Chapter 586

‘What in the world is that kid?’

Lord was a child around five years old. However, his language skills were better than his age, so he must be a pretty smart kid. Yes, this was the first impression. The reality? He was a monster who couldn’t just be called smart. He was a threat pretending to be a kid, who knew shadow skills, divine magic, and swordsmanship. In addition, this wasn’t the usual swordsmanship. The spectacular skill effect showed that it was at least a unique rated swordsmanship.

‘This monster...!’



Lord narrowed the distance by moving his short legs. A storm of energy emerged from his blade and aimed at White and Black. It felt as though they were looking at Kraugel’s swordsmanship. White judged that it was difficult to avoid it completely and made a different choice. Magicians had low health and low defense, so they used shields. On the other hand, White increased her defense and attacked.

'How strong can a little kid be?’

In the first place, Lord’s weapon was just a little baby sword. White judged that the attack would be weak, despite the splendid skill effects. She believed she would overwhelm him in a face-to-face confrontation. But the result...

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

[The sharp Storm Sword has decreased your defense!]

[The level of the target who attacked you is unreasonably low. Most of the damage has been neutralized.]

[You have suffered 2,880 damage.]


White could change her stats based on her amount of body fat. Her basic defense was very high. As a top ranker, she had a variety of titles and even a unique rune. She had a great deal of pride in her ranking ability. However, she lost close to 3,000 health when hit by the sword of a five year old boy.

Of course, it wasn’t a big blow for White to lose 3,000 health when her total health exceeded 60,000. But when looking at the notification window, the difference between Lord and White was at least 200 levels. Taking into account the level difference, it wouldn’t be strange if the boy only dealt damage in the hundreds.

White was able to deduce an amazing fact.

‘This monster kid, isn’t the level of his skills and the stats ridiculously high compared to his level?’

There was something even more shocking.

‘He even avoided my attack?’

At this moment, White doubted her eyes. Lord attacked without any delay while using excellent footwork. It resembled White Light Steps. This was the footwork that represented Kraugel in his White Swordsman days. White’s fist had only hit the air.

“Kid! What’s your identity!?”

The kid’s iron sword looked trivial. But the sword was clearly powerful. Grid must’ve made it. Yes, the kid called Lord was overgeared. She was convinced up to here. But how could he used shadow techniques that only a master of shadows could acquire, and what was with the divine magic? And what about the swordsmanship and footwork that showed traces of Kraugel?

“How can he use such a splendid technique when he doesn’t even have his first class yet?”

The silent Black shouted angrily. An assumption crossed her mind.

‘Isn’t this kid a secret weapon that Grid is intentionally raising?’

She received information that Damian and Kraugel were at the scene of the great demon raid. Based on this fact, Damian and Kraugel were obviously good friends of Grid. Did the three of them cooperate to raise a human weapon?

‘The unlimited potential of named NPCs... It’s theoretically possible to learn the best skills quickly if they’re trained from when they are a baby.’

The most powerful human weapon would be created!

‘Grid, you fearsome bastard!’

This was a game, but he was cruel for raising his own flesh and blood as a weapon. He might not shed even a drop of blood. Indeed, compared to women who had beautiful material instincts, the existence of a male was nothing but a piece of garbage.

“Yes... You’re a truly miserable child. You have a trash parent and were raised as a weapon before you could even grow up.”

White showed compassion towards Lord. It was unfamiliar to Lord, who had always been raised with envious or pretty eyes.  Lord made a confused sound.



The little boy who didn’t even understand that word. It was true that Grid and Kraugel were great for raising such a skilled child, but it was also disgusting. White hated Grid and Kraugel as she aimed her fist at Lord.

“You’re destined to live an unhappy life. I’d rather kill you.”



A thick vein of blood started to swell on White’s fist. The muscles of her thin arms started growing. She turned fat into muscles.

“Peerless Mountain Seizing Strength!”


A power that could seize mountains and cover the world. White opened her real power.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Peerless Mountain Seizing Strength was amazing, as White’s stats increased and she would deal additional damage with every punch. Black scattered the flames she created with her illusions and divided the fields in two.



Lord fell backwards at the wave of energy. His stamina and mana were at their limits due to the skills he previously used. Lord’s resources were depleted because he hadn’t yet fully grown.

"From here on, we will be your opponent!”

“Lord should rest!”

The 200 girls watching the struggle between Lord and White finally moved. They equipped swords, spears, or shields to protect Lord. White thought it was ridiculous.

"It is a group of kids?”

They would fall in one blow! White was confident.

“Let’s join forces!”



Hadn’t they been training every day? The 200 girls skillfully blocked White’s attack. 50 girls armed with shields blocked White’s punch and her movements, while those armed with swords and spears attacked White.

‘My punch was blocked?’

How could girls in their teens be so organized? White was confused. But she couldn’t help feeling calm compared to when she was facing the five year old child. White didn’t show any gaps as she moved quickly to avoid the attacks and counterattacked.


Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!


The Rebecca’s Daughters candidates. After hard training at the Rebecca Church’s secret temple, they were educated by Piaro and became very strong. They demonstrated a high growth rate as semi-named NPCs and already exceeded the average level of 200.

But White was one of the best players. The Rebecca’s Daughters candidates weren’t her match yet. This was despite the numerical advantage.


Lord cried out when he saw them fall down bleeding. He learned from his mother that he should cherish women. He learned from his father to protect all those precious to him.

"Don’t harass my sisters!”

Lord shouted as he barely managed to get up. The boy had the desire to kill for the first time in his life.

At that moment.

"An assassin showing killing intent. Didn’t I repeatedly tell you that you should keep your composure in a desperate situation?”

A loud voice was heard from Lord’s shadow. It was Kasim’s voice.


Lord, who had been trying to attack White, regained his composure in a flash. He shut his mouth and endured as Kasim asked him.

"What choice should you make now that you’re about to lose your precious ones?”

Lord answered without hesitation. "I should ask for Master’s help!”


Stupid stubbornness wasn’t needed. This choice was reasonable. In particular, Lord was in a position of power. The power he could wield wasn’t just an individual’s power.

Kasim was satisfied with the answer. Sharp eyes could be seen under black robes.





The girls couldn’t withstand White’s attacks and fell, only to be hit by Black’s magic bombardment. White planned to instantly neutralize the girls. She would use a large-scale killing technique that required consuming a certain amount of visceral fat.

"I can’t keep you alive to help Grid’s future.”

White smiled as she leapt high in the sky and inflated her fat. She was already familiar with slaughtering. She planned to smash all the girls in the range of her fist. But her plan couldn’t be realized.


White paled as she fell towards the ground with a bloated belly. Hundreds of black darts were created from shadows all over the ground and rushed towards her?


It couldn’t be compared to the shadows used by Lord. The confused White hurriedly returned her belly to its original state and avoided the darts. It was impossible to avoid all the darts due to the sheer number, but she was relatively safe due to the shield magic used by Black.

“What bastard...?”

Black urgently shouted towards White, who was searching the ground to find the caster of the shadow technique.

“Sister! Above you!”


White heard Black’s cry and raised her head. The shadow darts that were avoided. They changed to the form of a spear in the air and then fell again.

‘This is nonsense!’

It was already amazing to create hundreds of shadow darts at one time, and now the shape was changed? The attack trajectory was even reset.

‘This is impossible!’

The utilization of these shadows was different from what White knew. It was almost at the level of a scam.

‘Is it a bugged user?’

The confused White hurriedly dropped to the ground and tried to shield her body using the Rebecca’s Daughters candidates. But it was wishful thinking. The shadow spear was like a guided missile. They repeatedly moved around the bodies and aimed at White.


A counter had to be found quickly. Black reconstructed her clone in order to save White from the shadow spears. Due to the battle, the shattered fields were turned into a complete plains area, making it impossible for the shadow user to hide. Then White and Black saw the appearance of an unknown man. It was a tall man in deep robes.


White and Black didn’t hesitate after finding the target. They ignored the bombardment of shadow spears and attacked the robed man. But their attacks didn’t hurt the man. It was because the summoned shadow soldiers completely protected the man.

“How dirty...!”

The shadow control ability was fast and perfect. It was strange. White knew only one person in the world who could handle shadows like this.


White suddenly stiffened like a stone statue. It was because of the robed man’s identity.

“D-Don’t tell me...”

An assassin that could control all shadows in the world. Due to this great power, he earned the nickname of ‘king.’ Immediately after that.

“King of Shadows!”


Why? Why was the famous King of Shadows in Reidan? The confused White’s eyes were shaking like crazy.


Then Kasim appeared behind Black. He used the shadows to cross the distance in a flash.


Kasim’s blade stabbed Black’s heart.


Black made a pained expression as blood and tears poured down, but White didn’t shake at all. It was because Black’s true body had already infiltrated Reidan safely.