Chapter 572

[Swordsmanship Creation]

You can create new sword techniques.

The number of times it can be created will increase every time the level of ‘Complete Sword Mastery’ increases.

* The term sword techniques refers to skills that can be used when wearing sword type weapons.

* There are six factors that determine the power of the created sword technique.

* Passive skills can’t be created.

Number of sword techniques that can be created: 3/4

Swordsmanship Creation was literally creation. It was completely different from copying and had the same concept as ‘Item Creation’ possessed by Grid. In other words, Kraugel’s Splitting the Sky wasn’t a copy of Piaro’s. It was redesigned and created to be more powerful. This was intended from the beginning.

The reason Kraugel asked Piaro to use his peak swordsmanship technique was for this skill. Was it because he wanted to obtain a great sword technique for free? No, it wasn’t such lowly greed. This was pure respect.

Kraugel desired to leave a trace of Piaro on the path of the Sword Saint that he would develop in the future. In order to prevent the blood and sweat that Piaro accumulated as a great swordsman, Kraugel sacrificed his precious Swordsmanship Creation. In fact, the redesigned Splitting the Sky didn’t compare very well with the skills of a Sword Saint.

"Splitting the Sky.”

Kraugel’s lofty will was conveyed to Piaro. Piaro didn’t doubt Kraugel. He was also a swordsman. He grasped Kraugel’s intentions and felt gratitude.


Belial couldn’t even scream. Kraugel didn’t miss this gap.



They were persistent. Kraugel continued to stab White Fang at Belial. This was the stab that he practiced infinitely in the game as he attempted to become a Sword Saint. It was plain and basic, but the flat damage was powerful because it hit a weak spot.




Complete Sword Mastery enhanced attack power, attack speed, critical damage chance, and critical damage when using sword type weapons. Now it exerted its power. The Overgeared members saw Belial shaking in pain and felt hope towards the great demon raid.

‘Overwhelming a great demon...!’ 

‘This is the sky above the sky! Maybe we can succeed in this raid!’

The Overgeared members’ courage started boiling at the thought of such a great figure helping them. They threw away their weak hearts and fought their best against the remaining succubuses. On the other hand, Kraugel was feeling doubts.

‘Why didn’t she avoid it?

Belial’s physical abilities were transcendent. As a great demon, she was one of the top 100 named bosses in Satisfy. The players’ stats couldn’t be compared to hers. But it was strange. She allowed the attacks of a level 214 player?

‘It can’t be... Is it that she can’t avoid it, rather than she won’t?

The title effects, hidden quest rewards, and elixirs meant Kraugel’s agility was higher than some level 300 players. Kraugel’s movements were fast and above all, they were irregular due to Super Sensitivity. But the great demon should be able to respond. Kraugel was feeling puzzled when he thought about something.


He thought about the way that Belial fought. The kicks and punches were fast and powerful, but were they threatening? No. Belial solely relied on her physical abilities while her techniques were lacking. Her attacks were threatening because of the flames.

‘She isn’t a martial artist?’

The moment that Kraugel noticed this.

"I won’t take it anymore.”

A cold smile appeared on the face of Belial who had been stabbed several times. At the same time, it happened.


Black magic exploded around Belial. The dark magic power extended all over the place and dried up the nearby succubuses, making them look like mummies. However, the target Kraugel was safe. The moment that Belial had exploded the dark magic, he predicted the range of the explosion and retreated outside it. It was an evasion that utilized the legendary footwork only available for a Sword Saint, Flow.

“The more I look, the more amazing it is. Your physical abilities are much more efficient than any other I have seen.”

Belial frankly admired it. She could afford to feel this way. Kraugel sweated as he confirmed that all the succubuses within range of the magic explosion were dead.


Yes, Belial’s specialty was magic, not physical fighting. Belial’s real power was that she could use magic in an instant. This meant she had overpowered Piaro and Overgeared without using any of her skills. Kraugel’s posture became tense. It was the special defense stance of a Sword Saint that raised defense, blocking probability, and evasion rate.

‘Buy a bit more time.’

The great demon had a penalty in exchange for being summoned. He had Hao, who came with him to Reinhardt, observe from the outskirts of the hell. Kraugel’s goal was to hold on as long as possible until the whisper arrived.

Belial waved her hand. 

“I will inscribe my flames in your bones.”


The flames around Belial’s body started to gather at once point. At the same time, her exposed skin was covered with dark energy, spreading like it was a dress. The directors of the broadcasting companies in each country were relieved. They almost had a heart attack when the broadcast changed to 19+.

“Taste my flames!”

The flames gathered at Belial’s fingertips and took the shape of a staff. At first glance, the staff was filled with enormous magic power. It clearly emphasized the firepower of the queen of fire.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!


A storm of flames! Belial wielded her staff and a storm of flames aimed at Kraugel. Unlike typical spells, this one required no preparatory action and caught Kraugel, who was leaving his position with Flow. The moment Kraugel evaded the first spell, Belial immediately used a second spell.

However, the form of the second spell was very different. The first spell shot out in a straight line, while the second spell was 13 firestorms emerging from the ground. Of course, this irregularity couldn’t threaten Kraugel. Kraugel had godly control. It was evaluated that his control ability had reached the domain of a god. He twisted his body in evasive maneuvers and escaped from the magic.

The real problem was the third magic bombardment.


Wide area magic fell from the sky. It was a meteor bombardment that had never been seen after Satisfy opened.


Supreme magic used by Belial!


The range of the meteors was too wide and the speed of the fall was tremendous. They couldn’t be avoided, even at Kraugel’s level.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[Resisted the burn damage.]

[Your right arm has been fractured by a meteorite. This is an unstoppable physical force.]

[You have suffered 23,900 damage.]

[The confusion has been resisted.]


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Kraugel groaned as he was hit by the meteor bombardment. Piaro and Damian also got hit and coughed up blood. Isabel and the Overgeared members were no exception. In particular, almost all the Overgeared members below level 300 died. The viewers were shocked. The power of the rumored Meteor was stronger than the red phoenix that Grid and Jishuka summoned!


The 32nd Hell was ruined by the meteor bombing. Clouds of ash spread through the hell and the waters of hellfire boiled over everywhere. It was truly frightening. Belial’s eyes were cold as she looked over the groaning Overgeared members.

"That brat?”

The human called Kraugel. She wanted to kill him for inflicting terrible pain on her.  But he couldn’t be seen at all?

"Hiding like a rat.”

He must’ve used this opportunity to run away. Belial scoffed and used a spell again.

"Can you survive this time?”


Dark fireballs appeared in the sky above the hell. It was a precursor of a second Meteor. Belial had infinite magic power and could use supreme magic twice in a row.

“Cough! Cough cough! Piaro...?”

They would be wiped out. Piaro couldn’t resurrect. Lauel evaluated the situation and barely found Piaro. Due to his proximity to Belial, Piaro was seriously wounded by Meteor. He had fallen and couldn’t get up.


New meteorites were about to fall from the sky. Lauel was desperate. Piaro was the teacher for Grid and the Overgeared members. He was one of the strongest in Overgeared. What would happen if they lost him? If so, the Overgeared Guild would decline. Piaro’s presence was that great.

“I...! I will die 100 times if it means you...!”


Lauel took weak steps forward. Despite the fact that he could be killed by Belial at any time, he kept moving without any fear.  He was only thinking about protecting Piaro. Belial confirmed that Lauel’s gaze was fixed on Piaro and found it amusing.

"Yes, you want to save Muller’s descendant?”

Belial’s misunderstanding of Piaro was still intact. Under the meteors in the sky, she aimed at Piaro with her staff, creating a fire spear.

At that moment.

“Muller’s descendant is right here.”

Kraugel suddenly appeared behind Belial and stabbed her. It was a stab filled with tremendous energy.

"My name will surpass Muller!”


Kraugel roared like a dragon as he stabbed Belial’s neck.

“What nonsense.”

The moment that Belial moved the fire spear from Piaro to Kraugel.

“Hell Regulation.”

[The Demon Slayer has exerted influence on the 32nd Hell.] 

[The debuffs of the 32nd Hell are temporarily turned off!]

[The power of the 32nd Great Demon Belial has sharply fallen!]

“W-What is this?”

Belial was shocked. Her eyes bulged as a fire arrow flew towards her eyes.