Chapter 595


“W-What is this...!”

A man whose face was covered in sweat and dust. The black-haired man was a blacksmith. There was no awkwardness to his movements as he hammered on the spear. He looked just like an ordinary blacksmith. But how could he wield Rebecca’s divine weapon and manifest magic from it?

‘What in the world is this blacksmith?’

'Surely a Rebecca paladin isn’t disguised as a blacksmith? He’s been polishing his blacksmith skills for years just for this day?’

Using common sense, it didn’t make sense that the weakened Isabel didn’t return to the Vatican. Was it possible for her to be left alone when she knew that the Yatan Church was after her?

‘Wait. Does it make sense that a paladin is trained in blacksmithing skills?’ 

‘No, have you forgotten how cunning the Rebecca bastards are? It’s certainly possible! We’ve fallen into the vicious trap that this angelic female has dug!’

‘T-That’s right!’

Bon and Adus were indignant. They healed their wounded bodies with black magic and stared at Isabel and the blacksmith.

"Yes, just like the Rebecca dogs. Placing a trap to lure people here?”


Isabel was confused by Bon and Adus’ words, but Grid just laughed. It was annoying to argue with them when they were the one making a surprise attack. Grid had experienced ridiculous things more than one or twice already.

"Uh, that's right. It’s a trap. So just die. Your deaths were determined the moment you fell into the trap.”

Grid smiled widely. He was pleased to have an opponent to test the reconstructed Lifael’s Spear on. His attitude was an eyesore to Bon and Adus.

‘He’s laughing at some of the most talented people in the Yatan Church?’

There were less than 200 1st grade followers in all of the Yatan Church. It meant it was really hard to be qualified as a 1st grade follower.  They were lacking in the fields of theology, intelligence, politics, and military matters, but their combat ability was comparable to the Yatan Servants. This was why Bon and Adus had great pride. They didn’t think they would be pushed, despite fighting Isabel on a one-on-one basis!

"The hyena might dig a trap, but it can’t hunt a lion!”

“Do you think Isabel can stop us in her current state?”


Adus spoke confidently and his black magic exploded. It was so powerful that a shockwave occurred. The interior of the smithy shook like there was an earthquake. The flames in the furnace became bigger! The smithy became a sea of fire. Amongst the flames, Grid’s smile widened. 

'Indeed, they’re good opponents to test this on.’

Bon and Adus’ names were written in gold. It meant they were named NPCs. They were strong. If Grid was a normal player, he wouldn’t dare be hostile to them. But who was Grid? Among the hidden classes, he showed off unique skills and was an outstanding figure. He had killed some Yatan Servants so the 1st grade followers weren’t his opponent.

“I will start the test.”

A myth rated spear that had been modified using the Magic Battle Gear Production Method. Grid held Lifael’s Spear that was surrounded by a white light.

[Lifael’s Spear]

Rating: Myth

Durability: 990/990

Attack Power: 1,530~2,190

* Divine Power +2,000

* All stats +200.

* 250% increase in health recovery.

* Fixed damage of +5,000 on each attack.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Light Wheel’ skill. Every time Light Wheel is activated, Magic Missile is shot. The number of Magic Missiles is determined according to the usage range of Light Wheel. The damage of Magic Missile is fixed at 4,000 per hit and will increase by 50% if the target is evil. No mana will be consumed.

* When defending or evading, there is a high probability that Shield of Light will activate. Magic Missile (Enhanced) is attached to the Shield of Light. Any target that pierces through the Shield of Light will be hit by Magic Missile. The damage of Magic Missile is fixed at 4,000 per hit and will increase by 50% if the target is evil. The accuracy of the Magic Missile counterattack is 100% and does not consume mana.

* When moving, there is a high probability of activating the ‘Light of Guidance’ skill.

* It is possible to use the ‘Weakened White Transformation.’

* Attack power +30% against those with black magic power.

It is one of the three divine artefacts of the Rebecca Church. It contains a strong divine power that humans can’t bear. However, the blacksmith Grid has suppressed the divine power. 

The power of technology has restrained the divine power. Lifael’s Spear is tempered by legendary enhanced magic and is now more powerful than before. 

Conditions of Use: Rebecca's Daughter.

Hwiririk! Cheok!

Grid rotated Lifael’s Spear and thrust it. In the past, he had tried to copy Pon’s techniques. Now he acquired Weapons Mastery and his handling of the spear wasn’t awkward at all.


Bon and Adus hesitated as they were trying to kill Grid. They felt a sense of incongruity.

‘Aren’t Rebecca’s Daughters the only ones who can handle Rebecca’s three divine artifacts?’

This information wasn’t certain. But when looking back at the history of the Rebecca Church, only Rebecca’s Daughters had used the three divine weapons. But now this male blacksmith. No, the paladin disguised as a blacksmith, was using Lifael’s Spear?

Grid rushed over as they were standing there bewildered. The spear wasn’t Grid’s main weapon and Bon and Adus were quite capable, so he didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“You dare!”

Bon and Adus scoffed as Grid narrowed the distance and swung the spear. They ridiculed Grid’s movements, which was a slash instead of a thrust.

'This slow attack can’t touch us... Heok!’

The relaxed Bon and Adus both turned pale at the same time. The golden orbit drawn by Lifael’s Spear. Dozens of white flashes appeared simultaneously?

‘Another spell!’

‘How is this possible?’

Magic Missile was the lowest grade magic spell, but dozens of them were used at once and in rapid succession? In addition, the Magic Missiles used by this guy...



“It hurts!”

It was enhanced Magic Missile!

“Ugh... How can Dark Shield be penetrated with Magic Missile?”

All things were born with a limit and magic was the same. Just like a pebble couldn’t break a rock, the lowest grade Magic Missile shouldn’t be able to penetrate Dark Shield, a superior defense spell.

‘It’s only possible if his magic power is tens or hundreds of times higher than ours...!’


Adus got goosebumps. Was this an elder priest of the Rebecca Church? The blacksmith’s simple force might be weaker than them, but he overwhelmed them in magic power.

‘We were tricked!’

Swinging Lifael’s Spear was just a gimmick. He was a priest, not a paladin. It was also a senior priest!

'That’s why his spearsmanship is lousy!’

The blacksmith pulled their attention to the spear. It was just a means to attract their attention, while his real attack was the magic he used.  Bon and Adus determined this as Grid swung the spear again.

‘I won’t be tricked anymore!’

Bon and Adus smiled. They ignored the spear Grid was wielding and attacked Grid. It was possibility because they were confident they wouldn’t be hit by Grid’s spear. But the result?





A single blow. Grid’s spear severely tore their armor and their shoulders were severely pierced. It was a powerful destructive force that couldn’t be compared with Magic Missile.


Bon and Adus finally realized the seriousness of the situation. They finally guessed Grid’s real identity.


A secret weapon raised by the Rebecca Church.


There were only a few of them, but if they were left alone, they would become comparable to Rebecca’s Daughters. Grid shook his head at the astonished Bon and Adus.

"I am overgeared.”



Grid swung the spear again. He had been stubbornly slashing so far, but this time it was a stab. It was a stab that maximized the attack distance of the spear. The speed and power of the attack was unmatched.


The targeted Adus hurriedly raised his sword. It was necessary to defend against the stab. But immediately before reaching Adus, Lifael’s Spear curved and struck Adus’ side instead. It was Light Wheel that had a high probability of activating.

[Light Wheel]

Stabbing, hacking, cutting, etc.

Any type of attack will be linked to a circular attack. The target won’t be able to escape this irregular attack.

* The hit rate is 100%.

* Contains the light attribute.



Adus screamed as the orbit of the attack suddenly changed. Bon standing next to him also suffered terrible damage. As Grid attacked Adus, Magic Missile was emitted from the golden trail created and struck Bon.


“Ugh...! Uhhh...”



The flames in the smithy became bigger and bigger. Adus and Bon’s groans mixed in with Isabel’s admiring cry. Adus and Pon were named NPCs and quickly got up.


Yes, they remembered. The Yatan Servants’ Slaughterer. From Malacus, Neberius, Dark Bus, and the First Servant Tallos. It was the worst danger to the Yatan Church.

“Grid... You are Grid.”

Bon and Adus knew that Reinhardt was Grid’s territory after the war. But they couldn’t imagine that the blacksmith repairing one of the Rebecca Church’s divine artifacts would be Grid. It was hard to imagine, since Grid had risen to a major rank and there was also the rumor that Grid used Blackening. It was a violation of common sense that he could handle an artifact filled with Rebecca’s divine power.

“Who the hell are you?”

Blacksmith and swordsman.

Swordsman and magician.

A person who handled divine magic and the power of demonkin.

Bon and Adus were filled with confusion as Grid replied.

“Overgeared King.”

The identity had already been established. It was thanks to the Overgeared Guild and it wasn’t long before the Overgeared Kingdom would be established. In the future, Grid wanted the world to call him Overgeared King.

‘What is overgeared?’

Adus and Bon were filled with strong doubts. The two men had completely recovered. Grid’s performance test was enough. He handed Lifael’s Spear back to Isabel.

"You can use White Transformation freely. It can be used as long as you have enough mana.”

The spear no longer consumed health. It was tamer than before. But it was still strong.

"Have strength, Isabel."

He wanted to rest.  It might be a little dangerous for him to deal with Bon and Adus right now. The story would be simple if he used Belial’s Strength attached to the Rune of Darkness. But Grid had no intention of using that extraordinary power when he was sleepy.

Grid shook hands with Isabel and left the smithy, leaving Isabel to use the White Transformation of Lifael’s Spear. She completely overcame the fear of death, making the power of the spear unfathomable.

[The quest has succeeded!]

[You have gained 1 point in deity from the quest reward.]

[Isabel deifies you even more. Isabel will even become hostile to Goddess Rebecca for you if it is required in the future.]

[Isabel will give you the loot she has acquired from Bon and Adus.]