Chapter 576

『 Kraugel, Damian, and Overgeared... The strongest raid party, which might never happen again, is facing its biggest challenge. 』 

『 I can’t see anymore hope. The opponent was too strong. It’s time to get our minds together. 』

The Great Demon Belial raid was a failure. There was no one who could stop her. In the future, Belial would go crazy and the continent would be filled with fear and confusion.

『 After the Overgeared Guild is defeated, Belial will be based in the Eternal Kingdom and it will gradually turn into a hell. 』

The players were destined to engage in fierce fighting with the creatures raised by Belial. The difficulty of the game would rise exponentially. Everyone was feeling regret over the failure of Overgeared’s raid.


A blue-white light broke the darkness of hell. The remnants of sunlight poured into the cracks to reveal the black and red 32nd Hell. One man showed up. The person who descended from light, it was the advent of Grid. He appeared with his sister Ruby and used Summon Knights to save Piaro and Jude from the crisis. He descended to the ground with a sword dance.

『 G-Grid! 』

『 Ahh! Just before the Overgeared Guild collapsed, a true hero finally appeared! 』

『 He appears with dramatic timing as usual! It’s amazing! 』

『 It’s almost deliberate. 』

『 Purposely sacrificing his colleagues to make a nice appearance... Haha, isn’t that too big of an assumption? 』

-Kuk, it is God Grid.

-He’s so cool when he uses Blackening.

-Doesn’t the decadent feeling fit well with Grid?

-By the way, how long was he fighting the 100,000 troops in Bairan? He already recovered and came to support Reinhardt? Really great stamina.

-He must have an item that allows him to recover quickly.

-Overgeared ㅋㅋㅋ It’s truly Overgeared.

-Grid is an overall overgeared person.

The first legendary class. The holder of the most medals in the National Competition. The person with the shortest combat record. The leader of Overgeared.

The appearance of Grid, who was comparable to the sky above the sky, stirred up the whole world. The viewers all over the world felt empathy for the Overgeared members in a crisis. Now they were jubilantly cheering. A great demon that was the enemy of all players! Many people prayed that Grid would defeat Belial and bring peace to the world.

But was it that easy?

『 Isn’t Grid lacking in ability compared to the more powerful Kraugel? 』

『 Indeed... Even Kraugel’s attack that split apart the world couldn’t kill Belial. 』

『 Now that all the Overgeared members are out of combat, I wonder if Grid will be able to defeat Belial by himself...? 』

『 He appeared too late. It would’ve been nice if they fought together from the beginning... 』

Were the viewers listening to the commentators of the broadcasting companies? As they denied their worries, Grid descended to the ground with terrifying momentum and showed the ultimate slashing attack. It was Pinnacle Kill. The combination of Failure and Grid’s Greatsword made with Item Combination struck Belial’s thick skin.



It sounded like bells rang throughout the 32nd Hell, followed by Belial’s groan. Belial stumbled and looked like she couldn’t believe it. The soulless person in front of her, why did he come at this time to disturb her? Belial’s confusion was revealed on the surface.

Her 100% health gauge once again fell to 10%. The world was shocked.


-Belial’s health...? How did she lose so much health with one blow?

-Belial’s final evolution, doesn’t it have low defense and high attack?

-No matter how low the defense, this is still a great demon;;; Losing 9/10 of her blood in one blow...

-Originally, Grid’s attack power was at the level of a bug. Imagine if Grid had Kraugel’s splitting the sky skill ㅋㅋㅋ

Grid’s status increased due to the misunderstanding. This wasn’t something that Grid intended.

“You... Showing up so suddenly and then attacking! You’re still as shameless as ever! The great monarch of the 32nd Hell is talking. Listen to me!"

Grid asked like he didn’t understand.

“What is this nonsense? Who do you think I am?”

“Nonsense? Stop talking nonsense!”

Making fun of a ruler of hell? The Great Demon Belial wasn’t used to it. She was upset.

"I will show you a bitter taste! Yes, good! Let’s see how you end up today!” 

The soulless man suddenly appeared in hell and had an incredibly fast growth rate. He was so dangerous that he reminded her of the low-grade demonkin Iyarugt, who destroyed the ecosystem of hell in the past. Any great demons outside the 30th place were terrified, making it necessary to get rid of him.

But the soulless man was the master of hit-and-run, so it wasn’t easy to catch him. Now there was an unexpected chance to hunt him.

“Your demonic power is just half-pure, while mine is pure power! I am the queen of darkness! I will definitely imprint it on your empty heart!”


Belial exploded her demonic power.  As the gravitational force spread around Grid and pulled him forward, a storm of dark lightning swallowed Grid.


There was a terrible sound, like meat and bones being crushed. The viewers and Overgeared members were terrified.



Belial used new magic again? The moment that all the Overgeared members were surprised by the power of the great demon, Grid was swapping his items within the gravitational field.

[Dark Bus’ Earrings have been released. Blackening if forcibly cancelled.]

[Triple Layers has been released and the Holy Light Armor has been equipped.]

Grid completely penetrated the structure of his items. Therefore, his speed at releasing items and wearing new items was really fast!

[The effect of the Holy Light Armor has been activated, resisting the dark magic.]

The Holy Light Armor had a low probability of completely resisting dark magic, making Grid safe.


Once the dark storm ended...

[Player Kraugel has asked you to join the party. Would you like to accept?]

[You have accepted. You have joined the Belial Raid party.]

[You are in the field of party leader Kraugel]

[Sword Saint’s Aura is perfectly applied. The damage done to enemies will increase by 30%. The damage of sword related skills will double.]


A custom buff that existed just for Kraugel? Grid felt awe and delight while envying Kraugel’s abilities. Next.

“Blacksmith's Rage. Linked Kill!”



A huge greatsword appeared and dispersed the remnants of the dark storm.


The second blow.


The third, fourth, and fifth blows. The final sixth attack didn’t hit because it was evaded by Belial, but she had already suffered terrible damage. A total of 22 million health was lost and the health gauge dropped to 9%. Grid’s Linked Kill was overwhelming compared to the Space Sword of the still low level Kraugel. But Grid wasn’t satisfied.

'If I was Kraugel, the 6th attack would’ve hit.’

It was likely that the sixth attack would even be a critical. Kraugel’s ability to grasp weaknesses was based on Super Sensitivity, and it was above the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch.

‘It’s time to obtain an item better than the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch.’

Once again, he saw the gap between the purely power Sword Saint and Pagma’s Descendant, which ultimately depended on items. But Grid didn’t feel any sense of deprivation. His abilities weren’t too far away and he could make an army of ‘overgeared’ people. He was fully aware of his potential for development.

“Armor with Rebecca’s blessing? How can a demonic person wear something like that?”

It was confusing when thinking about the soulless man. Belial started to focus on the battle.



A storm of flames! Dark magic attacks weren’t effective, so Belial fired all types of fire spells. The magical bombardment poured from every direction and struck Grid.

[You have suffered 3,800 damage.]

[You have suffered 4,190 damage.]

[You have suffered 6,930 damage.]

[You have suffered 12,083 damage.]

‘How rotten.’ 

It was difficult to cope with the different types of magic rushing at once. It wasn’t at a fatal level due to the God Hands. Belial headed towards Grid, who was enduring the pain. Grid was wounded, so she wanted to catch him and kill him. This was a mistake. Grid smiled grimly as he faced Belial.

"Do you know what your weakness is?”


“You are weak.”

He realized it in the process of observing Belial through the TV. Belial was a few levels below Hell Gao. What if Hell Gao didn’t have his body destroyed by Muller? Unlike Belial, Hell Gao showed strength in close combat and magic. In the first place, Hell Gao was the master of hellfire and used hellfire directly to attack. Belial had a weaker firepower.

"There’s no problem if I directly hit you!”

Grid was confident. If he had been part of the Belial raid from the beginning, they could’ve succeeded in raiding Belial fairly quickly!


Grid smiled with satisfaction as a silver thread caught Belial’s body.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead?”


Tak tak tak!

Grid shouted with a red face and the Overgeared Skeletons responded. One of them wore Arube’s Ring and wrapped the silver thread around Belial’s body. The level 1 skeletons grabbed a great demon’s ankle!



Belial was temporarily restrained. An old man holding a red sword appeared.


The one who the 13th monarch, Zepar, avoided...

“Sublime Sword.”

Thousands of bloody thorns grew from Belial’s thick skin. She was frightened and reflexively took a defensive posture. At this time, a cute cat with small horns and wings appeared in front of her eyes. Noe.


An endangered species and the best demonic beast of hell, a memphis! The soulless man obtained the best demonic beast that only the rulers above the 20th rank could tame?

"W-Who are you?"

Above Belial’s head.


There was a blue flash from the sky. It was Saintess Ruby’s Sacrifice, which could revive someone in exchange for consuming her health and mana. The dead were revived while evil was destroyed.


Belial experienced the same pain as the Demon Slayer’s attacks. The bigger problem caused her to feel fear.

‘My soul..! My soul is burning!’

It was possible for great demons to reincarnate for eternity. Their bodies might be destroyed, but their souls could start a new life. This was Yatan’s blessing. A great demon’s power was absolute. At this moment, her soul was being threatened. An incredible strength! It was the first time Belial felt fear!

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid took advantage of this golden opportunity. Grid completed Linked Kill Wave. After using Linked Kill Wave, Grid tried to link it with the movements of Pinnacle and Kill, only for a notification window to rise up.

[The effect of the title ‘Watched by the Gods’ has been activated.]

[Rebecca, the goddess of light who you did a favor for in the past, has given you a blessing.]

‘Man who doesn’t know how to give up, condemn the great demon who is threatening the world.’

[A powerful force has united Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle.]

[The new fusion skill Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle has been learnt!]

[The reward is too large! There is opposition from the other gods! The title of Watched by the Gods is permanently sealed!]



Failure + Grid’s Greatsword stabbed Belial’s body in a row. This was the essence of Linked Kill.


Then a wave surged around the greatsword, rising up Belial’s body. 


The ascended wave fell and slashed Belial’s body due to Pinnacle.


[The hidden passive ‘God's Command’ has reset the cooldown of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. If reused within three seconds, no resources will be consumed.]


[The power of the 32nd Great Demon Belial has sharply fallen!]