Chapter 583

Grid was able to build up knowledge with his experience of making the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow. In order to make myth rated items, special materials containing a god’s power were required. For example, the Red Phoenix Breath.

'Lifael’s Spear will contain a material associated with Goddess Rebecca.’

Grid hadn’t seen it in the past, but he believed he could now that his blacksmithing ability rose sharply.

‘Once I figure out and understand the material of Lifael’s Spear, I will be able to remodel it.’

The confident Grid started to disassemble Lifael’s Spear. He removed the decorative fleece hanging from the front part of the spear, then separated all the parts of the spears in order.  It was quick and delicate without damaging any of the connecting parts. 

The blacksmiths of Reinhardt were impressed by the sight.

‘It’s like a hand touching the skin of a woman. Extraordinarily delicate.’

‘But it’s quick with no mistakes.’

‘Truly Pagma’s Descendent... It isn’t an exaggeration that he’s one of the best blacksmiths in existence.’

‘I don’t think any dwarf blacksmiths are a match for him unless they are a dwarf lord.’

The blacksmiths watching Grid were fascinated. As their new king who was the supreme authority in this field, they had high expectations. The new kingdom would surely be a world of blacksmiths. The blacksmiths were delighted as they imagined it.

‘Maybe I will have an opportunity to learn from him directly?’

‘Will he hold a blacksmithing competition?’

‘Reinhardt will be the shrine of blacksmiths.’

The blacksmith’s expectations were heightened as the atmosphere of the smithy increased. But Grid wasn’t affected. He continued his work without losing focus, as if he was in a world alone.

Damian and Isabel watched him silently. The divine artifact of the Rebecca Church. Grid broke it down into several pieces and even melted it in the fire, but they weren’t nervous at all. It was because they believed in Grid. Unfortunately, their belief wasn’t paid back as Grid’s expression gradually changed.

‘I don’t know.’

He had completely disassembled Lifael’s Spear. Grid was troubled as he looked at the materials he melted without any loss. He couldn’t find the aura of Goddess Rebecca from any of the materials.

‘It’s the same as what I saw before. The spear is made of pure adamantium. It’s the same for the secondary part of the spear.’

Did the goddess’ blessing dwell in the adamantium itself? He used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal on every part of the spear and then the adamantium itself but...

‘It’s just plain adamantium.’

The goddess’ blessing didn’t dwell anywhere in Lifael’s Spear.

'What on earth is going on? Can there be a myth rated weapon that doesn’t use any divine material?’

Grid was confused. As he was feeling puzzled, he suddenly thought of a hypothesis.

‘This... Is it a weapon made by a god?’

This could be the reason why Lifael’s Spear was a myth-rated weapon, despite not using the materials of a god. Was it because a god made the weapon?

‘If a blacksmith god exists, wouldn’t they make a myth rated weapon?’

It was the worst. If this hypothesis was true, Grid wouldn’t be able to reconstruct Lifael’s Spear. It was virtually impossible to reconstruct a myth rated weapon with pure ability if he couldn’t rely on the materials. Just like how he couldn’t created a myth rated Red Phoenix Bow without the Red Phoenix Breath.


Was it impossible to give Isabel freedom? He wanted to deny it.

Grid asked Damian and Isabel, “Do you know who made this spear?”

"I don't know.”

“I have no idea.”

"Do you know anything about the birth of the spear?”

“Yes. There was a legend that a long time ago, the first pope was given the divine artifacts by Goddess Rebecca.”

"Goddess Rebecca directly...”

Legends weren’t always fanciful. Maybe it was the true history.

It was just like the legends of Pagma and Braham.

‘The weapon that Goddess Rebecca handed down directly. This means it was born in the divine realm... It also means that a god probably created it.’

It wasn’t the ‘aura’ of a god but the ‘technology’ of a god. It wasn’t something that he could remodel.


Grid bowed. He felt guilty for raising Isabel and Damian’s hopes. He was angry at his own incompetence. He could still push ahead with the reconstruction. But it was dangerous. He could destroy the functionality of Lifael’s Spear. In the end, Grid chose to give up. Lifael’s Spear was disassembled. He first restored the appearance of the spear completely before attaching the decorative fleece hanging near the front part of the spear.

It was a fluffy white bundle that reminded him of a dandelion flower.


Grid stopped as he was hanging it onto the spear. Then he realized he overlooked one fact.

'...Is this fluffy thing part of the spear?’

The white fluff had been present since the first time he saw Lifael’s Spear. So far, he treated it as a simple ornament that Isabel hung on it...

‘That isn’t the case.’

Would Isabel hang a personal ornament on the divine artifact that Goddess Rebecca gave her? The chances were very slim now that he thought about it. For Isabel, Goddess Rebecca was a noble and sacred being. She wouldn’t do something like that. She wouldn’t dirty the divine artifact that she had been given.

"Isabel, you didn’t hang up this fluffy ornament right? Was it originally on the spear?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

He determined the right answer. Grid laughed as the darkness on his face blew away.  Then he used a skill.

“Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.”

The target was the fluff.


[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[Fluffy Bundle]

An ornament hanging on Lifael’s Spear.

A pretty white fluff.

Weight: 0


[You have discovered a hidden feature in the item!]

[The information about the target item has been updated.]

[Goddess’ Fluffy Hair]

Fine hair belonging to Rebecca, goddess of light.

It has long fallen away from the goddess, but still contains a strong divine power.

It destroys evil and humans can’t bear this divine power.

Depending on the use, it might become a drug or a poison.

Weight: 0


This cotton-like bundle was the goddess’ hair?

‘Now it looks like fur.’

He took a closer look at the thin bundle of hair. Every strand was thin and transparent. Goddess Rebecca’s appearance popped into Grid’s mind.

‘She is a great beauty when looking at the statues and portraits... It’s true that beauties have soft and downy hair.’

In any case, it wasn’t important.

Grid finished thinking and said to Damian and Isabel.

"Believe in me.”

A terrible spear that required the user’s vitality to use. Grid was determined to change this spear into an item worthy of the goddess of light. In order to do that, he needed someone’s help. It was Saintess Ruby.

-Sehee, what are you doing?

-I’m comforting the families of those sacrificed to summon the great demon.

A Saintess had an obligation to do good deed every day. If she didn’t do this, she would be deprived of her qualifications as a Saintess. Sehee was always volunteering inside the game.

-I will share my location so please come and help me. I need your strength.

Ruby acquired a special reward for destroying the great demon’s soul in the raid. Grid had very big hopes for her.


"This is Reidan.”

“Agricultural has developed to this unbelievable extent in a desert city? Everywhere is green.”

"Bah, it’s thanks to that crazy farmer.”

Blood Carnival. Known as the worst PK group, they had a grudge against Grid and Overgeared. In particular, the White and Black sisters had a great hatred for Grid. Not only did the invasion of Siren fail because of Grid, Black even lost the best accessory, the Ring of Absurdity, thanks to him.

They were looking for a chance to get revenge on Grid and watched the war between Overgeared and the Eternal Kingdom. They gathered all their intelligence and realized that Reidan was almost completely empty of Overgeared members.

Reidan. It was the home of Overgeared, and Grid’s wife Irene was believed to be staying here. White, who was on the same grade as Grid and Kraugel, smiled.

“I will take away everything Grid has.”

Unlike her sister White, who was a brilliant beauty, the skinny and gloomy Black nodded. 

"Yes, we will make him feel a much bigger pain than what we felt.”

The intelligence network of the Blood Carnival was the best. Due to their nature, quick information gathering was essential. Blood Carnival had a lot of forces that they traded information with every day. Thanks to that, Black and White were currently aware of Reidan’s strength.

‘The top powers of Overgeared, including the mad farmer, are scattered all over the battlefields.’

‘Reidan only has 1,000 soldiers around level 100 guarding it.’

There was no existence that could stop the two of them. The White and Black sisters had faith in their skills. They wouldn’t have been so humiliated by Grid and the Overgeared members during the Siren invasion if they had been together.

“Grid...! I will make you shed blood and tears!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The desert shook as Black and White started to run. Reidan, or to be precise, Irene, would soon face a crisis.