Chapter 574

[Light of Destruction Lv. 1]

Can only be used against demonkin.

Attacks the target with 2,070% of your physical attack power and 3,430% of your magic attack power. In addition, there will be overlapping penetration damage according to the number of demonic essences consumed. Penetrates a maximum of five demonkin in a straight line. The damage will be applied equally to all.

A target hit by the Light of Destruction will temporarily lose their magic.

Demonic power is the origin of demonkin.

Once a demonkin loses their unique power, all their stats are reduced by 50% for three minutes and it is impossible to recover health.

Cooldown: 4 hours (half when used in a hell)

Mana Consumption: 1,799

Demonic Essence Consumption: From 5 to 500.

A Demon Slayer used magic bullets and swordsmanship as their main forms of attack. This meant they had to distribute stat points equally to strength and intelligence. She couldn’t afford to allocate stat points to agility and stamina, so her attack speed, defense, and evasion rate were low. But her skill damage was great.

If Yura had possessed more than 100 demonic essence, she would’ve dealt a fatal blow to Belial.


A large hole was formed in Belial’s body after she was pierced by the jade pillar of light. As one of the ultimate skills of a Demon Slayer, it really was a threat to a great demon.

“Kuk...! Kuaaaack!”

The demonic energy raging around Belial’s body disappeared like it was a mirage. Belial screamed loudly. The physical pain was great, but the mental suffering associated with losing her demonic energy was greater. Piaro and Isabel rushed towards her. The most powerful buffs of a Goddess’ Agent and Pope were amplifying their strength.



Lifael’s Spear struck seven times per second. Isabel’s stabbing attacks annoyed Belial.

"Damn Rebecca’s servant!”

The wounds caused by Rebecca’s divine artifact caused pain even when defending. It was meaningless if she avoided it. However, Isabel received a buff in her White Transformation state, while Belial’s stats fell by 50%. It was difficult to avoid.



Piaro’s hand plow stabbed Belial. This was real pain.


In the midst of this terrible pain,


Belial lost her temper and started to counterattack.


Hellfire! Hundreds of flames stretched out like fists towards Piaro and Isabel’s body.



Piaro and Isabel tried to defend as much as possible.

“Space Sword.”

The powerful blow from Sword Saint Kraugel cut through all the space of heaven and earth, and struck Belial’s body. This was one of the reasons why Kraugel told Lauel that they could seal Belial. This was a powerful blow. Originally, Kraugel would’ve used this skill after Hao found Belial’s weakness from outside the hell. But Yura’s Light of Destruction had weakened Belial.

Kraugel used Space Sword earlier than planned and dealt catastrophic damage to Belial. The presence of a Sword Saint was revealed at this time.


[You have dealt 11,300,599 damage to the target.]

[The target has suffered irreparable damage! All attributes are reduced by 20% and all speeds are reduced by 50%!]

[The target tried to resist. Only half the debuffs are applied.]

[The target has exposed their weakness! For 30 seconds, any attacks to the target will unconditionally be a critical hit! Critical damage will be 1.5 times higher!]

[The target’s resistance has failed.]



[Your powerful sword has cut the world!]


At that moment. The strike penetrated Belial and headed outside the 32nd Hell they were trapped in. The earth, mountain, sea, and sky. All things that existed in the path of the sword energy were split in half.

[The power of a Sword Saint has been revealed.]

[The peak swordsmanship is fighting against the world.] 

[The earth’s gods have used their power. Everything split in half is restored.]


『 ...!!! 』

This phrase appeared in front of all players connected to Satisfy.


The group shook for a while and all players on the continent doubted the reality.

“The world...”

“It split apart?”

“Sword Saint!”


The person who had been in the top rankings since Satisfy opened. At this moment, the world knew what hidden class he chose that made him step down from the throne. Youngwoo’s eyes widened as he watched the TV.


This wasn’t the time to be happy about the growth of his allies like Piaro and Yura. His competitor had split the world with a sword while he was sitting in front of the TV? He didn’t like this situation.



Sehee saw her brother’s clenched fists and looked worried. But she was soon relieved. It was because she saw the smile spreading on Youngwoo’s face.

‘You’re a good competitor.’

Sehee thought. The stronger Kraugel was, the stronger and more enlightened her brother would become. Somehow, she felt that way.



Behen Archipelago, the 61st island.

A man fought Lantier, the undead left behind by Pagma, who was Baal’s Contractor. It lasted day and night and he barely knocked Lantier down. It was Agnus, Baal’s Contractor. He swept back the pale green hair that was wet with sweat. Golden eyes flashed as notification windows appeared before him.

[The power of a Sword Saint has been revealed.]

[The peak swordsmanship is fighting against the world.] 

“Kik... Kikik, the earthquake just now was caused by him?”

The strongest legendary class, Sword Saint. Who could it be? It was a no-brainer.


The rat had disappeared and now appeared more brilliantly than ever. They would meet again soon. It was fun just thinking about it. It was thrilling.

“Kik... Kilkik! Kuahahahat!”

Insane laughter echoed in the Behen Archipelago.

The face of Bini the fairy was pale. ‘Sticks, I’m scared. This guy is too dangerous.'



Belial was weakened by the Light of Destruction and Space Sword in succession. The Overgeared members started their full offensive. Vantner and Toban marked the succubuses with Earl Ashur. Regas opened the power of an Asura while all the damage dealers attacked Belial, including Pon on a white horse.

Ibellin was the one who played the most remarkable role. He used the Thorn of Deep Grievance that Grid made during the Tzedakah Guild days. He often used the skill attached to it, Laceration, when raiding boss monsters and succeeded in dealing 60% fixed damage to Belial’s heath!

[The 32nd Great Demon Belial has suffered a fatal injury!]


"Ibellin is amazing!”

“You’re better than the Sword Saint!”


This was a real overgeared person. Ibellin could deal big damage beyond Kraugel! Kraugel was shocked in many ways when he heard Jishuka’s voice.

"You should join Overgeared as well.”



From the time of her appearance to now, Jishuka had been firing arrows without stopping. Kraugel also admired her.

‘How does she keep shooting her bow without a break? Is her stamina so high that she doesn’t need to control it?’

The godly archer? Jishuka answered in a manner designed to lure Kraugel.

“Of course, it’s my item.”

Jishuka winked as she explained with a cheerful expression.


It was truly items. Kraugel realized that this was the true power of items.

‘If I joined Overgeared...’

He would be much stronger than now, and he could be free of Ares’ suppression or the madman Agnus.

‘But I can’t be too greedy.’

There was something called a natural destiny. Grid was a good rival before they were friends. They could depend on each other, but the basic competitive landscape needed to be maintained. In order to reach the ‘perfect peak,’ Kraugel intended to compete with Grid and use him as nutrients to grow. He didn’t want to join Overgeared and Grid didn’t want him either.

‘In any case, Overgeared will get Agnus’ aggro if I join.’



Kraugel attacked Belial without stopping while he was thinking. Under the onslaught of Kraugel, Piaro, Isabel, and the Overgeared members, Belial’s health fell to 10%. Ibellin’s deadly blow was very huge.

‘It will end soon!’

'We’re going to be the first players to succeed in a great demon raid!’

What was the most exhilarating moment in Satisfy? It was when Grid made them new items or when they worked together to succeed in boss raids. The Overgeared members were already looking forward to the titles and items that Belial would drop.

But a great demon wasn’t easy. Belial might be the 32nd great demon but the current players weren’t at Belial’s level. In the first place, they wouldn’t have been able to drive Belial to this point without Piaro and Isabel.

[The effect of the Light of Destruction has disappeared.]

[The 32nd Great Demon Belial’s unique attributes and abilities have been restored.]

[You are scared by the terrible sight of Belial.]

[Resistance to status conditions has dropped by 70%!]

[Skill and magic casting time has doubled and attack speed is reduced by 20%...]

[Belial is the queen of fire. The flames surrounding her are very hot...]

[Resistance to fire is 0%.]

[Due to the heat...]

[Belial is the queen of darkness. The demonic energy...]

[Resistance to dark magic is 0%.]

[Use of black magic is blocked.]

It was okay up to here. Belial just returned to her original state. Now Belial only had 10% health left, and Kraugel and Yura judged that they could finish her off. It was an arrogant judgment.

[The effect of Hell Regulation is over.]

[The environment of the 32nd Hell is restored.]

[The 32nd Great Demon Belial has absorbed the magic of hell and revealed the hell monarch’s status.]


Belial’s shape was in the form of a lava lump and her demonic energy started wriggling. Thunder struck after her and after a while, Belial’s new appearance was revealed.


The final form of Belial was the image of a devil often seen in books. She had two large horns on her forehead while her humanoid shape emitted a hot breath.


“Is it her real appearance?”

She didn’t give off any big pressure. A female demon who was only 160cm in height. She wasn’t a threat when just looking at her appearance. But the Overgeared members became unusually desperate.

“W-What? Her health is full?”

That’s right. Belial’s health, which had dropped to 10%, recovered to 100% during the transformation process. They fought for several hours with all their might, only to have to start again? The Overgeared members felt like collapsing.

Belial made a wide smile and waved her hands.


Her demonic energy was shot out and struck Jishuka’s chest.


The moment everyone was feeling confused.

‘I’ve finally found it!’

Lauel’s extraordinary brain was activated.