Chapter 594

It was hard. It was seriously hard.

One week?


He spend over a fortnight striking 19 types of metals with Magic Missile. The penalty of using magic continuously was far worse than Grid expected.

'Striking it?’

As soon as he opened his eyes, he connected to the game and repeated the same thing until he fell asleep. His mind was bound to weaken. Grid thought several times about giving up. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was going crazy at the thought of firing Magic Missile 190,000 times.

‘How can a human do such a crazy thing?’

It was different from the days when he looked for the North End Cave and became Pagma’s Descendant.

Reaching the limits of his stamina and concentration wasn’t enough to dampen Grid’s will that was ignited by anger. Grid wanted to forget about that time even now. The idea that this repetitive action wasn’t something a human should do weakened his heart. 

‘No... No. I can’t give up now.’

He would waste the efforts of the past few days the moment he gave up. Grid’s nature couldn’t tolerate this loss. More than anything else.



He couldn’t turn away from Isabel, who was making a pained face from guilt. He started this in the first place because he wanted to make her happy.

‘I won’t give up!’


Grid once again started firing Magic Missile. 100 times, 200, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 times a day...

From that moment on, he couldn’t count how many Magic Missiles he’d shot. He couldn’t afford to count.

“Grid! That’s it! Stop now!”

How many days had passed? The sight of Grid coughing up blood while shooting Magic Missile made Isabel become pale and confused. She couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted. She didn’t want Grid to suffer any longer because of her. At that moment.


Grid fired Magic Missile with a trembling hand.

[The quest has succeeded!]

[’Magic Battle Gear Production Method’ has been acquired.]

Notification windows popped up. It happened when the 190,000th Magic Missile struck adamantium. 

[Magic Battle Gear Production Method Lv. 1]

Metal can be tempered with magic attacks. If you make an item with this metal, there is a certain chance of the item developing a magic option.

* The rating of the metal enchanted with magic is subdivided from normal to legend. Depending on the rating, the magic options will be stronger and more varied.

* Level 1 production. The magic that can be used to temper metal is limited to Magic Missile.

* In order to raise the level of Magic Battle Gear Production Method, you must learn how to temper the metal with higher rated spells.

“Good. Very good.”

The reward that came at the end of a huge amount of effort was always satisfying. A delighted smile appeared on Grid’s haggard face.

“Isabel, are you ready to enjoy your happiness?”


Isabel finally burst into tears. She was forced to sacrifice herself for Goddess Rebecca, who she loved and believed in the most. Now a savior had appeared. Grid’s existence was becoming more and more special to Isabel. Her gratitude, respect, and trust in Grid was much stronger and more absolute than her heart that served Rebecca.


Grid was proud when he saw the delighted Isabel, only to suddenly worry about his future.

* In order to raise the level of Magic Battle Gear Production Method, you must learn how to temper the metal with higher rated spells.

A phrase in the skill description made Grid uneasy.

‘Hey Braham. Raising the level of the Magic Battle Gear Production Method... Don’t tell me...’

‘Your guess is correct. Later, you will learn new magic and shoot it at all minerals 10,000 times.’


The reason Grid could fire Magic Missile 190,000 times despite grumbling about the difficulty was because the resources consumed by Magic Missile and the time needed to use it was small. It was impossible to compare 190,000 Magic Missiles to 190,000 higher rated spells.


Grid sighed deeply like someone who had lost a country.


Recently, Brazil’s real estate market had been suffering.

Jishuka. She accumulated a huge amount of wealth from Satisfy and had started to dispose of all the land and buildings she owned. It was a sudden sale. She hastily sold her properties at a cheaper price than the market value and converted it to cash.

What was the emergency? People started speculating.

Jishuka had received information that the Brazilian real estate market was going to collapse and disposed of her properties in advance.

Jishuka was addicted to drugs and was disposing of her properties to pay for the drugs.

Jishuka was preparing to move to South Korea to be with Grid. It was clear that her marriage to Grid was approaching. 

And so on.

People’s speculations about Jishuka ran wild. Once it became an issue, various types of media outlets came forward. The Brazil media requested an interview from Jishuka. Jishuka gave an interview in exchange for money and greatly shocked the Brazilian people.

"Recently, Jishuka’s actions are making the Brazilian people uneasy. Can you explain the reason why you are disposing of your real estate so hurriedly?”

"It’s to pay for an item.”


"Item...? An item in Satisfy?”



It was estimated that Jishuka’s disposable real estate was worth almost 60 million dollars. It was big enough to make a company with a lot of capital. She was going to use this huge capital to pay for an item? The reporters barely regained their spirits and asked Jishuka.

“Are you entrusting Grid to make you a set of items?”

Yes, Grid was a legendary blacksmith. The value of the items he made was high enough to be different from normal items. If Grid produced a ‘set’ that covered the whole body, this astronomical price made sense.  Think about being covered from head to toe in legendary items. They would be able to quickly kill monsters and monopolize various contents.

Jishuka shook her head at the reporters.

“It’s the value of a bow.”


Grid’s items were priced at a premium that they couldn’t imagine. This article became a hot topic all over the world and the Internet was once again turned upside down.

-Won’t Grid become the world’s largest conglomerate?

-Grid is really...


Yatan Church.

The eternal enemy of the Rebecca Church. Their purpose was working to bring the great demons to this earth. This meant they had to defeat Rebecca’s Daughters. The Rebecca Church was the strongest force and placed too many restrictions on the Yatan Church’s activities. Thus, the Yatan Church was forced to pursue them.

It was the reason why the quest ‘Kill Rebecca’s Daughters (SSS)’ was always on the list of quests for players belonging to the Yatan Church. But was it really that easy to kill a Rebecca’s Daughter? They were too strong. As the incarnation of divine power, Rebecca’s Daughters were deadly to black knights and black magicians. It was realistically impossible for the Yatan Church to kill these women.

But at this moment, an opportunity came. Isabel, one of the most powerful Rebecca’s Daughters of this time. The Yatan Church acquired information that she was weakened in the battle against the Great Demon Belial.

"Great Monarch Belial sacrificed herself for this chance.”

"The current Isabel is extremely weak. It’s enough to send only the believers.”

The Yatan temples hidden throughout the continent. They would be able to find Isabel quickly. The Yatan Servants sat around a table and smiled with satisfaction.


The Yatan followers were divided into eight classes.

The 8th grade believers were as weak as the soldiers of any kingdom, while the 1st grade believers had a mighty force. Although there were only 100 of them across the Yatan Church. Their battle ability alone was comparable to the Yatan Servants.

“It’s here.”

"Immediately after the war, the defense is weak.”

The 1st grade Yatan followers, Bon and Adus, succeeded in infiltrating Reinhardt. It was just after the war and Reinhardt wasn’t able to fully control access of outsiders because the guard system wasn’t fully in place.

“Where’s Isabel?”

“I don’t know exactly. We must measure the divine power.”

In the dark. Bon and Adus concealed themselves under the shaded walls and started to use dark magic. It was the precursor of Magic Detection that most senior magicians could use. Magic Detection used with black magic power was particularly effective in detecting divine power. Bon and Adus were able to find Isabel without much difficulty.

“Indeed, she’s weakened like the information said.”

"I think it’s possible even if we don’t go out.”

“But this mission definitely needs to be resolved. Don’t leave it to the lower rated guys. We’ll go out directly.”

“Unfortunately, it can’t be helped.”

At present, Isabel’s divine power was like a flickering candle. It meant her health was fading. They didn’t need to watch out for White Transformation because she was so weak she would die immediately upon using White Transformation.


Bon and Adus made confident expressions as they assimilated into the darkness and disappeared from the spot. Their destination was a smithy to the north of Reinhardt.

“I see her.”

Bon and Adus spied on the inside of the smithy. Despite the darkness, the light of the furnace showed a blacksmith working and Isabel watching him.

“What’s she doing?”

Rebecca’s Daughter Isabel was sitting idly in the smithy, despite dying. Bon and Adus didn’t understand the situation at all. But it was only for a moment. Their confused expressions changed to smiles.

“Maybe Lifael’s Spear is broken?”

"Rebecca’s divine artifact is broken? Is Rebecca’s divine power corrupted?”

"Great Monarch Belial must’ve dealt a big blow.”


Now the situation was convincing. Isabel was wounded and couldn’t return to the Vatican.

"Lifael’s Spear is so badly damaged that it needs to be urgently repaired.”

"This is a really great opportunity.”

Isabel was weakened and her divine weapon damaged. Dealing with her was as simple and easy as hitting a fly. Bon and Adus exchanged a look before moving.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

They shattered the wall of the smithy with black magic. 

"Kuahahat! Rebecca’s dog will be caught today!”

They swung swords made of black magic at Isabel. But their swords didn’t reach Isabel.

“What is this?”

The blacksmith hammering in front of the furnace. Yes, it was a blacksmith. Bon and Adus hadn’t paid attention to the person hammering at the golden spear. Then.


Dozens of Magic Missiles were fired from the golden spear.



Bon and Adus were confused by the bombardment of Magic Missiles. They were Magic Missiles with divine power that made the dark shield useless.