Chapter 571

Clack clack, clack clack.

It was in an instant. Bairan, which had been ruined by the aftermath of the war, was rapidly recovering. The wreckage of collapsed houses were removed in the blink of an eye and new buildings were built again in its place. It was possible due to the large number of manpower.

A total of 70,000 people were working faithfully under the leadership of Asmophel and the five high rankers. Their physical force, tempered by the long march, was truly wonderful. Heavy loads were easily transported and they could make mountains in a few hours. They also had plenty of gold due to the large amount of golden armor that Duke Lucilliv’s soldiers were armed with.

In the future, Bairan would become incomparably bigger and more abundant. However, there was one crucial problem.

‘There isn’t enough food.’

Duke Lucilliv didn’t have enough food for 100,000 troops. It was his arrogance that thought he could end the war quickly. The food kept in Bairan was also low. They would run out of food in the next fortnight. Asmophel’s eyes were bitter as he looked at the fields that were deserted due to the war.

‘It would be nice if there was one farmer directly taught by Piaro.’ 

He could’ve trained farmers in Bairan and grew rainbow potatoes to solve the food shortage. The rainbow potato was a specialty of Reidan. It grew very fast, tasted good, and had high nutritional value. But there were no Reidan farmers present in Bairan. It was regrettable.

‘We’re in a war and Reidan can’t afford the food but... We will need to import food.’

His greedy lord would be sad, but they had to sell the gold.


Asmophel was looking at the fields when he saw someone coming from far away. The person gradually got closer. He was wearing dirty clothes and a straw hat. He was carrying various types of farming equipment at his waist. This was a farmer.


The direction that the farmer came from had a forest where various monsters popped up. A farmer broke through that forest alone and reached this place? Asmophel saw that the approaching farmer was an unusual person.

“Eh? Are you Asmophel, Piaro’s friend?” 


Color returned to Asmophel’s face as he confirmed the identity of the approaching farmer. It was the farmer taught by Piaro before Piaro left for Siren, Hurent.  He came to Bairan!

"Indeed, you are a person Piaro cared for. It was a great choice to train you.”


"You predicted that Bairan needed you and ran over? Really great. Long words aren’t necessary. Please help clear the fields."


"Teach the farmers in Bairan and grow the rainbow potatoes.”


"Then we will have enough food to feed 70,000 people!”


“Then I am asking you.”

[The hidden quest ‘Solve Bairan’s Food Crisis’ has been created.]


Aura Master Hurent. He came a long way with the belief that he was protecting Reidan’s fields, only to become a farmer in Bairan. The Overgeared members were unaware of this.


"There’s no answer.”

"These status conditions are completely...”

The Overgeared members grumbled. The great demon Belial summoned the 32nd Hell and succubuses emerged. Debuffs were stacked on debuffs. Due to these status conditions, the Overgeared members were extremely weakened, as if they were naked. Even Maxong was upset, while one of Overgeared’s best members, Faker had already died. It  was also Belial’s second stage.

“This monster...”

Raiding a great demon? At this point, it was completely impossible. It would be a few years before they could challenge it. As a simple example, the level 452 was forced on the defensive against Belial.



Belial used the fires of hell to create stronger flames that burned around Piaro’s body. Piaro defended quickly.

“There’s no hope.”

Yes, the situation was so desperate there was no hope that the Belial raid would succeed. Now only despair was left.

"Of course, I won’t give up so easily.”

The Overgeared members didn’t intend to give up. Their guild master Grid never gave up, so how could the people gathered under him give up?

“Wear some clothes and go home!’

"Sadistic things!"

The succubuses had sensual bodies. The Overgeared members started aiming their weapons at the various beautiful women who were lacking clothing. However, none of them could do anything big except for Ibellin. The level of the 32 Hell succubuses were level 320, while the average level of the Overgeared members was in the mid 200s. 

"Huhuhut, you look sexy when angry. Now relax. I'll make you feel good.”

"I want to lick your skin.”

The succubuses started to bewitch the Overgeared members. There were at least 50 succubuses and it was difficult to reject the charms of beautiful women. They became more desperate at the sight of hundreds of succubuses flying in the distance. 

[You have been caught by the succubus’ bewitchment!]

[It’s hard to control your body.]

[Magic resistance is reduced by 40%!]

“You will be delicious to eat.”

The succubuses’ faces were red with ecstasy as they revealed their true nature. They started to absorb the stamina of the bewitched members.



The Overgeared members were caught by pain or pleasure and quickly became helpless. Then solid lines that resembled spiderwebs flashed across the field of view of the confused Overgeared members. They couldn’t hear anything. There were just flashes. But the result was amazing.

[The succubus who has bewitched you has died.]

[You are free from the bewitchment.]


The Overgeared members were astonished. The succubuses that threatened them were turning to grey?


Who could kill dozens of level 320 monsters instantly? How many people in the world could use a wide area skill with such power? The Overgeared members were feeling stunned when a familiar voice was heard.

“I’m sorry for the delay.”

The sky above the sky. It was the emergence of Sword Saint Kraugel. The darkness of hell was split in half as he leapt lightly over the hellfire river. He approached Belial, who was driving Piaro on the defensive, and aimed his sword at her weak spot.

[The distance with Belial is too close! You will receive 500 heat damage and 2,500 burn damage! You have resisted.]

[Belial’s darkness has invaded your heart. You have resisted.]

[Your mental... You have resisted.] 

[Super Sensitivity has scanned the subject’s body.]

[It’s hard to expect a big effect from slashing attacks. A stabbing attack is recommended.]


[You have dealt 9,530 damage to the target.]


Belial’s eyes widened. A new human appeared, jumped towards her stomach, and stabbed her? The stinging pain made Belial feel uncomfortable.

“Who are you?”

The great demon asked about a player. But Kraugel didn’t care. To Kraugel, a great demon was just a monster that gave better items. He ignored Belial’s question and supported Piaro.

“Brother, you have suffered.”


Piaro’s eyes shook. Kraugel was clearly different from before. It was amazing compared to when Piaro was a great swordsman.

"You have finally become a Sword Saint!”

Piaro had appreciated Kraugel from the start. He could see that Kraugel was a person with more talent than himself. He believed that Kraugel could achieve the status of Sword Saint. It was faster than expected. Kraugel’s talent was much better than Piaro expected. It was Grid-like talent.

"I was able to achieve it due to Brother’s teachings. In addition, Grid... Brother’s lord also helped.”

“Hah... Haha.”

His own hard work and talent was attributed to others? Piaro really couldn’t hate a person like that. Piaro couldn’t help congratulating him, rather than feeling envious.

"Congratulations. We should spar at a later date.”

"Shouldn’t we spar after defeating the great demon first? I’m not Brother’s opponent yet.”

At this moment, Kraugel wasn’t better than Piaro. Lauel also knew this. Kraugel had become a Sword Saint in the National Competition’s PvP finals.  He was only level 160. This was the conclusion Lauel came to based on Kraugel’s understanding, intelligence, hunting ability, title effects, and Yura’s level up speed after she became a Demon Slayer. It was possible to reach level 160 in such a short amount of time because he was Kraugel. Lauel rated him extremely high.

‘But now I see...’

Just like Grid, Kraugel was another person that Lauel couldn’t analyze. Kraugel killed 50 succubuses that were level 320. He might have passed level 200 instead of being level 160.

‘Is there hope?’

Belial was a monster that even Piaro couldn’t cope with. Kraugel’s level was much higher than expected, but it was doubtful that he could threaten Belial when Piaro couldn’t. However, Lauel already decided to believe in him. Kraugel wasn’t the type of person to spit out frivolous words. It was obvious he had some method.

The moment that Lauel felt faith.

“This human dares ignore me.”

Kraugel was attacked by Belial. She attacked Kraugel with fists and feet covered with flames. Kraugel avoided it with Super Sensitivity and his innate insights. Then he made a party with Piaro and Damian. The party system was one of the few systems that NPCs and players shared. Piaro accepted the party invitation without hesitation and was surprised.

[You are in the field of party leader Kraugel]

[Sword Saint’s Aura is perfectly applied. The damage done to enemies will increase by 30%. The damage of sword related skills will double. This will last for the duration of the party.]

It was the same with Damian.

[You can vaguely feel the party leader Kraugel’s field.

[Sword Saint’s Aura is slightly applied. The damage done to enemies will increase by 10%. This will last for the duration of the party.]

‘A party buff?’

Was this the dignity of a legendary combat class? Kraugel shouted to the amazed Damian. It was surprising that he could talk in the middle of avoiding Belial’s continuous attacks.

"Give Brother the buff!”

“Ah, yes! Light's Blessing!”

[Attack power, defense, and accuracy has increased by 80%.]


Strength flooded into Piaro. It felt like he became another person.


Kraugel could no longer escape from Belial’s attack and started bleeding. He stepped back while defending and handed White Fang to Piaro. Piaro became confused as he received the sword. Why was a swordsman handing Piaro his sword? The question was quickly resolved.

"Can you show me your peak technique during your time as a great swordsman? Please enlighten my ignorant self.”

"My peak swordsmanship...!”

Supreme Swordsmanship. The most powerful swordsmanship born on the East Continent that was proud of its power. His Free Farming style was based on the Supreme Swordsmanship, but it was inevitable that the power was inferior compared to the killing swordsmanship. Piaro grasped Kraugel’s intentions and didn’t hesitate.

“Running away!”

As Belial chased after the retreating Kraugel, Piaro wielded the sword.

“Supreme Swordsmanship 4th Style.”

It felt like the flow of time stopped for Piaro. He stood alone with the sword. He didn’t shake as he faced Belial who was approaching here.

"You’re so overwhelmed that you have become a stone statue!”

Belial shouted as her momentum increased.

"Splitting the Sky.”

The sky fell.


Piaro timed it precisely for the moment when Belial narrowed the distance. 



Hundreds of energy blades poured from the fallen sky. It turned the landscape of hell and Belial into rags.


The third scream. Following Pounding Mortar and Fated to Perish, Belial’s health gauge once again decreased. It was a weak level, but there was new hope.


Kraugel received White Fang back from Piaro and moved. He took the same stance as Piaro.

“Swordsmanship Creation.”

The strongest swordsman.

"Splitting the Sky.”

He inherited the power of the strongest swordsman.


Once again, the sky collapsed and Belial couldn’t even scream.