Chapter 585


Their attack was anticipated ahead of time and a trap was laid? It was even in the rice fields!


Unless it was a particular season, the fields wouldn’t be a target. The crops that hadn’t grown significantly made the fields completely open, meaning it was hard to lay a trap or ambush. Therefore, the sisters were caught off guard. They never expected there would be a trap on the fields.

‘Soldiers and guild members are disguised as farmers!’

It was surprising that soldiers were disguised as farmers and waiting for them. They sacrificed their time to carry out the orders of Grid. They had to stay in the fields without doing any work. It showed Overgeared’s loyalty to Grid.

‘He did it properly.’

White was convinced. Grid was an absolute ruler and genius before he was a blacksmith, overgeared person, or high ranker. It was dubious but now she was certain. It wasn’t a coincidence that Blood Carnival collided with Overgeared in Siren!

‘Since then, we have been dancing on Grid’s hand!’

It was clear from the beginning that Grid had been plotting against Blood Carnival and then made plans to keep Blood Carnival in check. Indeed, an amazing man. 

Males. A simple-minded existence that only cared about appearance. The day had come when she would acknowledge such a disgusting presence? Her pride was bruised as she looked at her little sister Black.

"Don’t shrink back. No one is a match for us. We will shatter Reidan as planned.”

It wasn’t a bluff. White’s confidence was still perfect. She had never been defeated in battle when she joined forces with her sister, Black.

“Yes, Sister. Let's fight.”

They couldn’t be hit by Grid again. They were still furious at the Ring of Absurdity being taken away. Black’s grudge against Grid was unbearably large.

‘Grid, I will take all your precious things.’

Black swallowed down the poison in his heart. The ability of a Illusionist had the ability to turn illusions into reality.



The fields where the farmers of Reidan were working...


It changed into a sea of fire. The illusion building ability of an Illusionist, which many people assumed with a legendary class, was no different from reality.


The farmers suffered burn damage from the fire that suddenly appeared.

“Ugh! W-What is this?”

The fields that gave peace and a feeling of rest to them was covered with flames? The angry farmers became confused and in the midst of their struggle, Black created a clone of herself. She made a beauty with a sensual body and brought it into reality. Then she equipped the clone with magic items and hid in the rear. It was the emergence of a fire magician that specialized in mass destruction.

“Fire Spear!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The strength of a user that even Euphemina found difficult to handle swept away the farmers of Reidan. The number of spells used was very low compared to when she had the Ring of Absurdity, but the opponents were too weak for her to feel any regret.

The storm of flames turned dozens of farmers into ashes.

“As expected from my sister!”

White smiled widely as she saw Black’s activities. The fat she burned while running to Reidan was slowly recovering. White chewed on a large piece of meat to speed up her fat recovery and became fat again. Then she swung her fists at the farmers.



The farmers White thought of as Overgeared members were actually users. In other words, the users caught by Piaro and acted as farmers were in great shock. The users were powerful enough to break through the desert and reach Reidan. They were at least level 200. But they were like specks of dust in front of the unidentified women.

‘What are their identities?’

‘How strong are they?’

A shield blocked White’s fist and the holder was thrown back 80 meters. White leapt towards the tanker whose shield was distorted. She used her bloated belly to attack.



The farmer crushed by White’s belly rolled around and was swallowed up by flames. Silence fell as the user turned to grey. The Black and White sisters. The absolute strength of the unofficial rankers overwhelmed Reidan’s farmers and filled them with despair.

“Shit... Why do we have to suffer like this?”

The users started to lament. They didn’t have a relationship with Overgeared, so why should they sacrifice themselves to protect Reidan? They grumbled about the situation. They were reprimanded by other users.

"Don’t forget everything you have received from Piaro’s hidden quests. You should at least reciprocate.”

"Isn’t your pride hurt when you see the fields being ruined?”

"Think of the Reidan residents who bring us snacks every day. We can’t let those monsters kill them.”


The grumbling users felt a sense of solidarity. Who were they? People caught by a mad farmer and forced to become serfs? That was just the outer appearance. They were reborn as farmers. The farming they learned from Piaro wasn’t ordinary farming. Their physical abilities and skills with their weapons had greatly increased. Now was the time to prove their power.

“Let’s fight together!”

"Think about Piaro’s teachings! Remember the action when wielding the hand plow!”



White’s eyes became larger. She was confused that the moral of the enemies didn’t decrease at all.

‘Ridiculous people!’

Their courage was doubled, instead of feeling despair and frustration?


“This is funny!”

White would rather die than be ignored. In particular, she couldn’t tolerate men making fun of her. White was filled with anger and burned the fat she accumulated.



A haze of heat rose from White’s body and White became thinner and more beautiful. At the same time.


White’s fist contained the burned fat as energy and attacked the farmers. It was a fist that was several times smaller than before, but the power and speed were much higher.




The farmers fell one by one as White swung her fist. It was a sharp and destructive blow that pierced their armor. The players stiffened at White’s true skills and White made a satisfied expression.

"Yes, my strength deserves reverence. It isn’t something for you to make fun of.”

She might’ve been defeated by the farmer called Piaro but she was the strongest user. Kraugel? How funny. Her skills were several times higher. Basically, women were better than men! Then the voice of a child entered White’s ears.

“Who is that sister?”


A childlike voice was heard in the middle of a fight? White was confused and turned her eyes in the direction of the voice. Then she couldn’t help smiling.


‘Too cute!’

There was a young boy with black hair, deep blue eyes, and white skin. The boy approaching the fields was very cute despite being male. His cheeks were soft and his eyes shone like jewels.

“What? Why is a kid in a place like this?”

White and Black had been neglected and discriminated against by men because of their appearance and body. They hated men very much, but they couldn’t hate a child. They were afraid of the child being hurt and stopped attacking the farmer.

“Young Nobleman Lord~~~”

"Why are you running away alone?”


There were 200 beautiful girls. They rushed to the young child named Lord and clung to him like they were his lovers. The faces of White and Black distorted in a frightening manner.

“A person this young is already flirting!”

"A man shouldn’t do this! All men are wolves! Wolves!”

They didn’t want to see it. They could see what type of man he would become once he grew older. But so what? It was worrisome to hurt a child, even if he was a NPC...



White and Black shivered before they belatedly realized something. The title attached to Lord.

‘Young nobleman?’

That boy.

“Don’t tell me... Are you Grid’s child?"

Satisfy was a virtual reality game where marriage and childbirth between a player and user was possible. Lord nodded at the question, showing a ridiculous thinking ability.

"Yes, the most wonderful Duke Grid is my father.”


White and Black were filled with joy. They were happy about finding Grid’s hidden treasure.

‘Kill him!’

‘I like this! I will make tears fall from Grid’s eyes!’

Black and White looked at each other and smiled.

"So I will punish these sisters.”

Lord had a cold expression that didn’t fit his age and pulled something out. It was a dagger. It was as sharp as a real knife. It wasn’t something that should be held by a child.

‘Why is a child carrying such a scary thing?’

White and Black’s question was soon resolved.

"Why do you want to hurt my father’s people? You have done something bad and need to be punished.” 


At that moment. Lord’s daggers were thrown at the ankles of White and Black. It was the manifestation of Lantier’s Methods that Lord had learned. Lord was only level 40 due to the age level limit. However, the power of a legendary skill couldn’t be ignored.

“Avoid it!"

Black and White saw the power of the dagger and hurriedly moved. No, they tried to move. Suddenly, shadows rose from the ground like living creatures and grabbed their ankles. It was the shadow method passed directly from Kasim, king of shadows. 

“This monster!”

White and Black no longer saw Lord as a cute little boy. He was a monster in the shape of a child.


They barely managed to shake off the shadow and was about to launch a counterattack when a light flashed. It was Holy Light. A divine magic spell that only applied to evil beings. It didn’t do any damage to White and Black, but that wasn’t Lord’s intention. It temporarily obstructed their vision.


Due to the intense light, White and Black reflexively closed their eyes while Lord rushed towards them. It was the secret technique that Kraugel used during his time as a white swordsman.

“Storm Sword.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The eyes of the farmers watching the battle, as well as Black and White, twitched.