Chapter 145

Chapter 145

Grid started appraising the items he acquired after the struggle with the awakened guardian.

[Blue Orichalcum]

Orichalcum is a mineral born with the power of moonlight and the Guardian of the Forest. 

It is impossible to erode the Guardian of the Forest’s magic power, but it has the best hardness and strength among all minerals.

It is lightweight and becomes much stronger in darkness.

* Advanced blacksmith skills are required to smelt it.

Weight: 3

[Purple Orichalcum]

A mineral that can only be obtained when the Guardian of the Forest has awakened under two full moons.

It holds a unique magic power that boosts attack power and magic power. But unlike the blue orichalcum, its strength is extremely poor. 

It isn’t suitable as a raw material for battle gear. However, it is a good material to use for making accessories.

* The blacksmith skill must be mastered to smelt it.

Weight: 1

[Amethyst Shield]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 200  Defense: 200  Magic Resistance: 200

A beautiful shield that shines purple, red or black depending on the angle. It is a symbolic piece that is awarded only to the head of the Red Knights. 

It is an item lost three years ago when Piaro, who was framed as a traitor by Asmophel, fled to the Eternal Kingdom.

The third prince of the Saharan Empire is looking for this shield. It is recommended that you bring it to him.

Conditions of Use: Red Knights Leader.

Weight: 350

[A hidden function doesn’t exist.]

“I’m getting goosebumps.”

Grid noted that the awakened guardian dropped exactly 14 blue orichalcum. He shuddered at the thought. A total of 15 blue orichalcum ores were needed to make Failure. However, only 14 blue orichalcum ores were dropped, as if someone knew this and wanted to mess with him.

"I would rather it give a lot less than 15 than to be teased like this and missing just one ore of blue orichalcum..”

What if he hadn’t obtained three blue orichalcum from Administrator Valdi a few months ago? Wouldn’t he be lacking just one material to make Failure?

"It is enormous.”

Grid calmed his agitated heart and turned to the purple orihalcum.


Grid currently had two accessories. One was Doran’s Ring, while the other was the Ring of Pledge obtained from his marriage.

[Ring of Pledge.]

Rating: Unique

A token of eternal love.

You will be in a ‘happy’ state when you are with your spouse. Movement speed will increase by 8% and all stats will increase by 30 points.

* Depending on your spouse’s liking, the emotion when you are with your spouse will change. Happiness, joy, contentment, normal, dissatisfaction, depression and hate. There are a total of seven emotions, and the Ring of Pledge can have different effects depending on the emotions.

If you spend a hot night with your partner while wearing this ring, the experience of all skills will rise by 10%.

* A hot night is only available once a month.

When wearing the ring, the affinity of all NPCs of the opposite sex other than your spouse won’t easily increase.

If you are caught by your spouse not wearing the ring, your spouse’s liking will fall by 90% and their chances of becoming pregnant will decrease dramatically.

Weight: 0.1

Doran’s Ring had proven its effectiveness several times and was certainly a fraudulent accessory. But the Ring of Pledge was different.

The additional effects were only applied when he was with his spouse, and the increase in skills experience was only available once a month. It also wasn’t easy to accumulate affinity with NPCs of the opposite sex if he wore this ring.

To be honest, he didn’t need to wear it unless he was with Irene. But Grid had no intention of taking it off. He didn’t want to take the risk, since Irene’s liking would drop significantly if she discovered it.

He was usually an unlucky person, even if his luck had increased these days. Let’s not take the ring off.

Rather, the NPC could get pregnant? Satisfy went this far with the simulation? Grid thought it would be fun in many ways.

‘Discovering my child’s talents, educating them and helping them grow...?’

But it took more than a decade to raise a child. Considering the disparity of female users, the second generation system didn’t seem to play a very important role.

“Um... I should create a necklace with the purple orichalcum.”

He could wear multiple rings, but only one necklace. Therefore, the performance of necklaces was overall better than rings. Grid easily made a decision.

"Okay, okay. A necklace is good.” 

He would need the help of a jeweler to make the accessory. He decided to ask Khan for a recommendation, then he looked over at the Amethyst Shield.

“This is a quest item.”

It was the thing he was most nervous about. Grid remembered when he met Piaro in Kesan Canyon after obtaining Pagma’s Swordsmanship.

'He wanted to punish Asmophel, who framed him as a traitor.’

Asmophel was in the Saharan Empire.

‘Someday, I will visit the third prince in the Saharan Empire... At that time, I will meet Piaro and proceed with the Asmophel quest.’

The Saharan Empire was very far away. It couldn’t be reached easily, so Grid placed the Amethyst Shield in a corner of his inventory for the future.

Romeo and the soldiers approached.

“Are you okay?"

They were worried. They witnessed with their own eyes that Grid was hit by a powerful flash before the awakened guardian died. They had expected Grid to die.  Grid assured them of his safety.

“Have you forgotten that I received the blessing from god? I can’t die.” After his simple and clear answer, he patted Romeo’s shoulder with a sad expression. “Deck’s death was a shame. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect him.”

Grid sincerely meant it.  He was friends with Khan and his wife was Irene, so NPCs were like humans to Grid. Deck was a promising young knight, so it was tragic that he died here.

Romeo was in tears, "His bravery will be remembered by everyone here.”

Deck had saved the lives of many soldiers on the way here. The soldiers silently promised that they would never forget him. At that moment, the sharp cry of a beast was heard from the sky.

"What is this?"


A huge shape could be seen in the night sky. The flapping sound of the wings seemed like a griffon or gargoyle at first. Then the red body was revealed by the moonlight. It was a drake. An adult drake could grow up to 4m and they were rare monsters so strong that the griffons and gargoyles couldn’t be compared. 

They was a lower branch of dragons that even had the nickname of King of the Sky. There was a surprising figure on its back.

“My Liege, have you been well in the meantime?”

It was Huroi, who obtained a second class thanks to Grid. There was a heavy wind as he landed. Then Grid greeted him, “Hasn’t it been a while? You have grown a lot.”

Grid eyed Huroi’s combat power. 10,000. It was 2,000 more than Knight Romeo.

‘He is over level 200.’

He was ahead of others despite having the non-combat class of orator.  Despite his excellent gaming talent, he was affected by the limitations of his class. Now that he had his second class, he was able to stare at the position of ranker.

“This is all thanks to My Liege.”

In the past, Grid hated Huroi. But not anymore. His perception changed after the two-man raid.

Grid smiled at him, “I’m glad that you didn’t forget about me. You should repay my grace by serving me.”


Indeed, it was a reunion after a long time. It was around 4~5 months in Satisfy time. Huroi wanted to talk to Grid about what they had been doing in the meantime. He wanted to explain how he got the drake and his fantastic adventures. He also wanted to hear about how Grid became the husband of a noble lady.

However, Grid wasn’t interested in talking. There were only around 100 users among the two billion in Satisfy who could control a drake, the strongest pets.

“Go hunt the frostlight orcs.”


Why did he need to go hunt mobs? Grid explained the reason to the confused Huroi,

“Don’t they drop sylphid scales? I need you to gather at least 28. While the drop rate is low, you should be able to collect it if you hunt for 10 days or so.”

Grid planned to make the invisibility cloak. The correct name was Hooded Zip Up. It required 20 sylphid scales in order to produce it. Before obtaining Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Grid hunted for sylphid scales but had to give up after only obtaining 12.

While he had to give up, now Huroi had come.

‘I will create two: one for my use and one to sell to others.’


Huroi recalled the hellish memory of being held in Winston’s dungeon for almost 200 hours. 

‘Grid showed up when I was in despair and offered me the hand of salvation.’

He also recalled the frostlight orc chief raid.

‘I was stunned and about to be hit by the orc chief, then he protected me.’

The more he looked, the bigger Grid’s help was. He would be pleased to repay the favor.

“Then I will go.”

It was a tremendous bleeding to be tied to one hunting ground for 10 days when he was aiming to be a ranker. Therefore, Huroi was ready to leave with no delays. Grid stopped him.

“Walk instead of flying.”


Grid pointed to Romeo and the soldiers, “If you fly, they won’t be able to follow you.”


"Take these people and train them while hunting.”  


“You don’t want to?”


In the end, he was forced to walk on the ground despite having a drake. It would waste a considerable amount of time. Was that all? He was also supposed to be the soldiers’ babysitter. But there was nothing he could do. He had sworn to repay all that Grid had done for him.

The descendants of Blue Wolf didn’t take oaths lightly. Huroi intended to faithfully carry out Grid’s orders.

“He has good timing.”

Grid hummed as Huroi and the soldiers left. He wanted to make the Hooded Zip Up, but the drop rate was so low there wasn’t much merit in hunting them directly. It would waste too much time.

He was grateful that Huroi appeared when he did.

‘Sooner or later, I will make you a good item. So don’t be too upset.’

Grid had a lot of room to spare after getting rid of his debt, so he was much less selfish than before. He had no intention of one-sidedly having Huroi do everything for him. Sooner or later, Grid was planning to give him a surprise.

“Now... First of all, I need to make Failure.”

Grid’s body rose in the air. It was much slower than the drake, but his flying speed was still fast. The destination was Khan’s smithy.

A few hours later.

A man appeared in the deepest part of the Grey Forest. He looked at the place where the traces of battle still hadn’t disappeared.

“What? The Awakened Guardian of the Forest isn’t at a level that the Tzedakah Guild can defeat.”

Had someone within the top 5 of the unified rankings arrived here before him?

"Tsk, I wasted my time thanks to this. I can’t come here every four months, so I missed my chance.”

The man who disappeared into the forest had the ID of ‘Agnus’ above his head.

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