Chapter 569

The fortified city of Patrian.

"The enemy isn’t invading anymore?”

Yura and Pon, who retreated from Bairan, worked with Jishuka to defeat the Eternal army. They could finally take a breath. The invasion of the enemy stopped almost 10 days after the war began.

"My whole body is aching.”

Jishuka’s stamina was close to infinite when she held the Red Phoenix Bow. But the mental fatigue of humans couldn’t be ignored. She leaned against the wall and longed for a break when an uproar occurred in the guild chat window.


“A great demon has appeared?”

Jishuka’s eyes became bigger and she jumped up. The Overgeared members, including Yura, were already prepared to head to Reinhardt.

“Let’s go.” 


"I will buy time while you all retreat.”


Absolute supremacy. A powerhouse on the level of a ‘sun.’ It was Piaro. It wasn’t necessary to add a lot of modifiers to express his strength. He was unbeatable.  Everyone was equal in front of Piaro’s hand plow. Those hit by Piaro’s hand plow would die.

Now this unbeatable man said that he would ‘buy time.’

Before big fights against strong people:

Work in the fields with him.

He would take care of it, etc.

These were the words he normally said.

The Overgeared Guild became shocked.

'Piaro, who normally wishes for a struggle with the strong...’

'He isn’t enjoying this?’

'T-Then Piaro isn’t a match for the great demon?’

‘How strong is a great demon?’

Satisfy’s setting meant that great demons were naturally strong. They were the biggest enemy that threatened the survival of humanity. In fact, they could see Belial’s force. The flames and demonic power around her were very threatening. Their hearts sank just looking at her.

But Piaro was a legend. He was a named NPC who pioneered a new legend with his own power. The previous legends opposed great demons, so why couldn’t Piaro?

As everyone questioned this, Ibellin laughed. “Ah, Master. We should we retreat? Isn’t it too much? Do you intend to solo a great demon alone?”

Almost all the senior members of Overgeared studied with Piaro. They sparred with Piaro and maximized their control abilities. In particular, the swordsmen listened to Piaro’s advice and their skill level rose. One of them was Ibellin. To Ibellin, Piaro was his eternal idol and teacher. He admired and loved Piaro. Ibellin didn’t want to acknowledge Piaro’s weak heart.

‘A great demon isn’t a big deal for Master! I’ll bet on it!’

He thoroughly denied reality. Despite Piaro smashing one arm, Belial’s heath gauge remained the same. Ibellin stared at her and moved.


He was also strong. He would use his strength to fight the great demon and plant courage in Piaro. But reality was cruel. Ibellin narrowed the distance to Belial and wielded his sword.

[Belial’s flames are too hot. You will receive 2,500 burn damage per second.]

[Belial’s darkness has invaded your heart.]

[It has caused a delirium. You can’t attack Belial.] 

[The desire for murder is triggered. Find the nearest human and attack.]

These notification windows popped up.


Ibellin’s vision flashed red. His spirit was stunned as he took back the sword attacking Belial and turned to strike at his closest ally. The person was Faker.



He couldn’t even attack? Ibellin’s face distorted. Faker had blocked his attack with a dagger and muttered.

“The confusion is only applied for one blow.”

It was fortunate. It would’ve been more desperate if Belial’s confusion caused them to attack their allies for a ‘certain period of time.’ Faker glanced towards Lauel in the rear. It was a gesture that asked what they should do. The silent Lauel finally opened his mouth.

"Piaro, lead the soldiers along with Maxong and retreat.”

What was Lauel doing when the great demon appeared? He didn’t question it. The situation was too urgent to think about why a great demon had appeared. Laeul only thought about how to break through the worst development. Then he was convinced after the great demon managed to cope with Piaro’s Pounding Mortar.

It was impossible to kill the great demon. Reinhardt’s occupation had failed.

‘Piaro is still growing.’

In other words, his level was low. Piaro had only been a legend for 4~5 years. Lauel thought that Piaro needed more time to be able to deal with a great demon like the former legends.

‘I can’t lose Piaro and the soldiers.’

He had to think about the future. He didn’t need to be obsessed with the occupation of Reinhardt when it was impossible. It was imperative to retreat while minimizing the damage. Piaro, Maxong, and the soldiers who they raised with difficulty needed to return unharmed.

Of course, it was up to the players to buy time!

“Earl Lauel! I will buy time!”


Piaro couldn’t accept the order to retreat, but Lauel ignored him. He spoke to Damian.

"Damian, can I ask you to buff all the Overgeared members?”

Confirmation was necessary before entering the battle. Could Pope Damian’s holy buff threaten the great demon? In addition, what were the odds of resisting Belial’s delirium when attacking her?

"All members of Overgeared except for Piaro attack Belial.”

The order was immediately executed. The 200 members of Overgeared, including Faker and Ibellin, attacked Belial. The former Silver Knights members were included. Most of the mid-200s users were forced to attack their allies instead of Belial. It was the same for Faker and Ibellin. They were affected by Belial’s confusion and attacked each other.

Lauel frowned at the sight.

‘It can’t be resisted?’

Belial didn’t allow any melee attacks. Everyone became ‘confused’ and attacked their allies.

‘Then what about ranged magic or attacks?’

Lauel completed the spell late due to the penalty of a 20% decrease in casting speed and bombarded Belial with the other magicians. Of course, there was also great magician, Earl Ashur. However...

[Belial has used Mirror Shield.]

[Only 30% of your magic damage is applied.] 

[The remaining 70% will be returned as damage to you!]



It was the worst. There was no hope. The melee attacks caused confusion while magic attacks were neutralized and reflected. That was Belial. She seemed vulnerable to ranged physical attacks such as arrows, but she didn’t get hurt because of her high defense.

Lauel and the Overgeared members realized what the ‘minimum conditions’ were for raiding Belial.

It was a legend. Only people who could resist abnormal statuses could try and raid Belial. There was only one decision Lauel could make here.

"We will become a human barrier until Piaro and the soldiers retreat. Don’t attack Belial first. Just defend. Damian and Chris. It would be appreciated if you could help Piaro and the soldiers retreat.”

Damian and Chris weren’t members of Overgeared. He had no intention of forcing them to sacrifice themselves.

Chris nodded.

“Believe in me. I will thoroughly protect the soldiers of Overgeared as long as I can commission an item.”

Damian shook his head.

“I will stay and fight. Isabel will be sufficient to escort Piaro.”

However, an unexpected development occurred.

“I will also stay and fight.”

Isabel, Rebecca’s Daughter. She pulled out Lifael’s Spear, one of the Rebecca Church’s three divine artifacts, and approached Belial.

“I-Isabel-chan! Stop!"

Damien shouted with a pale face. He was afraid that Isabel might get hurt. But Isabel didn’t stop moving. In the first place, the reason for the existence of the Rebecca Church was to destroy the Yatan Church and the demonkin. Among them, Rebecca’s Daughters were at the forefront of those who fought the demonkin.

Isabel couldn’t overlook the emergence of a great demon.

“White Transformation.”


Isabel’s brilliant hair and eyes turned white as she opened up her sealed power. She smiled at the sad Damian while surrounded by a golden aura.

"I will repay the favor to Grid. Your Holiness, leave this place to me and go with the Overgeared members.

“I-Isabel-chan! No! No!”

There was no time to stop her. Isabel gained a transcendent ability from White Transformation in exchange for her lifespan. Time had passed since the Drevigo and Pascal episodes. The current Isabel was much more powerful than she was in the past, and could easily overpower even Pope Damian. She broke free from Damian’s hand and threw herself at Belial.

"How ludicrous!”

Belial had been angry since she was wounded and now her gaze focused on Isabel.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Belial’s strong flames collided with the golden aura around Isabel’s body and caused a shockwave to shoot through the whole area. The ground shook and parts of the palace came tumbling down. Several Overgeared members and soldiers died.


Damian only became a pope to save Isabel. Now he had to sacrifice Isabel? Damian’s sad scream rang out while sadness filled the hearts of Lauel and the Overgeared members.


Piaro was furious. Lauel was Grid’s representative. Piaro didn’t dare disobey his command, but he couldn’t stay still against Belial.  He had to do something for the many young women who were sacrificed. He stopped as he was about to run out and help Isabel. 

It was because he heard Lauel’s voice. "Stop. If you take one more step, you are no longer Grid’s subordinate. Have you forgotten about everything he has done for you?”


“I will say it again. Retreat with the Overgeared soldiers.”

Lauel felt sorry, but he couldn’t help Damian. In the end, Isabel’s power as Rebecca’s Daughter was precious.

'I will pay off this debt someday, Damian.’

Lauel gave orders with a dark atmosphere. He was turning a blind eye to Damian when he received a whisper.

-I’m going now. Hold on a little longer.


Lauel’s body stiffened like a stone statue. The person who sent him the whisper?

-If my power is combined with Piaro and Damian, we might be able to seal the great demon.


The sky above the sky. The strongest player who showed his abilities that were beyond Grid before obtaining a hidden class. He acquired the strongest legendary class, Sword Saint, and was now running towards Reinhardt. Lauel’s brain moved quickly.

At the same time, in Seoul, South Korea.


Shin Youngwoo woke up from sleep and stared at the TV with an ugly expression. He barely shook off his irritation as he thoroughly observed the great demon Belial. Sehee ran in at that moment.

"Oppa! Right now...!”

"Just relax and sit down. You’ll go with me.”

Sehee’s shaking hand was caught by his as she was pulled to the seat.