Chapter 577

Reinhardt Palace’s garden.

There was a black sphere present. It was an ominous sphere that emitted demonic energy.  Looking at it gave the illusion that the body and soul was being sucked in. The identity of this ominous sphere? It was the 32nd Hell that Belial summoned. From the outside, it looked like it could only fit three people. However, there was another universe contained in it.


Hao searched outside the sphere for Belial’s weakness, only to suddenly turn his eyes towards the inner palace.

‘Could it be related to the summoner?

King Aslan sacrificed 9,999 virgins to summon a great demon. If he met the king, he might be able to get a glimpse of the great demon’s weakness.


It had been four hours since Kraugel entered the 32nd Hell. Hao was on edge because he hadn’t done anything to help so far. He hastened his pace as he thought about helping Kraugel with the great demon. At that moment.



Cracks appeared in the black sphere.


There was an explosion from within the black sphere. Followed by...


The black sphere shattered.

“It can’t be...!”

The sky above the sky. He had succeeded in the great demon raid! Hao’s heart beat faster as he was filled with joy.


Pa pa pa pa pat!

Hundreds of people started to pour out of the shattered sphere. Sword Saint Kraugel and the Overgeared members. All of them were seriously injured and bloody.


Hao was startled. Kraugel was severely injured. He looked like he did after fighting Grid in the National Competition. It was too different from the look of a winner.

“Are you okay?”

Hao was in a hurry. He ran to Kraugel and gave him various potions, only to suddenly get goosebumps. Hao moved his gaze away from Kraugel and witnessed it. The collapsed remnants of the 32nd Hell. The giant demon was kneeling down in pain while Grid looked down at her.

Hao doubted his eyes. He got chills at the sight of Grid looking down at the absolute monarch of hell.

‘That’s Grid...’

Hao thought. What if he had known Grid first instead of Kraugel?

‘I would’ve admired him.’

Of course, Kraugel was the best for the present Hao.


[Watched by the Gods]

The Red Phoenix Bow you produced is outstanding enough to be compared to the battle gear of the god realm.

The gods see you as a legend who will go beyond history and eventually become a myth.

This was the description of the title ‘Watched by the Gods’ that Grid obtained in exchange for the Red Phoenix Bow.  No special features were mentioned. Grid was naturally very disappointed. He was the first player to produce a myth rated item, but what was this title? The gods were just watching him?

Grid was taken aback and thought it was absurd. The Satisfy team didn’t consider the possibility of a player making a myth rated item and made a bad title. But at this moment, Grid realized how great it was to have the attention of the gods.

[The new fusion skill Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle has been learned!]

[Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle]

Four types of sword techniques are connected.

1,500% of your attack power will be dealt to the target due to Linked Kill.

If the target is hit at least four times, the damage of Linked Kill will increased by 200% and Wave will be summoned.  

Wave will affect any enemy within a range of 5 meters. It will deal 500% of your attack power and all targets hit will have all speeds decreased by 30%. In addition, there will be definite damage from the Pinnacle that follows. 

Pinnacle ignores 80% of the target’s defense and deals 1,800% of your attack power as physical damage.

* This skill doesn’t share a cooldown with Link, Kill, Wave, and Pinnacle.

Skill Mana Consumption: Half of the maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 hours.


The new ultimate technique! The power of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, born because of Goddess Rebecca, was above and beyond the power of Linked Kill Wave. It required four combos for the full effect to be activated, but Linked Kill would be useless if the enemy could avoid it that many times.

‘Get it right!’

Grid trusted his control. He was proud of his growth after fighting countless strong people.



Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!]

[The weak spot has been attacked! Further damage will be dealt!!]

[You have dealt 25,008,519 damage to the target.]

[The hidden passive ‘God's Command’ has reset the cooldown of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.]


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been...]

[The weakness has been...]

[You have dealt  2,691,399 damage to the target.]


He was affected by Sword Saint Aura which doubled the power of his sword skills. Now he used Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. It transcended the power of two consecutive Linked Kills. Belial couldn’t help screaming despite Grid’s attack power being reduced because of Belial’s high level. It was as painful as Piaro’s Fated to Perish.

Grid confirmed that Belial’s health gauge had fallen below 4% and was excited.

‘This is a scam!’

Belial had a high defense and level, so Grid’s attack power wasn’t applied properly. Nevertheless, he inflicted more than 25 million damage. The Sword Saint Aura was great, but at this level, he could easily kill the drake that he encountered in the National Competition.

Grid was trembling with joy when Belial wildly struck at him. This was a great demon’s tenacity. It was a situation where her soul was burning. She was furious as she stood on the threshold of true death. She was determined to kill all the enemies in front of her, even if she had to die.

“Damn human!”


Belial’s hand stretched out towards Grid. The flames rotated like a drill. It seemed sharp enough to penetrate a dragon’s heart and contained a powerful explosive force.

‘Fast and dirty...!’

Belial’s physical abilities overwhelmed even Piaro. Her technique was lacking, but her speed was formidable. It wasn’t a level that Grid could keep up with. Even the God Hands couldn’t keep up with this speed. It was the moment when Grid faced Belial’s attack and his life was threatened.


Noe, who had been acting passively after being summoned, swung his claws at Belial. For thousands of years, a memphis had been a pet of the great demons. The desire to obey the great demons that was imprinted in Noe’s genes was very strong, but Noe overcame his instincts. He wanted to protect Grid who had been together with him from the moment of his birth!



Noe passed by the God Hands and moved in front of Grid with his acceleration ability. Belial’s magic pierced him.

“This memphis...!”

What was this? Belial was confused as she faced Noe’s X-shaped eyes and red tongue sticking out. She was outraged at missing the golden opportunity to kill Grid. In fact, the great demon’s distorted face was enough to put fear into the viewers.

But the world wasn’t panicked at the sight of Belial. In the first place, it was natural to sacrifice pets if necessary. The scary thing was Grid’s expression.

-That person...?

Grid’s eyes were wild with rage and his killing intent reminded viewers of his past.

The Cruel Butcher.


Crazy, etc.

There was a madness in Grid that the general public couldn’t bear.

“XXXX my cute Noe...!”

Originally, Grid often sacrificed his pets. Pets were like players and resurrected no matter how many times they were killed. However, it was something that should be done with Randy and Noe’s agreement. He didn’t want his precious pets to be killed by the enemy when he didn’t plan it.

“I will kill you!”



The combination of Failure + Grid’s Greatsword, which had less than 20 seconds left, stretched out towards Belial. The God Hands holding Mjolnir also responded to Grid and aimed at Belial. However, it wasn’t easy to hit Belial. It was impossible to pierce through Belial’s defense of several layers of fire shields and demonic energy.

The great demon was greatly weakened from the destruction of the 32nd Hell. Still, there was an overwhelming level difference and she gradually gained the edge on Grid.

“Human! This is the difference between us! Legend? It’s ridiculous! No matter how hard a human tries, you can’t escape your natural limits!”


Belial stomped on the ground and flames rose and struck Grid.


Grid tried to defend from the unexpected magic that rose from the ground but it was already too late. The flames hit Grid’s face.

Kwa kwang!




Yura and Jishuka turned white. It was because Grid’s health gauge sharply decreased from this one blow. He would fall into the immortal state if he allowed one or two more blows.

“This is the end!”

Belial used this momentum to aim at Grid. However, she couldn’t reach Grid.


It was because Iyarugt’s sword blocked Belial’s way.

"How long will you ignore me?”

Belial scoffed at Iyarugt.

"Your current strength is so low that you’re a bug who doesn’t interest me.”

Belial had shrunk back when Iyarugt first appeared, but the current Iyarugt was greatly weakened. There was no reason to be afraid of him.

“This guy!”

This great demon would’ve never dared ignore him in the old days! Iyarugt attacked Belial. He used all his stamina and strength. But it was useless.


Belial easily blew away Iyarugt and aimed at Grid.


Belial yelled with an evil smile. She laughed as she saw the flames heading towards Grid’s chest.

"Behind you.”

At the same time.

“Fated to Perish.”


The hand plow fell from the sky and struck Belial’s head. It was Piaro’s resurgence. After the 32nd Hell was destroyed, Ruby and Damian were able to take mana potions and concentrated their heals on Piaro.


Belial received a strong shock from the hand plow and shifted her gaze. Her blurred vision saw the massive mortar falling from the sky. It was a disaster that even a great demon couldn’t avert.


[The raid of the 32nd Great Demon Belial has succeeded!]

[The soul of the 32nd Great Demon Belial has been destroyed and won’t be able to reincarnate!]

[The position of 32nd monarch has temporarily become vacant.]

[All players who participated in the Belial raid will receive the title ‘Savior of the World.’]

[All players who participated in the Belial raid will receive different compensation based on their performance!]

[Piaro has obtained the raid’s 1st prize.]

[Yura has obtained the raid’s 2nd prize.]

[Kraugel has obtained the raid’s 3rd prize.]

[Ibellin has obtained the raid’s 4th prize.]

[Grid has obtained the raid’s 5th prize.]

[Isabel has obtained the raid’s 6th prize.]

[Damian has obtained the raid’s 7th prize.]

[Jishuka has obtained the raid’s 8th prize.]

[★ Saintess Ruby has obtained extraordinary rewards in exchange for annihilating the soul of the great demon!★]

[Other personnel will be given equal compensation.]

“Wow, amazing.”

The Grid siblings participated in the raid at the end and still took the 5th prize and a special prize? The Overgeared members were astonished. They once again realized how great Grid was. But Grid wasn’t satisfied.

'5th place... Well, it isn’t bad.’

The compensation he didn’t receive was in the hands of his colleagues. There was no reason to be sorry. Piaro approached as Grid was thinking. He held Belial’s staff, horns, bones, and mysterious jewels in his arms as he bowed to Grid.

"I will give the loot I got from exterminating the great demon to my lord.”

A well-trained NPC worthy of envy! He smiled at Grid and Piaro’s appearance on that day changed the world’s perception of NPCs.