Chapter 593

While Grid was learning the Magic Battle Gear Production Method. 

The Overgeared members were scattered all over and performing their own duties. They encouraged and helped the people greatly damaged by the war and repaired Reinhardt, Patrian, and Bairan. The person who played the biggest role in this process wasn’t the high rankers like Jishuka, Yura, Regas, or Pon. It was surprisingly Grid’s sister, Ruby.

Ruby’s overwhelming healing power and benevolent spirit helped to heal and encourage the wounded bodies and minds of the people and soldiers.

“Thank you! I really appreciate it! My friends and family are able to regain their health thanks to Saintess Ruby!”

"I thought I would spend my whole life like this, but I’m able to walk thanks to the Saintess. I will thank the Saintess for the rest of my life and live well.”

“Ah! Saintess Ruby is Grid’s sister? How could there be two such wonderful siblings?”

The people’s love and respect for Ruby grew further. In accordance, Ruby’s sphere of influence was naturally expanded. It was right below Grid’s. Lauel thoroughly took advantage of this.

"We will increase the speed of the recovery operation. Let the people and soldiers work more. If Ruby goes and preaches the necessity of labor, the people will be willing to work harder.”

"Aren’t the people already working all the time except for when they’re eating and sleeping? No way. They’ll collapse.”

“Ruby, can’t you heal them if they fall?” 

Perfect infinite power! The value of the Saintess’ wide-area healing ability was great. Lauel really liked Ruby, who created an environment where the people and soldiers could be overworked. Ruby didn’t like Lauel’s words.

“A bad person.”

"You can condemn me, but I’m proud of myself. My decision is solely for the growth of Grid and Overgeared. I don’t think I’m wrong.”

"Hmph, I have nothing to say to you.”

Ruby turned around, going to the people and soldiers to ask them for more harsh labor. Ruby was also a member of Overgeared and couldn’t disobey Lauel’s orders.

"I’ll take good care of you so that you don’t get hurt."

Ruby promised the people.

A smile appeared on Lauel’s face.

“Unlike Grid, she has a cute side...”


The feelings deeply sealed in his heart were moving.

‘What? What is this hot flame moving through my heart?’

Lauel didn’t know, but it was love. The late first love of the 22 year old Lauel began.


“What? Lauel ordered the troops to gather in Reidan?”

"Yes, because it’s at the border of the Saharan Empire and must be thoroughly defended.”

"Why did he make such a decision? Shouldn’t we be paying attention to the remnants of the Eternal Kingdom, not the Saharan Empire? From their perspective, they can’t forgive us for killing the king and dividing the kingdom. What if they gather their troops and advance to Bairan or Reinhardt?”

Toban questioned Lauel’s command. He had served as chief of staff of the Tzedakah Guild. From his point of view, Lauel seemed to be making a big mistake.

Euphemina and Vantner agreed.

“Yes. In the current situation, the remnants of Eternal wouldn’t miss this gap.”

“Did Lauel make a mistake because he is tired?”

The moment everyone was feeling distrustful of Lauel’s judgment.

“Lauel hasn’t overlooked the presence of Marquis Steim.”

The silent Yura opened her mouth. Her peach lips captivated everyone’s eyes.

"After the death of King Aslan, his evil deeds were revealed to the public and Marquis Steim has nothing to worry about anymore. He will unconditionally serve Youngwoo-ssi. But how can he come to Youngwoo-ssi with empty hands after he refused his support during the war?”

“I see!”

"There’s still Marquis Steim!”

Vantner made a confused expression while Toban and Euphemina nodded immediately.

"Sooner or later, Marquis Stein will arrive with a gift.”

“The gift is the remnants of those who are against Grid. Indeed, Lauel is incredible. He expected this and stationed the troops in Reidan.”

"Yura is also amazing for discovering it. Won’t Lauel have an easier time if Yura assists him?”

“No. Yura needs to level up. She’s one of the strongest powers of our guild.”


The strongest power. Was it really like that? Yura couldn’t accept it.

‘I’m weak.’

The epic class Euphemina, and Jishuka armed with the Red Phoenix Bow were comparable to the legendary rated Grid and Kraugel. She was weak, despite having a legendary class.

‘This is a problem. I need to devote myself to finding the hidden pieces as soon as possible.’

It was a matter of pride. Yura also dreamt about becoming stronger than everyone else.

‘My next destination is...’

Hell. The stage that maximized a Demon Slayer’s abilities. Once the establishment of the Overgeared Kingdom was complete and the Overgeared Guild regained stability, she would rush to hell and concentrate on her growth. Yura was prepared.


Three Rebecca Temples would be built in Reinhardt. The elders of the Rebecca Church accepted Pope Damian’s command. They would send full support to Grid and Overgeared, who destroyed the great demon Belial. The players belonging to the Rebecca Church received a quest.

[The ‘Temple Construction’ quest has been created.]

[Temple Construction]

Difficulty: A

The Rebecca Church plans to build three temples in Reinhardt, the territory of the great hero Grid.

Help the construction of the Rebecca Temples.

Quest Clear Conditions: Work for at least four days at the construction site of the Rebecca Temples.

Quest Reward: You have the right to be assigned to the newly built temple. Divine Power +20. The compensation will differ according to construction contribution.

"How much manpower are they lacking that they would make paladins and priests participate in the construction sites?”

"Isn’t it common that the funds and manpower required for the construction of the temple be covered by the lord of the territory that the temple is built in?”

“Wow... Surely we aren’t paying for the cost of the temples built in Reinhardt?”

“Pope Damian is abusing his authority. It’s well known that he’s a fan of Grid.”

"I can’t believe that the elders approved this.”

The players in the Rebecca Church didn’t like the Temple Construction quest. They couldn’t understand why they were supposed to participate in the construction of the temple and felt uncomfortable because they seemed to be used for Damian’s private affairs. However, there were very few players who refused the quest. A-grade quests weren’t easy to get and the reward was quite good.

‘It increases divine power by 20.’

‘Reinhardt is one of the few very large cities on the whole continent. If I can get there, I can make great profits by clearing numerous quests every day.’

‘I don’t want to miss the chance to build up a friendship with Overgeared.’

‘Follow the trend for the future.’

Talents started to gather in Reinhardt, which would become the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom. This was the power of Overgeared.


“I’m sorry!”

The members of the Silver Knights, including Peak Sword, returned. They thought of themselves as sinners. It was because Cork Island was completely destroyed. The Cork Island that flourished in the past couldn’t exist again. Tears flowed down Peak Sword’s face as he recalled the ruined Cork Island.

“If we had handed it over to Eternal when you told me...”

The island wouldn’t have been destroyed. It would’ve been taken away, but they could’ve used it in the future. They needlessly protected Cork Island and brought about irreversible results. Lauel comforted Peak Sword, who couldn’t even lift his head.

“It isn’t your fault. It’s mine for not anticipating Blood Carnival’s strike.”

There was no way to predict it, but he didn’t make excuses. Lauel never thought that Peak Sword would completely protect Cork Island from Eternal’s navy. In the first place, there was no reason for Blood Carnival to intervene. Unfortunately, Peak Sword was far more outstanding than expected and the result turned out like this.

‘Now that Cork Island is destroyed, the cost of restoring the destroyed facilities is too high. It’s better to give up neatly.’

They didn’t need to be so obsessed. Originally, Cork Island was the major source of income for Overgeared. But this would change in the future. The territories belonging to Eternal that would be occupied by Overgeared were much more valuable than Cork Island.

Then Lauel received a new report.

“Katz has returned.”

Blood Warrior Katz. His strength was comparable to Grid when he was on the battlefield. No, maybe it was higher than Grid. Lauel had big hopes for him. He hoped Borneo would be protected for 10 days. Lauel rushed over and greeted Katz.

"You must have suffered a lot. We were able to protect our rear thanks to your actions.”

It would be great if they could make Borneo completely theirs, but there were only 1,000 troops assigned to Katz. It was impossible to completely protect Borneo from the Gauss Kingdom which could move tens of thousands of troops. It was great work to keep it for just 10 days.

Katz reported to Lauel. “The Gauss Kingdom’s army has given up on occupying Borneo and has retreated. I think it’s better to send reinforcements to Borneo so that the Gauss Kingdom doesn’t attempt it again.”


The Gauss Kingdom’s army gave up on occupying Borneo and retreated? The result was unbelievably shocking.

"How did you keep Borneo?”

Katz formed a circle with his fingers after hearing Lauel’s question.



Well, he should speak to Grid. Lauel wanted to give Katz and Peak Sword good weapons for all their hard work.


Chaaeng! Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Days passed. He kept using Magic Missile except for the time he spent sleeping.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng! Chaaeng!


Grid used Magic Missile on the metals without a break. The dark circles under his eyes  were reminiscent of a dead man.


Isabel’s beautiful face was filled with worry as she watched Grid in the smithy. She felt sorry that Grid was struggling for her. She wondered if she could really abuse Grid this much.

‘Suffering because of me... No. I can’t endure it anymore.’

Isabel stood up. She didn’t care about her own matter anymore. She only hoped for Grid to be safe.


Isabel was about to tell Grid to stop. Then the adamantium was hit 10,000 times by Grid’s Magic Missile and shone brilliantly, lighting up the entire smithy. Grid turned to the amazed Isabel and smiled brightly.

“Are you ready to enjoy your happiness?”