Chapter 584

“What? The king has been killed?”

[King Aslan’s death has become known and the navy is in turmoil!] 

[The power of Eternal’s navy has gone down. Skills and spells are no longer available.]

[Eternal’s navy has retreated!]

“Pant... Pant...”

Cork Island. Peak Sword struggled against the navy with the help of Soldier, who he met during his mining activities. They had been in a big crisis after half the island was taken by the navy, so Peak Sword sighed with relief.

“Lauel... God Grid. You did it.”

The ending of the war was much faster than planned. Thanks to that, they could keep Cork Island. Against what everyone thought, they protected Cork Island with their Korean hands.


“We did it! We did it!!”

The Silver Knights and the soldiers of Cork Island shed tears of joy. Their bodies and minds were exhausted from the war that lasted several days, but they enjoyed the pleasure of this moment. Peak Sword praised them.

"Everyone has suffered. You all fought well like God Grid.”

It was time to go back to Grid.

“Let’s go to God Grid. We will bless our master who will soon come to the throne.”

Grid would once again improve the reputation of South Korea. As the president of the Korean Patriotic Society, Peak Sword was more proud than anyone else.

'I’m happy to be able to serve God Grid.’

A smile appeared on Peak Sword’s face. It was a comforting smile that made the person who saw it feel warm. Unfortunately, the smile didn’t last long. A shadow suddenly appeared behind Peak Sword. The ID above the shadow that emerged from the ground was Tarma.

An assassin of the dark gamers group, Blood Carnival! He whispered in a voice filled with spite after being horribly humiliated by Grid in the National Competition and the Siren invasion.

“The world has many giants. Do you think that Satisfy is a world just for Overgeared?”


Peak Sword turned his head while placing a hand on his sheath.



Tarma’s yellow dagger stabbed Peak Sword’s heart.

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

Tarma was strong. Grid acknowledged his skills despite easily winning over him. It would be dangerous if Tarma could hunt in an environment where he could attempt an assassination. It was virtually impossible for Peak Sword to defend against the surprise attack after suffering from the war. In particular, Peak Sword revealed a large gap while enjoying the victory.


Puok! Puk. Puk puk!

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have died.]

[33.1% experience has been lost.]

[Your level has dropped.]

[10 of your most recently invested points will be lost.]

[The item Peak Sword’s Sheath has dropped.]

The yellow dagger continuously pierced Peak Sword who turned to grey. It occurred in an instant.

“Peak Sword!”

The members of Overgeared belatedly became aware of the situation and fell into chaos. A smile appeared on Tarma’s face.

“Devastate Cork Island. Trample on everything and remove all traces of Overgeared!”

He would deny everything they had built! The moment that Tarma shouted loudly.


Pa pa pa pa pak!

The assassins, who had infiltrated the island while Overgeared were concentrating on the war against the navy, started to run to the city in the middle of the island. The Overgeared tried to stop them, but Tarma couldn’t be stopped by them. The Silver Knights members of Overgeared didn’t yet have the skills to deal with high rankers and were completely fooled by Tarma.

“Overgeared! I will plague you for the rest of my life!”

There were at least two billion users in Satisfy. The intertwining interest and rampant causes didn’t make it easy. There was always something to lose. This logic pressed on Grid and Overgeared.


“Kuk! Kukukuk! Kuhahahahahat!”

The fortified city of Borneo.

Katz burst out laughing on the walls. The Gauss users lost sight of their goal due to being blinded by money. They felt joyous every time Seuron screamed.

"...Really amazing.”

Yes, it was great to watch the power of money. It would never betray him.  It always brought him new fun. This was the world.

“Money is the best.”

Only a rich person could say such words! The Gauss troops under the wall made demands.

“Seuron is dead!”

"Now give us the promised reward!”

"I hit Seuron 10 times!”

“I put a hole in Seuron!”

Money! Money! Money!

The users on the ground reached out to Katz. They were worried Katz would forget his words and wanted the reward quickly. Katz looked warmly at those who became puppets before money.

“Okay. I will give you the reward I promised.”


He would keep his honor as the son of Japan’s greatest conglomerate. The Gauss players’ eyes shone in anticipation of the promised reward. Katz gave them an email address. 

“This is my secretary’s email address. Send the video of your attack on Seuron and your account number. The promised amount will arrive immediately after it is confirmed.”


The hundreds and thousands of Gauss users froze in an instant. They were confused when Katz asked for the video. Katz gave them a baffled look.

“What’s with this reaction? Is there anything wrong with my demands?”

No, nothing was wrong. Katz had an obligation to clearly know who had hit Seuron and how many times they did it. A recorded video was definite proof. He had an obligation to check their videos to give them the promised reward. Most of the Gauss players had overlooked this.

Someone shouted loudly.

“There’s a limit to the capsule memory! Anyone who would record a video of the battlefield is crazy!”

"That's right! How can we record a video on a battlefield where thousands of people are struggling and all types of skill effects are overflowing? The video will be too big to be stored in the capsule!”


Katz frowned.

"What’s your point? Do you want me to individually check and remember each person who hit Seuron and how many times they did it?"


The Gauss users realized it simultaneously. It was impossible for them to receive compensation from the beginning.

“T...This wicked Japanese person!” 

“Dammit! It would’ve turned out this way from the beginning!”

"You just used us!”

The Gauss users showed their hatred in unison. The Overgeared soldiers gulped as there were signs the war would start again. But Katz didn’t shrink back. He just made a surprised expression.

“I can’t understand why you are blaming me. If you used the diamond capsule of the Comet Group in the first place, then you wouldn’t be lacking video recording capacity.”


“You can’t record a video because you used a cheap capsule. Then isn’t it your fault that you can’t submit the evidence for the reward? Why blame others, when you should be lamenting your own lacking power?”


That’s right. Katz had no intention of deceiving the Gauss users. He planned to give them the promised rewards. His pride was so high that he could pay this much money to ordinary people. Katz just didn’t understand the position of ordinary people.

“No matter how I think about it, I don’t understand. Why aren’t you using a diamond capsule? Didn’t Grid advertise it in the National Competition? It’s better to use this capsule.”


How could a commoner use a capsule that was worth 1.32 million won?

“Damn rich people...”

“A bad person.”

The Gauss users no longer had the heart to argue with Katz. The commander of the Gauss army cried out.

“Retreat! Full retreat!”

The news of King Aslan’s death was transmitted to the Gauss Kingdom. Since Reinhardt was occupied, it was unknown when Overgeared would send reinforcements here. Thus, the Gauss army was forced to retreat. Katz shrugged as he watched the Gauss army retreating.

“Anyway, the mission is complete.”

Borneo. It was protected with only 2,000 troops. This was a result that Lauel didn’t expect due to the power of money.

Money was the best. Katz once again realized it. Therefore, he thought that Grid’s items that couldn’t be bought with money were greater. 


The spacious fields of Reidan.

Today, the farmers were working. The farmers maintained the attitude taught by Piaro and kept farming. Their origin varied. There were the people from Reidan, the minority that Piaro brought from the Altes Mountains (in fact, they were Prince Ren’s people), and the players who visited Reidan and were caught by Piaro. Unlike ordinary farmers, they had tempered bodies and unusual eyes.

“Huh? What’s that?"

The farmers wielding their farming equipment concentrated their attention on one spot simultaneously. Beyond this green orchard, a sandstorm was approaching from the desert. An artificial sand storm. It was like hundreds of horses were moving. The eyes of the farmers changed sharply.

"Be alert.”

Most of them were soldiers who had been on a battlefield. They had to keep their fields and cities. The farmers raised their alertness at the approach of unidentified people, while the sandstorm came closer.

“I can’t believe a city is in the middle of the desert.”

"How can there be such vast fields?”

The sandstorm wasn’t caused by hundreds of horses. Surprisingly, they were two women. There was a white-haired woman with a sensual body and a black-haired woman with a dismal atmosphere.

The Black and White sisters.

The farmers holding farming equipment were looking at them but they didn’t care. They didn’t pay any attention at all. They just thought of the farmers as ordinary villagers. They would’ve been wary if the crazy farmer who appeared in Siren was in Reidan, but they received information that the crazy farmer was in Reinhardt. The Black and White sisters were overflowing with confidence.

“Let’s go.”

White ignored the farmers and walked ahead, followed by Black.

Step, step.

The two women walked across the fields. They carefully observed the walls of Reidan.

‘There are only a few guards.’

‘It’s deadly quiet.’

This was really amazing timing for a surprise attack. The base of Overgeared was empty. They would completely devastate the work of Overgeared and get rid of Grid’s precious wife. White and Black established the perfect revenge plan.



Black and White were moving with a smile when they stopped. Then they looked around with sharp eyes. They sensed a strange atmosphere.



The farmers scattered throughout the fields. Every farmer holding a dirt covered farming tool in their hands was approaching quietly but quickly. As the distance got closer, they took of their clothes, revealing armor or robes. They put away their farming equipment and armed themselves with spears or blades.

White and Black shook.

“A trap...!”

Their surprise attack was predicted and planned for? Grid’s foresight was mysterious!

“This isn’t normal...!”

White acknowledged Grid while taking a battle posture. 

At the same time, in Reidan.

"Young lord, it is time to visit the field.”

They were the Rebecca’s Daughters candidates. In addition to their natural talent, the 200 young girls became elites through training.


Lord’s cheeks swelled up like a balloon.

It was fun to play assassins from Kasim, interesting to recreate the sword techniques learned from Uncle Kraugel, fun to train the divine power awakened thanks to Damian, and it was interesting to study with Sticks. However, he had no interest in field work.

Whenever he farmed in the postures taught by Piaro, the muscles of his body were sore.

“I want to go to the smithy.”

Most of his study topics were fun, but the best thing was to raise his proficiency in blacksmithing. Indeed, Lord was Grid’s son. He had an aptitude with blacksmithing. Lord grumbled but the girls were determined.

"No. There’s a fixed time for all your study topics.”

"That's right. There will be a much bigger effect if you study according to the timetable that Sticks set.”


Lord’s cheeks became more puffed up. He looked sulky. Whenever this happened, he would be hugged or given a knee as a pillow. Lord looked so cute that the girls wanted to hold Lord in their arms.

"Stop grumbling.” A voice was heard from the darkness. "You will soon be a prince. From now on, you have to maintain your dignity. Go to the rice fields.”

It was Kasim, king of shadows. In the end.


Lord screamed as he was caught by the girls and carried to the fields. A young child who was having a hard day with his early education. Before he knew it, the four year old who was the best genius of the West Continent was going to be revealed.

It was the precursor of a new historical wave.