Chapter 570

Shin Youngwoo was thinking fiercely.

‘Will Belial have a weakness, just like Hell Gao and the fire stones?’

A great demon’s home was hell. It was unreasonable for them to exert their full strength in the human world. There was a precedent with Hell Gao, so Belial was likely to also have a penalty.

‘I need to find her weakness.’

He could only watch as the Overgeared members death with Belial.

Youngwoo believed that this was his current role, rather than fretting about not being able to run to the battlefield right away. He kept calm and cool and thoroughly observed Belial. He watched her skills, her voice, her actions, and even her expressions and eyes.

It was a good decision. All of Grid’s growth became the nourishment for Shin Youngwoo.

Meanwhile, Sehee was blushing as she sat next to her brother. How long had it been since she sat side by side with her brother…? She recalled a childhood memory. But the pleasure only lasted for a short moment. Sehee’s eyes shook while she was recalling old memories. Her lips pouted.

It was because the great demon on the TV was almost naked. She was basically naked except for the important parts that were covered with flames! People needed to be at least 17+ in order to see it!

“Are you okay?”


Youngwoo was bewildered by the glares his sister kept sending him. It really was difficult to be an older brother.




A king’s first duty was to protect his people. This was the basic principle that established the relationship between the king and the people. But King Aslan broke that principle. He sacrificed his people to summon a great demon. He abandoned the king’s authority on his own. It was an unfathomable event that would go down in the history of the West Continent.

 “The king killed my daughter!”

“The king killed my sister!”

“The king killed my friend!”

“The king killed them!”

“Aslan isn’t a king!”

Outside the walls of the palace. The people felt hatred as they cursed and blamed Aslan.  Smoke filled the skies of Reinhardt. It was the remnants of the 9,999 innocent virgins burned at the stake.

King Aslan didn’t care about the people who were angry, sad, or crying. The curses and accusations poured in one ear and went out the other. He thought it was better to endure the people’s complaints than to ruin the kingdom.

‘The people of a small kingdom are different from the people of the best kingdom on the continent. My determination today will lead to future splendor for all of you... You will know someday.’

King Aslan rationalized his misguided behavior for summoning a great demon. He witnessed the sight of the huge mortar falling from the sky.



Was this a punishment from the gods? The guilty conscious buried deep in his heart rose and King Aslan fainted.


“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”


A familiar voice was heard. King Aslan opened glazed eyes and looked relieved. He didn’t seem to be in hell if he was seeing Chucksley.

“You’re alive... What is that mortar that fell from the sky?”

Chucksley explained to the confused King Aslan.

“It was a technique used by an Overgeared member. One of the great demon’s arms was destroyed.”


A fatal wound was dealt to the strongest monarch of hell. No, Belial wasn’t the strongest. She was the 32nd great demon. The anxious King Aslan hastily looked out the window. He was worried that Belial would’ve died before King Aslan’s wish was granted.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The view outside the palace was pandemonium. It was in ruins. The Overgeared members were on fire from Belial’s flames. No, it looked like a one-sided battle. Belial was slaughtering the Overgeared members.

“Ha! Hahaha! That’s right! A great demon wouldn’t be beaten so easily!”

‘Yes, Belial. Don't forget the reason for your summoning. Defend the kingdom and defeat the outsiders! Make Eternal the most powerful kingdom on the continent!’

Madness filled King Aslan’s eyes as he cheered on the great demon. Chucksley was surprised by the sight.

‘The king has changed.’

He wasn’t the right person to be king from the beginning. There had been some cause at the start. King Aslan’s sin couldn’t be forgiven, but at least he was qualified to be a king. But not anymore. King Aslan was going crazy.

‘...The end.’

Chucksley realized that the kingdom his ancestors spilled blood and sweat for was facing its end.


“Sky Dragon’s Tears!”


They had to hold on until Kraugel arrived. Lauel withdrew the order to retreat and struggled along with Piaro, Isabel, Maxong, and the other Overgeared members. Only the soldiers were left behind. The ultimate weather change of a Flow Master. Thunder and rain filled the sky and dampened a bit of the flames emitted by Belial.

"Free Farming 4th Style, Plowing the Field.”


Piaro’s pitchfork moved through the damn ground. It was amazing. He looked like the god of agriculture. The land that Belial was trampled on was cleared for farming in an instant.

“Are you kidding me?”

Clearing fields during a battle? Even Belial couldn’t be calm, despite being one of the 33 great demons of hell. She ridiculed Piaro as her flames exploded around her. Isabel intercepted her attack in order to allow Piaro to act.

"Rebecca’s servant! You’re ridiculous!”

Belial hated Rebecca, the goddess of light, due to their opposite temperaments. Her flames clashed with Lifael’s Spear as she reached out and grabbed Isabel’s neck.


Isabel was exhausted after competing with Belial for a while. She was grabbed by Belial and her face smashed into the ground. Fortunately, the land cleared by Piaro wasn’t firm, but soft. Her pretty face was covered with dirt, but there wasn’t any significant damage.


Damian hurriedly healed Isabel. Isabel soon got up, but Belial didn’t care about her anymore. She crossed the land that had become a rice field and reached Piaro.


Piaro’s face hardened as he sowed the seeds. She was 100 meters away while he was still sowing. Belial’s movement speed was ridiculously fast. Piaro was feeling panicked when a black shadow moved. The person was Faker.


He couldn’t attack Belial, but he couldn’t defend against her attack. He crossed his daggers and prevented Belial’s stab. It was the moment when the dagger for murder turned into a dagger for protection.

[Your perfect defense has failed.]

[You have suffered 9,830 damage.]

[The distance with Belial is too close! You will receive 500 heat damage and 2,500 burn damage!]


Faker shook. There was a monster like this in the world? His eyes shook as he glared at Belial.

‘An ordinary human could respond to my attack?’

That’s right. Faker’s swiftness and control was admired by even a great demon. However, it didn’t have much significance right now. In the future, Faker could threaten a great demon if he reached the fourth advancement or fifth advancement. However, he only had his third class advancement currently.


Flames exploded from Belial’s hands and penetrated Faker’s chest, turning him to grey.


The person who wiped out the Ice Flower Guild was killed in an instant? Lauel, the Overgeared members, and the viewers were in shock.

"Free Farming 1st Style, Sowing.”

Papat! Pa pa pa pat!

Thanks to Faker’s sacrifice, Piaro was able to plant a large number of seeds.

"This is the end...!”

This person kept doing something in the fields. Was he mocking a great demon? Belial was annoyed at the person who took one of her arms and didn’t focus. She passed through the dying Faker and attacked Piaro. She wielded her flaming hands and feet like lightning bolts.

But the Overgeared members weren’t doing nothing after Faker’s sacrifice. Several Overgeared members already stood in front of Belial. It was a human barrier to protect Piaro. This was the role of the Overgeared members in battle.


10 Overgeared members died from Belial’s attack.

"Free Farming 2nd Style, Rapid Growth.”

The angry Piaro blessed the seeds planted in the ground. Then!


Hundreds of seeds instantly sprouted and grew into trees. They weren’t ordinary trees but beautiful trees that seemed to live for hundreds of years. They became natural prisons and locked Belial in.

‘Instantly raising trees?’

Even the elves couldn’t do this. She honestly admired it, but the result was useless. Belial was the queen of fire! She thought Piaro was foolish for locking her into wood.

"It’s enough if I burn it!”


Belial exploded her flames around her in order to turn the trees to ashes. However, Maxong was one step faster.

“It is up to here!”

As the water clan king, Maxong was an expert with water and cast a spell.


It was like a blue dragon ascended. Blue water rose from the ground where Belial stood, trapping her inside.

[The flames surrounded the 32nd Great Demon Belial have temporarily disappeared!]

[You are free from the terrible heat!]

Maxong. He was the king of a species. Now that he overcame the sadness of losing his daughter, he was a powerhouse equivalent to Piaro. Of course, that was only if he was fighting in the sea. Still, he now displayed his strength.

“Now Piaro!”


Belial was engulfed in the pillar of water.

“Fated to Perish.”

Piaro took advantage of the gap and used the most powerful single target skill. His hand plow pierced Belial’s forehead.



Fated to Perish was an absolutely invincible skill that had a 100% chance of instantly killing the target. Of course, targets classified as bosses couldn’t be instantly killed. However, critical damage could be dealt.

“Kuk...! Kuaaaaaaaack!”

Belial couldn’t bear the pain and let out a terrible scream. It was a different reaction from when she lost her arm.

『 ... 』


The commentators and viewers around the world were silent.

Great demon. The process of raiding the worst and strongest boss...

-This is an agricultural promotional video.

-Farming is really great.

-Let’s all take up a hand plow.

Piaro seemed to be saying that. Many people watching the raid video started to become interested in the farmer class. This was the strength of a legend. This was Piaro, who pioneered the path of a new legend with his power alone. Piaro was special.

The chairman of the S.A. Group, Lim Cheolho, paid direct attention to him.

“To me...! Wounding me two times!”

Belial grabbed her forehead that was hit by Piaro’s hand plow and fired demonic energy in all directions. She broke through the water pillar and trees restraining her and escaped. She finally noticed the reality of Piaro.

“Now I understand. You’re a legend?”

Sword Saint Muller. A transcendent existence who humiliated several great demons hundreds of years ago.

“You’re the reincarnation of Muller!”

"No, I’m a farmer, not Muller.”

“Shut up!” She knew there were many legends in the human world, but she’d never heard of a farmer among them. He couldn’t be a farmer. "Stop mocking me!”


Now there would be no carelessness. She would use all her power! Belial became serious and revealed her true power.

“Summoning the 32nd Hell!”



The landscape behind Belial split apart. Endless darkness emerged from the divided landscape.

"I will tear you to shreds!”

Belial smiled with satisfaction.


The darkness swallowed up the world.

[The 32nd Hell has been summoned!]

[Skill and magic power is reduced by 20% and casting speed is reduced by 50%.]

[Health and mana won’t recover.]

[Stamina will fall faster.]

[Potions can’t be used.]

[Creatures of the 32nd Hell will emerge!]


The Overgeared members lost hope. Piaro’s expression stiffened. Hundreds of beautiful succubuses with purple skin flew through the air.

『 Ah, this is impossible. .』

『 The great demon that makes even the Overgeared Guild useless... How can anyone kill it? Now the continent will be in turmoil and there will be limitations on game play. 』

『 There’s no hope unless the Saharan Empire comes out at a large scale. 』

The atmosphere of the world sank. It wasn’t just one or two people who were afraid of the future that the great demon would bring. Then a sword fell from the sky. The bodies of the succubuses attacking the Overgeared members were wounded.

“I’m sorry for the delay.”

The sky above the sky. It was the emergence of Sword Saint Kraugel.