Chapter 567

The 33 great demons who ruled hell. There were countless books and documents on their mighty power. It was said that every time a great demon appeared on the earth, several kingdoms were destroyed and humanity experienced a large crisis.

King Aslan was well aware of how dangerous great demons were. But he didn’t have any other choice. He wanted the throne to revive the kingdom, but he would end up destroying it. It couldn’t happen.

‘I will be too ashamed to face my brother in the underworld.’

He couldn’t let the kingdom be taken away. He would rather rely on a great demon. King Aslan was leaning towards this idea when he heard a bizarre voice in his ears.

"Your selfishness, anxiety, regret, despair, fear, and anger. I like all these feelings. Give me pure blood. Invite me to the earth. In return, I will listen to one wish.”

‘Great demon...!’

An old comb that could often be seen. The voice was coming from the great demon summoning tool that Prince Benoit gave him. He couldn’t tell if it was male or female, young or old. Just listening to it caused his legs to shake and dizziness to occur.

King Aslan was afraid. When he felt the great demon whispering in his ears, his human life felt like a rotten rope. It could be broken at any time. However, a great temptation that was proportional to the intense fear dominated King Aslan’s mind.

In return, the great demon would listen to one wish.

‘My wish will be fulfilled?’

The last words of the great demon constantly hovered in his ears. King Aslan gulped and asked for confirmation.

"Definitely... You will definitely fulfill my wish?”

"I'm one of the 33 supreme rulers of hell. I have my honor as a supreme ruler. My promises will be absolutely realized in the future. Now, tell me. What do you want? Eternal youth? Infinite riches? Great beauties?”

Everything was wrong. King Aslan didn’t want youth, riches, or beauties. He had only one wish.

"Make my kingdom the ruler of the continent! I don’t want my descendants to feel the same disgrace that I did! I want my bloodline to be praised as the greatest on the continent!”

"...Deep inferiority always produces sweet results. Kukuk, good. I accept your wish.”

Now he had to pay the price. The sacrifice of 9,999 virgins to bring the great demon to the earth! King Aslan made a firm decision.

"Bring the virgins!”

[The Summoning the Great Demon (Final Part) quest will soon be completed.]


Black Magician Rose was watching the quest in real time and became very excited.


"It wasn’t a short amount of time. In terms of reincarnation, it’s an eternity.”

Lauel had followed Grid for two years. In Satisfy time, it was a long six years. In the meantime, Lauel had done many things. He led Grid to absorb the Tzedakah Guild and built a strong foundation for the Overgeared Guild. Then he took on the overall operation of the Overgeared Guild to expand their forces to the current state.

If it wasn’t for Lauel, the current Grid and Overgeared Guild wouldn’t exist. Lauel was deeply moved.

'I’m fortunate to be able to serve the lord of my destiny.’

Lauel decided to serve Grid because of his blacksmithing abilities. Grid would be able to gain many talents, build a huge guild, and earn a lot of profit from his blacksmithing abilities. But Grid went beyond Lauel’s expectations.  Grid’s talent was unique. He not only improved in blacksmithing, but showed excellent growth in all aspects.

Thanks to that, the Overgeared Guild became stronger more quickly than Lauel expected. It was enough to set a goal to build a kingdom!

‘Now there’s only one step left.’

Conquer Reinhardt in front of him. The scale was 1.5 times bigger than Reidan and the population was 800,000! It was surrounded by endless walls and moats. The quality of the territory was different. The structure was enough to block even one million troops. But Lauel didn’t shrink back. He knew that the interior of Reinhardt was empty. Most of Reinhardt’s troops had been sent to invade the Overgeared territories.

‘There are less than 10,000 troops stationed in Reinhardt right now.’

He estimated that there was likely to be 8,000 troops if he added the security guards and royal knights. On the other hand, he was only leading 3,000 elite troops wearing Grid’s mass production set. There was Lauel, Faker, Ibellin, other top talents of Overgeared, and Jude armed with Dainsleif.  In addition, there was the ‘greatest power in a war,’ Great Magician Ashur and his son Bland. 

Was that all?

"The reinforcements from Siren have arrived!”

"W-Water Clan King Maxong has come in person!”

"I have come to repay your grace.”

Maxong was extremely strong when fighting Grid, despite not being in a perfect state. Now he fully recovered mentally and directly led 500 warriors to join Lauel’s army.

"Piaro has returned!”

"I developed a bean that grows in the sea, but there’s no taste... The water clan doesn’t eat it.”

A legendary farmer. The ultimate person beyond Grid had also returned. It wasn’t over.

"Reinforcements from the Rebecca Church have arrived!”


"His Holiness himself!!"

"Hi everyone.”

“Where’s Grid?”

Damian, who joined the ranks of the best players. He had a number of useful wide area buffs and joined with Isabel, one of Rebecca’s Daughters. They would give wings to the elite troops of Overgeared.

"An army has arrived from Pedro!”

"It’s Earl Chris and his subordinates!”

"If we help build Grid’s kingdom, we can request item commissions? Then there’s no reason not to help.”

There was Damian and Chris, the leader of one of the Seven Guilds. The top players had joined. Lauel looked at them and was convinced.

"Now I can easily conquer Reinhardt, even if I don’t release my sealed power.”

It was because the members of Overgeared each played an active role in different areas. Peak Sword on Cork Island, Yura and Pon in Bairan, Katz in Borneo, and Jishuka in Patrian. Each one of them played a much bigger role than Lauel expected. Thanks to this, Eternal lost troops and Reinhardt was empty.

'Everybody is great.’

Lauel felt proud and thankful. There was only one regrettable thing. It was that Grid’s return to the West Continent was accelerated. He wanted to show that he could do this without Grid, but he ended up relying on Grid in the end.

‘Grid seems to be in a dangerous situation right now.’

Grid had asked about the situation in Bairan. A day had passed since then with no news. It was likely that he felt a sense of responsibility and invaded Bairan alone.

‘There’s a high possibility that he’s surrounded by 100,000 troops right now.’

There were too many enemies, even if it was Grid. It was dangerous. He needed to hurry. He had to conquer Reinhardt and then head to Bairan. Lauel felt a strong sense of responsibility and shouted, “Full assault!”

“Jude. Go. City wall. Crush.”

"This is a good land for farming.”

"Let’s eat this hot potato before it becomes cold.”

"Why don’t I see Grid?”

"Isabel-chan is beautiful, even when she can’t forget her first love.”

"...How are all these people gathered?”

Chris thought there weren’t many normal people. But they were some of the strongest people on the continent. Their momentum pierced the sky.

Kung! Kung! Kung!

The overwhelming strength of Nyangmong’s super large pets struck Reinhardt’s gates.

"We have to kill those who resist.”

Earl Ashur used a wide area magic that made the archers unable to shoot their arrows.

"Free Farming 2nd Style, Rapid Growth.”


Piaro cleansed the fields and planted seeds. A large number of vines grew and shot up the walls.


As the vines rose, Ibellin and the Overgeared soldiers swiftly climbed them and overpowered the enemies on the walls.

“Jude. Kill. A lot.”

"Take this greatsword!”

Jude and Chris rotated their big greatswords like windmills. Pope Damian strengthened everyone with his buffs. King Maxong and his warriors infiltrated the city by diving into the moats and assassinated the enemy leaders.

-What am I seeing right now? The Overgeared Guild is a players guild, right? What’s this?

-Even the soldiers ㅡㅡ;;

-I’m sorry to break the admiring atmosphere, but what is that NPC doing? ㅋㅋㅋ Why is he farming on a battlefield? ㅋㅋㅋ

-The king of the water clan is crazy. No spilling a single drop of blood, no matter how many soldiers he faces...

-The rumor that Overgeared Guild acquired Siren is true...

-Earl Ashur is too much. One hand gesture will cause death.

-He isn’t one of the continent’s 10 great magicians for nothing. But how did Grid acquire so many NPCs?

-Forget about the NPCs. Chris is helping Overgeared for some reason.

-Doesn’t Chris have the same weapon as Grid? I’m sure there’s some type of deal between them.

-Damian is shouting God Grid today.

-The pope is a bit...

-Rebecca’s Daughter is so pretty. She’s prettier than everyone apart from Yura and Jishuka.

-Isabel-chan ㅋㅋㅋ

“Perfect! It’s perfect!”

Lauel climbed onto the occupied walls and contemplated the battlefield. He was excited as he watched the strong Overgeared Guild. However, he soon noticed something sinister.


10,000 young women were lined up in front of the palace. The Overgeared members, who were trying to get into the palace to kill King Aslan, stopped in their place. The 10,000 women were weeping and their bodies shook from anxiety and fear. 

Everyone except for Jude.

“Jude. King. Catch.”


Jude held his blood-soaked greatsword and took one step closer to the palace. King Aslan, who had been sweating and hesitating, eventually closed his eyes tightly and cried out.


At the same time. The knights, loyal to the king under any circumstances, threw torches at the 10,000 terrified women.


Flames rose instantly. The 10,000 women covered in oil started to burn. Terrible screams filled Reinhardt.


The Overgeared members couldn’t comprehend the cruel sight. Their faces turned white.

[The 32nd great demon Belial has appeared.]

[You are deceived by Belial’s beautiful appearance.

[Resistance to status conditions has dropped by 50%!]

[Skill and magic casting time have doubled and attack speed is reduced by 20%.]

[Belial is the queen of fire. The flames surrounding her are very hot. You will receive 2,000 burn damage per second once you get close to her.]

[Resistance to fire is 0%.]

[The intense heat will cause 500 burn damage per second. It can’t be resisted.]

[Belial is the queen of darkness. The demonic energy she emits seduces your mind and stimulates your desire for murder. When attacking Belial, there is a high chance of falling into a confused state and attacking your allies.]

[Resistance to dark magic is 0%.]

[Use of black magic is blocked.]


The advent of an incredible existence! The Overgeared Guild and the entire world were astonished.


An old watchtower on the outskirts of Reinhardt.

Prince Benoit was standing in a spot that nobody noticed. He checked the appearance of the great demon and frowned.

‘It’s a failure.’

This wasn’t the great demon he wanted. He didn’t expect the great demon that he wanted out of 33 great demons to show up the first time. However, he still couldn’t help feeling disappointed. He shook off this lingering feeling and left Reinhardt.

His destination was Kesan Canyon. It was the assumed hiding place of the former Red Knights captain, Piaro. 

'I need the Amethyst Shield.’

At the same time, in Seoul, South Korea. 

“Kan much...”     

Shin Youngwoo enjoyed a delicious taste after a long time. His fatigue was completely washed away.

There were two hours left before his Satisfy access restriction was lifted.