Chapter 578

(Breaking News) Great Demon Belial has been destroyed!

(Breaking News) The Overgeared Guild has succeeded in the great demon raid! Their power will shoot up!

(Breaking News) Kraugel’s hidden class has been identified. It’s the Sword Saint!

(Column) In the future, the composition of forces should be centered around Overgeared.

(Column) Is the Rebecca Church a complete ally of Overgeared? What’s the position of the Saharan Empire?

(Column) Let’s analyze the potential of Kraugel based on the previous Sword Saint.

(Column) The 32nd Great Demon Belial.

(Column) Look at Piaro and Isabel. We need to invest more interest in NPCs.

“The top rankers are different from us.”

"I agree. Who would’ve guessed that they would’ve succeeded in a great demon raid?”

“It’s thanks to the great actions of the NPCs called Piaro and Isabel.”

"That's right. It’s a rare that they succeeded, because they had the agility to match Belial and enough tanking ability.”

"In particular, Piaro...”

“What about Kraugel’s godly control?”

“Kraugel is truly worthy of his fame. Every time Piaro and Iaabel were in a crisis, he pulled back Belial’s aggro.” 

“Kraugel’s movements were amazing. There’s no doubt that he’s a Sword Saint.”

"That's right. He really is appropriate to be called the best. I wouldn’t have been convinced if any other ranker had become a Sword Saint, but it’s appropriate for Kraugel.”

"But didn’t Lim Cheolho directly state that a Sword Saint is the strongest combat legendary class? Grid looks much stronger than him.”

"Grid is a scam in all aspects. The potential of Pagma’s Descendant as a legendary item maker seems to be the best.”

"There’s a rumor that your level is reset when you become a legend... Perhaps Kraugel’s level is still low?”

"A level reset is absurd bullshit. Think about it. It might be a legendary class, but who would play the game if their level is reset?”

"Indeed, it would be a ridiculous penalty for top rankers.”

"By the way, how did Grid acquire the strongest farmer?”

"That loyalty is amazing. Didn’t he give all the raid rewards to Grid?”

"It’s the first time I’ve seen a NPC hand over an item to a player without it being a quest reward.”

“Kuk... I’m envious of Grid. What must he feel when he sees the strongest NPC being loyal to him?”

"Starting today, I’m going to be friendly to NPCs. Who knows? Perhaps one of them will be my Piaro.”

"I’m more curious about something else. What is the reward for those who succeeded in the raid? A great demon must drop great titles and items.”

The world was shaking. The influence of the great demon raid was beyond the National Competition. How much stronger would Overgeared, Kraugel, and Damian become after killing Belial and acquiring the loot? How would hell react to the destruction of a great demon? What should they do to get NPCs like Piaro and Isabel?

As people all over the world were full of questions, the location of the Belial raid had a festive atmosphere.


[Savior of the World]

A hero who saved humanity from Great Demon Belial.

The continent’s minstrels will sing your saga.

* All stats +200.

* If you listen to your epic song sung by a minstrel, you will receive a buff that lasts for three hours.


"Kya! She’s dead!”

10 stat points were given for every level. It meant that a player with 10 types of stats would have to gain 200 levels in order to raise all 10 stats by 200 points. The value of the Savior of the World title was truly astronomical. The Overgeared members who participated in the Belial raid had an average of eight stats. They all achieved exponential growth.

‘The rise of Overgeared is beyond imagination.’

There was a smile on Kraugel’s face as he looked at the jubilant Overgeared members. Kraugel recognized the Overgeared members as his peers. The Overgeared members were Grid’s colleagues. Kraugel was pleased that they became stronger. Grid laughed as he saw the smile on Kraugel’s face. Grid was pleased because Kraugel was pleased. He wanted to congratulate Kraugel on his growth.

“Congratulations Kraugel. You’ll become stronger in the future.”

"I also congratulate you. Maybe the biggest beneficiaries are both of us.”

Currently, Kraugel had 15 types of stats. It was a tie with the number of stats that Grid possessed. The increase in battle potential of the two men wasn’t comparable with the others, since 15 stats gained 200 points at once. Grid was satisfied.

"Do you know? In fact, I also have the title of Kingdom's Hero. It’s a title that increases all my stats by 120. I get 320 points to all my stats thanks to my titles.”

Kraugel snorted.

“I also have a lot of titles that raise all my stats. It’s a state where all my stats are increased by 350 just from my titles. Thus, I won.”

"I-I have more titles that raise my strength or intelligence separately, so I think it’s similar.”

"I also have a lot like that.”


Grid felt a sense of defeat. He had been proceeding with quests and raids, but still fell behind with titles?

Kraugel shrugged at the frustrated Grid. "I know you’re frustrated but... It’s honestly unexpected that there isn’t a big difference between us, since I have been dominating the content since Satisfy opened.”

"...Don’t bother comforting me.”

Grid grumbled, but he inwardly thought different. His heart was warm. In retrospect, he wasn’t a match for Kraugel until after he became Pagma’s Descendant. Before he knew it, he was standing shoulder to shoulder with Kraugel.

'The presence in the sky that I couldn’t see is now my friend...’

People had a natural destiny, and the past Grid didn’t doubt this. An earthworm on the ground could never fly. But what was the reality? Destiny could be pioneered. Grid worked hard and overcame the natural limitations of an earthworm. He wanted to say this to everyone.

‘Try it.’

Light could be won with effort. A person currently unhappy might be smiling in the future.


[Belial’s Black Jewel (C)]

A beautiful jewel that can be processed into a material for accessories. Noblemen will buy this giant great demon gem at a very high price.

When making accessories, there is a low of chance of acquiring an option that increases intelligence or shadow resistance.

Weight: 2 

[Belial’s Red Jewel (C)]



When making accessories, there is a low of chance of acquiring an option that increases intelligence or increased flame resistance. 

Weight: 2

[Belial’s Hard Skin]

It can be used to make weapons or armor.

When making weapons, there is a medium chance of acquiring an option that increases intelligence, damage, or attack speed. 

When making armor, there is a medium chance of acquiring an option that increases magic resistance or movement speed. 

These were the rewards obtained by everyone who participated in the Belial raid. There were five C-grade jewels and ten hard skins. Would these ten skins alone be enough to make an item? Grid answered the questions of the Overgeared members.

"I can produce one armor or one weapon. Look at the equipment you’re lacking and give me a production request.”


"Thank you Grid!”

The faces of the Overgeared members shone brightly. They were glad that the legendary blacksmith was their master. They immediately asked Grid.

"What rewards did you get?”

“I’m also curious about the 1st prize that Piaro handed to you.”


Grid confirmed the loot. The 5th rank rewards weren’t much different from the compensation received by other Overgeared members. There were five Belial B-grade black and red gems, and ten more scales.

‘A B-grade jewel seems enormous.’

However, it was small in front of the first rank prize. Grid’s chest jumped as he confirmed the loot given to him by Piaro.

[Belial’s Black Jewel (S)]

A beautiful jewel that can be processed into a material for accessories. The value of this gem that can never be obtained is at the level of buying a city.

When making accessories, you can acquire options that increases intelligence or shadow resistance. In addition, there is a possibility that a passive skill will be attached depending on the skills of the accessory maker.

However, it will be difficult to find someone who can handle this jewel, like picking a star from the sky.

[Belial’s Red Jewel (S)]



When making accessories, there is a chance of acquiring items that increases intelligence or increased flame resistance. In addition, there is a possibility that a passive skill will be attached depending on the skills of the accessory maker.

However, it will be difficult to find someone who can handle this jewel, like picking a star from the sky.

[Belial’s Horn]

A weapon material that contains Belial’s magic power.

Various options are added when making weapons. 

However, finding a blacksmith who can handle this horn is as difficult as picking a star from the sky.

[Belial’s Staff]

Rating: Myth

Durability: 509/703    Magic Attack Power: 2,640

* Intelligence will rise by 30%.

* Magic casting speed will increase by 30%.

* You can cast three types of magic at the same time. However, proficiency is required.

* When fire magic and dark magic are cast simultaneously, both spells will have their power increased by 200%.

* Every time a spell is cast, a shield that absorbs 5,000 damage is automatically created. Targets that strike the shield are subjected to fear and slowed stats.

* Magic critical chance is increased by 20%. 

* Magic critical damage is increased by 150%.

* The passive skill ‘Belial’s Power’ is generated.

A staff used by the 32nd Great Demon Belial.

A staff that contains the blessing of God Yatan, it’s difficult for ordinary humans to bear its power.

Conditions of Use: First ranked black magician. Or a great magician.

Weight: 530

[Belial’s Power]

Type: Passive

200% increase in mana regeneration.

In hell, all magic cooldown times are reduced by 30%.


Grid was at a loss for words. He never imagined that a myth rated weapon would drop. Braham whispered to the thrilled Grid.

‘This is mine.’

It was a voice that contained the intention to not let anyone else have the staff, unlike the Red Phoenix Bow. Grid understood it.

“Hrmm... Yes.”

This wasn’t something that should be transferred to someone else. This was different from the Red Phoenix Bow. Grid was able to acquire new legendary spells every time his intelligence increased.

‘A 30% increase in intelligence... Okay, I will become a legendary magician.’

The legendary blacksmith renewed his commitment to be a legendary magician... 

Anyone else would think it was absurd, but Grid had Braham’s soul. It was feasible. Grid clenched his fists when he suddenly discovered Piaro’s broken farming equipment.

‘I think it’s a good idea to use Belials’ Horn for Piaro.’

The best farming equipment for the strongest human... It’s natural to make a weapon for him. It would be worth it. Piaro’s strength would benefit Overgeared. This was proven in the Belial raid.

“The most urgent thing is to recruit an accessory maker.”

He needed a skilled artisan to work with Belial’s jewels. Grid shook his head as Jishuka examined the B-grade jewels.

“No, there’s something more urgent right now.”

The reason.

"To build a country."

Talents would naturally assemble together. Grid’s eyes turned towards the palace’s entrance. King Aslan appeared.