Chapter 568

A group of players causing a nation to fall into a crisis? The Overgeared Guild’s invasion of Reinhardt was very exciting. It was like they were the protagonists of Satisfy. The viewers wondered if they could be like Overgeared one day, and smiled as they used their imaginations.

The Overgeared members’ move made their competitors nervous while offering great hope and surprise to the public.

『 The conditions to establish a kingdom are shown below. It’s one of the pieces of content about Satisfy that the S.A. Group released. 』

First, have at least three major cities. Second, have at least 100,000 people. Third, 60 million gold was needed for the founding.

『 The Overgeared Guild have two major cities. Reidan and Winston. If the Overgeared Guild succeeds in conquering Reinhardt today, they will meet most of the qualifications to establish a kingdom. 』

『 Isn’t Winston the territory of Marquis Steim? 』

『 Strictly speaking, it is the territory of Irene, Marquis Steim’s daughter. Irene is Grid’s wife. If Grid can raise his affinity with Irene to the maximum, then Winston can easily be transferred. 』

『 Finally, a kingdom will be established by a player! 』

『 Haha... It isn’t as easy as it says. Is it that easy to maximum the affinity of a NPC? It’s uncommon for players to raise the affinity with a certain NPC to 90 or more. In particular, the relationship between Grid and Irene is a couple. Once a couple lives together, they will find faults with each other and minor things will pile up. This will cause affinity to lower. In particular, they are married, not just a couple. 』

『 Well, it isn’t a problem even if Grid fails to build a good relationship with Irene. The Eternal Kingdom will be filled with chaos the moment Reinhardt is occupied. Once the kingdom is split up into dozens of parts and filled with confusion, isn’t it easy for Overgeared to occupy one more major city? 』

A kingdom built by a player? The world evaluated that it would be better than the existing kingdoms. A player had modern and progressive ideas, unlike the royalty and nobles on the continent, who had feudal ideologies! A kingdom set up by a player was highly likely to develop in the direction that the other players agreed with.

『The founding of the Overgeared Guild’s kingdom is just the beginning. NPC forces currently dominating the continent will gradually lose their place to player forces. Someday, the continent will entirely belong to players. 』

『 I can already imagine the players dominating the continent. There will be many incidents and countless heroes will emerge. 』

『 A new hero might emerge from all the people watching the broadcast right now. 』

The commentators of each country were almost certain of Overgeared’s victory. The power of Overgeared contained a great magician and the pope. They would occupy the empty Reinhardt and set up a kingdom. But there was an unexpected development.

King Aslan sacrificed 9,999 virgins to summon a great demon. The great demon was a goddess on a chariot pulled by six cerberus. From head to toe, Belial was covered in flames. The 32nd great demon. She looked at them with bewitching eyes and smiled.

“Seeing all these humans... It’s really exciting.”


Those who met Belial’s eyes shrank back and the commentators were astonished.

『 G...Great demon! 』 

『 How can such a big chapter unfold? The founding of Overgeared’s kingdom is over! 』

Satisfy’s bosses were classified into three major categories. Field boss, dungeon boss, and named boss. A named boss was by far the strongest. The peak of the named bosses were the great demons. Satisfy set up great demons as a source of evil, and players needed to repel them.

-I thought that the great demons raid content would be opened in a few years...

-Why did a great demon appear now? Who can raid a great demon?

-The difficulty of fighting a great demon is too high;;

-XX. Are you kidding me? I left my character in Reinhardt, but I can’t log on.

-You will die as soon as you log in. ㅋㅋㅋ 

The flow of Satisfy was made by players. The actions of billions of players crossed each other, creating many new stories. The same was true for the emergence of a great demon. The actions and choices of the players accumulated, resulting in the moment when Belial was summoned.

Who played such a crucial role? The moment that the world was wondering this.

“I am honored to see the great ruler of hell.”

It was Rose, who had risen to 1st on the black magician rankings. As the members of Overgeared stood like stone statues in front of Belial, Rose fell to her knees and greeted the great demon.

"I am Rose, a servant of Yatan. I would like to add my feeble strength so that your life on this earth will be more enriched. Please give me permission.” 

-That woman is the culprit.

-Damn Yatan Church.

-Anyway, kill all the Yatan bastards. I was kidnapped in the fields and offered as a sacrifice for black magic;;

-Hah... It’s terrible to think of the great demon and Yatan Church spreading all over the place. We won’t be able to move around hunting grounds.

-Why so negative? Isn’t this situation interesting? The game is more fun with steady stimulation.

-I also enjoy it. There will be a lot of profits from quests to fight against the great demons.

-What’s the meaning of a quest when it’s impossible?

As the viewers were joking around, Belial looked at Rose with pleased eyes.

"You’re a bold kid. I like it. I will spare you.”

“Thank you! I’m so happy.”

Rose’s face flushed as she confirmed the positive answer. She made a rapt expression and Ibellin shouted.

“Can you please explain the situation right now?”

Ibelin was very annoyed. The opportunity made by scattering the Overgeared members all over the place was ruined because of the appearance of a great demon. There was no way he could be calm.

Rose scoffed at his anger.

"I was just faithful to my role. I’m sorry that I damaged the Overgeared Guild in the process, but I had no choice? Someone else has to suffer in order for a person to gain benefits. In the beginning, not everyone can be the same. Kukuk, isn’t this what the world is like?”

Her facial expression and words were completely hateful.

"The conclusion is that you will be hostile to our Overgeared Guild?”

It happened when Ibellin frowned and expressed killing intent towards Rose.

“Free Farming Peak Style, Pounding Mortar.”


Rose doubted her ears. A battlefield where blood and screams were always present. A lunatic was talking about farming in a place where the great demon of fear emerged?

‘It’s Pounding Mortar?’

Pounding Mortar. It meant to put grains in a mortar and grind them. Rose couldn’t believe it.

‘What’s a crazy farmer doing in the middle of the battlefield? Heok?’

Rose’s face suddenly turned white. She instinctively looked up at the sky because the ground and surroundings darkened. Then she saw something immense filling the sky. That’s right. An extremely huge mortar!

“W-What is this?”

The mortar was used to grind grains. Common sense meant it should be a size that people could hold. The mortar that appeared in the sky was too big. It seemed to be well over 100 meters in diameter.


There was a sound that tore at their ears. It was like the sound of dozens of fighter planes. The huge sound rang out through Reinhardt.


Rose felt danger. The super-sized mortar in the sky fell towards the ground!

“D-Diamond Shield!”

She could grasp the situation later. For the moment, she had to live. Rose moved with that thought. She tried to defend herself by deploying the highest defense magic that overcame the fatal weakness of a black magician. The staff she received in exchange for summoning Belial gave her greater strength. But.


The mortar was too big and heavy. It wasn’t at a level that she could deal with.


Rose couldn’t even scream. The huge mortar crushed her mind and body as she felt great fear and pain. It was the worst death. A terrible scene of a player being crushed to death.

[Defense is meaningless.]

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[The durability of Guruk’s Magic Robe (Legendary) has decreased by 230. There is a risk of breakage. The maximum durability of the item has dropped.]

[The durability of Dolphina’s Magic Shoes (Unique) have decreased by 188. There is a risk of breakage. The maximum durability of the item has dropped.]

[The durability of the Harmony Gloves (Unique) have decreased by 193. There is a risk of breakage. The maximum durability of the item has dropped.]

[The durability of Belial’s Staff (Myth Reproduction) has decreased by 91. This item can’t be repaired. Please be careful when using it.]

[You have died.]

[32.8% experience has been lost.]

[Superior Mana Potion (1,000 Pack) has dropped.]

‘XX...! XX!! XXX!!!’

She wanted to curse angrily at the notification windows, but the dead were silent. Rose couldn’t say anything, as she had to observe the black and white world from the view of an observer.

[You have rejected the resurrection.]

[20 seconds left until auto resurrection is activated.]


What the hell was that Pounding Mortar? The angry Rose looked around and became astonished. The Overgeared members and soldiers were safe from the mortar? Was that all? The great demon Belial. The being who had the power to destroy humanity was coughing up blood!

“A-A human hurt me?” 

Belial was confused. One arm was completely lost because of the mortar. If she hadn’t tried to avoid it, she would’ve suffered terrible damage. She was blindsided by human techniques! The chariot she was riding on was smashed to pieces.

Yiiip... Yip!

The six cerberus pulling the chariot were all dying.

“You dare...! You dare!?”

Belial’s furious gaze fixed on a middle-aged man standing between the Overgeared members. The man was holding a hand plow in one hand and a sickle on the other hand. He smiled and spoke to the other Overgeared members, including Lauel.

"I will buy time while you all retreat.”

They all realized. Piaro, he was ready to die.