Chapter 147

Chapter 147

‘I did it!’

Grid was successful and felt greater joy than ever.

All the legendary items he had made so far. The Sword of Self-transcendence, Divine Shield, and Thorn of Deep Grievance were clearly excellent, but not enough to be called the best. They weren’t a match for the unique rated Dainsleif made by Albatino.

But Failure was different. The item was directly created by Grid and was an undeniably superior weapon. Dainsleif? It was enough to throw Dainsleif to the dogs.

"It’s different.” Grid was convinced. "Now I am the best.”

He had the strongest armor set and now he was holding the strongest weapon. Wasn’t he invincible?

‘Oh my god... Who would’ve imagined the day would come when a talent-less gamer like me would be like this?’

It was new. Before becoming Pagma’s Descendant, he had played hard for a year and only reached level 80.

“In the end...”

Grip. Grid formed two fists! All of the emotions he had suppressed started to emerge as he shouted.

“I’m a winner!”

Top rankers? Game geniuses? They were all destined to be helpless in front of the power of items.

“Hahahahat! Aren’t I raising my level too quickly? The system isn’t as good as items. Pu~hahahat!”

If they found out why Grid was laughing, the rankers who were hunting would become angry.

“Blood Witch Yura? Our next encounter will be different! Now I am better than her? Puhahat! Kek! Kek! Huh?”

Grid was laughing like crazy when he confirmed the notification windows in front of him.

[You have proven your potential by making five legendary items.]


The explanation of the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship said that something special would occur when five legendary rated items were made. The notification windows in front of Grid kept updating.

[You have grown enough. You are no longer a nameless blacksmith.]

[All future items you make will be engraved with your initial ‘G.’]

[It will become known all over the world that Pagma’s Descendant has been born.]

[Your potential is blooming.] 

[The penalty that occurs when an item’s usage conditions isn’t met is reduced by 15% per rating.]

[The penalty of an item’s options being reduced by 50% when an item’s usage conditions isn’t met will disappear.]

[The speed of item understanding will become two times faster.]

It was good thus far. The fact that the penalties when wearing items that he didn’t meet the usage conditions were reduced was tremendous. Grid felt like he would have a heart attack from the joy. But...

[Your growth has deteriorated due to the blossoming of your potential.]

[The amount of stats acquired when making items will drop.]

[You won’t acquire any additional stats in the future when making items with a rare rating.]

[You won’t acquire any additional stats in the future when making items with an epic rating.]

[When unique rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by +4.]

[When legendary rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by +10.]


So far, Grid was awarded +2 to all stats when making a rare rated item, +4 to all stats for an epic item, +12 to all stats for a unique item and +25 to all stats when making a legendary item. But what was this? His potential blossoming(he read it as depleted), caused the amount of additional stats obtained from making items to drop significantly.


It caused damage in the long-term. It wasn’t just damage, but huge damage.

“Ahhhhhhh! These damn operators!”

Why were they making the boundaries of a legendary class so blatant? This was a balance patch for Grid, but he couldn’t help screaming. Meanwhile, the notification windows were being renewed.

[The class of Pagma’s Descendant will be revealed to the world. Do you want to register for the rankings and announce that you are Pagma’s Descendant?]

If it was the Grid in the past, he would’ve said YES because he wanted to be a celebrity. But now it was different.

“I don’t want to.”

The famous people in the Tzedakah Guild, including Jishuka, suffered from huge crowds wherever they went. Grid witnessed it several times and now he had no desire to be a celebrity.

‘In the first place, it’s more profitable to make money from items than from the broadcasting fees.’

[You won’t be registered in the rankings.]

[The information for the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship skill has been updated.]

[(Witness of God’s Weapon) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill]

Lv.3 (87.1%)

Produce equipment items that you know how to make.

You can create the production methods for a new item with the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation’ skill.

You can produce myth rated items.

There is a high probability of producing rare~ epic rated items.

There is a certain probability of creating unique rated items.

There is a rare probability of creating legendary rated items.

There is a very rare probability of making myth grade items.

* All stats of a production items will increase by 17%.

* When unique rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by +4 and reputation throughout the continent will rise by +150.

* When legendary rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by +10 and reputation throughout the continent will rise by +500.

* When myth rated items are produced, your reputation throughout the continent will rise by +1,000.

* Something special will occur with every five legendary items created. (Currently 5/10)

"... This is real. It really isn’t a joke...”

The skill description was miserable compared to before. Grid noted that special effects would occur every time he made five legendary items.

“Legendary items? I won’t make them.”

The special events seemed to be a balance patch.

‘In fact, it isn’t quite rotten.’

There were advantages, such as the reduced item penalties. The next special effect might be even better. As he was trying to think positively, the final notification windows appeared.

[You currently have 11,830 reputation throughout the continent. You can use the Reputation Store when your reputation reaches over 30,000.] 

[Reputation Store]

A special store for all users. It is possible to purchase goods with reputation. 

There are many rare items, so please be sure to use it.

The store’s location will periodically change.

The system notified him of the existence of the reputation store only after the reputation that could be obtained from making an item dropped? Wasn’t this deliberately making fun of people?

Grid’s face turned red, “These operators @$&*(!~$#@#[email protected]*!”


After making the strongest item. Khan watched Grid as he ran amok in joy and then anger.

‘It has been a while since I’ve seen this...'


S.A. Group’s headquarters.

Yoon Nahee and her team members were watching the monitor. They watched the moment when Grid made the legendary rated Failure. The team members let out sounds of admiration.

“Wow, amazing. A legendary rated item popped up straight away?”

“He normally makes normal and rare items, so isn’t his luck good these days? He’s a late bloomer. Kilkil.”

Yoon Sangmin spoke from a corner. “Now that he has obtained the strongest legendary weapon, the balance will collapse rapidly.”

Team Leader Yoon Nahee shook her head. “Rather , the balance will be adjusted.”

The monitor changed to Grid’s viewpoint. They were able to see the list of notification windows that were being updated.

“He now acquires less stats and reputation when making an item. Well, isn’t this too delayed?” Yoon Sangmin sneered at Grid.

The team members wondered.

“Don’t you know? Satisfy’s system has already been established. Unless a new episode or event-driven quest is added, there is no need to add a patch to the existing system.”

“Then what is this? Is this skill change scheduled?"

Yoon Nahee nodded, "That's right. Pagma’s Descendant isn’t a pure combat class. Its combat ability is lower than other legendary classes, but it can’t grow infinitely by enjoying the stat boost effect. Well... Based on the current situation, I don’t think that his combat ability will be pushed in comparison to the other legendary classes...”

The problem was that Grid was an unlucky person. According to supercomputer Morpheus’ predictions, Pagma’s Descendant should’ve made five legendary items three months ago and not gained as many stats.

But Grid was so unlucky that he couldn’t make legendary items. No matter how hard he tried, he only made low rated items. Therefore, Grid had a much longer stats-synergistic effect than Morpheus predicted, turning bad luck into good luck.

“I don’t know if he is lucky or unlucky...”

By this time, the whole word started to shake. It was the aftermath of the shocking message that appeared to all users who connected to Satisfy.

[A successor to Pagma’s techniques and will has emerged. He is the only legend in the world who can produce legendary items.]

Breaking news, breaking news, breaking news! A feast of breaking news. The media in each country made a fuss.

[Who is Pagma?]

[Pagma, a legendary blacksmith and master of the sword!]

[Is Pagma’s Descendant a legendary class?]

[It is estimated to be a legendary thanks to the phrase ‘legendary.’]

[The only legendary item maker!]

[The first legendary class out of two billion users has appeared!]

[(Column) What is the power of a legendary class?]

[The 1st ranked blacksmith Panmir, ‘I am not Pagma’s Descendant.’]

[The top guilds are already in action to find Pagma’s Descendant...]

[Is Pagma’s Descendant the creator of the Special Jaffa Arrow?]

[The possessor of the third epic class, Katz. ‘Pagma’s Descendant? The legendary class is just a blacksmith. It’s nothing in front of the Blood Warrior. I’ll give him enough money to become my personal blacksmith.’ Katz’ arrogant remark!]

It was at the level of panic. The reaction was different compared to when the epic classes were announced. The S.A. Group judged that the atmosphere was being overheated from one topic and took action.

“Immediately activate the quests for the national competition in the game. It will disperse people’s attention." Lim Cheolho commanded.

At that moment, a new notification window appeared in front of all users in Satisfy.

[In two months of real time, a national competition will be held in honor of each country. Participants will be recruited. Prove your abilities by completing in-game quests.] 

The gaze of the media started to shift.

[Various event quests have been created in the game. There are special rewards just for participating in the quests?]

[The S.A. Group’s national competition will be hosted in South Korea!] 

[The national competition will include events like a boss raid, PvP, pet marathon, breaking through a labyrinth, various production games, siege, etc...]

[Chairman Lim Cheolho. ‘If you are selected as a national representative, there will be tremendous rewards.’]

[(Column) The first legendary class, Pagma’s Descendant. Will he also participate in the national competition?]

[What country is Pagma’s Descendant from?]

[The country that Pagma’s Descendant belongs to will be the national champion.]

In the end, the attention of the press and public opinion once again focused on Pagma’s Descendant. 

At Khan’s smithy.

Grid was doing his own work, regardless of the world’s interest. It was due to Jishuka’s request.

"It is highly likely that there will be a war with the Yatan Church. We need your skills. I hope that you can produce items for all guild members within a month.”

“One month? Hey, then I won’t have time to participate in the event quests.”

“Omo? Do you plan to compete in the national competition? Can you cope with the storm that will happen once your identity is revealed?’s De.scend.ant?”

"...It is too annoying.”

The most desperate person was Vantner.

“Grid! My armor!”

[You have learned how to make the Wave Armor.]

[Wave Armor]

Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 420/420   Defense: 531   Movement Speed: -8%

* Reduces the damage received by 40% if your health is above 90%.

* Increases defense against cutting attacks by 15%.

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 455/455   Defense: 575   Movement Speed: -7%

* Reduces the damage received by 45% if your health is above 80%.

* Increases defense against cutting attacks by 20%.

* There is a small chance of invalidating the cutting attack.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 493/493   Defense: 631   Movement Speed: -6%

* Reduces the damage received by 50% if your health is above 70%.

* Increases defense against cutting attacks by 25%.

* There is a certain chance of invalidating the cutting attack.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 574/574   Defense: 694   Movement Speed: -4%

* Reduces the damage received by 60% if your health is above 60%.

* Increases defense against cutting attacks by 30%.

* There is a high chance of invalidating the cutting attack.

As armor made of black iron, it is several times lighter and stronger than steel. 

There is a wave pattern on the entire armor to deflect the enemy’s attack. 

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher. More than 500 strength. Advanced Heavy Armor Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 1,920

“Okay, I understand, I understand.”

Grid finally returned to his responsibilities. He would be stuck in the smithy, but he wasn’t frustrated at all.

'Anyway, I am the best.’

Unlike other rankers, he didn’t have to rush around and hunt. For the time being, he would concentrate on making money and having a leisurely time. Grid enjoyed the feeling of being in seclusion, like a martial artist hermit.

Meanwhile, a long limousine arrived in front of Shin Youngwoo’s house. The owner of the limousine was a person Youngwoo knew all too well.

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