world is focused on Overgeared’s founding ceremony. There are many people who are wondering why Overgeared, who has already acquired the minimum qualifications to set up a kingdom, are delaying the establishment of the kingdom. 』 

『 It must take a long time to prepare. It’s an event that all countries and people all over the world are interested in. They want to create an unprecedented splendid and magnificent founding ceremony. 』

『 The restoration of the palace ruined by Belial will take quite a while. 』

As Shin Youngwoo was taking a shower, stories about Overgeared started to flow from the TV set on the bathroom wall. Shin Youngwoo witnessed the news and turned off the shower.


As predicted by the news, Overgeared was planning a magnificent and brilliant founding ceremony. It was to announce the dignity of the best guild while the attention of the world was focused on them. It was too big for Lauel to handle alone. Every member of Overgeared played a proper role, including Youngwoo. There was 14 days until the ceremony and Yougwoo needed to make items to reward the members.

It was Lauel’s plan. Once the items made by the legendary blacksmith were revealed at the scene of the foundation of the kingdom watched by billions of viewers, the wavelength caused would be truly enormous. Imagine it. New items would increase the Overgeared Guild by leaps and bounds. The viewers who saw this would feel envious and be filled with a burning desire to join Overgeared.

“Overgeared King... Kuoh.”

It was a good name no matter how he thought about it. Shin Youngwoo admired his own naming sense as he left the bath and wrapped his wet hair with a towel.


The phone installed in the middle of the living room rang. It was Jishuka. Youngwoo was startled.

‘She has gathered 60 million gold already?’

60 million gold was a huge amount of money. It couldn’t be secured just by selling items in the game. She had to use money to buy gold from the trading sites and he couldn’t imagine how big the transaction fees would be. Youngwoo opened his mouth as he kept in mind Jishuka’s hard work.

"Pick up.”

At the same time.


The phone stopped ringing and a video appeared on his phone. He could see Jishuka with an endless blue sea behind her. As always, she was smiling brilliantly.

“Hi~! Grid...!”

Jishuka tucked her hair being blown by the wind behind her ears, only to suddenly close her mouth and blush.


Youngwoo cocked his head, while Jishuka’s face turned redder as her gaze focused on one part of his body.

"Are you appealing to me?”


Ah, he wasn’t wearing clothes. Youngwoo belatedly felt a sense of shame and rushed to his room to grab clothes. In the video, Jishuka couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and delighted.

"I think he’s perfect for me.”


The restored Reinhardt Palace.

"Erase all traces of Eternal’s royal family.”

The Eternal Kingdom had a history of 400 years. Reinhardt Palace might’ve been ruined in the aftermath of the Belial raid, but there were still traces of the Eternal dynasty remaining. It was from the small decorations to the architectural style. It was enough to bother Lauel.

“What? The historical value? There’s no value to the history of the losers. Please remove all the statues of the Eternal kings and build a statue of Grid on the spot. Burn all the items engraved with the silver dragon emblem that symbolizes Eternal and imprint a hammer and anvil on the new items. All facilities designed for left-side traffic should be switched to right-side traffic, and...”

Lauel directed the workmen. His hands were constantly on his head. The habit of worrying about his hair loss in reality had transferred to the game.

Administrator Rabbit approached him and reported.

“All the royal families of the 15 kingdoms have rejected the invitation to the founding ceremony. It’s an atmosphere where every kingdom on the continent aren’t acknowledging us.”

Lauel didn’t panic.

"As expected."

Technically, Grid was a rebel who destroyed his kingdom. Recognizing Grid meant acknowledging rebels, so it wasn’t possible for the royal families of other kingdoms to recognize the Overgeared Kingdom.

"Diplomatic isolation would be a major hindrance to national development. Is there a solution?”

Lauel nodded at Rabbit’s question.

"It will be resolved with diplomatic quests.”


Overgeared was a kingdom set up by players. It was evident that it would evolve in the direction that players agreed on, since most of the people of Overgeared weren’t NPCs. Lauel’s focus was on the growth of NPCs and other players. In other words, quests.

'If the players of Overgeared go out to other kingdoms and repeatedly hunt and do quests, our culture and influence will naturally spread to other kingdoms. One day, the other kingdoms would have to acknowledge and accept Overgeared.’

It was a problem that would naturally resolve over time. There was just one point to pay attention to. It was the disruption of other forces such as the Saharan Empire, Ares, Agnus, and Blood Carnival. If the mighty forces sought to persecute the players of Overgeared, most players wouldn’t join the Overgeared Kingdom.

‘We must have the power to prevent that from happening.’

They had to prove that they had the power. That’s why he invited not only Kraugel, Damian, and Chris to the founding ceremony, but also the high rankers who were once hostile to them.

‘I have to prove our influence.’

Please let the rankers who received the invitation attend the ceremony. 

Vantner approached the eagerly praying Lauel and whispered.

"Grow head. Is the pronunciation unusual? It’s a Korean hair loss drug. It works well.”

“Vantner, you...”

He recognized Lauel’s grievance at a glance and recommended hair loss medicine?

Lauel pledged. He would never use the hair loss medicine recommended by Vantner, even if there was a knife at his neck. He didn’t have any confidence in the hair loss medicine recommended by the bald Vantner.


"Many followers have volunteered to attend the construction site of the Reinhardt temples.”

“It’s a reflection of their respect for Grid, who defeated the great demon Belial and brought peace to this world.”

The Rebecca Church’s Vatican.

After the fall of Pope Drevigo and pop candidate Pascal. The high ranking priests sat in higher seats. Their gratitude and respect for Grid was sincere, making Damian feel good.

Damian sensed the atmosphere and said, "I received an invitation letter from Grid asking me to attend the ceremony for the establishment of the Overgeared Kingdom. I’m going to attend. Do any of the elders want to come with me?”


It grew silent in an instant. The elders made fake smiles and shut their mouths.

Damian realized his mistake.

‘They respect Grid, but we can get the persecution of the empire if we support the Overgeared Kingdom... Well, it’s a worry. I was too short-sighted.’

Maybe he would be pressured to not attend the founding ceremony? The moment that Damian was feeling concern.


The 15 silent elders rushed to their feet. Then they looked at Damian with resentful eyes.


Damian hesitated as he was pushed by their momentum and then the elders cried out.

“It’s regretful! How can Your Holiness take the opportunity to bless the path of Grid alone?


"We will go with you! We will lead all the believers of the Vatican to go and bless Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom!”

"Please take us too!”

“...Yes, yep.”

Damian was surprised by the unexpectedly strong reaction and nodded.

Isabel smiled from next to him. She was more beautiful than ever now that her health was completely restored and the shadows of her mind were gone.


"Kraugel, what about you?”

“Are you going?”

Sword Saint Kraugel. Hao and Alexander came to find Kraugel, who was clearing a dungeon with level 300 monsters alone. Would Kraugel, who was dreaming about reclaiming first place, participate in the Overgeared Kingdom’s founding ceremony? Alexander was convinced it wasn’t possible. Kraugel’s desire for strength was stronger than anybody else, and Kraugel wouldn’t be happy about having his training disturbed.

But Kraugel’s answer was different from his prediction.

“It would be nice to attend. I can’t let down a friend.”


Unlike the disbelieving Alexander, Hao laughed quietly.

Then Kraugel suggested. "If you don't mind, how about coming with me?”

“I understand. I will also come.”

“...Understood. I will attend with the Russian rankers."