Chapter 573

Belial was overflowing with confidence.

Kraugel’s sword that was about to pierce her neck? It had a sharp orbit, but was too slow. Kraugel had excellent technical abilities, but low physical abilities. She was confident that the fire spear could destroy him before the sword hit her neck.

The farmer who was supposed to be Sword Saint Muller’s successor? He was in a critical state after being struck by several meteorites. Both legs were broken and he couldn’t move properly. She could kill him at any time. The others? She could burn all of them to death.

Thus, Belial was certain of her victory in battle. But life was always unpredictable. This providence wasn’t applied only to humans, but great demons as well.

“Hell Regulation.”


Belial’s calm expression suddenly stiffened. Half of the almost infinite magic power in her body was lost, while the magic of the 32nd Hell faded.  It also triggered the stop of Meteor.

“T-This power...!”

Belial could feel it instinctively. It was the emergence of a being who was the ‘nemesis’ of the great demons. The name...

Demon Slayer. An existence that could destroy hells. Unlike Muller, who defeated the great demons who descended to the earth, the Demon Slayer of the past came to hell and ‘hunted’ the great demons. The Demon Slayer had devastated five hells.

A chill went down Belial’s spine.

‘Muller’s descendant and a Demon Slayer are present at the same time?’



Belial was weakened and confused when a fire arrow shot at her. Shooting a fire arrow at the queen of flames? Belial laughed as she absorbed the flames, since this would be food for her recovery.


Belial felt a stinging pain. Surprisingly, the flames around the arrow were the antithesis of Belial’s flames.

‘Divine fire of a red phoenix?’

How did a person on the West Continent get access to a red phoenix’s fire? Belial tried to remain calm despite the constant chaos. She turned her gaze in the direction that the red phoenix fire came from. She saw two beautiful human women. There was a woman with beautiful white skin and impressive ebony hair. The other woman had tanned skin that was full of elasticity. They were aiming at Belial with a gun and bow.

‘Alex’s gun!’

It was dangerous. Evil creatures that were hit by a Demon Slayer’s cleansing shot would gradually weaken. Belial tried to avoid it but Kraugel’s sword was already penetrating her neck.


Belial’s confusion deepened. From her point of view, Kraugel’s stats were lower. Yet why did she get hurt every time?


Kwa kwa kwang!


Kraugel’s sword pierced her, Yura’s bullets hit her chest and Jishuka’s arrows hit her, causing Belial to cough up blood. Her gaze headed towards Kraugel, who was grabbing her ankle.

“I see...! Muller’s successor is you, not that farmer!”

“No, I didn’t inherit Muller’s skills. I am the new Sword Saint that will surpass him.”

“That is nonsense...!”

There was a Sword Saint, Demon Slayer, and a farmer with potential equal to them. From the viewpoint of a great demon:

‘This is the worst scenario!’

The legends that could threaten the great demons. The frequency of humans who reached this high level was historically very low. It was normally one person per era. Yet on this day, four people with that strength emerged. Belial thought it was unfair.

‘Why is it when I appeared?’

Did that damn Rebecca curse her?



Belial bit her lips as she received a steady stream of bullets and fire arrows. She could destroy the magic and arrows if she could exert her full ability, but Belial was currently in a greatly weakened state. Her pride was damaged. The problem was that all her paths to avoid the attacks were read by Kraugel and blocked. If she tried to move to the left, he would appear and stab his sword. If she tried to dodge to the right, he was already standing there and blocking her.

It felt like she was moving in the palm of his hand. It was unpleasant.



A spear penetrated Belial’s heart as she shook. It was Rail Spear thrown by Pon. In addition to Pon, the Overgeared members who came from Patrian bombarded Belial with their ultimate attacks. The succubuses were weakened due to the effect of Hell Regulation and couldn’t threaten the Overgeared members.

This was also thanks to the great magician, Earl Ashur. A great demon was an opponent that his magic didn’t work on. Earl Ashur concentrated his magic on fighting the succubuses, not Belial. The Overgeared members were safe from succubuses thanks to Earl Ashur and Bland.

“Ugh! These little things!”

Belial’s anger soared into the sky as her health went down to two-thirds.

"I would rather show this form than suffer this humiliation!”

Belial was the queen of fire and darkness, but before that, she was the queen of lies. She used a beautiful false appearance in order to deceive humans. Now her real appearance was revealed.



Belial’s skin started to crack. The appearance of boiling lava and demonic energy from the cracks was awful.


Belial broke away from her human form. Her body was made of lava and her four legs touched the ground. Her bloody eyes looked in every direction.

“Kik! Kikikik! Once you see this form, you can never survive!”

She was certain that the legends of this time still hadn’t achieved full growth. There might be a lot of them, but they were still young buds. She could step on them without any fear.


The storm of flames filled with demonic energy covered the whole area. Kraugel, Piaro, Damian, and Isabel who were relatively close to Belial were severely wounded.


It was serious. The damage accumulated and they couldn’t take any potions. They waited for death.

‘I can’t use Heal on its own!”

Damian felt an awful sense of helplessness. As the Goddess' Agent and Rebecca Church’s Pope, why couldn’t he play a big role against a great demon? Damian was in shock.

‘I would’ve been a bigger help if I was a priest.’

Yes, heals would’ve been able to increase the fighting strength of his colleagues. But he specialized in buffs. The problem was that the buff durations didn’t last long. Damian made a dark expression and was calling himself a useless human being when he heard Piaro’s voice.

“You did your best. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to fight this far.”


Damian was upset. Piaro used a hoe as a cane and approached Belial.

“I will buy time. Both of you retreat.”

Piaro thought about it. Kraugel, Damian, Yura, Jishuka and the other Overgeared members. They were all young. A beautiful future was guaranteed for them. If they grew and developed their talents, they would be able to defeat great demons more powerful than Belial.

“Why aren’t you leaving?”

Kraugel and Damian had no desire to escape while Piaro soon approached Belial. Belial thought it was ridiculous.

“You can’t even stand properly.”

Yes, if he wished.

“I will kill you first!”

In the first place, Piaro was the strongest and most threatening. It was safe to get rid of him first. Belial changed her target to Piaro.



Jishuka was crazy. The arrows no longer aimed at Belial as they flew randomly. The fire arrows exploded on the ground and attacked her allies.

“Hah! Hahahahahat!”

Belial’s eyes widened because she couldn’t understand and she burst out laughing.

“Attacking your teammates? You must’ve gone crazy because you can’t beat me!”

Humans were too weak and inferior. It was interesting to watch them in many ways. Huroi rode a wyvern and shouted at the delighted Belial.

“You evil creature! Your parents are angels! You fell from heaven!”


Insulting this great body? Saying that the parents of a great demon were angels? Accusing a great demon of falling from heaven!

“H-How dare you?”

It was the first time she heard such insults in her thousands of years of living. She was several times angrier than when her power was sealed by Yura or when her movements were sealed by Kraugel. The moment that Belial’s eyes became incensed.

“My body is light.”

“This is amazing.”

Piaro, Kraugel, Isabel, and Damian emerged from Jishuka’s flames. Belial was surprised when she saw their status.


That’s right. The humans who she thought would be burned by the flames had actually been healed. In particular, Piaro’s broken legs had returned to normal.

“How is it? I’m the main healer of Overgeared.”

Jishuka puffed up her chest proudly and bragged. The male viewers around the world watched her with hearts in their eyes.

-She’s sexy and cute.

-I want to be hit by Jishuka’s arrows.

-The previous person is right.

-Ah... I want to join Overgeared.

-If I become stronger like Kraugel, I can join Overgeared.

-Do you think you can be like Kraugel or Overgeared?

-I want to fight.

The ratings of the Belial raid peaked. It was slightly lower than the highest ratings established by Grid in the National Competition. Was it possible for Overgeared to defeat the great demon? The whole world was paying attention.

“Light of Destruction.”

Demon Slayer Yura used her ultimate skill. A pillar of light covered Belial.

At the same time, Seoul, South Korea.

"My share...?”

Youngwoo, who had been nervous for his colleagues, now felt irritated.