Chapter 582

"No, what item is worth 60 million gold? Isn’t the pricing too high?”

It was unrealistic that the Red Phoenix Bow would be worth 60 million gold, even if it was a first-rate legendary item. It was a matter of common sense. Think about it. A kingdom could be built with 60 million gold. The fact that an item was 60 million gold meant the value was equivalent to a country. Wasn’t this a huge exaggeration?

‘The items made by Grid are great, but it’s hard to compare them to the value of a country. They are more comparable to cities.’

Yes, Lauel also praised Grid. He saw the value of Grid’s items and thought the best ones were equivalent to a city. It was believed that people who were covered with Grid’s items could display a value on a national level. However, Lauel couldn’t recognize that a single item as being worth a kingdom.

"Jishuka, I know you want to pay more than necessary to help Grid, but...”

Lauel had been away from Jishuka in the war. He couldn’t obtain all the information in real time and didn’t know the true details of the Red Phoenix Bow.

"Don’t exaggerate, no matter how much you like Grid.”

“See it for yourself.”

Jishuka shared the information of the Red Phoenix Bow with Lauel, who never imagined that it would be a myth rated item. At the same time, Lauel closed his mouth.


Lauel’s eyes started to roll around. He looked like an unnatural doll as he confirmed the information of the Red Phoenix Bow.


Lauel only had question marks and he suddenly took a breath. He lost his soul thanks to the unrealistic stats of the myth rated Red Phoenix Bow and Jishuka asked him.

“How is it? Isn’t 60 million gold good?”

“Huh? What?” Lauel regained his spirit. "If you buy such a monstrous item for only 60 million gold, you have no conscience!”

It was a huge transformation. Jishuka laughed at Lauel, who called her a thief, and shrugged.

"I don’t intend to be a thief. 60 million gold is just a down payment. The rest will be paid off for the rest of my life.”

Jishuka. A high ranker popular throughout the world for her beauty, charisma, and excellent gaming skills. One of the wealthiest young people in South America, she fell into a debt in front of Grid. This was the power of items.

Lauel’s body trembled.

"The true value of Grid...”

The uniqueness of his class couldn’t be fully measured, even with Lauel’s infinite insight. Lauel couldn’t even count how many times he had been surprised now. Lauel was touched to tears. He watched the sunset and uttered improvised words.

"Ahh, Grid is a descended god and I’m a feeble angel in front of him...”

Lauel started laughing.  The Overgeared members around him watched him.

“Did he lose his mind after the kingdom is set up?”

"I guess so.”

"He will wield the most power after the king, right? Is it okay for him to be so crazy?”

“It will work out somehow. He has done well so far. Is there any reason for us to worry now?”

"Stop talking and go stop Nyangmong.” 

The wild cats and dogs started gathering in the central square of Reinhardt due to the whistle Nyangmong was blowing. People were scared, so they had to stop him.

In addition, there was other work.

"On the way, can you tell Jude to get dressed? I heard a complaint about his nakedness from the walls repair site.”

"There are complaints that Vantner is threatening to make anyone who doesn’t surrender bald. Shouldn’t we stop him first?”

“Eh, what? We’re so busy. Where did Regas disappear to?”

“He has applied for a duel with Piaro.”

“What? In this situation? Why did you just watch when you could stop it?”


"Okay, okay.”

"It’s sensitive.”

‘There is no one normal except for me,’ every member of Overgeared thought.


“Yes, let’s not lose sight of my foundations.”

Grid looked at the back of the distant Kraugel.

‘I am still weak.’

He had been too excited after the Belial raid. He had relaxed like he was already the strongest. But what was the reality? Belial was the 32nd demon. It meant there were 31 monsters stronger than her. Not only that. There was vampire duke Marie Rose and enemies all over the continent. Grid didn’t have just one or two mountains to cross.

In this situation, he forgot his duty as a blacksmith? Crazy. Grid had to bear it in mind at all times. The fact that he was a blacksmith. He would work in the smithy, raise his stats, make good items, and become overgeared. There was always something to do.

‘Labor isn’t something to be avoided. It’s my foundation.’

This wouldn’t change even if he became a king.


“Let’s start production.”

Grid suppressed the excitement from winning the war and succeeding in the great demon raid. Was he moving towards a gorgeous and ornate palace? No, it was a smithy.

'As Lauel said, let’s stay in the smithy for a while. My role hasn’t changed, even if I become a king.’

Grid’s heart burned with motivation! A man and a woman approached him as he was pulling out a hammer for production.


It was Pope Damian of the Rebecca Church.


The beauty with platinum hair was a Rebecca’s Daughter, Isabel. Grid was full of gratitude for them who ran to help Overgeared.

“It has been a while. I’m glad...”

Grid smiled brightly before his face distorted. Isabel’s pale complexion was the cause.

‘The impact of White Transformation...’

Isabel. A woman who was raised in the church with a weapon. Grid felt saddened when he saw her take up Lifael’s Spear in order to protect the world. Unlike other people, she couldn’t enjoy her youth. She struggled while exhausting her vitality.

"Looking around Reinhardt, there’s only one Rebecca Temple. It’s big enough and the location is good. Out of personal greed, I want to build two more temples here. The more temples there are, the more priests and paladins that can be placed here. How about it? Will you allow me?

Damian watched Grid and made a suggestion.

Grid couldn’t refuse.

"I’m very thankful. But is it okay? No matter how big Reinhardt is, I don’t think the Vatican will allow three temples in one city. Strictly speaking, isn’t it a waste of personnel from the Rebecca Church’s position?”

“Huhut, there is no need to worry. Due to succeeding in the great demon raid, my position in the church has become solid. The Vatican also has a good impression of Grid and Overgeared for raiding the great demon. There won’t be a big backlash if I increase the number of temples in Reinhardt.”

“It’s happy news.”

As healers in Satisfy, the value of Rebecca’s priests were tremendous. It was an extraordinary privilege to be able to raise priests simultaneously at three temples. Grid imagined it. A healing vending machine... No, a healers division of Overgeared!

‘It is wise.’

If the vampire city expedition team consisted of Overgeared members + healers, they would become an immortal corps.

‘I have to make the soldiers’ armor as strong as possible!’

Grid asked Damian. "The Rebecca Church will pay for the construction of the temples right?”


Damian was very embarrassed. He didn’t expect to be asked this question!

“The kings or lords across the continent want to have a Rebecca temple. Not only do they provide the cost of building the temple themselves, they even send a gift of gratitude to the church.”

In other words, the Rebecca Church’s response wouldn’t be god if Grid asked them to take on the cost of building the temple. Grid was asking them to take on the cost of building three temples in one city? It was likely to cause a backlash among the senior priests. But there was nothing wrong with Grid’s logic.

"Doesn’t the Rebecca Church own the temples built in the city? I am providing the land for the temple for free. Isn’t it right that the Vatican pays for the construction cost?”

"...I will try to push it.”

His position raised by the Belial raid might fall down again. Damian was mourning while Grid started to closely observe Isabel. Isabel’s white face gradually heated up.

“Why are you staring at me?”

It was shortly after White Transformation was used. Isabel knew that she currently looked unhealthy. Therefore, Grid’s gaze was burdensome.

Grid gazed at her steadily and grabbed her wrist.


Isabel’s eyes widened and she shook like a rabbit. An unknown pleasure spread throughout her body as Grid suggested.

"Can you leave Lifael’s Spear to me?”

Grid’s blacksmithing ability had greatly improved while making the myth rated item. In addition, Grid had a perfect understanding of Lifael’s Spear. At the time of the pope election episode in the past, he raised his understanding of Lifael’s Spear to 100%.

"Let me look at Lifael’s Spear. I will make it powerful without putting a burden on the user.”

Grid was confident. Now that he made a myth rated item and upgraded his blacksmithing skill, Grid was convinced that he could reconstruct Lifael’s Spear more completely.

“I hope that you and Damian will no longer suffer.”

They were already special friends. He wanted to help those who already helped him a few times. He wanted them to be happy together for a long time. Grid conveyed his heart to Damian and Isabel. Isabel was thankful to Grid, while the sensitive Damian was already crying.



“What would you like to do?”

The Overgeared members and soldiers running around Reinhardt. They were full of energy as they tried to restore the damage caused by the war. Just watching it would make a person feel good. Chris watched the scene quietly and spoke to his Seven Captains.

"What do you want to do?”


“Tell me honestly.”

Once Chris asked again, the oldest of the Seven Captains, Zirkan, came forward. He was Chris’ swordsmanship teacher and was once first ranked on the swordsman ranking, despite being nearly 70 years old. He had strong loyalty to Chris and was the person Chris most trusted in the Giant Guild.

"Let’s enter Overgeared.”


“I believe that you would know it best. Grid has done great things and it’s better to join him than compete with him. If you’re with him, I believe you can accomplish a breakthrough.”

Chris didn’t deny it.

"His vessel is large enough to hold my vessel.”

Chris decided to forsake the noble title of Eternal, which was now meaningless. The moment King Aslan died, his guild window showed a hidden quest called ‘Anti-Grid Nobles Alliance.’

"We will go hunting.”

Chris pledged to give Grid the heads of the Eternal nobles as a gift to join Overgeared.