Chapter 581

Gobble up all the stakes of a kingdom alone? Grid’s expression wasn’t very good.

“What? Are you asking me to be a dictator? What right do I have when everyone has suffered so much?”

Grid’s reaction made Lauel smile.

“Dictator... It would be nice if you could become a dictator and rule the kingdom well. For example, the Saharan Empire. This is a different world from reality. Due to the nature of these times, there wouldn’t be opposition if you were a dictator.

"...Unfortunately, I don’t think I can rule a country well.”

Grid knew his abilities. He didn’t have any political power. He was convinced that the country would soon perish if he ruled it according to his rule. This meant his 72 billion won would disappear. It was horrible just imagining it.

Lauel laughed at the frowning Grid. “I’m not urging you to be a dictator. You should give your subordinates the proper authority. But I want you to be the firm center that can’t be displaced.”

If a large number of guild members shared the stakes in the kingdom, Grid’s influence would become smaller. Lauel wanted to prevent the worst from happening.

“Isn’t there a saying in South Korea that too many cooks will spoil the broth?” I don’t want such a thing to happen.”

"A large number of cooks will spoil the broth...”

There was such a saying in his country? Grid admired the American Lauel and nodded. 

“I see. I understand.”

Yes, it really made sense. He was convinced that it would be ideal to provide the funding for the kingdom alone. But there was one problem.

"How can I raise 60 million gold?”

Grid’s current assets exceeded 20 billion won. It was a level that could provide for him for the rest of his life, but it was lacking compared to the 72 billion won he needed.  Lauel shrugged at the troubled Grid.

“Think about it yourself. It isn’t that hard."

Lauel highly valued Grid. He didn’t doubt that Grid was the most valuable person in the world. But Grid didn’t realize this himself. It was a hundred times better than those who didn’t fear the world, but it was questionable if Grid could express his big vessel.

Lauel wanted Grid to value himself more. Grid looked at the silent Lauel and had a thought.

"Should I get a sponsor?” What if he got a large investment from a real-world company active in Satisfy? "I can ask them for an investment in return for placing advertisement signs on every main street in the cities. How about it?”

“Well... That’s the common way.”

It wasn’t bad. It was clear that the world would be paying a lot of attention to the first country set up by a player. In particular, there were many players and a high floating population would occur. From the viewpoint of the companies, they wouldn’t lose money investing in the kingdom. But it wasn’t the answer that Lauel wanted.

Grid saw Lauel’s bad expression and asked. “Is there a better way?”

"Of course.”

“What is it?” Lauel grinned at Grid’s confused expression. The wicked smile was similar to Grid’s. His resemblance to Grid kept increasing. “Labor.”


"Do labor. Stay in the smithy and constantly make items. Then you will be able to raise funds much sooner than anticipated.”


“If you set the customer base as mainly the Overgeared members, you can make a big contribution to the power of your allies and increase your skill level and stats.”


No, dammit. He thought he finally overcame poverty and became rich. Now he had to do labor again? Grid’s expression distorted, but Lauel didn’t shrink back at all.

"You shouldn’t lose your beginnings. Do labor.”



“Labor... I have to do labor...”

He was on the verge of becoming a king, yet he had to do hard labor again? It was uncomfortable. Of course, Grid knew it. His root was a blacksmith. It was right to do the work of a blacksmith. But he couldn’t imagine how long he would have to work to earn at least 50 billion won.

‘It’s easy for Lauel to say.’

It took Grid two years to build his current assets. He earned some money by selling items, but most of it was revenue from broadcasts. How many years would it take to earn 50 billion won from just making items?

"Do you have a moment?”

The bustling Reinhardt. As the Overgeared members and soldiers helped the people, a man came over to the frustrated Grid. Sword Saint Kraugel.

Grid smiled when he saw Kraugel. "I’m sorry that I thanked you so late. You saved my colleagues... In particular, Piaro was in great danger. Thank you for helping with the raid.”

Kraugel shook his head. "No, if I hadn’t come in the first place, then the Overgeared members could’ve retreated safely. They missed the opportunity to retreat while waiting for me and were in danger because of it. I’m the one who is sorry.”

"...It’s unusual.”

Kraugel was always the best. He was called the sky above the sky and was an absolute person revered around the world. But he wasn’t arrogant. He was always respectful to Grid.

'Someday, I want to be like you.’

Kraugel didn’t know Grid’s mind.

He asked Grid. "I was convinced when I saw you use the same skill twice in a row against Belial. Did you gain God’s Command?”


Grid was startled. In addition to domain and ruling power, it was classified as one of the three major offensive passives. Kraugel knew the existence of Grid’s skill beforehand?

“How do you know about God’s Command?”

"I have also progressed in the 7 malignant episodes. I have gained knowledge about the three offensive passives, the three defensive passives, and the corrupt passive.”

"Eh? 7 malignant episodes? What is that?”


Kraugel’s eyes cramped. He was speechless for a moment before asking.

"Don’t tell me you obtained God’s Command without going through the seven malignant episodes?”

"So? What is the 7 malignant episodes?”


Kraugel thought it was absurd. Grid had obtained God's Command as a result of coincidences and unpredictable events overlapping.

'...It’s said that a hero is created by the times, not by themselves.’

It would be correct to say that this era chose Grid as a hero. This truly was his rival.

Kraugel felt admiration and trepidation. He barely managed to control his expression as he briefly explained.

“The 7 malignant episodes is an old story about seven wicked people chosen by the gods who became corrupted. As you progress through the episodes, you will gain clues about the strongest passive skills that those seven people possessed. I haven’t gotten the skill I was aiming for because it’s too tricky... I’m certain that Agnus and Ares have acquired the skill they desired by now.”

“Agnus... Ares...”

Grid’s eyes sharpened. He heard how great Agnus and Ares were every time someone spoke about them.

"Everyone appreciates Agnus and Ares. Are they strong enough to make you conscious of them?”

Kraugel was Grid’s only rival. Grid unconsciously thought this, so he couldn’t help having a strange rivalry with Agnus and Ares. Kraugel didn’t know his mind and nodded.

"I think their potential won’t be suppressed by you. I would advise you not to associate with them if you have any choice.”


Was Kraugel worried Grid would be beaten by them? Kraugel explained to the frustrated Grid.

"Agnus is completely warped. If he learns more about you, he’s likely to become highly obsessed with you.”

Agnus was an unhappy person. Like Grid, he lived the worst life before encountering Satisfy. Grid overcame his adverse fate by pioneering a positive direction in life. On the other hand, Agnus was still obsessed with the past and exploited his power.

"You can see him as an evil spirit. He will never understand you. He will thoroughly deny you, who walks a completely different path.”


"On the other hand, Ares is a person with no shadow. He is a sun like you are now. Due to this, he’s strong. He has drawn many strong people to his side. If you become hostile to him...”

Kraugel was convinced that even the Overgeared Guild would find it difficult. But he didn’t speak these thoughts. He thought it would pierce Grid’s pride.

“...Well, this is just my advice. The choice is yours.”

He had wasted too much time. It was time to eat with his mother.

Grid stopped Kruagel who was trying to leave. He stared at Kraugel with eyes as deep as a lake and asked.

“I will ask bluntly. Are Agnus and Ares stronger than you?”

“For now.”

"This means that in the end, you will become the best again?”

"...I will make that happen.”

"Then I understand. Kraugel, I will only look at you. Agnus? Ares? Nonsense. I don’t care about them. So put aside your worries. If you have a hard time, then you can contact your older brother at any time.”

“Older brother?”


“You’re crazy. I’m two years older than you.”

Kraugel responded before leaving.

Like the wind, Kraugel left without any fuss. Like the sea, Grid stayed in place.

Both of them cheered each other on in their hearts. Later on, he would be the best.


Jishuka, the impressive beauty with provocative eyes. She was convinced by Lauel’s plan to make Grid pay the 60 million gold alone.

"It’s a good idea. There might be a seed of discord someday if you share the stakes with the guild members.

The problem was that Grid didn’t have 60 million gold. However, this was easily solved by Jishuka.

"Isn’t it sufficient if I pay 60 million gold for the Red Phoenix Bow? Right?”

"Cough! Cough!” 

Lauel hadn’t confirmed the details of the Red Phoenix Bow yet. What item would have its value set at 60 million gold?

Jishuka laughed at the suffering Lauel.