Chapter 592

A Dungeon Maker could build dungeons underground, in caves, inside buildings, etc.

The rating of the constructed dungeon varied according to the location, design, and scale. The higher the rating of the dungeon, the greater the number of traps and monsters that could be placed. Therefore, the rank of the dungeon was a factor that directly contributed to the difficult.

[The third section of the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon has been completed.]

[The third section is structurally capable of placing 8 traps and 193 monsters. However, you can’t place flying-type monsters.]

[This is a unique-rated dungeon. As a bonus, experience has increased by 10% and all stats have increased by 6.]

[Every time someone destroys a trap or hunts a monster, you will share some of their experience. You can acquire a certain amount of gold and building materials every time someone acquires items. If a dungeon explorer dies during the dungeon, you will receive various special rewards.]

The dungeon ‘Beware Dogs’ built in the Dravian Mountains by Dark was his masterpiece. It was a structure that thoroughly blocked intruders to protect ‘it,’ which would someday become its master. Of course, dungeons built by Dark weren’t always used for this purpose.

Dungeons were a highly utilized space. Dark sometimes produced dungeons that trained his allies or were easy to attack for his own benefits. Often, he created special dungeons such as a ghost house and charged for admission, creating a tourist attraction.

In any case, Dark didn’t doubt that Beware Dogs would fully protect him as he intended. But there was still a long time left until it was finished. The production time and cost for the dungeon was too big. In particular, money. More money was needed.

‘Should I raise the commission cost for Blood Carnival?’

No, he couldn’t be too greedy. Competitors in the same industry had been on the rise in recent years, so he had to be nervous.

‘There are too many bad guys in the world.’

In the shadowy parts of the world, he could see all of them. There were those who harmed others casually, those who killed people for a reason, etc. 

Kaaang! Kaaang!

Puok! Puk.


He repeatedly knocked down walls with a pickaxe, dug with a shovel, and built new walls with bricks. Dark was deeply involved in the creation of the dungeon when he felt skeptical.

‘What is this feeling? I have a hidden class, but have to do hard labor every day?’

He looked at the pickaxe and shovel he never touched in reality and was appalled.

“Sigh... Still, I’m glad because it’s a class that can earn me many rewards.”

Dark sighed deeply. He was a lot like someone. That someone was naturally...

“Magic Missile! Magic Missile! Magic Missile! Magic... Oh! Hey, this #@!$%~!”


Grid used Magic Missile for hours on the iron ore placed on the anvil. He already emptied a few mana potions in his mouth and asked Braham again for confirmation.

“Is this real? Can I really learn the Magic Battle Gear Production Method by repeating this?”

Braham replied to the desperate looking Grid.

‘That’s right. After hitting the iron ore 10,000 times, you need to hit the jaffa ore 10,000 times and then orichalcum 10,000... If you continue this process, you will eventually strike adamantium and bloodstone 10,000 times and you will be qualified to learn the Magic Battle Gear Production Method.’


It wasn’t just iron ore? Grid doubted his ears but didn’t forget to use Magic Missile. Then a notification window appeared.

[Your intelligence has increased by 1.]

[Your magic accuracy has increased by 0.01%.]


It was fortunate that his stats increased from labor. He was particularly pleased that his intelligence stat was increasing.


Grid had just been cursing and now he was as happy as a child. Braham thought it was absurd.

‘There’s such a simple person in this world?’

He wasn’t disparaging this simplicity. Braham thought that Grid’s talent came from this simplicity.

‘In particular, his simple personality plays a big part when he focuses on repetitive work.’

A huge smile. Grid was happy at the sight of his rising stats and Braham whispered to him.

‘Please note that you can learn new magic if your intelligence increases a bit more.’

“R-Really? Okay! Magic Missile! Magic Missile!”

Teong! Teong!

[Your intelligence has increased by 1.]

[Your magic accuracy has increased by 0.01%.]

[Magic Mastery has increased by Lv. 5 to Lv. 6.]

There was compensation. Labor was always right. It didn’t matter if it was hard.

“Pant pant! Magic Missile! Pant pant! Magic Missile! Magic Missile!”

Grid’s satisfaction rose. His enthusiasm rose from the increasing stats and he continued to hit the iron ore with Magic Missile. At first, the iron ore was damaged or penetrated by Grid’s Magic Missile, but now it was become firmer every time. It was the process of training his magic.


Minor. He had been serving Grid since he was a 13 year old boy. Now the talent forcefully obtained by Grid in Bairan had turned 18 years old. What had he been doing for the past five years? He was exploring all over the continent for new and better quality minerals. It was very difficult. It had been difficult to find new minerals during his stay in Reidan.

But the power of education was terrible! His qualities had blossomed due to Grid forcing him to study, and at this moment, he found new minerals. The Dravian Mountains. It was renowned for being the nest of Light Dragon Nevartan.

‘This is really...!’ I feel the aura of a new mineral!’

Now he had good news to tell Duke Grid.

‘No, he isn’t a duke, but a king.’

Minor originally disliked Grid. Minor’s pride was high in the sky because he was such a unique genius and he thought it was shameful to serve only a duke.  Minor thought that only the emperor of the Saharan Empire was qualified to become his master.

But his thoughts had changed recently. Despite being a commoner like Minor, Grid became a great nobleman and was even qualified to become the king of a nation. Minor’s impression of Grid changed a lot.

‘This is a person I can serve.’

Minor was determined to serve Grid in the future. He would perform faithfully under Grid and learn a lot.

‘Huhuhu... Then one day I will become a noble and a king.’

From now on, his goal was to become the second Grid. Minor felt resolved and pulled a pickaxe out of his bag. He planned to maximize his achievements by taking the newly discovered mineral directly to Grid. Grid utilized Minor as a minerals detector, but he liked mining more.

Minor, who was as greedy as Grid and as self-conscious as Lauel, started climbing the Dravian Mountains. He had developed great mobility skills and raised his strength, stamina, and persistence while exploring the continent for the past several years.


“Magic Missile! Magic Missile! Magic Missile!”

The average time it took to use Magic Missile (Enhanced) Lv. 3 was 1.5 seconds. The cooldown time was less than one second, but this calculation was when it was used repeatedly due to the very short activation time. It consumed 420 mana for one. Thanks to various titles and items, his total intelligence was over 1,900 and his mana was 12,000.

Calculating it simply, Grid’s mana was depleted when Magic Missile was used without rest for 40 seconds. There were limits, even if he took a mana potion. There was a waiting time for the potion reuse time. In other words, it was theoretically impossible for Grid to launch Magic Missile for dozens of minutes.

Yet Grid had already used Magic Missile for over four hours. It was due to the Ring of Absurdity that reduced the consumption of resources by 50%.

‘This game is truly about items.’

Grid realized the undeniable truth again and smiled with delight. The moment the 10,000th Magic Missile hit the iron ore.

[You have learned the Iron Ore Magic Training method.]

[In the future, you can train the iron ore with various attack spells. The power and skill of the magic you use will determine the speed of the iron ore training.]

[The magically tempered minerals have a lower durability than traditionally handled minerals, but there is a possibility that special magic options will be attached. The types of options depends on the magic you use to temper it.]

“Oh...! Ohh!!”

Grid’s joy pierced the sky after repeating the same thing for 4 hours and 10 minutes. Braham urged Grid as he was checking the rewards.

'Wouldn’t it be better to keep using Magic Missile? Next is the jaffa ore.’

Perhaps Braham wasn’t aware of his own emotions. Braham’s voice also sounded excited and Grid laughed.

‘I want to see the magic battle gear that you can create quickly.’

Iron ore, jaffa, mithril, orihalcum, black iron ore, blue orichalcum, and finally adamantium and bloodstone. Grid had to strike at least 19 types of metals 10,000 times and it would take at least a week. Of course, this included the stamina recovery time and Satisfy connection time limit.

The same process needed to be repeated for a week or more. It would be terrible and disgusting for another person. But it wasn’t a big deal for Grid. Grid wasn’t frustrated because it merely required patience, not talent. Not giving up was Grid’s specialty.

[The long term magic use has slowed magic recovery speed and the mana deployment speed.]

[You are tired. Stamina is consumed more quickly. You have resisted.]

'It might take 10 days instead of a week.’

The system started to interfere. But Grid’s expression didn’t change at all. He had perfectly adapted to this training.

‘Isabel, wait a little longer. I will surely give you the best spear.’

There was no anxiety. Grid’s expression was calm as he started striking the jaffa ore with Magic Missile. Only those waiting by the side were nervous.

‘How long is he going to repeat the same thing?’

‘Isn’t he bored? I’m dying of boredom just watching...’

'Uhh, my body is tired standing next to him. I am sore.’

‘Please go and take a rest...’

Reinhardt’s blacksmiths started to be afraid of Grid’s obsession. On the other hand, Damian and Isabel looked at Grid like he was a role model. They thought that Grid’s spirit was uncommon in this world.

“Magic Missile!”


White flashes occurred in the smithy through the night. Lauel smiled at the sight from the distant walls.

“This light is the glorious future that will lead this kingdom. Hut...!”

The cool wind blew in the pleasant night.