Chapter 580


It was a combination of the English word ‘item’ and ‘system.’ (TL: In Korean) It was a slang term that appeared in the early 21st century in South Korea. It was a term used to express users who depended on the ability of the item, rather than their skills, and was generally used for mockery.

But now? Being overgeared was also recognized as a skill. People’s perception of it changed in Satisfy as a result of Grid. Now there was no one who made fun of overgeared people.

『 Overgeared Kingdom! It’s a very cool name! 』

『 It’s especially good that the meaning is clear. It is good since it symbolizes Grid and the Overgeared members. 』

『 The name gives off a robust feel. All the people and soldiers of Overgeared will be armed with great items. 』

『 Huhu, a kingdom where all the people and soldiers are armed with great items... The strongest kingdom has appeared in Satisfy. 』

『 The neighborhood kids play around by pretending to summon a red phoenix... 』

『 ...I think I should move to the Overgeared Kingdom. 』

These were the reactions of the foreign commentators. From their point of view, overgeared was a foreign word and didn’t look very strange to them. On the other hand, the Korean commentators and viewers were baffled.

『 No, the name of the kingdom is Overgeared...? 』

『 I can appreciate that it has a clear meaning, but I don’t like it that much. 』

『 ... 』

-What’s the Overgeared Kingdom? Is this real?

-The name is delicious. I want to eat rice because of it.

-Isn’t it fitting? I laughed when I first heard it. Now it isn’t so strange and rolls of my tongue.

-Even overgeared king sounds cool ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Right. ㅋㅋㅋ Overgeared King Grid really fits. ㅋㅋㅋ

-The reactions of the international community are explosive. I think the name Overgeared Kingdom is very strong.

-It’s strong because Grid comes to mind whenever I hear the name ‘overgeared.’

-But why is Lauel acting like that?

-The lord he serves has become king.

-Kuk... Thrills of excitement. How wonderful.

-A beautiful picture of a lord and a loyalist. It gives off the feeling of a historical drama.

The Korean viewers talking about the name ‘Overgeared’ started to pay attention to Lauel.

On the screen, Lauel was shedding tears. Was it tears of excitement as the viewers thought? That wasn’t the case.


“Overgeared Kingdom? Did you say overgeared just now?”

After hearing Grid’s declaration, Lauel received a great shock.

Grid nodded at the doubting Lauel.

"Yes, it’s a name I have painstakingly built. Isn’t it cool?”


Lauel had been anxious since Grid named the Overgeared Guild. He was worried that Grid would name the kingdom Overgeared when it was set up.  His worries became a reality.

“How is it cool? No, Overgeared Kingdom! No way! It stinks!”

Lauel raised his voice and Grid responded like he didn’t understand.

"Why isn’t Overgeared cool?”

Grid once had the worst life and could stand upright due to items. Thanks to items, he became stronger, built up his self-esteem, and strengthened his finances.

“My life can be defined by being overgeared. We were able to meet because of items. Isn’t it wonderful? Overgeared Kingdom.”


Grid looked at the other members for their opinions. Then the Overgeared members started to agree one by one.

"That's right. It’s true.”

“Isn’t it natural for the kingdom that the Overgeared Guild established be called Overgeared?”

“I can’t think of a name other than Overgeared.”


A feast of unexpected responses! Was this a dream or reality? Lauel was confused, but he quickly calmed down.

‘Overgeared... Well, it’s special.'

Grid was right. For the Overgeared Guild, the meaning of overgeared was significant. Everyone trusted each other, cheered each other on, grew while being rivals, and now they had set up a kingdom. It began with items and ended with items.

‘Overgeared Guild, Overgeared Kingdom.’

And then Overgeared Empire. Looking back, it wasn’t so bad. Overgeared Kingdom. It sounded okay. Lauel turned pale as he had this thought.

‘...Unbelievable. Is my naming sense starting to become like Grid’s?’

The name ‘Darkness of Infinite Destiny Kingdom’ that he had been thinking about for a few months became the crude Overgeared Kingdom?

‘It’s the worst.’

He was influenced by Grid’s naming sense while serving him. It felt like he lost his dignity as a human.


Lauel was disappointed that he couldn’t deny the coolness of the Overgeared Kingdom. He knelt down and started shedding tears. He felt sad and ashamed. However, Grid misunderstood.

‘This guy... He’s so excited that he’s crying. Well, the joy he’s feeling right now will transcend my joy.'

Lauel was the one who helped Grid set up this kingdom. Lauel did all this for Grid. If Grid hadn’t met Lauel, he would’ve never dreamt about building a kingdom. He would’ve just remained a strong user. Lauel was a special person to Grid.

“This is our kingdom. Together, let’s lead it well forever.”


Together, forever. Grid’s words awakened Lauel’s heart and soul. Lauel was reminded of his deep loyalty and got up. Then he swore emotionally.

“My soul and heart will be yours until the day that this body is crushed. And it will be repeated in the next life and the one after that!”

“Eh? U-Uh, yes.”

Grid sometimes was at a loss when he talked to Lauel. He got goosebumps as Piaro approached.

"I brought Aslan.”


Grid and Lauel’s eyes moved to one side in unison. King Aslan stared at Grid from where he was tied up. There was madness and resentment in his eyes.

“You’re like a rabid dog.”

A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[King Aslan has sacrificed innumerable people for his personal ambition.]

[Aslan has been morally corrupted. He has committed a sin that is unforgivable. In addition, Aslan is hostile to you. You have succeeded in defeating Aslan. You have the right to punish Aslan.]

[Aslan has lost the ‘Absolute Protection’ passive applied to NPC kings.]

[Would you like to punish Aslan? Please be cautious. Aslan is king of the kingdom and a high punishment is likely to cause opposition.]

[Please note! If you dethrone or execute Aslan, the Eternal Kingdom will disappear. The Eternal Kingdom will be disbanded and this will have a profound influence on the continent. You will have a destiny that might be hard to handle.]

All types of warnings appeared in front of Grid. But Grid didn’t hesitate at all. He would punish and destroy Eternal. This had been determined from the moment he started the war. He couldn’t be afraid now that the storm was over. There was only one ending.

“Hand Aslan over to the people.”

The people experienced sorrow, anger, and despair due to Aslan. Grid meant to give Aslan to those who were still crying so they could kill Aslan. Aslan cried out.

“You..! The Saharan Empire is behind me! You will never be safe if you hurt me!”


The soldiers belonging to Overgeared flinched. They were frightened at the thought of being hostile to the Saharan Empire. However, the members of Overgeared, including Grid, didn’t raise a single eyebrow. Grid approached King Aslan and smiled.

"I don’t know what you have noticed, but I will eventually swallow the Saharan Empire. It’s natural to be hostile to them.”


Swallowing the strongest nation that dominated the continent? Some people would think it was absurd nonsense. But King Aslan couldn’t laugh. The madness in his eyes were erased for a moment.

"...I should’ve been this dignified.”

Aslan borrowed Saharan’s power, despite his desire to beat them, and even waved Saharan’s power at the last minute. He blamed his stupid self and closed his eyes with regret. He decided to humble accept it, even if his body was torn apart by the people and his soul fell to hell.

‘Father, Brother. I am sorry.’

On this day, Aslan, the last king of Eternal died.

[You have succeeded in occupying Reinhardt!]

[356,931 people in Reinhardt have decided to serve you!]

[Aslan has died!]

[The Eternal Kingdom has lost its anchor and has scattered!]

[The surviving nobles of the Eternal Kingdom hate you!]

Grid’s name was clearly stamped on the continent’s history.


“...My son-in-law was right.”

Marquis Steim. Grid’s father-in-law and lord of the north, he watched the war between Overgeared and King Aslan from beginning to end. He planted eyes and ears on every battlefield and observed. It was in order to know the truth. Did King Aslan really kill Prince Ren?

He wondered if his son-in-law had lied. He had a duty to confirm it as a loyal subject of Eternal and Irene’s father. Now he confirmed that his son-in-law was right. King Aslan really did kill Prince Ren. An unqualified person was on the throne.


Marquis Steim’s heart was complicated. He was glad that his son-in-law hadn’t lied, but he felt sad about the things uncovered. Well, this type of sentiment had no meaning at all. He only had to make a decision. The Eternal KIngdom was scattered.

Should he help Grid who would be threatened from various places?

He wasn’t anxious. His choice was obvious.

"I will give the north to my son-in-law.” 

He was protecting his son-in-law with the force that he and his ancestors had built up, then set up Grid as king. Marquis Steim summoned Knight Laden without hesitation in order to prepare his tribute.


“What? 60 million gold?”

The minimum conditions for establishing a kingdom was to have three cities, 100,000 people, and 60 million gold. 60 million gold. It was a huge sum of money equivalent to 72 billion won. It was an amount that he couldn’t afford, even if Grid had started becoming one of the rich people of South Korea.

“This is crazy... Isn’t this robbing me?”

The damn S.A. Group! He was furious about the developers who didn’t care about economic principles and were forcing their users to spend gold.

Toban spoke to the furious Grid. “It isn’t a burdensome amount. If the guild members combine their assets, then it’s easy to raise 60 million gold...”

The top rankers of Satisfy were able to amass a huge amount of money, especially the Overgeared members who were in the top rankings. As Toban said, it was possible for them to provide enough money to fund the kingdom. But Lauel refused.

"Grid, I recommended that you provide the funding alone.

“...You want me to raise 60 million gold alone?”

Grid was shocked by the unexpected words. Spending 72 billion won by himself? Grid didn’t have such a large sum of money, despite accumulating considerable assets through the National Competition, various broadcasts and advertisements.

"Hey, where will I gain such a huge amount of money? I’m not asking you to provide all of it, but isn’t a little bit fine? Eh? Just give me a little bit. Then I will pay it back with interest every time I receive the taxes.

"I am urging you to provide the funding alone, so that this situation doesn’t happen.”


"You will have all shares of the kingdom alone.”

This was for the sake of Grid’s interests. It was for the future of Overgeared.