Chapter 146

Chapter 146

Grid returned!

As soon as she heard the news, Jishuka rushed to Khan’s smithy from Winston Castle.

‘Is he in a very angry state?’

She imagined that Grid would be very frustrated by the Awakened Guardian of the Forest.

‘In the future, he should pay attention to the guild community.’

She judged that it was a perfect opportunity to teach Grid about refusing even the basic communications and to fix his habit of doing personal actions. But what was this?

“Jishuka? Why are you here?" Grid had a bright expression.

‘Why isn’t he depressed about failing the raid due to lack of information?’

Jishuka was surprised by his unexpected appearance and asked, “Did you do the Guardian of the Forest raid?”

“How did you know? That’s right.”

"...Were you successful?”

"Of course.” Grid replied like it was no big deal.

'What? Did the Guardian of the Forest not awaken?’

Grid complained to the bewildered Jishuka, “But why did the guardian awaken? I suffered because it was a bit too strong.”


Jishuka was at a loss for words.

‘He really beat the Awakened Guardian of the Forest? With no more than two knights and 100 soldiers?’

It seemed like a lie. Jishuka dubiously opened the guild information window. Then she checked Grid’s level. Grid had been level 180 just yesterday, and now he was level 200. The fact that he succeeded in the Awakened Guardian of the Forest raid wasn’t false.

‘It’s outrageous.’

She knew that the legendary class, Pagma’s Descendant was fraudulent. Apart from having a legendary blacksmith skill, Grid could demonstrate a level of combat similar to rare combat classes and could wear any equipment.

Just that. That alone was a scam. However, the fraudulent legendary class was more than her imagination.

‘Isn’t one Grid bigger than the sum of all our guild members?’

She calculated that it was impossible to defeat the awakened guardian with the current power of the Tzedakah Guild. But Grid succeeded in the raid alone.

Jishuka was mistaken. Reality was different.

The reason that Grid could take care of the awakened guardian relatively easily was thanks to pavranium and Braham’s Boots. He was able to win because he blocked the guardian’s attacks with the pavranium, then he attacked the defenseless guardian from the air.

What if Grid fought against the entire guild? He couldn’t shield himself from all the attacks with just two pieces of pavranium, and he wouldn’t be able to defend against firepower in the sky. There was the five seconds of invulnerability, but that couldn’t last long against so many people.

The Tzedakah Guild were powerful and composed of a variety of classes, allowing them various tactical combinations. It would be too much for Grid alone to overwhelm the Tzedakah Guild. But Jishuka didn’t know the details and misunderstood Grid.

‘This is beyond a balance collapse. Isn’t it at the level of a bug?’

She started to worry. There were some spies from the Yatan Church in Bairan Village. She didn’t know when there would be a massive raid from the Yatan Church in retaliation for defeating Malacus. Was it okay to let Grid’s power be used as just a blacksmith in this situation?

Jishuka felt greedy for Grid’s combat ability.

"Grid, do you want to migrate to Bairan…?”


The two people spoke at the same time. Grid wasn’t interested in what Jishuka had to say. He didn’t give her a chance to speak as he continued.

“If there isn’t anything special, can you go? I personally have something to do.”


Grid was the guild’s blacksmith. He was obliged to produce their items. But he kept doing personal activities. Jishuka felt like shouting, but she suddenly changed her mind. 

‘There were no conditions when he joined and I promised him freedom, so maybe he will leave if I push too much?’

Jishuka bent over slightly. She slightly emphasized her chest. She had grasped from the beginning that Grid was vulnerable to large breasts.

‘I will make him out of his mind first.’

She thought it would be simple to make Grid dazed, but he didn’t even blink. He had lost his virginity, so breasts didn’t affect him as much as before.

“What? You aren’t going?”

“Eh? Y-Yes. I’m going.” Jishuka turned red with embarrassment before his reaction was too cold. She covered her chest with both hands and ran away from the smithy. “Bah, what is this? Was he better as an idiot?"

Two months ago, Grid was stupid, stingy, and easy to handle. But now that his personality had changed, he was hard to deal with. It made her sad.

“Just because you have become a little big? Idiot!”

Jishuka walked down the street and angrily kicked a flower pot. She was a beautiful and famous celebrity, and she acted in public, so rumors spread in minutes. There were even articles on the Internet.

[Tzedakah’s guild master creating a disturbance on the street.]

[According to the testimony of a witness, a man is believed to have broken her heart.]

[(Column) Jishuka is sexy even when angry! Let’s explore her charms!]

[Jishuka’s love is the martial artist Regas?]

[Jishuka has received a Hollywood love call...]

The day was filled with gossip about one of Satisfy’s two beauties, Jishuka.

However, Grid was inside Khan’s smithy and didn’t know what was happening out in the world. He wasted time due to Jishuka’s arrival, so he quickly moved towards the furnace. Then he took out the hammer he had been using for a long time.

[Unknown Blacksmith’s Hammer]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 350/350  Attack Power: 70~80 

Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: +17% 

Odds of Making an Epic Rated Item: +7%

A blacksmith’s hammer made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

This is a hammer produced by the craftsman himself, so it isn’t suitable for other blacksmiths to use. 

Conditions of Use: Pagma’s Descendant

Weight: 80

'This is lacking.’

Currently, he had 17 blue orichalcum. He only had one chance to produce Failure. Grid wanted to raise his odds as much as possible.

‘Failure is a supreme weapon. I have to finish it with the highest rating.’

That’s right. Grid wanted to complete Failure with a legendary rating.


Rating: Unique ~ Legendary

Failure was an item that was guaranteed to have a unique rating when produced. The basic performance was fraudulent, so a unique rating didn’t change the fact that it was an absolute weapon.

However, human greed was endless! Grid would feel like it was lacking if he completed it with a unique rating.

‘I’ll finish it with a legendary rating.’

What was the key to making a legendary rated item? Grid had produced thousands of items. He always did his best. He invested at least 20 hours into making one item. However, the experience of obtaining satisfactory results was small enough to fit in one hand. He only made three legendary items, while normal and rare rated items emerged like a factory.

‘I have to increase the chances of making legendary items.’

What did he need to do? It was to make a legendary rated hammer.

"Let's make a hammer.”

It had been a long time since Grid used blacksmith tools instead of a greatsword.

Ttang! Ttang!

Once started, the flames in the furnace never turned off. Grid also didn’t stop his hammering. Grid solely devoted himself to the task, regardless of whether it was day or not. Due to the heat from the fire and Grid’s enthusiasm, it seemed like Khan’s smithy was on the brink of an explosion.

"There will be no guests.”

Khan was concerned about disturbing Grid’s concentration, so he locked the doors of the smithy. Then he did his best to assist Grid.

Time passed.

The five hammers that Grid produced were rated normal, rare, epic, rare and rare. Grid was frustrated by the repeated failures.  However, his mentality had matured and tried his best to the end without shaking.

Then on the fifth day. The item he wanted finally came.

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 550/550  Attack Power: 130~150

Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: +30% 

Odds of Making an Epic Rated Item: +20%

Odds of Making a Unique Rated Item: +8%

Odds of Making a Legendary Rated Item: +1%

* The amount of experience acquired for production related skills will increase.

A blacksmith’s hammer made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, and is accumulating his experience and reputation.

This is a hammer produced by the craftsman himself, so it isn’t suitable for other blacksmiths to use. 

Conditions of Use: Pagma’s Descendant

Weight: 50

[An legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +25 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +1,000.]

It was the moment when Grid’s fourth legendary item was born after the Sword of Self-transcendence, Divine Shield, and Thorn of Deep Grievance. Grid frowned, rather than being pleased with the result that was obtained faster than expected.

“It isn’t much.”

He couldn’t help being disappointed. The 20% chance of making epic items and 8% chance of making unique items were high enough that they couldn’t be ignored. He was pleased by this outcome. However, he wasn’t pleased that the chance of making a legendary item only increased by 1%.

‘I don’t think that a 1% increase will actually help... No, no. This is more than I expected.’

Grid thought about it positively as possible.  Considering the number of items he had made so far, his chances of making a legendary item had been less than 0.1%. Having this increase by 1% would clearly have a great effect.

Based on simple calculations, one out of 100 items would be legendary rated, so wasn’t this good? The probability had skyrocketed compared to the thousands he needed to make in the past.

‘It’s only the odds, but it’s a lot better than before.’

Grid didn’t delay. After five days of work, his concentration was at its peak.


Grid held the Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer. Then he started smelting the blue orichalcum.

Ttang! Ttang!

His skilled hammering was repeated. The blue orichalcum was delicately tempered.


Khan was amazed. As Grid hammered, the form of a blue shark slowly appeared on the anvil. Was this hot smithy the cool sea? The shark was lively enough to give off the illusion.

‘It is unbelievable.’

The transparent shark-shaped greatsword was amazing. To Khan, it was far more creative and practical than anything made by the dwarves.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid’s hammering didn’t stop until the sun fell and the moon rose and became faint again. 

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated. Concentration, stamina and defense will rise to the extreme for one hour.]

Then when the chickens were crying at dawn.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items]

Grid had a rare bright smile.


Rating: Legendary

Durability: 1,090/1,090 

Attack Power: 1,040~2,166   Defense: 80

* Agility +50

* There is a low probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the ‘5 Joint Attacks’ skill.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Cutting’ skill.

* The skill ‘Bisect’ will be generated.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 20 levels lower than the user.

* Attack power +20% in dark places.

It’s a weapon designed by a legendary blacksmith. It’s a greatsword, but its cutting ability is excellent because of its unique shape. It resembles the predator of the sea, a shark, and gives fear to enemies. The small blades spiking from the sword will increase the defense. 

Blue orichalcum is used as a material. Its lightness means the attack speed doesn’t fall. Due to the nature of the blue orichalcum, it becomes stronger in the dark.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. More than 5,000 strength. Advanced Sword Mastery level 8 or higher.

Weight: 550 

Pachichik! Pachichik!

On the lower edge of the wide sword, the name ‘Grid’ started to be written in cursive. It was the moment when the item that Grid first created as Pagma’s Descendant was revealed to the world.

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