Chapter 587


Kasim and White’s eyes met as Black turned to grey. It was difficult for White to understand.

King of Shadows, Kasim. Why did the continent’s strongest assassin serve Grid? She felt at a loss.

‘Does he have any weaknesses?’

White was curious, but had no chance to resolve the question. It was because Kasim flew towards her.



It was like she was surrounded by hundreds of enemies. Kasim’s ability to use the shadows that existed everywhere was a scam.


White blocked the shadow knife that flew at her and then her eyes widened. Kasim moved through the shadows behind her and stabbed his knife.

‘Too much!’


At the same time, White swung her fist as hard as possible at the knife. It was an exciting counterattack that failed to reach Kasim. Kasim once again moved through the shadows to avoid the attack. However, White didn’t feel regret. It was sufficient that she managed to open up the distance. White gained a little bit of safety and chewed on a piece of meat. It was in order to accumulate fat.

‘What is with Reidan?’

There were still monsters, despite the main force of Overgeared being away. The power of Overgeared might be more than she imagined.

‘Che, I need to hold Kasim’s feet until Black succeeds in assassinating Irene.’

Could she hold on? He was a named NPC who created a lot of stories throughout the continent. White’s attitude was very careful as she calculated the odds of victory.

‘I was level 230 when rumors of the shadow assassin started spreading.’

It meant Kasim had his third advancement class when she was still at her second advancement. White was currently level 370. Considering the experienced required to level up and the growth rate of named NPCs, Kasim’s level was likely to be in the mid-400s. It was fortunate that the level difference wasn’t over 100.

‘A level difference of 60 or so can be overcome by the titles and rune effect. It would be a different story if Kasim achieved his fourth advancement class, but it’s hard to say if he has.’

The obvious problem was Kasim’s shadows. A shadow assassin had a great deal of defense and utility, unlike a normal assassin. They didn’t have any obvious weaknesses. White was merely a martial artist and had a lot of difficulty dealing with Kasim. But there was one hopeful fact.

‘A shadow assassin has weak attack power.’

A normal assassin had a high attack power and a weak body, while a shadow assassin was very stable, but had a low attack power. Black was easily killed by Kasim because of her class characteristics and her clone was a magician.

‘It’s possible to hold on until Black assassinates Irene.’

White thought of this and reduced her muscle mass while increasing her fat. It was to raise her defense in exchange for lowering her attack power and agility. 



White didn’t collapse despite the constant onslaught from Kasim. She gritted her teeth and persisted. Kasim confirmed that the shadow dagger didn’t kill White and clicked his tongue.

‘Too weak. The attack power is halved.'

There was no panacea in the world. White didn’t know it, but Kasim had a weakness. His skills consumed too much mana. In other words, Kasim wasn’t weak just when it came to attack power. He was also weak in combat duration. It wasn’t good to have a long fight with White.

But Kasim didn’t rush. No, to be precise, he couldn’t be in a hurry. It was because he detected the muscles hidden deep in White’s flesh.

‘A strong woman. She will attack the moment I show a moment of weakness.'

He needed to be careful. In the first place, there was no need to be hasty. This was his lord’s territory. Everyone was an ally except for White in front of him. Kasim controlled his heart and arranged his mana. Then he started to slowly pressure White. He couldn’t know that White was happy with his choice.

‘Kasim, it’s easier to buy time because of your wariness.’

White barely refrained from laughing. She had no doubt that good news would arrive from Black and the ideal results would be obtained.

On the other hand, Lord was watching Kasim’s movements. He wanted to learn from his master’s fighting and become stronger. Why? He realized he needed strength to defend his precious people. Lord’s eyes shone like lanterns as he watched Kasim fight. The profile of the young child was watched by the farmers of Reidan.

‘This is Grid’s son...’

'Is this a super grade NPC? Isn’t he enormously gifted?’

‘Right... If he’s already a monster, I can’t imagine how great he will be afterwards.’

'...Should we stick with him?’

‘Eh? There are too many talents in Overgeared and we won’t stand up.’

‘Let’s not join Overgeared. We should just serve Lord. Look at the future. If we serve Lord, who will become a big character later on, won’t we be famous as well?’

'Oh, that’s a good idea?’

The supreme continental talent that captivated even a user’s mind. They would become Lord’s support in the future. They would emerge in the world and build up an independent power. It was the birth of the special Overgeared unit.


[The summoned illusion has been damaged and has vanished.]

[20% experience has been lost.] 


The performance of the Illusionist that made illusions real was so great it could be called OP. Of course, there were also penalties. A small amount of experience was consumed every time an illusion was made and a large amount of experience was lost when it was destroyed by the enemy. In addition, the ability of the Illusionist fell significantly. It was a class with an obvious limit to levelling.

‘I can’t dream about reaching level 400.’

Black checked her experience gauge that had fallen sharply. She had currently succeeded in entering Reidan. Most of the troops were deployed elsewhere, leaving Reidan empty and with poor security. It was very difficult for the guards to find Black, who had an illusion around her.

‘Where is Irene’s bedroom?’

Black was frustrated as she moved through the castle as secretly as possible. She was worried about how long her sister White could last against the monster called Kasim.


Black was trying to find Irene quickly when her face turned red. It was because she found a silver-haired woman in the garden of the outdoor terrace. 

“...Really pretty.”

The silver-haired woman was so beautiful that Black was shocked. The woman didn’t raise her head from the beautiful garden full of flowers. Her name was Irene. She was the innocent beauty who was the first love of many players until she became Grid’s wife.

‘What a bright smile.’

A beautiful woman like her would have a different life from Black. She was always loved and enjoyed happiness.

‘There are no shadows in her heart.’


Wind blew through Black’s hair as she stood on the terrace and looked down at Irene. Black’s thin face filled with hatred.

‘Does it make sense that a NPC will be happier than me?’


Black had been abandoned at an orphanage with her sister White. She had never been loved by anyone from the moment she was born. She had been the subject of mockery and pity. Thus, she hated Irene. She couldn’t accept such a radiant existence. She felt a sense of deprivation when she saw those who were full of happiness. She wanted to take away the happiness they felt.

“I’ll kill her.”

Kill. Kill. Kill. Black’s eyes were filled with madness as she looked at Irene. She laughed like a madman as she imagined herself with shiny silver hair. It was the precursor to Illusion Manifestation.

At that moment.

"Don’t infect her with your misery.”

Black heard the voice of a stranger. It was a male voice. It was filled with a chill that seemed to penetrate into her bones.


Black was surprised and turned to look at the dark corridor.

Step. Step.

Footsteps came closer from the direction the voice was heard. After a moment. Black confirmed the identity of the man who appeared from the darkness.

“F-Faker? You should be in Reinhardt!”

The evaluation for Faker was very high. Despite being a normal class user, he had a clear reputation. Of course, the White and Black sisters also appreciated Faker. His control skills and ability to perfectly utilize his class characteristics were reminiscent of Kraugel.

Strictly speaking, it was an inferior version of Kraugel. If Kraugel’s stats were evaluated as S grade, Faker’s stats were A+. Faker was well aware of this difference. He was a top ranker, but he wasn’t one of the best rankers. He believed it was a problem of talent that couldn’t be overcome with effort.

But Faker now abandoned that belief. He realized it during the Belial raid. If he didn’t have a bigger greed, he would keep being a non-existent person.

“Black. A sun grade player.”

The same grade as Grid and Kraugel. Fighting spirit filled Faker’s eyes as he gazed at Black.

“I will break my limits by beating you.”

He would climb up the cliff and eventually crush the sky beside him. He had to take a leaf from Grid’s book. He couldn’t give up. Thus, he declared.

“I will also reach for the sky.”


Faker’s robe moved, attracting Black’s attention for a moment. Faker didn’t miss this opening. He immediately threw a dagger while narrowing the distance with Black.



Black hurriedly summoned a warrior-type clone and gulped as she blocked Faker’s attack. Unlike the famous high rankers, Faker had a normal class, but his attack was surprisingly powerful.

‘This is nonsense! What’s with these stats?’

Faker had a lot of time while protecting his colleagues backs at the hunting ground. He did his best in his position. Standing in the shadows, he swung his sword a few thousand times in order to make sure this time wasn’t in vain.



Silver light shone in the darkness as Black’s clone went on the defensive.

Rebirth. A legend about a normal class was being written.