Chapter 575

Pounding Mortar of Free Farming and the ultimate technique of Piaro, Fated to Perish.

Belial’s health gauge was fine despite these powerful skills being used. After that, she lost some health when hit with two Splitting the Sky. What was the reason? Lauel had pondered on it throughout the raid.

'Is she a type of boss who only loses health after a certain amount of damage is received?’

No, the probability was extremely low.

Pounding Mortar might not go over the damage limit, but Fated to Perish was the best single attack skill in Satisfy. It was hard to see the damage of Fated to Perish as lower than Splitting the Sky. In particular, Kraugel was low-level and it was highly likely that the damage of Splitting the Sky was lower than Fated to Perish. 

‘At the time of Pounding Mortar and Fated to Perish, she might’ve consumed other resources instead of health...’

For example, a mana shield.

‘But I didn’t see the specific effect?’

What was the cause? Lauel’s thoughts deepened in the midst of the intense battle. In order to proceed with the raid, it was important to understand the characteristics of the boss. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t understand the formula behind Belial’s health. Now he didn’t need to understand it.

It was thanks to Yura’s unique abilities. This was a situation where Belial’s health fell to 10%. It was no longer necessary to know why Belial didn’t lost his health at the beginning of the battle.  This terrible raid would end soon.

The moment that Lauel was feeling relieved.


There was an explosion of thunder and demonic energy, then Belial’s appearance changed.  It wasn’t a beautiful or a terrible appearance. She became a cold and emotionless female demon, like a doll.  Wings emerged from the skin that looked like an insect’s. She was black from head to toe except for her red eyes.

“The health...”

“It recovered?”

The Overgeared members, including Lauel, doubted their eyes. After Belial’s transformation, her 10% health gauge was fully recovered to 100%.

‘Recovering from the transformation?’

The majority of the Overgeared members thought this, but Lauel was different.

‘Her health wasn’t restored during her previous transformation process.’

It was unreasonable to think that her health had only recovered in this transformation. The morale of the Overgeared members fell, while Lauel realized Belial’s true self.

‘The queen of lies...!’

Let’s look back. Belial. She screamed, groaned, and frowned every time she was attacked. She behaved as if she was in pain despite her health gauge being fine.

‘Would she act like she felt pain if she didn’t?’

It was hard to interpret it as that.  There was no reason for Belial to do such a meaningless performance.


Let’s change the point of view.

‘What if the actor isn’t Belial, but her health gauge?’

Yes, Belial was the queen of lies. She used all types of funny gimmicks. He couldn’t rule out the possibility that she was using her health gauge as a tool of deception.

‘In retrospect, Belial was relatively calm when hit by Fated to Perish and Pounding Mortar.’

But after that, she acted confused. It was due to the appearance of Piaro, Sword Saint Muller, and Demon Slayer Yura. Belial faced unexpected situations in succession, lost her cool, and her health gauge started decreasing from that time.

‘She must’ve forgotten about the trick with her health gauge.’

Now he understood why her body was covered with dark insect skin.

‘It was to hide her wounds.’

Lauel laughed while covering half his face with his hand.

“The embodiment of Overgeared, don’t be agitated by the veiled appearance of the evil demon Belial. Her black skin is the epidermis to cover her wounded body and the emotionless expression was nothing more than a mask to hide her face of pain. Now Belial is just a weak beast wounded to the soul.”

Lauel needed to increase the morale of the Overgeared members. The Overgeared members looked at Lauel with absurd expressions.

"Acting like a chuuni in this serious situation...”

"What is he saying alone?”


Heh, ordinary humans couldn’t understand him. Lauel smiled bitterly before explaining simply. "Belial’s health gauge is an illusion. As you saw earlier, her current health is only 10%. Don’t worry. Unleash a full offensive and finish the raid.”


Lauel was saying this. The Overgeared members completely trusted Lauel, despite his chuuni ways.

“We will finish this infernal fighting!”

"It’s pointless to attack her directly! Beware of the confusion and assist Piaro, Yura, and Kraugel."

Everyone except for Jishuka, who was severely wounded, rushed towards Belial. They were no longer fooled by the fake health gauge and burned with a desire to succeed the raid. But reality was cruel. Belial’s final form. Was she severely injured as Lauel interpreted? Now her combat power had risen dramatically and Kraugel and the Overgeared members couldn’t go against her when they were so tired.


Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Hundreds of meteorites surrounded by flames fell from the sky. It was a magic phenomenon that was hard to see. It was a catastrophe itself.


“Ugh! I’m sorry!”

"I heard frustration raises a human!”


Pa pa pa pa pat!

The Overgeared members were hit by the meteorites and turned to grey. The top powers of Kraugel, Yura, Jishuka, Damian, Pon, and Regas were severely injured.


“There’s no hope...”

The members of Overgeared felt desperate as they saw their dying colleagues. Then they noticed Piaro.



He repeatedly repelled the falling meteors with a sickle and hand plow. In return, his body had become bloody. His left wrist was broken and Belial was slowly approaching him.


The Overgeared members wanted to save Piaro. They wanted to run over and grab him. But they couldn’t get up. The Overgeared members had broken arms or legs from the meteorites.


Jishuka tried shooting an arrow. The target was Piaro’s feet. She intended to use the splash healing effect of the Red Phoenix Bow. But she failed. Her fallen posture and broken fingers made it impossible to fire the arrow in the direction she wanted.

“Great Demon! I am my lord’s subordinate! Don’t touch the ones who will be my lord’s future power!”


As Belial reached him, Piaro raised his remaining mana as if he was burning his life force.


He spat out blood and wielded his precious hand plow. He was aiming for Belial. But Piaro was already seriously injured.


Belial avoided Piaro’s attack, blasted the hand plow with flames and grabbed Piaro’s head.

"I’m curious about the lord you are talking about. A human monarch is weak. It’s funny that you’re thinking about him when on the verge of death. Now... You will all die. It’s refreshing to see the human head explode like a volcanic eruption.”


It was the moment when Belial was about to insert demonic power into the hand holding Piaro’s head.

“Jude. Kill.”

Jude had no thoughts, but the pure youth started to gain a little interest in sex. He couldn’t stand seeing the exposed Belial and the succubuses and was stuck in a corner during the battle. But Belial was now covered in a dark skin and the succubuses were destroyed by the meteors, restoring his freedom. He finally took part in the battle.


Dainsleif (Reproduction) struck Belial’s face.


Belial was startled. A human suddenly attacked her? Why wasn’t he affected by her demonic energy and attacking his friends? 'In the first place, how was he safe from the meteor bombardment?’


Belial grabbed the blade of Dainsleif that couldn’t penetrate her skin.

“You’re also a legend?”


In order to not lose Dainsleif to Belial, Jude held onto the sword with bloody arms and replied.

“I. Jude.”

“Jude? Then you are also a legend?”

“I. Jude.”


Wasn’t this state somewhat strange? Belial deemed Jude worthless and exploded Dainsleif with demonic energy.


[Dainsleif (Reproduction) has been broken by the power of the great demon!]


Breaking the sword that Lord Grid gave him? Jude was furious. But his anger was futile. Piaro was held in Belial’s hands and Jude was destined to die soon as well. The power of Belial was absolute.


The two giants that supported Overgeared were going to disappear in front of their eyes. It was a hard reality for Overgeared to accept. Everyone hoped for the survival of the two people, but Belial didn’t allow it.



Belial declared and fired magic at Piaro and Jude’s head.


Piaro and Jude, who were held captive by Belial, disappeared from her grasp.


They disappeared without any signs of Teleport? The confused Belial looked around and suddenly turned her gaze towards the sky. The wounded Piaro and Jude were held by a strange man. The man had black hair and sharp eyes that were reminiscent of a bird of prey.

"A human is looking down on me?”

It was ridiculous.

“Who is it now?”

The black-haired man, Grid replied to Belial.

“The lord of these people.”


Grid triggered Blackening. Belial was disgusted when she saw his change.

“The man without a soul? H-How are you here?”


Saying he didn’t have a soul the first time they met?

"I’ve heard many harsh words in my life, but this is a different type of attack.”

Grid handed Piaro and Jude to Saintess Ruby. He descended to the ground with a sword dance.