Chapter 588

‘Just like a flying squirrel!’

An assassin’s counter class was a defensive warrior. It was a balanced warrior who could tie up the assassin’s fast feet with a determined charge, reduce the assassin’s strength with a high defense, and tear the assassin’s weak body with appropriate attack power.

Black was convinced. Her warrior clone would be able to easily overpower Faker. However, reality wasn’t that easy. Faker’s impressive movements took full advantage of his class characteristics and control skills. It was too hard to hit him.



The sword wielded by Black’s clone only swiped through empty air.


The warrior’s dash that immediately narrowed the distance to the target and suppressed them was also useless. Faker was able to see the timing and point of arrival of the dark by looking at the warrior’s preparatory movements before he used it. The warrior couldn’t catch Faker because it was avoided beforehand. 

‘Another Kraugel?’

It was reminiscent to the movements of Kraugel, who wasn’t overpowered despite fighting one versus two against Black and her sister. Black made a decision.

‘First of all, the location is the problem.’

Reidan Castle’s 3rd floor hallway. The dark and narrow space was like a prison for a warrior. The sword couldn’t be wielded properly, halving the power and speed. The accuracy rate also dropped, as she failed to keep track of the assassin’s fast movements in the darkness. It was due to the narrowness of the place that Faker could read the orbit of the charge.

On the other hand, Faker was like a fish who met water. He kicked off the walls and ceiling of the hallway, maximizing his speed and doubling the dazzling nature of his movements. He dominated this space. It was virtually impossible for the warrior’s dull attacks to hit him.

'This can't continue.'

Black made a decision and ran towards the terrace. While her clone tied up Faker’s feet, she planned to run to the garden to capture Irene and neutralize Faker. She overlooked one thing. This place was the middle of enemy territory.

"You can’t go to my lady’s side.”

“Death to all invaders.”


Pa pa pa pat!


Black was standing on the terrace railings, only to become surprised and lost her balance. She fell off the railing. 13 assassins suddenly popped out around her. They were assassins wearing robes with a silver dragon embroidered on them. There was a separate Overgeared assassins group? There was no information about it.

Black gritted her teeth. 

“Who are all of you?”

What was the most stupid thing in the world? It was asking assassins questions. Assassins were secretive and reticent. Never try to talk with an assassin. But the assassins with the silver dragon embroidered robes were far from reticent.

“If you’re curious about our identity, we will introduce ourselves.”

"We are the Silver Dragon assassins, raised by Prince Ren to help him succeed the throne. The Daluka's Methods that we learnt were incredibly strong. We are the best assassins of Eternal.”

“This isn’t the end. Recently, we became even stronger. Since serving Duke Grid, we have been trained directly by Kasim, king of shadows.”

"Now we are-”

"The overwhelming Silver Dragons-”

"The Overgeared Shadows group.”

"We are loyalists who will devote ten of our lives to Overgeared.”


Who was this explanation for? It was as if characters who appeared after a long time were appealing themselves to the readers.


Syu syu syu syu syuk!

The swords of the Silver Dragons flocked towards Black who was making an absurd expression. Indeed, they were terrible assassins. Their weapons moved quickly towards her weak points. 


Although her level was much lower than White, Black was still level 330. But it wasn’t easy to endure the attacks from the Overgeared Shadows, whose levels were in the mid-200s. It was the fatal weakness of an Illusionist.

‘Cooperative attacks are too demanding.’

After being attacked successively by the Overgeared Shadows, Black suffered damage that couldn’t be ignored and made a choice. She made another illusion in exchange for a loss of experience.


Dark smoke spread out from Black and it soon became a human form. It was Black’s new clone. This time, it was a paladin. It had excellent tanking, healing, and buffing ability.

“Hee~ Brothers, will you have fun with me?”

It was a beautiful and cheerful clone, unlike the real Black. She smiled as she equipped a square shield and one-handed sword.



The Overgeared Shadows were baffled at the new Black. The weight of the shield carried by Black’s new clone was hard to bear with their daggers. Then stumbled and Black pushed them towards the corridor. Then the paladin used support magic on the warrior dealing with Faker.

"Round Heal."


A round green circle was created on the ground underneath the warrior who had been ravaged by Faker’s knife. It was Round Heal which restored the health of the target standing in the specified place.


The warm healing light wrapped around the warrior clone, whose face became rosy. It happened at the same time.


A silver taichi pierced the heart of the clone. It was a scene similar to the fangs of a beast biting its prey’s neck. The strength was amazing.

[The summoned illusion has been damaged and has vanished.]

[20% experience has been lost.] 

[Your level has dropped.]

[10 of your most recently invested points will be lost.]


The first clone died while she was dealing with the assassins here?

“What is this?”

How could Faker’s attacks be so overwhelming, when he had a normal class? Black couldn’t comprehend Faker’s power, which was twice as strong as she estimated. She thought he must’ve used a petty trick.


Faker entered the range of Round Heal with a calm expression, recovered his health, and replied.

“The power of items.”

Was there a need for a long description? One of the means Faker chose to overcome the limitations of a normal class was items, which was natural as a member of Overgeared. Faker had always made best use of the items available from Grid. In particular, he became several times stronger since obtaining Kruger’s Pants.

He might not be an opponent for Belial, but that wasn’t because Faker was incompetent. There was an insurmountable level difference and Faker was also too busy protecting his colleagues that he failed to demonstrate his skills. Then what about now? Faker was able to freely jump higher than Black.


It was the increased agility and jumping ability attached to Kruger’s Pants. The items made by former legends and current legends helped Faker’s stats. Faker moved quickly using his agility and jumping abilities and was above Black’s head in an instant.

Black felt her own death.


[Your party member Black has died.]


White doubted the notification window that appeared in front of her. Reidan was currently empty of Overgeared members. Who in Reidan could hurt Black?

“How? What is this?”

Everything went wrong the moment they stepped in the fields. The process and results were different from what she expected. This was the curse of the fields. White was reminded of the crazy farmer who killed her in Siren. Her forehead seemed to throb and she grabbed it.

“I can’t go back like this.”

Grid and Overgeared had a debt that must be paid back. She couldn’t go back empty-handed after going all the way to Reidan and the sacrifice of her sister Black.


White looked at Lord in the distance. Grid’s son was Overgeared’s secret weapon. What if she killed the child raised by Grid and Kraugel? This would be true revenge.

“Kik! Kilkik! Hahahahahat!”

Her guilt was stimulated because she sacrificed her sister Black, who always suffered from severe stress due to difficult levelling. She laughed like she was insane and her body shook. She quickly burned her fat to turn it into muscles and approached Lord. She shot off using the instantaneous increase in acceleration.

“Young Nobleman Lord!”

“Avoid it!”

The 200 beautiful girls hurriedly rushed to protect Lord. However, White’s speed was at the maximum due to reducing her body fat as much as possible. She approached Lord much faster than the girls and smiled at him.

“Blame your father if you want. You’re going to die due to him!”

White stared at Lord with killing intent. Her killing intent was too harsh for a child. A common child Lord’s age would’ve cried or fainted. But Lord was going to be a legend. He wasn’t easily affected by abnormal states. Tears filled Lord’s eyes but he endured it as he stared straight at White.

“No! I don’t blame Father! My father is the best person in the world!”

How many times had his father been with Lord since he was born? It was small enough that Lord could count it. Yes, sometimes he felt lonely and sad. He wanted to be with his father like other children. He wanted to follow his father around and learn many things like the gardener’s son. Lord wondered how good it would be if his father was always with him.

But he never expressed his lonely heart to his father. Why? He knew that his father was always away for his family and people. Lord didn’t want to burden his father. His father was great. The mother who cared for him was great, and the father who suffered alone outside the family was also great. 

Despite Lord’s father not being present to protect him right now, Lord didn’t blame him. He loved and respected his father forever.

"T-This little kid!”

Where did the faith in his eyes come from? It was strange. White felt an unpleasant feeling and punched out. It was a fist that had the power to break Lord’s head with a single blow. But she couldn’t hurt Lord.


White thought that Kasim couldn’t hurt her, but this was a big mistake. Kasim could kill White whenever he wanted.

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!


It was the manifestation of ‘Greed,’ a technique that drew all the shadows to one point and swallowed everything around it. It was Kasim’s unique skill that he created by combining Daluka's Methods and Lantier’s Methods.

After a moment.


All that remained in the place where White had been standing was a sparkling necklace.